Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 07

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Padme’s Story. Part 1

A last look at Sandra’s shaved pussy, with all the mixed juice flowing out from between her freshly naked smooth lips sent my mind flowing, again. I started remembering the day when Padme asked me to shave her beautiful small pouty lips. It was a big surprise for me, but she insisted I shave her myself. At first I was not so happy, but from the moment I finished, I was just hooked and since then I think I’m quite good at it, but surely not an expert.

I also started dreaming about the time when in my first year studying oil exploration in States, I was seduced by a beautiful blond who wanted nothing except my hard cock, a good shagging and the pleasures of the flesh. Her blond fleece seemed to never grown; and what about her hot Honolulu volcano!

‘You’re dreaming, Sam?’ Joan interrupted my dream.

‘Oooh; it’s nothing, just good moments in life, which should, if written could make some good hot reading.’

‘I must assume, although until now we only enjoyed the hottest sex,’ Joan continued, ‘your dick was growing too fast.’

‘Do you expect otherwise, with such a spread; in my line of vision.’

It was really a spread; that creamy mixture of love juice and semen flowing out of Sandra’s clean shaved pussy, flowing downwards towards her ass, was something of a scene. Yes, my master was growing strongly and fast, the more I focused my eyes on her golden shaved skin, the stronger it got. I was lost, not only in thought but also in lust. She looked so beautiful and desirable, but no, for now she had her share.

Joan, still sitting naked behind me on my right brought her hand forward and took my hard piece of steel rod in her hand, pulled the foreskin back and exposed the bulbous already purple coloured head, filled to the brim with blood and lust, with liquid still oozing out of the little hole at the top.

‘Ooooh Sam, it feels so good, so hard; looks to be still hungry for more.’ She seemed like dreaming about what she was feeling. Her hand now started moving up and down my shaft with more liquid still flowing, now mixed with pre-cum, forming a good lubricant. She continued playing with it. I was still not yet back from the shagging I gave Sandra, although I must say I loved every moment of it as much as she had enjoyed it.

I looked again at Sandra, still spread on the table, her legs still wide open on the stirrups, that golden diamond, beautifully sculptured out of her own golden fleece and those two swollen lips, with the small ones extending outwards, everything so wet and beautiful, I looked behind me into Joan’s eyes. They were beautiful, full of jealousy and desire.

She was hot, very hot. This could be easily read. There; sitting naked behind me, her breasts sitting there on her chest with her nipples as hard as olive stones, pointing outwards.

‘You look beautiful, Joan… Before lunch and Padme’s story, we better retire to the bedroom and settle our debt.’ I took her hand which was still masturbating my hard dick, stood up from the stool and pulled her behind me towards my bedroom. Sandra slowly moved her legs out of the stirrups, stood up, stretched her now worn out body back to normal and followed.

Joan lay down on the bed, pulled a cushion which she put under her ass, opened her legs as wide as possible after she pulled them back into the kneeling position, and there she was waiting for my little boy to enter into her hot furnace.

There was no need for any preliminaries. She was more than ready. I crawled on my knees with my head down touching the bed clothes, like a sniffing dog until my nose came close towards her hot unshaved pussy. The smell was exquisite. The aroma, so very strong! I knew that she hasn’t washed it since last night’s good fuck. I sniffed, then, got closer until the smell became intoxicating. My tongue flew outwards, separated her soggy lips and moved upwards collecting a good mixture of tasty liquids. I repeated this, a couple of times, getting enough in my mouth, then licked her clit and slowly crawled further along her body until our lips met.

Before exchanging liquids and tastes, my little boy, automatically had found his favorite place and as I was about to exchange the aromatic liquids between our tongues, he gloriously entered the cave of Venus. I pressed my lips against hers as mush as I pushed my mast all the way in, inside her hot volcano, from which I just heard the first rambles of eruption.

As our mouths were exchanging the fruits of the juice that had already flowed, her vaginal muscles had also been strongly activated. Her legs were tied together around my ass and also felt a hand feeling my balls from behind. Although I had unloaded a good load of male cream, not so long ago, it became too short a time to be inside another hot pussy fucking away, building new sensational pleasures between Joan and myself that may give me another explosion, for which sure I was not ready; and the day was still too young. Many things happened too quickly, and illegal bahis Sandra’s hand around my ass was not something I was looking for. It was the weakest link.’

‘Sandy, better get your hand away from there!’

‘Why, too weak?’

‘It’s the weakest link.’ Fortunately she took it away. I took a deep breath, pulled my muscles a couple of times, relaxed and started to fuck Joan slowly. It wasn’t long before she went trough the first eruption. A very strong one indeed, followed by more smaller ones until in the end she had one flowing through her body that not only she cried and shouted many times for me to stop, but with her hands and legs locked around my body she nearly broke all by bones.

Our bodies shook and moved and turned that in the end we finished with her on top while Sandra was feeling Joan’s rosebud with her tongue licking the juice which had flowed out. This surely was the moment when she was in the heavens. Her mouth was locked to mine, her pussy shoving backwards and forwards as she was fucking me like crazy. Then she fell, totally on me, her body became static and heavy as her strength was totally lost.

She was still connected to me, only our genitals, otherwise she seemed totally out, her body just resting on mine, which I felt being crushed with her dead weight.

It took her some time to get back. As she returned from wonderland Sandra helped her to get up and lie on her back. ‘What happened?’

‘I don’t know? I think you passed out.’

‘Do you remember anything?’

‘The last I know, I just passed though something so beautiful, I had no time to make out what it was; and that was that. I was lost. But I can say it was a great experience, Thanks Sam, unbelievable.’

‘Was it wonderland?’

‘Have no idea Sam; probably yes or better.’

She turned to me, hugged me and kissed me like crazy, as a thanks and gratitude for the pleasure she had enjoyed.

‘I think while we prepare lunch, tell us something about this mysteries Padme.’

After I have finished my studies at an American University in Petroleum way back 20 years ago, in the early 80’s I started working in the Arabian Gulf where the work was very hard but the money were very good. I used to work 3 months on 15 days off coming back home. As soon as I had some money, saved I started investing into property. At the time the property business was slow and prices down. This gave me the opportunity to start a company with the help of a young architect, who used to get a percentage of the profits. Business became very good and both of us made lots of money.

After ten years I became a free lance consultant and had been most of the time living out of my traveling bags. This was the reason I never married as I felt it was unfair to spend 11 months away from wife, children and home. By 40 I had the opportunity to say enough is enough. I quit my job; still have interests in the property business on the main land, more as a sleeping partner, enjoying the fruits. On ending my job I came over here to enjoy the good life of at least a fortnight’s holiday.

After exploring this island I came across this secluded villa, which was in a state of shame. No body lived in it during the previous 25 years. I became very interested and so I contacted the property agents. I had the possibility to visit the property with a young local architect and after agreeing to a price the relevant people started preparing the papers. On the other hand I had the possibility of spending three days making plans for all the alterations I had in my mind, and with help of this architect we made the rough drawings. I went back home and I was called back in less than two months to sign the contract, seen the architect’s drawings and immediately started work by finding the people to do the different alterations.

Within 15 days I was in and in four months I had the whole villa with under floor heating, my bedroom as it is today minus the curtains my personal bathroom, a second bedroom which I made up from the antique furniture I found in some of the rooms. Some of it was in very good condition and I also had some things in the second bedroom and in the kitchen. I also put a small bathroom in one of the guest bedrooms as Joan had already enjoyed.

The only part which was not yet ready was the cellar, underneath most of the villa and the swimming pool. On the side I became a partner with this architect in property dealings on this island, furthering my incomes.

By that time it was winter and I had been already four months living here on my own, working, cooking and sleeping. Just about two weeks before Christmas, I was down town shopping. It was a Wednesday night, really raining. My final stop before returning back here was at a small restaurant to enjoy a good meal. By the time I settled down and passed my order, a young lady walked in. She was Asian. The clothes she was wearing were a disgrace to her beauty. Overall she was also partly wet. The manager approached her on entering illegal bahis siteleri and asked what she wanted. She spoke in English, but the owner only spoke the local language. As she was close to me I asked her what she wanted and after she told me that she is looking for a job, I translated. She was nearly begging. The owner told me that with the winter slack period he couldn’t offer anything. She begged again with tears in her eyes. But he insisted that he couldn’t take her. I asked a few questions about her problems. In good English she explained that she had no money left and in two days time she has to sleep on the street.

I invited her to sit at my table as on the spur of the moment I thought I could help her. I ordered her some food, the same as I had already ordered for myself and some drinks. She started explaining to me that with the slack period she could not find a job except unless she sells herself. She told me that she is too proud of herself and if possible she does not want to be degraded in such a manner. I watched this lady with great interest while she told me how she came over from Thailand to try and get a better living in Europe while visiting Europe.

Her face was really beautiful, as for the rest I couldn’t vouch with the kind of clothes she was wearing. While devouring her food she was watching me all the time. Her innocent eyes never left mine. Then while eating the desert she asked me if I could in any way help her. She told me that her name is Padme, so I said that such a name seems a bit strange. ‘It’s Hindu,’ she answered.

I decided to offer her a job as a house-keeper. At least I would not be living on my own, anymore. I explained to her where I live, how far away and the conditions which were mostly basic, keeping the villa clean and in order, cooking for both of us, a good pay in dollars, a nice room to sleep in, a bathroom, and of course she can leave whenever she wanted. She looked in my eyes sort of, is it my lucky day or am dreaming. I said those are the conditions, do you like them or not. She asked whether I am joking or not and if there is any thing hidden agenda behind my proposition, specifying the word prostitution. I guaranteed that there was no such thing plus that the door will be totally open if she did not like the conditions or better we can discuss.

She accepted on condition that she will not be involved in anything that is illegal. If so she can pack her things and come with me. To make the story short we were back at the villa within an hour including her few belongings. I showed her inside the reconditioned area especially the room where she was going to sleep with the bathroom ensuite. She was looking at me, looking at the furniture, the bathroom etc. She thanked me so many times that in the end I said, have a hot shower and sleep. Forget everything and enjoy nice dreams.

I settled in the sitting room watching television with a cup of coffee relaxing with the rain still pouring down. It was only about eight in the evening. So I decided to kill some more time before retiring. Wednesday is usually a day with no workers so I could do all the errands. About half hour later I heard her door opening, and she came out a new lady dressed in a house coat which I had hanging in her bathroom. I looked at her, and mystified, complimented her of how beautiful she was. I invited her to sit down and asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee. When I returned with the hot white coffee she was embarrassed. When I asked why, she told me that she should have stayed in her room and not come and interferes in my personal life, but she wanted to know what time to wake me up and get me coffee or tea and something about the work she had to do the next day. I explained that as I live alone we are friends and enjoy the time together, sharing the leisure time, the food and in no way she stays in her room except to sleep, relax and do her personal things.

She looked happy and the feeling I was getting was that this lady had my trust. I had taken her out of the depths she had found herself in. She sat there, drinking the coffee, watching the television, and also every now and then smiling at me. Padme was 21 years old, she had a good body. From the little I could see she had a nice pair of tits which showed under the housecoat she was wearing. They were up and steady from the picture I was fantasizing in my brain. As for the rest I could make out nothing. She was tall maybe 5ft 5in. The beauty of her innocent face; incredible. Before she left she came to me, she thanked me again for giving her a good job, told me that she is ready to learn to prepare for me the best food, and promised she do her best to keep the house as clean as possible. She also gave me a goodnight kiss before she went to bed. I was sort of shocked. Her sense of responsibility and gratitude for what I had done for her was greatly appreciated.

The next morning she was early up much before I had even started stretching my body. We met in the kitchen canlı bahis siteleri where she was cleaning and preparing the hot water for the tea. I noticed that her room was already made. She was wearing an old pair of jeans which was tight against her body showing quite a lot of the buttocks which were not very small, maybe around 34 or 35. Her waist was small, but OK she must be very good for what she was employed.

We had breakfast together followed by a tour of the whole area starting with my room and the rest of the unfinished villa. She asked a lot of intelligent questions about how she will put the things in place and about many other things. She was a quick learner.

Workers started arriving about eight in the morning while I consulted, she started working and clearing the other rooms where work had to be done. There was still too much to be done. At that moment work was mostly centered on the Jacuzzi room. I checked on Padme later and found her finishing my room which I must say was more than well done including the bathroom. At midday I helped her with the cooking and she was as happy as being embarrassed eating together with her boss. All the time, she was thanking me, until I was sort of fed up and told her that her company was very important as I was a loner.

The day passed and after both of us retired to our respective rooms, for a hot shower and a short rest, we settled for dinner. After finishing dinner and done the kitchen and the dining room, we sat in the sitting room chatting and watching TV. We chatted about a lot of things, her country people etc. until I decided to retire for a good sleep. She came to me, asked me what time to get me the tea, kissed me good night and retired to her room.

Seven in the morning she was behind my door with a cup of tea. I asked her in, she entered, said good morning while putting the tea on the bedside table. We had mostly the kind of day like the previous except that we done some work in the garden as the sun was out. That evening, we chatted about clothes, how many she had etc. I knew from the bag she brought that she didn’t have much.

I had also sneaked in her room to have a look. I was sorry for the state of the underwear and clothes she owned. I explained to her that the next day she will be invited to come downtown with me to do the shopping together. While we were chatting I told Padme that I had a sort of back ache from the work I done in the garden, pruning down the trees.

‘That’s can be cured quite quickly.’ She answered.

‘How, have you got a special recipe?’ I asked with words coming out together.

‘The best you can get Sam. You need a very good body massage.’

‘At this hour! Where can I find a good masseur?’

‘She’s sitting next to you.’ She answered with a smile of confidence.

I couldn’t believe myself or my luck or for that matter my destiny. I had always loved a pair of female’s smooth hands moving against my skin, not only the strong massage with oil but also the featherlike touches at the end a session. The way their hands moved along the body looking for tired muscles was remarkable; and what about the way they go so close to the genitals and always avoid touching them. I always had hardons whenever I lay down for a massage. But very rarely found a masseur who asked me if I needed some extras, but only a general massage.

Many even decline in doing even the bums, and in the Arabian countries very rarely find female masseur that service males. But when I was back home I always enjoyed a good massage, and now it seems I have got one inside my own doorstep. The problem is that I don’t have a massage table.

‘What about a massage table?’

‘No need of that Sam. We either can do it here on the carpet or better of you have a, extra mattress but not a soft one.’

‘I don’t think I have any.’

Don’t worry; let me fix things my way.’

She was a certified masseur. As I accepted, she went to my room and came back with the baby oil I had in my bathroom and a very long towel which she spread on the carpet in the middle of the sitting room. She helped me out of my clothes and with my briefs on and a hard on inside I lay down on my stomach to enjoy the delicate hands of this beautiful girl.

She started from my shoulders, my neck down my back and then my legs. She was great. Her hands knew where every muscle was and took a very long time rubbing them. When she finished from the back of my legs, she pulled my briefs down all the way and out of my legs. Now I was stark naked. My mass of steel became harder. I even started breathing harder trying not to make a mess and blow my wade on the carpet. It became harder as soon as I felt the cold oil dripping on my butt followed by the palms of her hands as they started a very strong massage. Her hands seemed to be moving automatically knowing exactly the right places where the strongest touches were needed.

I believe she took longer then it needed, working on my bums, with her fingers even flowing between my legs, which when I felt the resistance from her hand I opened them a little and gave her more space where she can maneuver. She got closer downwards, even touching the sack of my balls a few times, giving my little boy some hope.

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