Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Heiko and Alejandro came into the store right before closing. Most of my coworkers were frustrated at their late intrusion, but they were so handsome I naturally gravitated to them. When I first spoke to Heiko, I jokingly poked fun at his accent. I thought he had just pronounced a word strangely – I had no idea the handsome man in front of me was actually from another country.

Sooner rather that later I realized there was a little bit of a language barrier. The conversation was nothing complicated – it was the same rote I spoke everyday. But at one point, Heiko couldn’t quite understand what I was trying to explain. His face looked so cute as I could tell it was processing a million things at once, and I felt myself leaning in toward him and touching his arm.

He called his friend over from across the room and my jaw dropped as I saw the two of them standing side by side. Heiko was tall with tan skin and dark brown hair. He dressed in a casual yet professional sweater and dark jeans. Perfectly appropriate – down to the simple glasses that rested on his nose.

Alejandro was even taller and had a shock of fiery reddish-blonde hair. He had piercing green eyes and an edgy style. He was rocking a vintage t-shirt with album art I’d never seen and had those fitted dark jeans that only European boys could pull off. It took me a moment to gain my composure, but Alejandro had this way of making me feel instantly comfortable. Before I knew it, we were all laughing and joking and it didn’t matter that we couldn’t understand every word that passed between us.

I asked why they were in the states and Heiko responded that they were engineers who traveled all over the world for business. They were in this city for a few weeks, then going to Mexico, then coming back for a few months, then traveling to another place… It sounded like so much fun to me.

After taking and laughing for a while longer, they checked out and I figured I would never see them again. But to be honest, I was just hoping for an excuse to talk to them again.

My chance came a few days later when Heiko walked into the store. I waited for a second and sure enough, Alejandro followed shortly after. I approached with the warmest smile I could muster – pretty easy since I was melting just by seeing them again. He asked a simple question that I was able to resolve within seconds, and we spent the better part of 20 minutes having our usual flirty yet casual conversation.

I smiled and decided to go for it. ‘Do you guys want to grab some drinks tonight? I have so much fun talking to you and I’m not doing anything else.’

A few short hours later I was driving to a local bar I’d suggested. I figured they could suggest their favorite beers for me and I could show them around the city for a bit. We’d been exchanging texts back and forth since they left, and I could tell they were really excited. I liked their dynamic – Heiko was sweet and shy and Alejandro was bossy and take charge. He had a smile that suggested something sinister below the surface. But Heiko! He was so charming… It was irresistible. I couldn’t decide which one I liked more. ‘Can’t I have both?!’ I joked to myself in frustration.

When I arrived at the bar Heiko and Alejandro greeted me with their usual enthusiasm. They’d already ordered me a beer and pulled a chair up for me. I joined them, making sure to have the light catch all my best angles, and proceeded to lay into a well deserved drink.

A few hours and beers later, we were all felling good and getting increasingly more flirtatious. I could tell they both liked me and decided that it was time to make a choice. I took a deep breath. Heiko it was. But I couldn’t let Alejandro just wither away…

I sneakily stood up and wandered over to another corner of the bar, shooting him a coy glance as I walked. He took the hint.

I aksaray escort pulled him close to me slid my arms around his neck. ‘Alejandro,’ I whispered in his ear. ‘I really like Heiko. But he’s so shy! Can you help me?’

I pulled away, but only slightly. He looked deep into my eyes, a playful smile flashed across his face. He put one hand around my waist and used the other to push me into the wall, catching me off guard with the force he used. He leaned in, barely brushing his lips against my neck before he whispered, ‘you mean you don’t like me? That’s not acceptable.’ His breath tickled my neck as he spoke, his thick accent driving me wild. But he knew exactly what he was doing.

‘I’ll help you. But you owe me.’ He smiled, slid his other hand down the full length of my body, and walked back to the table.

I took a second to compose myself before I walked back to the table. But Heiko and Alejandro were no where to be found when I returned. I turned around, confused, when they both linked their arms in mine and started laughing.

‘Did we scare you?’ Heiko said, clearly unaware that Alejandro and I had even spoken. ‘We paid,’ he continued. ‘You drank a lot for an American!’ I laughed at the silly joke but wondered if our evening was coming to an end.

As we were strolling around outside Alejandro suddenly brightened up and spoke to Heiko in very fast German. Heiko, startled, looked at me, then back at Alejandro, and smiled awkwardly.

‘Damn it, Alejandro! You’re supposed I help me!’ I thought to myself. They exchanged a few more words in German and Heiko took a tentative step toward me and grabbed my hand. ‘You’re very beautiful.’ He said simply. ‘Its been great to meet you. Alejandro says you should come back and see our apartment! We have a roof patio and it’s very beautiful to see the city from up there. Is that okay?’ His pleading eyes and sweetness made my heart race. ‘I’d love to, let’s go!’ I said, kind of surprising myself. Behind Heiko, I saw Alejandro shoot me a quick smile and started to wonder what exactly I could give him in return for his assistance.

We took a taxi to their apartment. Being squished between them was like a physical reflection of my internal dilemma. Maybe it was the combination of their conflicting personalities and styles that turned me on so much, but by the time we got out of the cab, I was already wet.

We climbed up the metal staircase to the top floor of the apartment. The fresh air and light exercise did a good deal to cool me down, but when I entered their apartment I was astonished. It was very chic and perfectly decorated. Two big windows looked out over the city and it was impeccable clean. It took me a second to realize that their job must pay them very well to put them in an extended stay room like this.

Heiko started waking over to the kitchenette and asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. I nodded, still a little tipsy, and asked where the restroom was. Heiko pointed and I followed his gesture, trying to find my way down the dim apartment hallway. I opened up a door and was surprised to see a half naked Alejandro standing in the middle of the room with his shirt tossed casually to the floor. He looked at me, startled but not unhappy, and smiled. ‘I thought you wanted to be with my friend? Yet here you are in my room.’ He started to walk toward me slowly, and instead of explaining the mistake I let him take me.

He put his hand on my neck. It felt strong and warm and allowed me to breathe in the scent of his cologne. He looked at me, devilishly, and kissed me deeply. My knees were weak. I groggily opened my eyes back to that same smile. I tried to open the door but he kept his hand firmly planted on the door. ‘I said you owe me.’

A little scared but incredibly turned on, I ran my hands along his bare chest, drinking in his anal yapan escort abs a smooth skin. I let my hands rest on his belt, and slowly started to remove it. ‘Tell me what do to.’ I said meekly as I pulled his belt through each loop and began to unfasten his jeans.

”I like that.’ He stated, never breaking eye contact with me. ‘Heiko!’ He yelled through his grin. He yelled something in German that I’m sure was akin to ‘come here’. My heart lept through my chest. I heard footsteps and started to move, but with that same startling force Alejandro kept me pinned to the wall. He whispered ‘I want you to ask Heiko to watch.’

A million thought raced through my mind, but something about the sexual tension of the night told me to go with the flow – so I made the choice to embrace it. Heiko opened the door. I was sure seeing us in such a compromising position was going to offend him, but a slow smile broke out over his face and he instantly started to blush.

Taking that as a good sign, I started to take some control of this dynamic. Alejandro let me go, apparently curious as to what I’d do. I grabbed Heiko and slammed him on the bed, slowly massaging his bulge until I felt it was at an adequate position. I unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the ground, then kissed his neck slowly. His skin was warm, and I could almost feel the embarrassment and pleasure radiating off of him. I slowly stood up and unzipped my dress, looking Heiko in the eyes as I let if fall off my frame and hit the floor.

I had decided to wear my sexiest lingerie to this meeting, and it had apparently paid off. Neither of them could take their eyes off me. I crawled up to Heiko, bit his ear lobe, and whispered ‘Alejandro wants you to watch.’

On cue, Alejandro grabbed me from behind and threw me on the bed next to Heiko. He started making out with me. Deep, passionate kisses that left me gasping for air and almost about to come just from the intensity of the situation. He ran his strong hands down my sides and slowly pulled off my panties, kicking them onto the floor with his feet. He grabbed my wrists with one hand and held them above my head while the other one made it’s way to my throbbing pussy. Even the light sensations caused my body to tremble. When he thrust his fingers into me, I couldn’t help but moan aloud. Alejandro just laughed.

I felt the weight of the bed shift as Heiko got up. I had no idea where he was going but when I tried to move, Alejandro quickly pinned me yet again. I growled from underneath him. ‘Hasn’t he suffered enough?’ I said, coyly. ‘Yes, but you have not.’ He responded.

Heiko came back in to the room holding something small, but I couldn’t make out what it was. Alejandro guided my body until I was sitting up on the bed. I looked at Heiko who offered me what he was holding shyly, almost as if he was presenting me an award. I finally realized that he was holding a blindfold.

‘Is that for me?’ I asked, unsure of where this crazy night was taking me. ‘Yes, it is for you.’ Heiko said. ‘Would you mind if I put it on you?’ He asked so sweetly that I couldn’t refuse. He slid the silk over my eyes and carefully tied a firm knot in the back. Instantly, I realized that I would no longer be able to tell who was doing what to me. The thought made my heart race and my stomach flip. I was in for it tonight.

The light changed in the room. Apparently one of them had turned the light off. I felt a warm pair of hands caress my shoulders and begin to unfasten my bra. My breasts came free of the bra as gentle hands circled around my nipples, causing me to bite my lip and moan. Those same hands started to massage my shoulders, sliding up my neck to hold the base of my head. Must be Heiko with that intimate caress. A hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked my head to the side, and soft lips atakent escort engulfed mine as I was guided down onto the bed. That move made me second guess myself.

A second pair of hands grabbed each of my legs and pulled them apart. I felt my breath leave me as a tongue started to flit around my pussy, making sure not to leave any part untouched. The movement happened in a pattern I couldn’t anticipate and I started to feel the build up of a powerful orgasm. The tongue started to focus in on my clit and the kissing became much more intense in response. I felt that they were competing for my attention… and I loved it.

Long fingers entered my slit and started to tantalize me. A thumb on my clit. Hair pulled tighter. A deep kiss. A moment of stillness where I was gently guided onto my back. They must be changing positions. I could mentally picture them staring at my naked body and deciding what to explore next.

The weight of the bed shifted. Someone was straddling me, pinning me so I couldn’t move my legs and grabbing onto my hair to lift me off the bed a little. A sharp slap on my ass. I was startled and cried out. A deep laugh signaled that this was Alejandro, but I guessed as much by this controlling position. With my legs unable to move apart form each other, he slowly guided his cock into me. Over and over again he started slamming his cock into my pussy, pausing in between each thrust so I never knew when it was coming, and smacking my ass whenever I moved the slightest inch. I felt his member harden and I knew he was about to come. He moved away from me and left me on the bed alone.

Soft hands turned me around so I was laying on my back and lightly stroked the length of my body, lingering on my nipples before encircling my lips and weaving into my hair. This was intimate – it made my body tingle. A passionate kiss enveloped me as a hand delicately held my face close to his. It must be Heiko. I craved his body, I couldn’t contain my lust for him. After a few more tantalizing kisses his member slowly slid into my pulsing vagina and I laughed with the pleasure it gave me. We rocked back and forth together, me twisting my hips in rhythmic circles and him pulling in and out until I felt my whole body arch and warmth explode from every limb leaving only a pleasant vibration resonating throughout every part of me. One last deep, slow kiss and I felt hands untying my blindfold and I looked into the eyes of Heiko who smiled shyly and kissed my hand, still looking into my eyes.

He got up to leave and grabbed his shirt as he walked into the hallway, leaving me alone with Alejandro who flashed those devil eyes at me. I smiled in return and he pounced onto the bed with me, play wrestling me until we were in a comfortable position.

‘How was that? You seemed to enjoy it.’ He said, chuckling.

‘I don’t know how any night is going to compare to this.’ I said, breathlessly.

Heiko walked back into the room with some wine, smiling.

‘You are so much fun to be with.’ He said, pouring me a glass. ‘I would like to do this again, but maybe have you to myself.’

Alejandro chided back. ‘Don’t be selfish, Heiko!’ He snapped. ‘But I think we are both wanting to know if you will see us again.’

They both looked at me earnestly and I thought of everything that happened. It was a bit overwhelming, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable in the leas.t

‘You will. If you ever make it back to the city again.’


A few weeks later at work I found my thoughts wandering to that night. Surely they wouldn’t make it back to this city for a long time. I felt a wistful sort of nostalgia. I checked my phone after my shift and to my surprise, I had a simple text from Alejandro telling me to check my email. I hastily switched to the right app and saw an odd email marked ‘We miss you.’

I opened it up and did a double take. It was the receipt for a plane ticket to Prague – their latest post. It was made out to my name and had a simple message at the bottom.

‘We greatly desire your presence. We hope to see you soon.


Alejandro and Heiko’

I didn’t think twice.

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