Two Nurses Take Charge

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I had such a good response to my last story, I’ve decided to share the next installment. Hope you like how I take Steve’s predicament to the next level.


“NO! You didn’t”

Sarah couldn’t believe what I was telling her, but the Cheshire cat grin I couldn’t keep off my face told her it really was true.

She looked around the corner of the side room door, seeing Steve lying there watching TV, both his wrists resting on the edge of the bed in their heavy casts.

I was just coming back on the night shift and my best friend, Sarah, was handing over to me.

“I thought he seemed a lot more relaxed today. But really, you sucked him off like that, last night?”

“Oh yes” I replied “Good and proper. It was quite a treat”

I’d already told Sarah, in graphic detail, how I’d teased him mercilessly the night before, then made him shoot his load into my mouth in record time, but she seemed anxious to go over it again. A wicked thought entered my mind and I wondered how interested she really might be.

“Why don’t you stick around for a while?” I asked, “maybe you could help me out tonight.”

Her face was a picture. It was like watching a lightning flash — the changes in her expression lasting fractions of a second before settling on a final decision. Shock, Disbelief, Consideration, Decision. I knew I had her then. It was only the other day she was telling me she was getting bored with her boyfriend and really wanted some new excitement in her life, and here I was offering her the chance to do something quite naughty.

“What if we get caught, we could get fired?” It was a feeble objection, and she knew it.

“The doctors finished their rounds ages ago and they’ve all gone home. They’ll only be back if we call them. The cleaners are in at 6 in the morning. The only other patient was moved down to Cardio twenty minutes ago. Once your day shift have headed out, it’ll be just you, me and Steve for the next 8 hours.”

Faced with this assault of reason, any lingering indecision she may have had crumbled and her lips parted in a mix between a grin and a sigh. She had decided to be bad.

The Main Event

We ageed to leave it until gone midnight, just to be sure we wouldn’t be disturbed, before heading in to Steve’s room. He was dozing with the sound on the TV turned down and his eyes lit up as soon as he saw me come through the door (clearly hoping for a repeat performance) and then his face dropped again as he saw Sarah come straight in behind.

She was carrying a bowl and a flannel and he looked a little confused as I walked to one side of his bed and Sarah went to the other, placing the bowl down onto his side table.

“Bed bath time” I announced.

He looked between us, a little confused.

“OK, but I normally just get a hand when I shower in the morning”

“Not tonight” I illegal bahis replied in my best bossy nurse voice. “Tonight you get the full service.”

He did a double take of us both, but before he could say anything else, Sarah started to strip back his bedding and undo his pyjama top.

I just watched her go to work, as did Steve, and he glanced up questioningly for a moment as she starter to ease down his bottoms. I winked at him and he realised that this was far from a routine wash down.

He wriggled helpfully so Sarah could slide each leg free and there he was, stark naked on the bed apart from the casts that pinned his arms by his sides.

His cock was already starting to harden and Sarah let out an appreciative sigh as the thickness and length continued to grow. He really was well endowed, and I felt myself getting just a little moist watching his balls stretch tight and the purple cock end getting smooth and shiny.

Sarah grabbed the flannel, rinsed it in warm water and took a firm grip of the shaft.

“Got make sure you’re nice and clean” she said, almost panting as her hand got its first true measure of the size of the now raging hardon.

She rubbed the flannel up the length of his cock, then around the glans, twisting as she reached around with her fingers to grip the end hard. Steve gasped at the sensation and watched as my right hand started to rub gently between my legs through my scrubs.

Sarah lost control at that point, and all pretence at a bed bath went out of the window. She tossed the flannel into the bowl and in one easy movement slipped her top off over her head. Her tits were gorgeous. I’d seen them before when we’d been swimming and we shared a changing room, and I had appreciated them at the time. But seeing them in this situation, which was getting hornier by the moment was just something else. 36C, tight and pert, and ideal for grabbing, sucking on, or sliding a cock between — in other words just plain fucking perfect. As her bra followed her top onto the floor both Steve and I were truly impressed, and I’m not sure which one of us was getting more turned on right then. We’d been friends a long time, and I’d never really looked at her that way before, but her total abandon right now was just infectious. I’m not gay, but boy did I want to fuck her as well.

Steve was just stunned by the speed at which this was all happening, but it didn’t matter. All we needed was for his cock to be rigid, upright and ready to go, and he ticked all the boxes. His rabbit-in-the-headlights lack of active response was actually a bonus as Sarah clambered onto the bed. I have no recollection of her taking of her trousers and panties, but there she was, buck naked straddling Steve and starting to reach down to take control of his cock.

I should mention at this point that we had a game plan, which was to give him a two-headed blowjob. Sarah, it appeared, had now formulated a plan of her illegal bahis siteleri own which consisted of getting that raging cock into her pussy with all possible haste. I know she said she hadn’t been getting any lately, but this was like the man in the desert finding water after days in the sun. This was an unstoppable thirst.

I was at just the right angle to watch the cock that had been in my mouth less than 24 hours ago sink itself inch by delicious inch into her pussy until her arse settled heavily on his balls. The penetration had been accompanied by a long, low gasp from Sarah, and she took a moment to adjust to the feeling of being completely filled by Steve.

“God you’re big” she moaned as she opened her eyes and looked straight a Steve. He just gaped at her, transfixed by the complete slut that had mounted him so expertly. And then she started to move, sliding up and down his length in long easy strokes that took her from tip to balls over and over again. Well, that was my cue, I was damned if I was going to miss out on the action.

I quickly shed my own clothes and hooped up onto the bed behind her, straddling Steve’s thighs and cuddling up so I spooned in behind her arse as she worked that cock, my tits rubbing up against her back. I reached around with my left hand to grab her tit while my right slid down between her legs.

I wasn’t sure how she would take this as we were both straight, but all definitions seemed to have gone out of the window. We were just three horny people fucking, and we didn’t care where the pleasure came from.

I found her clit and started to rub gently while I squeezed her nipple in time to my movements. My finger slid easily between her lips, she was getting wetter by the second, and we settled into an easy rhythm as I wanked her off onto that delicious cock.

Just as I started to wonder when I was going to get some action of my own her orgasm crashed through her. She let out a long, low groan as she drove herself hard down onto his cock and the pleasure raced through her. I let my clit finger relax and just kept squeezing her tit as the waves began to subside and she relaxed back into my embrace, her head resting back onto my shoulder. She turned a little to look at me and her half open mouth glance my lower lip. We melted into a long lingering kiss that lasted just about forever before she broke away and made a very wobbly dismount onto the floor.

“Wow,” she announced “that was just fucking outrageous.”

I couldn’t agree more and the three of us looked from one another and back again for a few moments when she announced “your turn.”

I looked down, and sure enough, Steve’s cock was as big and hard as ever. He was thoroughly coated in Sarah’s cum, but he hadn’t got there himself yet — he was so good at this I must make sure to get his number when he goes.

Steve and I looked at each other properly for the first since this had started canlı bahis siteleri and a gorgeous smile spread across his face. That was it. Up until then I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to be unfaithful to my cheating bastard of a husband (I didn’t consider sucking Steve off last night to be actually crossing that line), but when I saw the total delight on Steves face at the prospect of not only finally getting to fuck me, but of nailing two nurses in a single session, well, who was I to resist.

I wriggled forward up his thighs and grabbing his cock, held him between my pussy lips. Copying Sarah’s approach of a few minutes ago, I then sank down in one straight movement onto that fabulous cock. No wonder she’d groaned. He was indeed fucking huge. I’d never felt anything like it. He had gone deeper and stretched me wider that any guy before. I’d only managed it because I was so wet by now, and had to take a few breaths to get myself going again.

“Great, Huh?” purred Sarah, watching how I was struggling to cope with the size of the thing.

“Let me help.”

With that she clambered onto the bed in front of me and I watched the horniest thing I’d seen yet as Steve’s face disappeared between her legs and she settled her pussy down onto his now waiting mouth. He slid his tongue up into her and she began a slow, sensual face fuck.

Our faces were only inches apart as she reached forward to cup both my tits in her hands, then opened her mouth to kiss me full on the lips. And that’s how we stayed. As I finally began to move on Steve’s cock I was aware of her own movements as she squirmed around on what was clearly an expert tongue fucking. I began to slide up and down his cock, taking him in deep before moving all the way up to feel the swell of his glans between my pussy lips, and then driving down hard again. All the while we never broke off from our kiss. We panted, we groaned, our tongues explored, but not once did our lips part.

God it was so horny. It only lasted a few minutes before Sarah lef out a little cry into my mouth and seemed to freeze as she came what must have been buckets over Steve’s face. That set him off and he finally bucked, driving his cock deep and shooting jet after jet of hot spunk deep into me. This in turn fired me up and I returned the compliment, cumming hard onto his length, and I felt our juices oozing out of my pussy as spasm after spasm rippled through me.

As we all began to relax, Sarah reached up and held the back of my neck as she pressed her lips against mine one last time before finally breaking away. We moved apart and she looked me in the eye as she whispered “thank you” before slipping off the edge of the bed.

I did the same, Steve’s softening cock sliding easily form my sopping pussy, and dropped to the other side. We all looked at each other, naked, wet and cum soaked, and grinned. It had been a truly amazing fuck.

Steve broke the spell with a gasped “Double wow ladies, that was something, but can I have my bed bath now?”

We just cracked. He was covered in cum and we really did need to clean him up.

I reached for the flannel………

But that’s a story for another time.

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