Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet Ch. 04

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Hi All, This is a stand-alone story so there is no need to read our other submissions to understand what is happening. Please note this story contains same-sex references, lesbian, anal, heterosexual, and kinky sex scenes. If this is not your cup of tea, there is no need for you to read further. Please vote if you like and comments are always very welcome. Thanks to all that have voted, emailed, and commented!


Our sexy friend Marie and my adventurous wife Lisa giggled all the way from the door to the car and burst out laughing when they were on the road. “Do you think they are going to do it?” Marie excitedly inquired.

“Knowing John, they certainly will!” Lisa confirmed. “Are the cameras in place?” She asked.

“Goddamn right they are. My sister Jenny and I positioned them ourselves when Mike worked late last night. She is a master at photography and home movies. There is no way Mike will find them or suspect he is being recorded.”

Lisa was getting wet just listening to her. “Where are the cameras?” She inquired.

“Well,” Marie began, “We put one in the bathroom ceiling, one in the bedroom ceiling, and one camera is on the computer which pans from left to right and right to left. There is an audio recorder in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. We won’t miss a lick, suck, or touch! Don’t you worry, honey.” She assured my wife.

“What about in your sister’s apartment? What will happen there?” Lisa further inquired.

“Well,” Marie began, “Jenny will be recording the whole thing, as you and John already know. Not only will she have the camcorder in hand, there is also a camera on the bedroom ceiling. All the bases are covered.” Marie squeezed Lisa’s thigh as her own excitement continued to build.

Lisa stopped at the red light and asked the younger woman if she was still into doing this. In response, Marie leaned over, held firmly onto one of Lisa’s generous breasts and kissed her hard and passionately. Lisa did not waste a moment finding and squeezing one of Marie’s C-Cup orbs as their tongues intertwined. The sound of a car horn stopped their intimate moment and their car was moving again. The women parted but they held hands while Lisa drove.

Lisa spoke first, “I want to wear something sexy for this afternoon. Where is that adult store you mentioned in your email?”

“Mmmm. Good idea.” Marie said as her free hand slid to her skirt and caressed her thighs.

She gave Lisa directions and the two women chatted about what they planned to buy. The adult store was fairly large and offered parking in the rear for their more discreet customers. There were not many cars in the lot as they parked and exited the car, still excited about what they were planning to do. The store had the usual set-up: racks of videos, books, assorted toys, and a section for clothing. The women held hands and walked along the aisles, quietly commenting about this and that, giggling about other things, and watched other customers doing the same. Most were male though there were couples and two women checking out the selections of items.

Marie and Lisa found the clothing section and checked out the costumes, commenting as they perused the odd assortment. Most of the items were either one size fits all or small. There were edible undies, nurse uniforms, school girl uniforms, and even Master and Mistress Costumes, among others.

While checking the racks Lisa commented to Marie, “These are nice and sexy but I was looking for something more intimate.”

“Me too,” admitted Marie. “Do you want to go to Victoria’s Secrets instead?”

Lisa noticed a young male exiting an area partitioned by a black mesh curtain. “What is back there?” She asked.

Marie replied, “That is the private booth section I told you about in the email. Guys put money in the slots, watch dirty movies and jerk off or whatever.”

Lisa put her arm around her friend’s waist and spoke softly in her friend’s ear, “Do you want to check it out? I have never been in one before.”

Marie looked up at the older woman, “Why not? I have not either. It could be fun.”

Holding hands, the women crossed the distance to the viewing booths and parted the screen to allow them entry. The room was dark and on either side of the ladies booths lined next to each other. Some doors were partially opened and the closed doors had dim red lights above, apparently indicating they were occupied. Further down the hallway an older gentleman stood in front of an open stall and just milled about. At the far end another man was seemingly checking out the movie selections, though he looked around occasionally. The guys kind of creeped them out so they opted for the first booth on their right and quickly entered closing and latching the plywood door behind them.

They stood and let their eyes adjust to the very dark booth, absorbing their surroundings. In front of them at chest level a 23″ movie screen showed the name of the video company. To the right of the screen was a money slot, a low green light showing where the illegal bahis customer should put the cash: ones, fives, tens, or twenties. Behind them was a small bench to sit. On their left was a hole large enough for a thick dick to fit through but not a hand or other body part. Marie pointed to it and they both quietly giggled. Lisa fished out a five from the back pocket of her tight jeans and slid it into the slot. The screen came alive with the vision of a blonde with silicone tits being fucked by a well hung man. Below the money slot was a channel changer and next to it was the volume control button. The women sat down and Lisa, who was closest to the controls, adjusted the volume and changed channels, each movie geared to a specific sexual preference.

Lisa paused at various scenes she liked and Marie would have her pause at scenes she liked. The women’s favorites, however, showed scenes with guys with big cocks fucking the ladies in various positions. One particular prospect featured this woman being gang banged by at least six well-endowed black and white guys.

Lisa whispered to Marie, “I have got to do that one day! Can you imagine getting fucked by a bunch of strangers?”

Marie placed her hand on Lisa’s leg, “With you I would do it.”

Lisa turned to Marie and kissed her lips. Marie responded by slightly opening her mouth and caressed Lisa’s lips with her tongue. My wife opened her mouth wider and the two ladies tongue kissed, their hands wandering over each other’s bodies. Lisa paused long enough to change the selection to depict two naked women engaged in a sensuous sixty-nine position.

With the perfect movie in place to continue their foreplay, Lisa held Marie in her arms and they resumed their own sexual contact. Marie opened her legs to invite Lisa’s probing fingers into her. Lisa was able to slip her hand under her girlfriend’s short skirt and found, to her very pleasant surprise, that Marie was not wearing panties! Both girls moaned when Lisa’s middle finger circled the younger woman’s clit. Marie slowly undid the buttons on her older friend’s shirt and felt the woman’s large breasts through the bra. Lisa gasped and pushed her middle finger inside Marie’s wet pussy. Marie unclasped the front of her friend’s bra and the huge melons fell into her hands. Lisa’s left hand held onto Marie’s neck and her right was pressed up against Marie’s pussy with two fingers now easing in and out of her. Marie held the succulent globes up to her mouth and sucked each nipple alternating from one to the other.

“Oh FUCK!”

Their reverie was interrupted upon hearing a man’s voice on the other side of the wall. The ladies stopped, looked to the wall and saw a man’s eye in the fuck-hole.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” The man implored.

Lisa corageously knelt to the floor, giving the man a glorious view of her swaying DD tits. She crawled to Marie’s still outstretched legs and parted them further. The guy had to strain his eye to the side to catch a glimpse of the open pussy lips and neatly trimmed bush.

“Oh shit!” He moaned.

Lisa positioned a finger below Marie’s ass and slowly slid it upwards to feel the younger woman’s opening and her excited clit.

“Are you stroking your cock?” Lisa huskily asked him.

“Oh fuck yeah!” His replied quickly.

“Good. Keep stroking it and watch what you will never get.” Marie inched her hips forward in eager anticipation of her friend’s talented tongue.

There was no way he could see Marie’s pussy being orally pleasured but there was no doubt my lovely wife was eating her. The man watched Lisa’s head move side by side, up and down, back and forth. I doubt he saw Marie grabbing and squeezing her own 34-Cs but he definitely heard her moans. Lisa finger fucked her friend as she noisily sucked and licked around and inside her. Marie’s moans turned into pants and her squeezing turned into slaps and rough grabs at her own nipples. My wife roughly pushed her head forward and jammed her tongue as far as she could inside the woman. With a loud moan, Lisa’s tongue and mouth were flooded by the younger woman’s intense orgasm. Lisa lifted her head and Marie roughly grabbed her neck, pressed their lips together and came again, coating Lisa’s finger with another, less intense, orgasm.

Marie leaned back exhausted from their experience and Lisa eased her slick finger from the excited woman. She was very tempted to suck the juices from her finger instead she proffered the wet digit to the voyeur. In response, he removed his eye from the hole and stuck his tongue out to receive the sweet nectar. Lisa slid her finger inside the stranger’s mouth and began a slow fucking motion with her finger. He sucked as hard as he could, cleaning my lovely wife’s finger.

“Are you still hard?” Lisa asked him.

“Yes!” He replied excitedly.

“Have you been jerking off like I told you?” She sternly prodded.

“YES! I am ready to fucking explode! You women are hot!” He excitedly stated.

“Let me see it! Let me see your hard illegal bahis siteleri cock!” My wife hungrily ordered.

He stood up and Lisa looked through the hole to have a better view of this man who has been watching them have sex. She could only see from his waist down but was not disappointed. His cock was hard, about six inches long and very thick.

“Stroke your cock for me.” Lisa demanded.

He complied, slowly stroking his thick cock. Precum had formed at the tip, Lisa noticed.

“Wipe your finger across your cock head and lick your cum.” She ordered. He thought about it for a moment then he slid his finger across his piss slit and brought the remnants to his lips, tasting himself.

“I want to see!” Marie complained.

Lisa again demanded of the stranger. “Bring your cock here. Stick it through the wall. We want to see you cum!”

He eagerly moved to the wall, sticking his hard dick through narrow opening. Lisa squeezed herself between the wall and the monitor and Marie was on the other side of the hard and thick cock that stood proud for the two vixens. Lisa, of course, was the first to take hold of the thick cock and stroke it a few times. Marie then took her turn jerking the dick. Lisa’s hand covered Marie’s and they both stroked the strange cock inches from their lips. The women’s lips crushed together as their hands worked the fat pole faster and faster.

The warning came a moment before he did.

He moaned through the wall and pushed his hips hard against the flimsy medium. The women broke their kiss to watch as streams of cum shot out of his piss slit and splatter on the floor between them. They continued to stroke his cock and squeeze him hard, urging more cum. His dick pumped out more fluid until only drips seeped onto each woman’s fingers.

The stranger pulled his cock from the wall and knelt back down so he could see them one last time. “That was fucking hot and great! Thank you. Thank you.”

He was about to rise but Lisa stopped him, “Wait. Give me your tongue again.”

A moment later his tongue pressed through the glory hole and Lisa pushed two of her cummy fingers across his tongue, then her knuckles and back hand. He swallowed what was offered and stuck his tongue out again. Marie followed suit and stuck her cum stained fingers against his tongue and into his mouth, finger fucking this stranger’s mouth as Lisa did earlier. The man closed his mouth and his tongue reemerged.

“We are done with you. You can go now.” Lisa flatly stated, dismissing him.

The man again said thank you, dressed, and left the stall.

Marie was the first to sit back down on the narrow bench and she slid to the corner to make room for Lisa. The two were tongue kissing as soon as Lisa sat down. Marie tried to unbutton my wife’s jeans but Lisa stopped her.

“Why?” Marie asked. “It is my turn.” She excitedly told her female friend.

Lisa stood and began dressing herself, “You will have your chance. Don’t worry about that, sweetie! I know your tongue is as talented on my pussy as it is in my mouth and definitely worth waiting for, hon.”

She kissed her friend’s lips quickly and finished dressing. Marie was slightly upset as she fixed herself up and they left the video booth arm in arm already thinking about the visit to the ladies’ boutique.

Driving to Victoria’s Secrets the women eagerly discussed what they just did together. They each admitted wanting to suck the stranger off but determined now was not the time. There were more important things to do and being sidetracked any longer would not help the aching each felt for the other.

They finally found the parlor and entered. The ambience was much different than the seedy joint they just left. The store was well lit, the clerks were all pretty, perky, and young. The dresses, negligees, underwear, and other sexy attire were all prominently displayed on clean and bright racks. The latest music was playing faintly in the background and the shoppers, all female, were chatting openly with each other.

They walked to the back of the store, their possible purchases in hand, and asked the saleswoman if it would be okay if they shared a booth to change. The 20-something year old blonde was hesitant but when Lisa slipped her $20 she quickly agreed and showed them the back booth. “Don’t be too long. I don’t want my manager to become suspicious.” The pretty young thing quietly told them before swishing her cute little butt back to the podium.

The ladies hung up their selections and disrobed in front of each other, each admiring the other’s body. My forty year-old wife watched intently as the 28 year-old disrobed in front of her. Inside the spacious booth were mirrors on each side of them and one placed on the ceiling. Both women possessed long wavy black hair but the similarity ended there. Marie’s youth (and lack of child birthing) was very apparent to my wife’s almost envious eye. Marie’s legs and belly were lean and fit, though not model-trim, her face was more angular, capped canlı bahis siteleri by pretty facial features. Her very nice sized breasts did not sag much and her arms were well defined. Lisa, though she could lose a few pounds, possessed her own very pleasurable attributes. Her large tits were of course her major selling point and she has big hips just perfect for someone to grab onto while fucking her pussy or ass. Standing naked, they stared hungrily at the other woman’s body.

Marie took the initiative and wrapped her arms around Lisa’s waist and kissed her. My wife eagerly accepted her advances and threw her arms around the younger woman’s neck. Their breasts crushed together and Marie’s hands felt, caressed, and groped her back, sides, and ass cheeks. Lisa did not move her arms and enjoyed her sexy friend’s anxious touches. She parted her legs so Marie’s wandering fingers could access her shaved pussy. Marie’s left hand held onto Lisa’s ass cheek as her other pressed against her pussy. Lisa moaned softly into Marie’s mouth and moaned louder when the vixen pushed two fingers inside her.

“Ssshh!” Marie told her sexy older friend as she slowly dropped to her knees.

My wife had to bring her hand to her mouth so she would not be heard and their foreplay interrupted. Marie grasped onto the front of Lisa’s thighs and moved them apart for better viewing and access to the beautiful flower in front of her. Lisa spread her legs wider and leaned against the wall, a flood of heat enveloping her from toe to forehead. The younger brunette moved her head closer so she could see more closely her girlfriend’s clit and the puffy wet lips of her pussy. She pressed her nose closer to smell the older woman’s excitement and flicked her tongue across the vagina to taste her friend. Lisa could barely contain her moans and almost blared out when Marie’s tongue dipped inside her. The slow tongue fucking was accented by expert sucking of her clit and pussy lips. Marie’s tongue fucked her friend faster and faster and she had to hold onto Lisa’s ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly to contain my wife’s contortions.

Lisa grabbed onto Marie’s head and mashed her hips against the sexy woman’s mouth. She let out a gasp and an audible moan before flooding Marie’s mouth with her barely controlled orgasm. Marie did not move but pressed the flat of her tongue across her friend’s clit, holding it there while the tremors and fantastic sensations ran its course. Marie rose and the two deeply kissed, sharing the taste of Lisa’s orgasm between them.

The women dressed, not bothering to try on the outfits they were going to purchase anyway. They emerged from the booth; Marie’s hair more disheveled then when they went inside. The pretty clerk raised a knowing eyebrow to the two ladies and noticed the clothes were never taken off their hooks.

“Was everything satisfactory?” The very pretty saleswoman asked.

The women responded, almost in unison, “Yes!”

Lisa excitedly added, “Everything is very satisfactory!”

The clerk blushed but quietly and nervously said to the two women, “Well, I hope you both come back again soon and maybe I could help you next time.”

The women’s eyes lit up and smiles spread across the ladies faces.

“That is a wonderful idea! Thank you. We will definitely do that.” Lisa replied with a wink.

They paid for their purchases and left the building, hurrying to their car.

Marie was already on the phone with Jenny as Lisa was driving out of the parking lot. “Hey sis! Are you ready for us?”

A pause then Marie replied, “Sorry we took so long but things happened.” She squeezed Lisa’s hand affectionately and smiled at her friend.

“How are the guys making out?… Oh come on. You can tell us a little bit… Oh, okay. Fine! Be that way.”

She giggled into the mouth piece. “Okay. See you in about ten minutes. Love you and thank you so much for doing this for me… I know. I know. Don’t worry about it. A deal is a deal.”

“What was that all about?” Lisa asked while driving to Marie’s finger pointing directions.

“Oh, it is nothing. It is just that she might want to join in on the fun.” Marie giggled again.

“Only if her joining in is okay with you, of course. She is hot if I do say so myself. More than once I was tempted to put a move on her, she told me she is into women-as well as men. However, I was too, I don’t know, inhibited maybe. I remember the night I saw you and John leave the bar with Mike. My thoughts were running wild as I imagined what you three would be doing and I got so excited! My boyfriend, of two years, was boring in conversation, limited in sexual experiences, and boring in bed. The foreplay and sex we had in the beginning were real good but eventually that wore off and we were doing the same thing over and over.”

Barely taking a breath Marie continued, “At the bar that night, I saw you guys having a fun and sexy conversation. And, yes, I admit I was trying to see your tits. Meanwhile, my boyfriend was being especially arrogant and the usual self-serving jerk he is. I was fed up with it. Mike is a good looking guy and I felt we would be good together. I still feel that way and the past few weeks have brought a sexual side of me I never dared thought about exploring.”

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