Turning a Corner

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(preceded by “Caught!” and “Another Day In Paradise”)

It must have been about 4 o’clock in the morning. I heard a noise and woke up. Jack was just getting up from the other bed.

“We’re going back to our cottage. We’ll see you in the morning. Maybe about 9 o’clock.”

With that he gave Juli a tug. She was basically sleepwalking, but he guided her like a blind person out into the night. Lynn was lying next to me, curled up like a baby, sound asleep. Thoughts of what transpired only a few hours ago were going through my head. I could still taste Jack’s cum in my mouth as well as the familiar taste of the woman I’ve been eating out for the last thirty-plus years. It was a great dessert, one I hope to have again. I remembered Lynn’s last words before she went to sleep; she wanted to eat my cum out of Juli’s cunt and Juli wanted to eat Jack’s cum out of hers. Wow!! We had four days left before we had to go back to civilization. It was going to be four days of orgy, debauchery, wickedness, with a little perversion thrown in. I could have rubbed one out right then and there but I, shit, tomorrow was another day.

We got up bright and early. Lynn and I had similar thoughts. We had only a few days left on St. Martin and we wanted to make the best of them. We had plans to meet our new best friends for breakfast. I didn’t know what the rest of the day would bring but I was ready for anything. The shower in our cottage was a huge affair, so we got in it together. After a debate, we settled on an agreeable water temperature. Lynn likes the water hot enough to cook lobsters. I like a more moderate temperature.

I stood behind Lynn and washed her back with a loofah and a really fragrant body wash. I scrubbed her back and worked my way down to her legs. She spread her legs apart so I could was the inside of her thighs. As I approached her ass, she pulled her buttocks apart, telling to make sure she was clean back there. For that, I used a soft washcloth and gently washed her anus. She leaned against the wall of the shower and spread her legs even further apart, which allowed me to move forward from her asshole and wash her pussy. I could have brought her to orgasm, I think, but there was plenty of time for that later. She turned, facing me with her beautiful 34D’s. I washed her front quickly.

“Let me wash you now.”

I gave her the washcloth and turned around. She took the loofah and scrubbed my back, which felt wonderful. As she made her way towards my ass, just like she did, I spread my legs to give her easy access to my back hole. With the washcloth, she massaged my cheeks and then washed my anus. I shave my pubes every day but don’t always do a good job with the hair around my asshole.

“While you’re washing back there, would you shave around my hole for me?”

“Pull your cheeks apart so I can see exactly what I’m doing.”

I pulled my cheeks apart. She spread some body wash around my anus and shaved me clean.

“It looks OK, but let me just make sure.” She squirted some body wash into her hands and, with her fingers, rubbed the hairless outside ring of my anus. She took two slick fingers and pushed them into my ass. She must have had them in up to the knuckles. She moved them in and out.

“I have to ask you a question, Honey,” she said in a very seductive tone.

I knew something was on her mind. “Go ahead.”

“You remember a few months ago when you were looking at some porn on the Internet? It was gay porn and you told me how it really turned you on and that you wanted to bring a guy into our bedroom. I told you then that I was open to it and what ever turned you on was OK with me. Well, I told you that then because I didn’t know what else to say but I really didn’t mean it. I said what I thought you wanted to hear. Honey, I have to tell you that the last few days have changed my mind. I was so turned on watching you suck Jack’s cock and swallowing his cum. That I let Jack fuck me so you could eat his creampie out of my pussy is unbelievable but I can’t get it out of my mind. Sex with a woman is going to be part of my life from now on. You’ve turned me into a very lascivious person, thinking about sex twenty-four hours a day. I think that you and I have entered the world of bisexuality. I can’t believe I’m saying this.”

She was still pushing her two fingers into my ass and then pulling them out. My dick was pointing at the ceiling.

“Here’s my question. Would you let Jack fuck you if he wanted to and would you fuck him?”

In my wildest dreams, I never expected to hear that question come out of Lynn’s mouth. The changes that had taken place in her attitude about sex were almost beyond belief. I wasn’t sure whether she was just teasing me to play with me or she was really sincere. The best I could do was tell her the truth and see where it went.

“Sure. I’ve had dildos, vibrators, and buttplugs in my ass and I loved it. I’d let Jack fuck my ass and I’d fuck him if he wanted me to.” There it was. Yes, illegal bahis I would ‘go all the way.’

“I think I can make it happen. Juli and I talked about it for just a few seconds. She said that it would really turn her on to see Jack get fucked by a man. This was when we were both buzzed but I could open the conversation again. She was really turned on watching you two suck each other off on the beach. If she wants to see Jack take a cock in his ass, the two of us could make it happen really easily. She said that Jack would be willing, that he’s talked about it in the past. By the way, would you clean me up in the back area?”

I did for her what she did for me. She spread her cheeks so I could shave away the hair that was around her light brown starfish. Oh, how I wanted to stick my tongue in there. It was going to be a good day. No, it was going to be a great day. We finished our shower without concluding our liaison. We decided that we would wait until later. We had plans to go into Phillipsburg, on the Dutch side, so the girls could go shopping. There’s nothing there that you can get back home at a cheaper price but Lynn always finds something to buy that’s ‘in the moment.’

We had some coffee and croissants delivered to our cottage for breakfast and talked about our vacation so far.

“Are you having a good time?” I asked, hoping that the answer would be a positive one.

“I’m having the time of my life. Has this always been possible? God, what I’ve been missing!”

“It’s always been out there, Babe. We’ve never looked for it and it’s never looked for us.”

“Well, I’m glad that we found it. I’m having so much fun.”

“As long as you’re happy. Let’s get dressed and go meet Jack and Juli. Twenty minutes later we found Jack and Juli enjoying the continental breakfast that Club O serves every morning in the cafeteria.

“And how is everybody today? Jack queried as we sat down at their table.

“Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and rarin’ to go,” my Lynn responded in her oh-so cheery way. I told him I was good, too.

“Then let’s head into Phillipsburg. I’m sure that there’s some really good shit waiting for you girls to buy.”

We spent the day in Philipsburg. Jack and I sat on sidewalk benches watching the girls go from store to store, praying that they would come out empty-handed. We also enjoyed watching the women walk by in their vacation finery. There were pretty ones and homely ones, short ones and tall ones. One of the things we noticed was that most of the women were braless. We saw a lot of nipples.

We ended up having a late lunch at the Pasanggraham Guest House which has a nice little restaurant right on the beach. You can get a great burger, a cooling ocean breeze, and a steel drum serenade.

“We were talking to a very hot salesgirl in one of the stores who told us about an all-male revue at the Platinum Club, over near Maho. We’d like to go. Will you guys take us?” Juli asked.

“Yeah, we’d really like to see some male strippers. It’ll be fun,” my Lynn offered.

Jack and I looked at each other with “why not” expressions. I couldn’t speak for Jack but after all, we’re staying at a nude beach resort and we’ve seen plenty of cocks already. Seeing some really good-looking ones wouldn’t be so bad. I was in a cocky mood, you could say.

We ended up having a great dinner at a bistro in Marigot. The waitress was a very young, stunning little French girl who flirted with every person at the table. She had on a white man-tailored shirt with more than the regular buttons undone. Braless, it was easy to see her breasts, which were just enough to fill a martini glass. She made a point of bending forward every time she was at our table. The shirt wasn’t quite see-thru but her very dark, very puffy nipples were quite discernible. I doubt very much that she was wearing panties under her black mini-skirt. I would have gladly had her for dessert. We paid our check, giving the little morsel a nice tip. She winked at us collectively, and with a radiant smile, told us that she hoped she saw us again. What did she mean by that?

We drove off to our destination, the Platinum Club. Once in the club, I gave the hostess a twenty-dollar bill, which assured us of a table right up front. The crowd was about 60% women. There were several tables of just women. If I were a single guy or traveling alone, I’m sure I could have scored, especially by the end of the night. The rest of the crowd was women with men. The lights went down and the music started. It was disco, of course. What else?

The revue began with a chorus line of tanned, very buff young men in athletic shorts and tank tops. They did a routine and then the lights went off. A lone spotlight came on and the first of the dancers came out on the stage. He danced and pranced, wiggling his ass at the women, while the women were screaming. Then, with a lot of drama, he tore off his tank top and shorts to reveal a tiny iridescent thong. You would have thought illegal bahis siteleri that the women all had simultaneous orgasms. Other than what was on his head, his body didn’t have a hair on it. He had a deep rich tan and his skin had a shine to it, like he was oiled. His penis was tucked down so the thong was really riding low and he had a very nice bulge. If there was any pubic hair it certainly wasn’t visible.

Jack and I were sitting next to each other on the backside of the table while the girls were sitting almost at the edge of the stage. We watched Lynn and Juli hoot and holler at the dancer, waving at him to come closer. As he approached them, Juli jumped up and put a bill in his thong, virtually touching his cock.

It was quite an evening. Jack fucked me and I fucked him. We performed like troopers. The girls definitely got off on what they saw. I’m sure they’ll never forget. We all seemed pretty well spent. Lynn and I bid our friends goodnight and went back to our cabana. Visions of what had happened filled my head. I was running one of the best pornos I had ever seen in my mind.

As we approached our cabana, I turned to Lynn and asked her how she felt about the evening and what transpired.

“It was all so exciting. I can’t tell you how many times I came but I can tell you that I still have a few more left in me.”

She squeezed my hand hard. When her grip softened, I reached over and rubbed her ass thru the thin material of her skirt. I ran my finger down the crack of her ass and pushed it in, searching for her asshole. She stopped and turned, widening her stance, lifting her buttocks, and gave me a deep tongue kiss. I was able to feel her puckered asshole, first tight at my initial touch, and then relaxed, allowing my finger to penetrate slightly thru the thin fabric, letting me know that she welcomed my intrusion.

“What I want you to do to me can’t be done out here. Let’s go inside.” We went into our cabana and Lynn lit some of her fragrant candles. The aroma filled the air very quickly. The candlelight immediately created an atmosphere of seduction.

“Look in the refrigerator and see if there’s a split of champagne. I’ll be out shortly.” She gave me a wink and went into the bathroom. I found the split and poured it into a champagne glass that the hotel had provided. I poured myself a shot of scotch and tossed it down. I took off the shorts I was wearing and put on a pair of black silk see-thru boxer shorts. My cock was in the beginning stages of getting hard so it was hanging down against me leg with its head just at the bottom of the shorts.

The bathroom door opened and for a moment Lynn stood there, backlit by the light in the bathroom. Her silhouette revealed a very sexy figure. She was in high heels, with a teeny tiny g-string on and a band of very thin material resting on her breasts, tied with a bow. I could see where her legs joined that her pussy was swollen. She shut the bathroom light off and walked right up to me. The material that barely covered her tits was sheer enough for me to see her turgid nipples against it. The bottoms of her breasts were just visible. I gave her the glass of champagne and she took a sip. Then she leaned into me so I could feel her nipples against my chest. She put her lips on mine, and with her tongue, washed my lips with the champagne that was in her mouth. She swallowed and pushed her tongue into my mouth. We mashed our lips together in a very wet, very sloppy, very hot kiss.

It was three in the morning. She took my hand and pulled me towards the door.

“Let’s not jump into bed yet. Come. Let’s sit outside and talk for a while.” We stepped out onto the deck. The night air was pleasantly warm and there was a soft breeze. We sat down on the couch. She leaned into me and I put my arm around her. I could feel her breath against my chest. If she stuck her tongue out she could have licked my nipple. My hand was within easy reach of her right breast. She put her hand on the inside of my thigh and softly massaged the skin.

“I’m having such a wonderful time. I never realized how exciting totally uninhibited sex could be. Where have I been? It all seems so natural. I don’t feel the slightest bit uncomfortable about making love to Juli. The thought of licking her vagina or sucking on her clitoris feels so normal. She’s so desirable. It felt so right when we ate each other out. I want to do it again and again. I know that in the last couple of years you and I have gone where we’d never been before. I love anal sex. I love when you lick my ass. I love when I feel you cum in me and I feel it ooze out of my ass.”

She spoke in a soft breathy way, little more than a whisper, as if we were telling each other secrets. We were the only ones awake, it seemed. We were completely alone. As she spoke I could feel Her massage had moved up towards my cock, which was starting to seriously harden as I listened to her. I could only nod and grunt with approval.

“It was hot as canlı bahis siteleri hell watching you and Jack go at it when you blew each other the first time. At first, I was shocked but then I realized the pleasure that the two of you were giving each other. There was no way that there was anything wrong with what you two were doing. And when we were on the beach and you and he were sucking each other off because Juli and I asked you to. That was so incredibly hot; I had an orgasm just watching. Juli did, too. But tonight! Tonight topped everything. Watching you and Jack fuck each other! That was something else! Tell me what it was like. I want to hear what you were thinking and feeling.”

The mind is the most important sex organ. This conversation was part of our foreplay. I know that Lynn was really turning me on by what she was saying. I could tell that she was very excited. She was a different person. She had become empowered by her newfound appreciation for sex in all its forms. She had been freed from her hang-ups. She was not intimidated or repulsed by anything sexual. What had happened to her was beyond my wildest dreams. What kind of sex monster had I created by bringing her to a nude resort?

“You know that I like to look at gay porn, right? For me, it’s never been about guys “loving” guys. I like to look at men sucking dick and getting fucked, just men having sex with other men for the fun of it. The guys always look like they’re having fun, that it feels good. I know they do it for the money but I’ve always thought that they do it for the fun. I love regular porn, as you know, but it all seems so commercial, that if the women weren’t getting paid for it then they wouldn’t do it. Guy on guy sex, on the other hand, would happen even if there were no money involved. That’s what makes it so hot. I wanted to feel that heat. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Lynn moved into me and sucked on my nipple, stroking it with her tongue. “I understand. You are not involving any emotion in your guy-on-guy sex. It’s all about you feeling good.”

“I think you’ve got it. I feel good when I’m sucking Jack’s cock. He’s going to end up having an orgasm but he’s going to cum in my mouth. I get to swallow his load. It’s such a turn-on. You’ve already told me that you and Juli have an emotional bond. That’s what women do. They become connected with each other. For men, it’s much more physical. The emotion we feel is selfishness. It’s all about me and where my head is at and how good I feel.”

“I didn’t expect to come here and get fucked. I fantasized about sucking a guy off. I didn’t care as much about getting sucked off. You’ve been doing that for me for years, and very well, I might add. But when Jack blew me and swallowed my cum, it was a whole new head-trip. Going out to see male strippers and seeing how hot they looked, with their tanned and oiled bodies, and imagining them all doing each other, really got me going. Then, when you and Juli wanted to see us fuck each other, there was no choice. I had to do it. After all, you have been a very willing recipient in the back door department and have always had a good time. If it was good enough for you then it should be good enough for me. And guys have more going on with anal sex because of our prostates.”

“So, how did it feel to have a cock in your ass?” We were telling deep secrets to each other, heightening our level of excitement.

“I wanted him in my ass. I relaxed my asshole as much as I could. There was a little pressure when I lowered myself down on his cock. I could feel the head of his cock with the rim of my asshole, but there was no resistance. Even though we used lube, I could feel the corona around the head of his penis rubbing against the inside of my rectum. My nerve endings were all ultra-sensitive and the feeling was exquisite. Add the feeling of fullness that I felt when the full length of his cock was in me- well, I was in heaven. When you started to kiss me and play with my nipples, Jack started to pump me, moving his hips up and down. I knew that he was only seconds away from filling my ass with his cum. I felt his cock pulsing as he came in my ass. I’d like to think I could feel the warmth of his cum inside me but it was more in my imagination than anything else. I could feel his penis starting to go soft so I climbed off of him. A little of his cum leaked out of my ass and onto the inside of my thigh. It was just another sensation that added to my feelings of euphoria.”

“What about when you fucked Jack? Was that as exciting?”

“Fucking Jack was fun. I enjoyed it because I knew exactly what he was feeling. The excitement for me was in pleasing him and hopefully making him feel like I felt when his cock was in my ass.”

“How do you feel when you fuck my ass?”

“That’s totally different. I love your ass. I make love to your ass, kissing, and licking it. I want to take you to a new place every time we fuck because that’s how much I love you. WE FUCK! It’s a totally shared experience. I want you to have the best orgasm you’ve ever had every time I fuck you or eat you out. When I fuck your ass and I can feel your rectum squeezing my cock as you build towards an orgasm, that’s what makes me want to cum in you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32