Truth or Dare with Dana Ch. 02

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Once again, I awoke with a hangover in an unfamiliar bed, this time to find that I wasn’t alone at all. There was a hand tugging on mine, pulling me up with a physical strength that belied its owner’s twinky persona. It was definitely a man’s hand, and as I looked up at its owner, I saw the beaming face of my best friend and best man, Carlos Suarez. The sassy Puerto Rican had a big grin and then a kiss for me on the mouth, making no mistake as to his intentions, especially as he pointed the way to… whose bathroom again? For that matter, where was I and why was my best friend making undeniable sexual advances…and why did it just feel right to lock lips and tangle tongues with him, when I was a MARRIED MAN!

“Carlos, man…wow!” I told him as we broke off that steamy French kiss and I went to the john to relieve myself.

Carlos didn’t speak, just followed me into the bathroom and began fondling my buns as I pissed, even rubbing his cock against my asshole. It felt great, but I still needed answers as to where I was and how I got there. I didn’t remember anything from the night before…not yet…well, other than just starting a game of Truth or Dare…Oh, God, was that how this happened? What had I done, where was I, and what did my wife Kara and our hostess Dana have to do with it?

The next shock was when Carlos began pissing while his fine Latin hips and booty seemed to dance invitingly…teasing me with the prospect of fucking that sweet ass of his. The way that he behaved was seductive, but it also seemed to regard my consent as a fait accomplis…a fact accomplished. Then again, my body language, my stiff cock, and my passionate response didn’t dissuade him…as many questions as I had, I still instinctively reacted to his overtures with desire and evident interest.

“Carlos…I don’t know why this feels right for me, though it does…but what the fuck happened last night?” I asked my best friend…with benefits…as I rubbed my dick along his crack.

“Oh, papi, we had so much fun together! Amazing where some fine booze and a good game of Truth or Dare after a New Year’s party can lead you, right? Still, I hope for so much more…we all do,” Carlos answered in a way that created more questions in my mind, not fewer.

“We…I take it that Kara and Dana were involved somehow…she doesn’t mind?” I asked him with some confusion and worry now.

“Oh, honey, we were all very much ‘involved,’ as you put it. It was our plan together and we made it happen last night. Congratulations, you now have a boyfriend and girlfriend as well as a wife,” Carlos informed me while starting the shower.

“So, I have three lovers now? Well, three cheers for polyamory, then! What about you guys, though? It wouldn’t be fair to expect you to be faithful to me if you’re all sharing me, would it?” I noted as Carlos started washing my body, much to my astonishment.

“Sweetie, Dana and Kara are very attached to each other, if you know what I mean. Yes, they’re lovers…lesbian lovers, but not exactly lesbians, if you get that distinction…just as you and I are gay lovers, but only I am actually gay. And, yes, baby, I am thoroughly, positively, unequivocally, flamboyantly gay. I’m honestly surprised that you missed it at times. I all but screamed my homosexuality in a few ways at you, but because I didn’t come out to you, you never indicated any thoughts that I might be gay. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, as they say, right?

“As for me, well…that’s entirely up to you, honey. I won’t lie and say that I won’t have the urge to fuck another guy or two…and I might even yield to temptation, but if you want me to be faithful, I will try to be, even if I had to share you with a dozen people. That’s just how I am. I’m a bit submissive in many ways, though not strictly a bottom, if you get the difference. You’re the main man for me and I would walk on hot coals for you. Compared to that, having you control my sex life is a small thing. On the other hand, if you want to loan my ass out, too, I won’t object to that, either,” Carlos replied as he washed…and fondled my prick and my balls.

“Well, I was blindsided, but that was my fault. I just always took you for granted as a friend. It never occurred to me that you wanted more than that. After all, you had dates with women, though now I’m wondering if perhaps it was just to get people off your ass. Your family, for instance,” I remarked, “Anyway, I didn’t even know that I was bi or that I was flirting with you, but it seems that Kara and Dana both picked up on it somehow. They knew me better than I knew myself, I guess, at least about that much.”

It was now my turn to wash Carlos, and I illegal bahis had to admit that I fully enjoyed the chance to play with his ass, his dick, his balls, and his sleek Latin body…For whatever reason, Carlos was a relatively smooth-skinned fellow (at least compared to me), and I got the distinct impression now that it wasn’t totally natural. For one thing, he had no, and I do mean, NO pubic hair, no ass hair, either, or ball hair…though he had a minimal and natural amount of hair on his arms, legs, chest, and armpits. Carlos also had long, jet-black hair that he often kept in a ponytail, several tattoos and piercings, and a very short chin beard without a mustache rather than a proper goatee.

“Oh, yes, it’s a fairly mainstream Puerto Rican family in Spanish Harlem. You know, got to marry, knock up the wife a lot, and then the wife mostly looks the other way if you fool around, but that’s what good Catholic, Puerto Rican boys do, you know. Things have only changed in that some wives don’t look the other way, while other wives cheat just as much or more. Not my scene, though. I just felt like playing along…until I fell in love with this sexy, bisexual Jewish bear from Cleveland.

“I despaired of being with you until I gained two unexpected allies in the form of the very wife that I dreaded that you’d take and her girlfriend, no less! Kinky cuties for sure, your sultry Lebanese wife and her fair Irish lover. Now I can come out to my family and not be all alone in this world, in case they disown me. As much of a twink as I am, I’m honestly stunned that they haven’t figured out that I’m gay, but that’s self-delusion for you. Mama really wants more grandchildren, after all. This makes it harder, but perhaps I can talk Dana into in vitro, at least once or twice,” Carlos confessed.

We, now clean as a whistle (bad metaphor, really, given how many germs have to be on a whistle), began playing a bit in the hot water of what was apparently Dana’s shower. I found my hands parting his buns and noticed some water-based lube, which couldn’t be a coincidence. The next thing that I knew, I had entered Carlos from behind. A few strokes later, we really had a solid pace, even before I bottomed out inside him. His hips moved in harmony with mine, as he gasped and groaned in audible appreciation of the pleasure of my cock hitting his prostate.

I think that, as much as he had enjoyed topping me on those two occasions that I found out about, me topping him…him getting to have me inside him at last, that was especially delightful to him. It was the ultimate sign that he was my boy, my slut boi. After all, I really had to be into Carlos to do what I was doing now, right…especially as his was the first male ass that I had ever fucked. It was a hot, tight booty, too. His asshole felt just right on my cock, perhaps looser than it might have been when he first started bending over for guys, but still more than snug enough for me to feel the heat and friction of his insides against my dick.

However, neither of us came until the sliding door to the rather large walk-in shower opened and I saw with my own eyes my wife and her lover ogling us with undisguised lust and admiration. The smoldering expression of sexual desire from both women, even as they held hands and fondled each other’s buns, just threw gasoline on the already raging fires of passion, and I exploded inside Carlos’s tight butt. He in turn came in a hurry, apparently because he felt my hot, slimy cum inside him at last, staking my claim of ownership of my new slut boi.

“Well now, boys, I’d say that you’ve been having fun! Want to clean up a bit and join us for breakfast? Did you like using my lube? I look forward to you using it to sodomize Kara and me, too,” Dana said as she planted a sizzling hot French kiss on my mouth.

“Gimme some of that, too!” my wife insisted, getting more aggressive than usual as she made out with me in front of Dana and Carlos.

“Girls, let’s just say that you have a terrific idea there and I’m more than ready to take you on it. Carlos, babe, want to finish cleaning up and go downstairs for some breakfast? Plenty of more fun to be had afterward, of course. I don’t plan to short-change any of my lovers, of course. We have so much more to do, all four of us, right?” I smiled at each of my partners before giving Carlos a deep soul kiss as well, thus making it clear that he was an equal companion to the others…we were all in this together, as a family now.

Carlos and I rinsed and dried off, while Dana and Kara openly kissed each other with more than a little tongue…and fondled each other’s ass. If it wasn’t quite a completely linked foursome, due to Carlos illegal bahis siteleri having no interest in women, it was close enough for me and the rest of them. As we headed downstairs, I felt a pair of soft, smooth feminine hands rub my buns and realized that I honestly didn’t care whether it was Kara or Dana groping me. They would both get plenty of chances, after all, as would Carlos.

Speaking of Carlos, he and I walked hand in hand down the stairs to the dining room, where we discovered a rather sumptuous breakfast banquet set up for everyone’s benefit. There were four Spanish omelets, as well as plenty of sausage links and patties, Potatoes O’Brien, bacon, and Belgian waffles with figs, whipped cream, and butter for all. There was also coffee, tea, and orange and papaya juice. It was a genuine invitation to gluttony, and I was more than impressed at the ladies doing such hard work while we guys slept off our hangovers and then had heated shower sex. I had certainly worked up an appetite, which I admitted, to no shock from the ladies.

“Honey, you always get extra hungry after really intense sex. Nothing wrong with that. I told Dana and she loved it, because, how did you put it, dear?” Kara declared before turning to her girlfriend…no, wait, OUR girlfriend.

“I said that it gives us two ways in which to show our loyal service to him. Like Carlos here, we live to serve Saul now, don’t we, Kara, my sweet slut?” Dana told us as Kara and she plated the food.

“Sit, please, Master…and yes, you, Carlos, our favorite twink. It’s not every guy, after all, that I would help to seduce my husband into his arms, but then Master isn’t gay or straight. Master is bi, Dana and I figured that out some time ago, and we were eager for Master to experience a relationship with a man as well as with us. Not just any man, though…a man like Carlos, who truly adores him. You’re so sexy together, my manly Jewish husband and his Puerto Rican twink boyfriend. Honey, it’s like that Bryan Adams song with us…everything that we do, we do for you,” Kara declared as she knelt and began sucking my cock under the table.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still eat my breakfast. This is just a little extra protein, that’s all,” my wife winked at me now as she took me deep into her hot mouth and throat, “And no, I don’t care that it’s been up Carlos’s ass. I would eat your cum directly from his bunghole if he let me. You cleaned it off, anyway.”

Here I was, trying to eat my breakfast and thoroughly enjoying myself as I did so, while my drop-dead gorgeous, highly sexed wife licked and sucked my dick with undeniable hunger. It was very difficult to just relax and enjoy the blowjob while I enjoyed my meal, but I did just that. Dana made things worse by eating in a very seductive and flirtatious manner, including when she slipped a fig into her own pussy and then ate it greedily with her juices still on it, to which she added some whipped cream. Carlos also teased me a bit by eating the sausage links in a way clearly meant to evoke images of him inhaling my cock.

When Kara began stroking my balls, too, I lost it and came with a decent load down her thirsty throat. She licked it from her lips and sat back with a saucy smile to finish her breakfast, which was thankfully not cold, but that was probably because of how effective Kara had been at emptying my balls again. Evidently, they were all eager to find out how many times they could get me to get hard and cum, because Dana, have having eaten much of her breakfast, promptly began sucking me, too. I couldn’t believe just how eager she was, but then she was bi, not gay…all those months of waiting to fuck me regularly must have been torment to her. Judging from Dana’s enthusiasm as she went down on me, she was like a starving, feeling very deprived since the night before the wedding.

“Oh, honey, I’ve waited so long for this! But now, here it is…Master’s cock! Just you wait, sir! Before you know it, you’ll be so used to bedding all three of us that, well…you won’t need the blue pill that we ground up and put in your coffee. It will be wonderful! Whenever you want to get laid, you’ll have your pick of three lovers, whatever you want from us, preferably all three of us if possible! You belong to us and we belong to you, Master! This is your home now, not just mine. We’re all very committed to you, aren’t we?” Dana assured me with sweet kisses to my cock and balls between licks and sucks…

“Hell, yes!” Kara shouted.

“You got that right, honey! I’m soooo his willing bitch!” Carlos blew me a kiss.

“I think that perhaps we should make it official somehow, then. It wouldn’t be legally recognized, not exactly, canlı bahis siteleri but it could be our sort of public demonstration of our mutual loyalty and loving commitment, if you will. Not sure what exactly, but I’m sure that we can all think of something in that vein. I have no intentions of imposing fidelity on any of us, though. We’ve all proven to have real issues with such things, so why not just swap, swing, and share, but as a team? No more secrets, though. No more hiding anything behind my back. Is that clear?” I demanded from my new lovers, still a little perturbed as I recalled the cheating and other little details.

“Of course…sorry about that, Master! Feel free to punish me! I seduced Kara and then I helped Carlos seduce you,” Dana admitted with a blush that showed up well on her pale Irish face.

“That was very noble of you to confess your role, Dana. On the plus side, you’ve done everything possible to bring us all together and I can’t forget that, either. Whatever the case, you’re all mine now, and I intend to play for keeps. You want to be my sluts, I’ll gladly take you all. You want to move me in and share a bed nightly, that’s sweet. I don’t mind having a sassy Boston Irish socialite as one of my three sex slaves. We’ll figure out other aspects in time. The new rule that you declared before turning over control spoke volumes, as have your actions this morning…all of yours. If I’m in charge, so much the better. I will make sure that you’re all gladly that you proposed this.

“As for this sweet lady, I know that she can’t help herself very well, can she? She’s gotta suck cock, eat pussy, rim ass, and take cocks deep inside her holes. My dear Kara, yes, you’re forgiven. You’ve been forgiven for a while now, especially since it’s clear that you were willing to forgive me anything, too. That’s exactly the attitude that guarantees forgiveness for you in my book. Just no more secrets, okay?” I spoke to the ladies first, but I had a message for Carlos all his own.

“Thank you, Master…Saul, honey…you won’t regret this…will he, Dana, baby?” Kara told me with a kiss as Dana and she finished their breakfast.

“That’s damn right, sweetie,” Dana agreed as she sat on my lap for a moment and began making out with me and Kara in turns.

“Well, Carlos, as for you, I think that you understand how I feel now, but in case you didn’t, let me make it plain. I love you as both a friend, a brother, and now a lover. I have been able to trust you at every turn, and despite this one honey trap that you and the girls set for me, I still believe that I can trust you with my life. That means more than anything else. I have discovered that you three are my true family, my real friends, my sweet, beloved companions in life. I love you as I love these ladies, though it comes from a different past and context. But again, no more secrets. That is the only thing that I don’t really like about this. So, NO MORE SECRETS. Savvy?” I insisted as I took the blue pill that Kara held out now and offered it to Carlos.

“Now we’ll both have a hard time settling down today, won’t we?” I chuckled.

“That was the plan, I do believe. Sauce for the goose and all that jazz. I’ll happily get it up for you as often as you wish, of course. I trust that you don’t mind how versatile I can be about the whole top/bottom thing. I’m submissive, of course, but not all submissives are strictly bottoms. Though I’d be strictly bottom for you, if you wished it, of course. I’d be your bottom bitch for life and never look back. Anything for you, Master…anything for you. You are my guy, my teacher, my owner, etc. I’m your bitch boi,” Carlos reminded me with conviction in his voice.

“Lucky for you, I don’t want any of us to deny our natures. It didn’t work for me when it came to monogamy, it certainly didn’t work for you, Carlos, pretending to be straight, and it didn’t work for Kara and Dana, not feeling free to tell me upfront about their lesbian love affair. So, let’s all stay true to ourselves. I will dominate, you will all submit, but we will all fuck around, and we will all be loyal in our own way despite what society thinks of polyamory. There will be times when it helps, Carlos, that you’re not a strict bottom, such as during some threesomes, while I’m fucking one of the ladies. Other times, I will definitely top you, as in the shower there. With that said, anything else on your minds?” I asked my three partners.

“Yes, how soon can we four get it on for a New Years’ orgy?” Kara asked me with a passionate kiss on my lips.

“I thought that you’d never ask,” I teased her.

“Well, if she hadn’t asked, I would have,” Dana added another French kiss for Kara and me as my wife replaced her on my lap.

“Or I,” Carlos laughed heartily as he planted one on me…

A wife, a boyfriend, and girlfriend, all due to a secret plan and a game of Truth or Dare? What more could any man want?

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