Truth is Better than Fiction

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Some people say, that the reality never lives up to the fantasy. Usually that it true, but sometimes reality can go places you never dreamed could happen.

I was back to my home state. After my tour of duty on the East coast. Was in the best shape of my life. Confident and sure of myself, like no time before or since. My girlfriend Susan, and I had rekindled our relationship over the phone during the previous month. When I actually got back. I realized that had been a mistake. We were so different and had so little in common. Now, I could tell it was better to cut loose, than to lead her on. So I decided to break it off.

She had a group of close friends. They would hang out with her at a local restaurant. Drinking coffee and solve the world’s problems. The day after I broke it off with her, I was “invited” to the dingy smoke filled place.

It all reminded me of an intervention. The cocky leader of the group was a hippy throwback complete with a beret, walking stick. He had an attitude nearly as large as his enormous, bulging stomach. His girlfriend was quiet and plain. Yet she had a certain something, that made her attractive. The third member of the group, was an extremely large but loving lady everyone called “Mother.”

Thus began the interrogation. I actually don’t remember what was said. Four or five grueling hours later, they all agreed. I did the right thing in breaking up with Susan. Except Susan, of course. She most definitely did not agree. She sulked off into the dawn. Only showing herself to the group rarely thereafter. I, on the other hand, was welcomed as one of them.

I grew to know the group. I realized in some things. they were not what they seemed, but neither was I. In fact, we had much more in common than I first suspected. We liked the same things from the books we read. To the movies we watched and more. I began to form a close friendship with each of them.

It came to pass that the leader Steve, and his girlfriend Brenda, decided to get married. They had been living together so long. They were so inseparable, that it was quite a natural progression. I was asked to be the best man and gladly accepted.

The wedding was a simple affair. Complete with a disapproving Father of the bride. A best man in military uniform, and a maid of honor nicknamed “Mother.” We were all very thrilled for them. We celebrated their union with laughter, wine and smoke. Except for the family of the bride. Their was certain she was marrying beneath her station.

Our group continued to meet every weekend. We would tell stories. Drink and smoke, until we crawled to our beds. “Mother” graduated from college. Then she moved on, so the group consisted mostly of us bahis firmaları three, except for when she could get away.

Nothing much changed since the wedding. We met each weekend, partied and laughed. Often I would crash on the happy couples’ couch. We would continue the next day where we left off.

Then one weekend something was different. There was nervousness in the air. They both had something they wanted to ask me. It all smelled strangely of another intervention, but I could not recall having done anything to offend anyone. I puzzled about it, until the weekend finally arrived.

I was greeted warmly when I came in. Served wine, quickly seated in a comfortable chair and treated especially graciously. This royal treatment puzzled me all the more.

Finally they sat down and out it came.

Steve spoke first, “Brenda and I have been trying to have a child but it turns out that I am shooting blanks.”

Brenda chimed in: “We would like to have a sperm donor but the idea of something sterile and clinical really is not the way we want to have conceive a baby.”

“We want you to help us” Steve added.

They could both tell from my puzzled expression that I was not getting it.

“Would you get me pregnant, please?” Brenda asked in the sexiest voice I have ever heard.

Then it hit me!

“Of course, you know I would do anything for you both.” I replied

From there Brenda took over. I had driven two hours directly from work. I was a little ripe smelling I imagine, so she suggested a hot shower. To loosen me up. I immediately thought it would able a shower for two. Instead, she gave me all the necessary supplies and left me alone. I got undressed and climbed in the hot shower. Still expecting to be joined. I slowly finished my shower and got out. As I shaved, I realized my clothes were gone. In there place was a huge terry robe with a hood.

Finishing up, I donned the robe and went back to the living room. Steve was there in a similar robe, sitting on the couch. The room had transformed while I showered. Now it was lit only by candles and soft music played in the background. A quilt covered the floor. Brenda was nowhere to be seen.

I sat down quietly and waited.

She entered slowly from the dark. Wearing only a short silk robe that was not tied. Her pert breasts held the silk away from her body. Giving me glimpses of her skin, stirring my passion. Each step that brought her closer made me even harder. As I watched spellbound.

Finally, she reached me and bent over to kiss me. I saw her lovely breasts fall free for an instant, before my view was obscured by her head. Her lips pressed hard on my mouth. Her tongue seeking kaçak iddaa mine in completely, unbridled passion.

She opened my robe. Grabbed my cock to guide it, as she stepped across my lap. She lowered herself on me. The moment was so quick. So filled with passion, that it was all I could do to keep from coming, right then as I filled her. Kissing her, while exploring her body. I had the control I needed to continue. Slowly I filled her as she rode me.

Her breasts were the most incredible shape. They were medium in size but they were pointed and curved up like their whole purpose was to display the nipples which stuck out very hard on the ends. They begged to be licked and I obliged eagerly. Exploring her body and licking her eagerly kept my focus away from the heat and increasing rhythm of her sliding up and down on my cock. Even so, there was really not much hope to stay much longer; I knew my only hope in saving face was to get her so hot she would cum very soon.

I did not need to worry, sucking her breasts was having the effect I had hoped, she began to lose her focus and her rhythm. She stopped sliding up and down and began to grind her clit into my pubic hair while I sucked her rock hard nipples. She tried several times to regain her control and her rhythm but she had obviously been thinking about this moment for a long time and was very hot.

In spite of her rhythm becoming interrupted my hope for delaying my orgasm quickly went away as she began to squeeze my cock now fully inside her. I had never felt a woman with so much muscle control and felt the tingling begin below my balls. I gave into her pleasure and still remember vividly her skin in the candle’s glow, glistening with light perspiration from her excitement and efforts, the smell of her sex rising up to my nose, and the tastes of her nipples in my mouth while her moans filled my ears. This was a woman fully engaged in the act of making a baby and it was the most beautiful and sexy act I have ever seen.

I gave into the pleasure of the moment as my cum rose from deep within me and my cock first hardened inside her then began to spasm moments before the hot cum began to fill her. She moaned in pleasure and began her own spasms as her vagina clamped onto me with a force I had never experienced. We became joined in our passion as I filled her with the seed she needed. Time stopped as we came together in that moment of passion, love, sex and the purest act of making a new life.

Brenda was the first to move. This was good since I was completely spent and incapable of movement. She turned and looked at her husband. As she did, I saw past her for the first time and saw him with his robe open stroking the thickest cock kaçak bahis I have ever seen. The head of the thing looked like an apple, a VERY large apple. While it was a little shorter than my own eight inches, clearly it made up for it in girth. Brenda slid herself off of me and cum dripping from her pussy walked, no sauntered over to her waiting husband. She climbed in his lap and lowered herself onto the thing.

I was now treated to the same view he had. Her lovely ass lowering over his cock as she writhed herself down slowly on it was an incredible sight. So much so that in spite of the recency of my own orgasm, I began to come back to life. Grinning, Steve watched over Brenda’s should to see me beginning to stroke myself to life. He allowed her to set the tempo and just watched her then me. Until the erotic sight had my cock back at full attention.

Then Steve lifted Brenda off of himself, got up and laid down on the floor. He guided her back on top of him and lowered her on him once again. Then he looked at me and motioned for me to come over. He reached under the blanket and pulled out some lubricant. Taking a small amount he applied it carefully to Brenda’s ass. Her hole glistened with it as he pushed a finger inside her. She moaned at the intrusion but seemed to expect it and even want it.

I understood what he had in mind and found myself leaning over her and pressing my cock against her tight hole while she waited. Ever so slowly I pressed myself inside her. Her hole stretched incredibly to fit my cock. Then suddenly I was inside her. The heat was incredible as her tight ass strained to contain my cock.

Just as I was able to adjust to the heat and tightness, Steve began to pump her from underneath. I could feel his cock through the membrane separating her ass from her vagina. His head rubbing against mine while I was inside her was an incredible feeling. I was instantly so near cumming that I gasped. Apparently the effect was even more disturbing for her as she began to moan loudly. Her rapidly approaching orgasm forced her to tighten her ass and vaginal muscles which again caused me to gasp.

Steve moaned and pumped all the harder in response to her tightening which caused Brenda to moan louder and a moan escaped my lips as I felt his movement again inside her. Soon all the intensity became too much for Brenda. She screamed and clamped down on both of us in a vise grip orgasm. Steve came next in hard spasms filling her to overflowing with her second huge dose of cum. All of it was too much for me and I came again pumping her ass full of whatever fluids I had left.

The three of us came fiercely and violently then collapsed in a heap on the floor incapable of any movement. At some point we fell apart and slept the sleep of satisfaction.

Thanks to LilDarlin for her edits…hugs hun

PS The story is true but the names were changed for obvious reasons…Laz

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