TLC Pt. 02

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Chapter 7 – The gloves come off

A man walks into a bar…

Getting that déjà vu feeling?

A man walks into a bar and raises his hands in an attitude of surrender. They’re perhaps a little too pink looking, but apart from that, they’re just hands. Well, no, they’re not just hands. They’re Daniel’s hands and it’s been a fraught couple of months without them but now they’re back!

Behind the bar there’s a tall, slim blonde girl reaching up to fill a glass from an optic. Turning, to give a customer his drink, she catches sight of Daniel and her face lights up.

In less heartbeats than he could count on his recently acquired fingers, Sabine is in his arms, Sabine’s tongue is in his mouth and Sabine’s hair – her beautiful platinum blond curls – Sabine’s hair is entangled in his fingers. Daniel fights manfully in defence of his tonsils, all the while revelling in the sensations coursing through his fingertips. To finally be able to touch Sabine after so long! Bliss.

They call it a draw and separate just enough to breathe. Daniel makes damn sure she doesn’t move any further from him by the simple expedient of sliding his hands down onto her bottom. He’s changed a lot since that day of impetuous heroism, or reckless stupidity as he prefers to think of it. Back then, Daniel would never have considered such an intimate touch in public: He’d have blushed until he haemorrhaged at the mere prospect. Sabine has certainly cured his timidity.

“No more bandages?” Sabine is enjoying being touched by her lover for the first time. The swelling pressed against her abdomen tells her Daniel is enjoying it too.

“No more bandages. But I do have to go back to work on Monday.”

“So. Tonight I will move back to my flat. Yah?”

“Don’t even joke about that. If you try to leave me I’ll… I’ll lock you in and throw all your clothes off the balcony so you can’t go out at all.”

“I can go out without clothes. I do not mind.”

“I think you would too! Shameless woman.” He knows better than to call her bluff. She’s not bluffing.

“With my family, I spent many days at the beach, naked. My body is not shameful.”

“No. Your body is not shameful. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful and it’s one reason why you’re not moving out”

“Yah? I will stay. But not for what you say. I will stay because I think there are things you do not say.” She kisses him again. The matter is settled. Not that she had any intention of moving out. She just wanted to hear Daniel say it.

“Mmm. As you’re at work, I’ll have two Heinekens please. Chris’ll be here any minute.” He lets go, patting her bottom to urge her on her way.

“Chris is here now. Hiya Danny Boy. Hi Sabine.” He slaps Daniel on the back and brushes past him to give Sabine a peck on the cheek. “He’s got hands again and what’s the first thing he does? Molest a barmaid.” Chris winks at her.

“He is allowed I think.” There’s a spring in her step as she heads back behind the counter and pops the tops on a couple of beers for the guys.

“Truly, my friend, you have been blessed.” Chris commented as he watched Sabine move down the bar to deal with the rapidly rising tide of thirsty suits. He glanced at his watch. 6PM. The weekend had officially started and it looked like it was going to get busy.

“I know. She’s a great girl.” Daniel turned his head to watch Sabine’s tight black trousers too. He didn’t have a problem with the way his best friend looked at his girlfriend. Sabine was hard to ignore. She moved like she was on a catwalk – or in a cat house.

“A great girl? Danny Boy, she – ” Chris pointed in Sabine’s direction, unnecessarily indicating who he meant. ” She is ubertotty! She’s not just fuckin’ gorgeous – There’s a lot of that around here, thanks to Ernesto – Mate, that girl held your dick for you in a nightclub toilet so you didn’t piss on your shoes. How accommodating is that?”

“I know-“

“And she’s the best sex you’ve ever had. Leastways. I’ve never seen you look so smug for so long, not even after you lost your cherry to that…what’s her name…Lisa, back in college. ‘A great girl’ indeed!”

“As I was trying to say, before you got into the pulpit, Sabine’s a great girl, playful, practical, truly adorable and for some unfathomable reason, as mad about me as I am about her. Yes I am blessed. My cup runneth over.”

“Good. It’d be a crying shame if all that talent” He gesticulated in Sabine’s direction again “was going to waste. My round.”

They drank beer and ogled girls and talked about work for a couple of hours. When Daniel asked Sabine for a fifth round of beers, she handed him the bar snack menu too.

“There are no tables and you must eat or you will be drunk. Yah?”

“Good point. Can you order me a club sandwich and some fries. Chris? Food?”

“No thanks. Just beer for me. I won’t be up all night.” Chris winked at Sabine, who couldn’t help smirking.

“So. One club sandwich with French fries and two Heinekens.” Sabine slid two open bottles across the bar taking the opportunity to hold Daniel’s hand a moment and squeeze it gently to remind him of all the good bahis firmaları reasons for getting home still reasonably sober and coordinated.

While waiting for his sandwich, Daniel excused himself to answer the call of nature – one of the many things he could again do for himself. He got back to find his food waiting, minus a few fries that Chris was grazing on.

“Sabine wondered where you’d gone. I told her you were getting reacquainted with your dick. The fries are good. Try some.” Chris helped himself to more of Daniel’s dinner.

“I thought you weren’t hungry.” Daniel sat down to eat.

“I’m not, but they were getting cold. Another beer?”

“No thanks. I’ve still got half of this one.” Mindful of what might be expected of him tonight, Daniel was making it his last beer.

“Everything is ok for you boys. Yah?” Sabine, noticing Daniel’s return, came over.

“Fine, Leibschen.” Daniel offered her a rather long French fry. She bit half of it. He had the rest. “The loo’s nowhere near as much fun without you though.”

Sabine leant over the bar to be kissed. Daniel met her halfway. It was brief and salty from the fries.

“Chris wants another beer though and I’d better stick to OJ. I feel lucky tonight.”

“Yah? I think I am very tired tonight. Maybe I will go straight to sleep.” She tries and fails to keep a straight face. “One OJ. One Heineken.” She leaves the boys to their drinks. The bar’s very busy, even for Friday night.

Round midnight, Chris toddled off in search of a taxi home, leaving Daniel to sit at the end of the bar – far less crowded now – watching his beautiful lover collecting and cleaning glasses.

Chris had been dead right about him being blessed. In the two months they’d been together he’d yet to find anything she was unwilling to try. Actually, thinking on it, pretty much everything since that first blowjob had been initiated by her.

He found himself mentally undressing her: Those lovely long legs, taut buttocks, almost but not quite hiding her rosebud ass; That smooth pussy below her flat belly; The slim waist tapering up to her pert breasts that defied gravity so effortlessly. Her slender neck: He’d kissed it so often, nibbling on her earlobe and nuzzling her curls. Finally, her crowning glory, her lips: lush, moist, soft and always so full of promise. It was a promise they kept too. He could die in her mouth: had died, in the Victorian sense, dozens of times. She looked angelic and tonight… tonight he would touch heaven.

“Dan…” Ernesto broke in on his reverie. “Dan?”

“Hi Ernesto. Sorry, I was miles away.”

“Not exactly miles.” Ernesto observes, looking to where Sabine was busy at the far end of the bar. “Sabine.” He calls her over. “You kids get out of here. Go on.” He’s well aware that tonight has been eagerly awaited by the young couple.

They practically fell into their usual convenient doorway, lips hermetically sealed together. Daniel’s hand slipped between her thighs, feeling the heat radiating through the layers of fabric. She was clearly as aroused as he was. He reached for her breast. Her flesh, unrestrained inside her T-shirt, yielded at his touch. He found what he was searching for, the even softer, puffy nipple and areola. Two fingers circled gently over it, feeling it waken to his touch. He did the same to her other nipple, only satisfied when both were as erect as he was – and Sabine’s own hand was making sure he was very erect.

“Let’s go home.” Daniel whispered in her ear.

“Yah Leibling. I am very tired.” She winked at him, took his hand in hers and they started walking, Sabine practically skipping along beside him.

Daniel realized that guys on the street were staring at Sabine’s rigid nipples and he was turned on by the fact. It had never occurred to him that he might enjoy that sort of thing. It was something to explore further if the opportunity arose.

Sabine was tingling with anticipation. They’d had two months of really good sex: It hadn’t taken much to cure Daniel of his shyness and, once she had, he’d turned out to be a wonderful lover. The odd situation with his personal helplessness had been fun too. The incredible intimacy of their shared ablutions, the opportunities to tease and torment him, the total control over him: She loved it. The only thing missing was his touch and, in a very few minutes, she would have that too. Moisture soaked into the gusset of her panties as she thought about all the places his fingers would explore tonight. She squeezed his hand in hers. Even this simple gesture of affection and belonging sent a thrill through her.

Chapter 8 – Things to do with an un-bandaged hand.

Their street… their building… their stairs… their door… As it clicked closed behind them, Daniel, unable to contain his desire any longer, grabbed at Sabine’s T-shirt, practically trying to rip it off her body.

Sabine laughed as she pushed his hands back down, stepping close enough to press her breasts against him and to feel his lovely manhood pressing against her belly. She kissed him, slowing the pace right down. He went with it, embracing kaçak iddaa her in return, letting his hands slide down onto her bottom.

Her bottom. He adored it, even though Sabine had so frequently used it as bait to torment him in his frailty. It crossed his mind that perhaps he should put her over his knee and teach her what else he could do to her ass now he had the palm of his hand back. Later maybe. Right now Sabine was taking charge again.

“You must go to bed. I will put my uniform in the washing machine. It smells of cigarettes. Then I will join you. Yah?”

“Ok. But don’t be long or I’ll start without you. I can now, remember?”

“I will not be long.” She pecked his lips once more as she backed him into the bedroom and pulled the door closed. Sabine stripped in the kitchen, put everything but her shoes in the washing machine then headed for the bathroom to freshen up.

Daniel undressed himself for the first time since Sabine had moved in. It was a bad precedent, since he really wanted her to continue doing it for him. He lay on the bed to wait for her, stroking his erection. It felt good to be able to touch himself again. He listened to the sound of the toilet flushing, heard the shower running. They always showered together. It was one of their little rituals. He got off the bed and made his way to the bathroom to join her.

Sabine heard him come into the room and called out.

“You are not in bed yet?”

“I thought I’d join you. Wash your back for you maybe.”

“So impatient! Go to bed. I will be ready soon. Yah?”

“Well, if you’re sure you wouldn’t rather –”

“Yah. I am sure.”

He could hear the laughter in her voice. “Ok. You win – again. Don’t be long.” He went back to bed and waited.

The shower went silent and a shadow flashed past the bedroom door into the spare room. What was she up to now? He stroked himself and waited.

Sabine took her time getting ready. Anticipation would only sharpen Daniel’s appetite. She’d planned for this night. She got out the special outfit she’d been saving for the occasion and dressed.

He looked round to see Sabine framed in the doorway, stood almost in an attitude of prayer with a church candle cradled in her hands. She paused for effect then put the candle on the bedside table and turned out the lights. By the flickering light of the single flame, Daniel watched as she moved slowly around to the far side of the bed – the side he was lying on. He’d expected her to be naked. She was usually naked around the flat, but not this time. Her outfit was stunning. It looked like pyjamas, pants low slung on her hips, top fastened by a single bow and all in white fabric so gossamer thin that, even by candle light, nothing was hidden from Daniel’s gaze. She stopped within his reach.

“Now you can undress me. Yah?” She manages to look demure, just as a virgin bride might look on her wedding night, if such a creature still exists in this day and age.

Daniel sits up on the edge of the bed, reaches for Sabine’s hand and draws her closer. He holds her hand to his lips and gently kisses her palm before plucking at the ribbon that fastens her jacket, drawing the bow into a smaller and smaller loop until it vanishes and the fabric falls away from her breasts with a whisper soft susurration of silk on skin. He cups her bosom in his palms, feeling the smooth, warm, malleable flesh quiver with Sabine’s excitement. His thumbs trace round her puffy areolae. Her engorged nipples resist his efforts to push them flat, popping back up like pressure cooker valves. Much as he enjoys her breasts, he has a lot to do tonight so, with a frisson of reluctance, his hands slide up to her shoulders, pushing back the gossamer silk until it cascades down her arms and pools on the bedroom carpet. His fingers fumble a moment with the scrunchy that holds her hair. She turns her head to accommodate him and he frees her still wet tresses, combs out the long blond locks with his fingers, feeling the water cool on his skin.

Daniel touches her face, tracing her features like a blind man. As his fingertips brush across her lips, Sabine draws his index finger into her mouth, sucks it, tickling his fingertip with her tongue. His cock throbs in his lap as he makes the association between the sensations surrounding his finger and the more familiar feeling of fellatio. Daniel moves both hands onto her belly, smooth as a cat, taut and flat, with just the small sensitive dimple of her navel the only landmark. A pinky explores that little crater where she’s so ticklish, prompting just a bit of a flinch from her and a giggle.

His thumbs hook the waistband of her pants, drawing them over her hips and down her thighs. Gravity lends him a moment’s assistance and they drop around her feet like the foam around the feet of Aphrodite as she rose from the Cyprian sea.

Her thighs tremble as his hand slides up between them to her fotze. The pressure of his fingertips along her labia makes her sigh. She yearns to feel him inside her but this is his moment and she will not hurry him.

Daniel withdraws his hand examines the moisture glistening kaçak bahis as he rubs thumb and forefinger together, feeling the slickness, then offers his fingertips for her to suck. He loves the expression on her face when she tastes herself and this time is no different. His other hand replaces the first, between her labia. One finger finds her entrance and slips like a thief into her body. The thief is caught, imprisoned by her vaginal walls. She will not release him. His accomplice thumb massages either side of her clit, never quite touching the sweet spot, coaxing her gently to the brink of her first orgasm of the night. Just as she is about to come, his thumb moves directly onto her clitoris, rubbing it as fiercely as he’s watched her do to herself. Her orgasm explodes outwards from that point, his finger feels like its being drawn further into her by the rippling muscles of her pussy. He pushes too, writhes inside her. As her passion subsides, her legs give way and she collapses onto the bed, his hand still buried between her thighs.

Sabine spreads her legs languorously, allowing him to withdraw his finger.

Lying beside her, propped on one elbow, Daniel peruses her body from one pair of moist, parted lips to another. He strokes his cock, feeling how ready for action his hard length is, but two months with Sabine has taught him the value of patience. Tonight, it’s going to be her turn to beg for it. He slips over the side of the bed, the better to gain access to her spread crotch. In the shadows of a single candle, he relies on Braille to find his way around.

Sabine gasps as her labia are pinched and drawn open in the semblance of an orchid. She feels the fluid remains of her orgasm oozing out of her fotze, trickling down toward her ass. What is he waiting for? A cool blast washes over her inner lips as he blows on them. The orchid’s petals stir as she tenses momentarily at the surprising sensation, squeezing more nectar from her body. Another cool blast, but this time she is expecting it. The cold air feels so good curling around her clitoral hood. She sighs. His fingers – she’s desperate for his fingers. She draws her legs up higher, reaches down and displaces his hands, spreading her own lips wide, wider than he had spread her. She writhes as Daniel’s tongue plunges into her, his lips grinding against her coral pink flesh, lapping at her juices, all the while driving her headlong toward another orgasm.

“Yah! Das ist sehr gut!” She sighs as she squirms against his face. Daniel’s questing fingers find her rosebud anus, slick with her own secretions. With insistent pressure he pushes past the resistance of her sphincter, sinking his index finger into her rectum. She gasps, forces herself to relax and accept his intrusion. A second finger, a louder gasp as momentary discomfort gives way to delight. She is on the very brink of


His tongue withdraws from her fotze and starts lashing her clitoris. She cries out as he tips her over the edge of the abyss into orgasmic oblivion. His free hand drives two fingers straight into her gaping hole, withdraws and plunges into the depths again – again – again.

“Yah… Oh Yah…YAH!” Her cries of ecstasy rise almost to a scream as wave upon wave of sensations crash against her nervous system. The final wave of pleasure tears the orchid’s petals from her grasp, uproots his questing fingers from her flesh and washes away all thoughts as she slips into unconsciousness, exhausted and sated by her climax.

The first time Sabine passed out during an orgasm, Daniel had been scared witless but it’d happened a few times since and he’d got used to it. He lay alongside her and cradled her head, stroked hair away from her face and waited for her to recover. Man! It felt good to have his hands back.

Sabine was only out for a few seconds. She opened her eyes to see Daniel smiling down at her. “Mmm.” If she were a cat, she’d purr. “This is for me. Yah?” It was almost a reflex that she’d reached for his penis. Her thumb smeared a teardrop of seminal fluid in little circles around his glans.

“Yes Leibschen, it’s for you, all of it. Better catch your breath first though. You’re gonna need it.” Daniel had got quite adept at fucking without having his hands to stabilize him. His thighs had toned up a lot to meet Sabine’s demands for really forceful penetration. He wondered just how much she’d take before calling pax. He wanted to find out if the return of his hands would make enough difference. Was he at last enough of a man to satisfy Sabine? Time to find out.

“So. I think I am ready for this.” She gave his hard shaft a squeeze, clearly approving of its readiness for duty.

Daniel reached into the drawer at the bedside, retrieving a condom. This was one thing he hadn’t missed doing for himself. He handed the little foil sachet to Sabine. She took his cock in her mouth, sliding down it’s length until he was almost entirely hidden from view, then sliding equally slowly back up to the tip and releasing him. Only then did she roll the sheath onto his penis, stroking it down with both hands. It was a ritual he’d inadvertently started by telling her about ‘kissing the rod’ – a Victorian tradition whereby a wife or daughter would kiss the wooden rod used to beat her, to show that she accepted the authority of her husband or father.

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