Thia Goes For it! (And gets it!)

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It’s early August, and Thia and I are not long returned from a week-long summer holiday in a clothes-optional resort in the south of France. We are now beginning a second week of holiday, having come to stay in the New Forest on England’s South coast. We are accompanied for the first few days by our friend Barry.

We generally spend a week or two holidaying with Barry every year. Previously, he has had his girlfriend with him, but for the last two or three years, he’s been single. We’re all in our late twenties and have known each other for many years, even though we nowadays live far from him.

Barry has seen quite a lot of Thia (in more ways than one…), especially during last year’s holiday, when she herself will admit she got a bit carried away when she allowed him to chat to her while she was having a bath and he got much more than he bargained for. The events of that evening are described in a sister tale to this (Thia Comes Clean).

Now despite that previous, very memorable evening, plus the fact that she and I have just spent a week on a naturist beach, Thia is actually a very reserved person, even shy. I know that sounds like a contradiction, and I suppose it really is, but that’s the way she is. She does sometimes get carried away and do things that are out of character, but she’s generally – almost all of the time – very quiet and unassuming, and feels uncomfortable when she’s the centre of attention.

Here in the New Forest, Thia and I know that the naturist beach at Studland Bay is close by, and we intend to visit it at some point after Barry has gone home again. However, no sooner have we mentioned this than Barry points out that the weather is forecast to be exceptionally good for the next day or so and – even for him (he’s even more reserved than Thia) – it would make a pleasant day out for us all to stroll the full length of all of the beach (naturist and “textile” areas), and Thia and I would then know what to expect when we return there later in the week.

Thia spots the ulterior motive a mile off: “I won’t be taking my clothes off, if that’s what you’re thinking…!”

The next day does indeed dawn promisingly warm and sunny right from the start, so we decide to go ahead that very day, straight after an early lunch and taking along with us suitable things to sit on (Thia and I have proper beach towels and Barry brings a car rug), along with water, sun cream, hand wipes and so on.

By the time we arrive at the car park, having crossed the inlet of Poole Harbour via the chain-hauling ferry at Sandbanks, the sun is high and the weather is quite sweltering. Thia is wearing a purple and orange bikini under her bluey-turquoise, lightweight, toweling t-shirt and matching shorts. I’ve got swimming trunks on under a conventional t-shirt and shorts, and Barry is similarly attired. Most of our “stuff” is in a sports holdall which Barry and I take it in turns to carry.

We all use the car park toilets and then set off walking along the beach, with the sea (in the form of the English Channel) to our right. The beach is absolutely packed and noisy, but as we walk along it, it gradually becomes less crowded. It’s looking like it will be quite a long walk to reach the naturist area – and we are intending to go through and beyond it, to the very end of the beach – so after a while, we decide to have a sit down on the sand and take stock. It’s beginning to look as if walking to the very end is not going to be a good idea.

While we’re sitting down, Thia wriggles off her t-shirt and asks Barry to retrieve a bottle of Ambre Solaire from the bag. He does so, and asks her if she would like him to apply it to her back.

“Yes, please. If you don’t mind, that would be very useful.”

Her skin is a deep, even, golden brown colour, freshly back from a Mediterranean week of all-over sun-tanning. Once he’s done her back, moving about the tied, cord straps of her bikini top while doing so, he asks, “While I’m already sticky with it, would you like me to do your shoulders and arms?”

“Yes, okay, thanks.”

After this, and without asking further, but with her tacit agreement, he also applies it to her sides and then spends rather too long applying more to her abdomen, enjoying having his fingers so close to her groin.

“Do you want me to do your face and neck? That way you can keep your hands clean,” he then asks.

“Well okay, if you’re sure you don’t mind.”

I can see what’s coming here and I presume that Thia can too. After this bit, all that will be left up top is the exposed areas of her breasts. Speaking of which, he then gestures to the area, asking, “Would you like me to do…”

“No thanks,” she interrupts him, “But can you just put a small glob on each side?”

He does so, but not in the “straight from the bottle” manner she intended, instead putting it onto his fingers and then depositing it onto each side of the unauthorised zone. At this, Thia gives him a very sarcastic, head tilted, fake smile.

“Sorry!” he says, “I thought that was what escort eryaman you meant.” It’s a statement that fools absolutely nobody at all. “Do you want me to do your legs while you do your front?” he then asks.

“It’s okay,” she replies to his further disappointment, while spreading it onto her bust, “I’ve got it on my hands now, so I’ll do them myself.”

Once he and I have also used the sun protection, we all stand up again and continue our walk along the beach.

Eventually, we reach the boundary at which the naturist area begins, indicated by a discreet notice or two. There’s a quiet area at this point; most of the conventional beach people haven’t ventured this far, while most of the naturist families are a bit further on again. Just inside the naturist area and with the sun now quite sweltering, we sit down again, this time upon beach towels and rug respectively. A little way ahead there’s an ice cream van, and the clothes-optional area becomes more populated from that point onwards.

Thia takes off her shorts, applies some suntan cream to the newly exposed areas and lies down on her front: it looks like this is as far as we are going. It is absolutely baking hot, especially as we’re not equipped with a parasol and there really isn’t any shade at all, the sun being almost directly in front of us. It seems really that the only comfortable thing to do is either lie on one’s front like Thia, or head into the sea for a swim. I decide to do the latter, having first taken off my outer clothing.

On my return, I find that Barry is also now only wearing his swimming trunks, and Thia (or Barry) has undone her bikini top so that her back is bare. In addition, her bikini bottoms are pulled down just a little.

As I sit down on my towel, Thia rotates herself and sits up next to me, her arm holding her bikini top in place. However, as Barry seems to be dozing and is lying on his front on the other side of her, she removes her top, applies sun protection to her breasts and then lies down again, this time on her back. She and I chat for a minute or two and then just lie there and snooze under the hot sun.

A little while later, I open my eyes and find that Barry is sitting up and he’s looking at the supine Thia’s breasts as they rise and fall with her breathing, while he’s ostensibly looking out to sea. Like all of the rest of her, they are a uniformly deep brown colour.

Eventually, she too opens her eyes, spots the observer, moves to cover her chest with an arm but then drops the idea and just sits up instead, her breasts now accessibly naked in front of her.

“Thia, your breasts really are fantastic!” states Barry, seemingly oblivious to the fact that this might embarrass her.

“Er… thank you.” Fortunately – and despite her original misgivings – Thia seems to have seamlessly gone back into beach holiday mode, not even flinching as Barry openly peruses her naked upper body.

“Are you going to take your bottoms off, too?”

“I don’t think so: I don’t think I’d feel comfortable.”

“Well please don’t mind me, if you feel like doing so. I’m sure you must realise I wouldn’t mind at all, in fact I’d be really pleased! I wouldn’t have the nerve myself, but I bet it feels amazing to be naked on a beach in this sort of weather.”

“It does, but I don’t think I would be comfortable.”

After a while, Barry gets up and heads off for a swim.

Almost immediately, Thia says to me, “Actually, I’d really like to take the bottom off, but I’m not sure if I can. Would you mind if I did? I don’t really know how I will feel with Barry here.”

“No, of course I don’t mind,” I reply, “As long as you’re sure you want to and don’t mind the risk of feeling awkward. If you like, I’ll keep an eye on Barry, and when he’s coming back you can flip over onto your front again.”

In this weather and this setting, that’s all the encouragement she needs, so the bikini bottoms are quickly removed and Thia lies down on her back, brown and naked in the sunshine once again. In fact she’s even more naked than usual, having removed all vestiges of her pubic hair – a very unusual look for her – something she had done on our just-completed holiday after a surreal and unpleasant incident involving a beetle!

Before long, Barry emerges from the water and heads back towards us. I alert Thia and she flips onto her front, betraying sudden nervousness by hissing, “Shit!” under her breath.

It’s too late now though, as Barry doesn’t even bother to sit down on his rug, instead standing first below and then beside Thia’s stretched out, sun-bronzed nudity, taking in the sight as fully as he can.

“Thia!” he exclaims, making not the slightest attempt at subtlety, “You really do look fantastic naked! Your bum is amazing!”

In response, she buries her head into her arms, on which her forehead is resting, makes a suppressed “Aarrgghh!” noise and tenses the muscles of her bum in embarrassment – not exactly the best idea in the circumstances… Then she snaps shut her legs, which have elvankent escort been relaxed and very slightly apart, she realises suddenly.

While she’s pondering the discomforting thought that Barry is not only looking at her stark naked body right this very second (and she’s recalling how embarrassed she was after that previous shared-holiday event), but has also probably just been looking between her legs, she remembers she hasn’t put any suntan cream onto any of the new areas that are now exposed.

With a sigh, she turns her face towards me and says, “Can you put some cream on my bum please – I forgot.”

“Oh, Thia!” Barry blurts, “Can I do it for you please? Please? Just think what that would mean to me…”

She looks at me. I look at her. Heaven knows what the pause is for, because she’s obviously going to say no.

“Okay, but do it properly, please, don’t just mess about with it.”

Barry and I look at each other, equally surprised and even a little bit shocked.

Then he actually does it!

Suddenly I’m watching Barry gently massaging Ambre Solaire onto Thia’s glistening, bare, brown buttocks! They flex and move under the gentle pressure of his fingers. Entirely predictably, this process takes an inordinately long time. Equally predictably, it involves both of his hands, numerous passes into the crevices of her bottom, and there is altogether too much stroking, along with repeating partings of her buttocks, so as to “accidentally” expose her labia.

“What about between your legs?” he then asks, “Does that need doing as well?”

His luck has run out: “Yes, but I’ll do that myself, thank you very much!”

Barry remains kneeling beside her, waiting.

“Would you mind not making it so obvious please, Barry?” she admonishes, leaving him uncertain whether she means the fact that he’s waiting to watch her attend to her private parts, or whether she’s talking about his swimming-trunk-straining erection.

With a deliberately exaggerated sigh, she eventually turns onto her back as he stands up, even though she knows that he now has direct sight of her frontal nakedness.

“Oh,” he says, again not sparing her any potential embarrassment, “No bush at all! Thia, I do like that!”

“I do usually have some,” she replies as she sits up and looks down at her groin, “But… well it’s a long story, to be honest. I just feel better without it at the moment.”

She asks for the bottle of Ambre Solaire, which Barry passes to her.

“Are you actually going to stand there and watch?” she asks him, incredulously – he’s standing to one side of her knees. He smiles a reply. “Oh for heaven’s sake!” she continues, with a rather theatrical tone of irritation as she squeezes the sun cream onto her fingers, opens her legs and starts applying it to her vulva.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to take your bikini off…”, I point out.

“I did. I’m sorry. But it’s almost as hot as it was in France and I don’t want to spoil my even suntan.”

“It’s hot alright!” interjects an all too entertained Barry, “It is definitely very, very hot indeed and getting hotter all the time!”

Thia gives him another sarcastic, eyes-rolled smile, as she gives the area between her legs a final swipe or two with her fingers, causing her vulva to move around, and inadvertently demonstrating its flexibility and springiness. Rather than feeling embarrassed, I can see she’s probably rather enjoying herself, easily manipulating Barry’s thoughts, teasing him sexually a bit, but also behaving as if it’s perfectly normal for him to be looking at her in her birthday suit in the sunshine and ogling her exposed girl parts.

“I love your vagina – it’s beautiful!” he announces.

She snorts and shakes her head, then lies back with a forearm over her eyes to shield them from the sun, leaving Barry (and me) to ponder her nubile, full-length, bronzed bareness. After a while, I lie back down beside her and hold her hand as we snooze in the heat, recalling our recent French holiday and expecting to hear “Glaces, beignets pommes…” at any moment.

Right on cue, Barry asks if either of us would like an ice cream and then walks to the nearby ice cream van to buy some.

Thia sits up, with her knees raised a little in order to eat her 99. Although the sun has now moved behind some light clouds, it’s still very warm indeed and ice cream drips now and then onto her abdomen. Barry wipes it with a fingertip and offers it to her to lick, which obviously she won’t. But she does…

Fate being the mischievous thing that it is, more drips now fall – this time between her legs and right onto the hood of her clitoris. The shock of the cold sensation makes her jump. Barry holds out his finger again, offering to collect the dripped ice cream. Obviously she’s not going to allow that. But she does…

“Thia…?! Are you sure about that?” I ask, as he reaches towards her privates.

“Yes… it’s okay,” she says, seeming as unconcerned as if he were offering to brush etimesgut escort a piece of fluff from her leg.

As his finger moves suspiciously slowly over the hood, it draws it upwards a little, revealing her little clitoris tip itself to the sunshine (and his eyes…). Far from being embarrassed even by this, she then proceeds to draw her lips suggestively over the flake of her 99 and lick the end of it.

“Thia…” I caution.

Barry stares at her, openly amazed, but Thia just laughs, thinking the whole scenario is really funny, then she licks the collected drip from his fingertip. She ought to know better; she starts off thinking this sort of thing is all very amusing but forgets how easily things can get out of hand.

She finishes her ice cream and, after we each drink some of our water, she and I go for a quick swim, “To clean ourselves up,” which is a euphemism for having a pee. Barry follows a few minutes later, unintendely entering the water just as we’re leaving it.

With perfect timing, he’s back just as Thia is ready for her back and bum to have more sun cream applied. It looks like this has become his job for the day.

Once he’s finished – and even though she’s the only one of the three of us who’s naked, he asks us, “Would it be okay with you if I took my trunks off?”

Thia flips over onto her back again and sits up to answer. “But… you’ve got an erection, haven’t you?” she asks, in an alarmingly inappropriate, matter of fact way.

“Thia?!” I say, “You can’t just come out with something like that!”

“Well he has!”

“I don’t really want to know, but you can’t just say that, like that…”

“Oh, sorry,” she replies, turning to Barry again, “But you have, haven’t you?”

Very pleased with himself indeed that Thia has noticed and so, presumably, must have been looking, he replies, “Yes, but I think I can be quite discreet about it.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I say, not liking the thought of it at all.

Thia chimes in: “I don’t think it’s a good idea, either. You could get into trouble. Can’t you keep it under better control?” Then she adds, “All penises must be on a lead!” and laughs at her own joke.

Barry is not very familiar with this unexpectedly impish facet of Thia’s personality and doesn’t know quite what to make of it. However, the last time he encountered it, the results were extraordinarily unforgettable, so he’s quite excited to see this silly mood come over her once again.

Bearing in mind that we are right at the back of the beach, adjacent to sand dunes, Barry suggests moving into those, where we will be out of sight of the people on the beach itself. This sounds like a very dubious idea to me – and even rather seedy – and I’m really very uncomfortable with the whole business of the evidence of his arousal being so directly presented to her (and me!) – so obviously Thia herself won’t be entertaining the idea at all.

“Okay, I suppose that makes sense,” she says.

“What?! Thia…”

She looks at me yet again. On the one hand, it does only mean walking a few yards from where we are right now, but on the other… there are obviously potential implications.

“I don’t think I’d like that,” I point out, amazed that she didn’t dismiss the idea outright, “And I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking my trunks off with you here anyway.”

“Well you could stay here if you like,” suggests Barry, ever so helpfully. “We would only be a short distance behind you. I’d just like to try it.”

I shrug, and before I know it, they disappear into the sand dunes behind me. Moments later, Thia returns for the holdall and gives me a kiss before she heads back out of sight. Is that a thank you, a “Don’t worry”, or what?

Ho hum.

When she goes back into the sand dunes, she discovers that Barry has now moved even further away from the beach, taking her towel and his rug to “a better position”. She’s a little bit nervous at being this much further from me, but is reassured by Barry’s explanation that there is some welcome shade here from a couple of large bushes.

Out of my sight, Barry takes off his trunks, pleased that Thia watches him closely as he does, and therefore sees the erection she has caused. “Are you sure this is alright?” he asks her. Thia has never seen him naked before.

Deliberately misunderstanding the question, she replies, “It certainly looks alright to me… really quite good in fact,” causing both of them to laugh.

Next, he pushes his luck, asking, “Would you put sun cream on it for me, please?”

“No, I will not!”

However, she watches as he does it for himself.

He then asks her, “Does your sun cream need topping up, do you think?”

“I suppose it might.”

“Would you like me to do it for you – my hands are sticky with it now?”

“Okay, thank you.”

Now, really, this is where the trouble starts, as Thia’s entire, naked body is now subjected to a prolonged, massaging application of sun cream, which starts at the top and progresses downwards. As if having her breasts roamed about all over wasn’t enough, after a while, his hands arrive at her hips and abdomen. Throughout all of this, she watches Barry’s proudly inflexible penis as he moves around her to access the entirety of her tanned body.

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