The Weekend Visitor

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The Weekend Visitor
The Weekend Visitor
by Allan
Copyright© 2019 by Allan

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We had been an item for the last 2 years, me, John, 55 and Kirsty 51, both of us free from restrictive relationships and content, mainly, with each other. We did not live together each of us keeping our own place staying over whenever, but both in the same area of town.

We are both mainly semi retired so we have plenty of time on our hands to pursue interests and spend time together. We generally please ourselves and don’t take much notice of those around us, friendly certainly but we do our own thing. When we first met I made it plain to Kirsty that I was, more than anything else, interested in a very physical relationship, fortunately, and much to my delight, Kirsty was of the same mind. She had spent the previous few years devoid of sex apart from the odd liaison when the opportunity arose.

Kirsty had kept her good looks, slimish, leggy and curvy in all the right places. She was to me a very attractive mature woman, I was instantly attracted to her and appreciated her fantastic sex drive once we ended up in bed.

For me I still go to the gym without being overly muscular, I keep myself fit and enjoy good health which fuels my also healthy sex drive. The attraction between us is both very physical and intellectual, so we got on very well and are very comfortable in each other’s company.

We are certainly well matched as far as sex is concerned, both of us highly charged as far as exploring and satisfying each other’s needs. We are very demonstrative and experiment with sex as much as we possibly can. Although together we have an understanding where, if the opportunity presented itself, we could have relations with other’s, as long as we explained and detailed the event to the other. During our time together this has occurred on several occasions for both of us. An open relationship if you want to put a label on it, which I don’t really.

Kirsty’s daughter, Susan, stayed from time to time depending on her work commitments, she was 21 years old, tall leggy, blonde and very attractive and pretty. She usually had a boyfriend of one sort or another in tow, but was young and in no need to settle down, as yet. Susan took after her mother she was confident, compassionate and very open minded. She was happy to discuss her boyfriends, their shortcomings as well as their attributes. She made no secret of the fact that she was fucking them and would happily discuss intimate details without seeming to be rude or insensitive.

Last week Susan had arrived on the Friday for the weekend, she had her own suite so she was really well self contained as bahis şirketleri we were in our Bedroom and en suite. There was no need to change our habits we were quite comfortable in our bodies and often appeared in various stages of undress, even nude from time to time.

That Saturday morning I came out of my bedroom dressed in my robe just as Susan came upstairs, we met at the stair head. Susan was wearing tight leggings with a figure hugging top with short sleeves, showing off her ample breasts, 34c I think. We exchanged greetings, “good morning Susan, how are you today” I asked. “I am fine John thank you,” she replied. “Are you thinking of getting dressed today then.” She teased. “Well I could get dressed right now but that would mean taking my robe off here and now, and I would not want to embarrass you” I grinned. “Oh I don’t think I would be shocked, after all nothing I haven’t seen before”

We stared into each other’s eyes, I could feel my cock starting to stir at the thought of her seeing me nude, her eyes were also so sexy with her come to bed stare, she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Of course that’s right how could I forget, you caught Kirsty and me recently in a very intimate moment when you came home unexpectedly, I hope you enjoyed the spectacle” She replied, “ yes John the sight of you fucking her was quite something, her on all fours as you took her from behind, very impressive, very erotic, she told me later how good a lover you are and how eager you are to pleasure her.” “Well she is a very sexy lady, very giving of her charms.” I replied.

The incident in question occurred the previous weekend, Kirsty and I had come home from a short trip to the shops, we went upstairs to try on a new shirt Kirsty had bought for me and as I was bare chested she cane onto me and we kissed passionately, I stripped her top removed her bra and sucked her nipples and fondled her breasts. My cock was hardening and she went down on me and took my manhood in her mouth expertly sucking my cock and massaging my balls. We moved to the bed, I was so eager to fuck her but first I massaged her clit and entered her with a finger, she came after a few minutes her hips bucking as the orgasm washed through her whole body. I was now fully erect and turned her over at the edge of the bed, I entered her pussy from behind and proceeded to fuck her. I massaged her tits from behind as well as massaging her anus which was so well exposed in this position. I know how much she likes the attention to her tits and anus when we fuck in this position. We always demonstrate our passion by talking during sex, “John I love your big cock inside me, fucking tipobet güvenilir mi me hard, I want all your spunk inside my wet pussy. “ l would reply,”you make me so fucking hard Kirsty I love to fuck you I want to empty my balls inside your hot wet cunt.”

As we were enjoying fucking each other something caught my outer vision and I glanced up at a mirror on the opposite bedroom wall, in the reflection there was Susan standing in the door way smiling in awe of the scene before her, “hi there”, I said a bit breathless, Kirsty looked up saw Susan and waved a hand,” hi darling great to see you.” Susan waved and left us to our coupling, the effect of the younger woman seeing us fucking was electric, and it was not long before I exploded inside Kirsty at the same time as she orgasmed, Susan could not fail to hear our gasps of lust that she had unwittingly added to.

Kirsty told me that she and Susan had discussed Susan seeing us fucking, and far from being shocked or embarrassed, Susan was really pleased to see us fully enjoying each other, in fact she said she was really quite turned on at the sight of us fucking. Susan and Kirsty have always been open about talking about sex with each other, Susan seeking advice about relationships as she developed into the lovely young woman she now was. Susan had said she was impressed with our technique and said that she admired my manly physique. Kirsty had said that if she really wanted to experience a real mature manly man, who has such skill and experience, then she should consider fucking me. This may seem weird but in the dynamics of our relationships it was all very possible. I never considered myself as particularly skilled or anything really special, I just really loved sex and fucking Kirsty. I would of course very much welcome the opportunity of fucking Susan.

I slipped the cord of my robe so that the robe opened slightly, just enough to show my hairy chest and the outline of my cock. I leaned into Susan and kissed her gently on the lips. Being ever the gentleman I said, “Susan I want to fuck you, you are so fucking sexy,” she replied, “ I would really love to fuck you John, I have wanted you ever since I saw you fucking Kirsty.”

Our kiss became deeper our tongues entwined, she felt my chest running her hands over my nipples, I felt her right breast, firm and pert, I could feel her nipple start to harden to my touch. I lifted her top and unclipped her bra freeing both lovely tits for my touch. Susan’s hand slid over my belly and she gripped my hardening cock, she eased back my foreskin expertly and stoked my manhood and my low hanging balls.

My other perabet hand felt her curvaceous bum, in the cleft of her bum I separated her cheeks and felt for her anus, she gasped with pleasure as we embraced and explored each other’s bodies. My robe fell to the floor exposing my totally nude body, Susan stepped back and said, “wow I now see why Kirsty is so horny for you John” “thanks Susan” I replied as we moved to her bedroom. I helped her take off her top, leggings and knickers, exposing her luscious naked body, her neatly trimmed blonde bush and her wonderful tits. I was rock hard now no I resumed attention to her breasts and her pert and puffy nipples, in turn she turned her attention to my cock now glistening with pre cum.

I spread her legs and she allowed me to tongue her outer lips, finding her clit and slowly licking it and arousing it to her extreme pleasure, she moaned, “that’s so fucking hot John, oh I love to feel you there” as she grabbed at my hair as I continued to tongue her so wet pussy. I could feel her stiffen as she started to climax, she pressed her cunt into my face and I could taste all of her luscious juices, she came hard, spasms wracking her body as she felt the intense pleasure. As she was in the throes of her climax I slid a finger between her buttocks and massaged her pink and excited anus, the touch there was met with more gasps of intense pleasure. Her orgasm seemed to last for ages, wave upon wave of pleasure until it started to subside and she relaxed and reclined on the bed.

I moved between Susan’s legs parting them and laying them on my shoulders, I felt my hard cock press against her cunt lips, slowly I slid my manhood into her, she gasped at the size and girth of my cock. As I entered her I admired her exposed tits eager for more attention to her nipples. She moaned, “ you are so fucking big and hard John, fuck me I want you to fill me with your big fucking cock”, I duly obliged fucking her feeling my balls bang her anus as I filled her with my hard cock.

Susan gripped my bum cheeks as I pumped my hard cock into her, she raked my chest and back with her nails as her excitement gained pace, I could feel my spunk rise as we both climaxed together, I could feel my spunk fill her cunt as she threw back her head in ecstasy. We both moaned in our pleasure, Susan saying, “yes oh fucking yes”, “take all of my fucking spunk, you are so fucking hot baby”, I replied. Our climax was fantastic the experience overwhelming for both of us. As we relaxed we spoke of Kirsty and we both agreed to ensure she knows all about our fucking in detail.

As it was Kirsty knew that this event would take place, and actively encouraged it to happen. We would take full advantage of the experience in our fucking that night, both so very excited, Susan out with her current boy friend, with no doubt a secret smile on her lips, and maybe a treat in store for the boy friend.

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