The Water is Warm, Come In

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She is in the shower, singing along to music playing through a waterproof speaker. The music is loud and she is singing along louder still. She is in a good mood and absorbed in her ablutions. Her shower gel smells of citrus and sandalwood. He sheds his clothing quickly and silently. He opens the shower curtain quietly and slips in behind her. He puts his arms around her and rests his chin on her shoulder. She can feel his warm breath on her ear. She doesn’t say anything or turn around. Instead, she leans into him. She can feel his chest against her back. She can feel his erection.

She breathes in deeply and sighs out. Her body is relaxed from the hot water but also becoming aroused by his presence. The shower poof still dangles from her hand but she is too distracted by him to continue washing.

He lifts her wet hair and kisses the back of her neck. Her skin is warm and yielding. He takes his time, knowing that she loves this; that it turns her on.

“Kiss the back of my neck,” she advised canlı bahis a long time ago, “And I will feel it everywhere,” she’d said.

His hands move to her breasts. He cups one hand under each. They are surprisingly heavy and amazingly warm. He has always loved her tits. She moves her body so his hard cock presses right against her ass.

His hands move to her nipples. They are already semi-erect. At his touch, they tighten up, becoming harder still. He loves the way her body responds to him. He withdraws his hands with a small pang of regret, in order to retrieve the soap.

There is a little space between them now and he isn’t holding her for the moment. She turns around and kisses him deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth. She puts one hand on his back and reaches down between his legs to cup his balls with the other. As good as that feels, he’s not done with her. Pleasing her is his pleasure at the moment. There will be time for more later.

He turns her back around gently and she complies. bahis siteleri He creates lather with the soap, washing her shoulders. Her back. Her arms. He returns to pay some soapy attention to her breasts. Then he slides his hands down. Over her belly. Down to her inner thigh. She moves her leg to give him better access but his hands linger on her thighs. When he has it in his mind to tease and seduce, he won’t be rushed. He knows what she wants but he will make her wait for it. So close and yet so far.

Finally, he puts his hand gently behind her leg, indicating, wordlessly, that she should put her foot on the edge of the tub and truly open herself up to him. He pulls her closer to his chest, bracing her, so she doesn’t fall. He nuzzles her neck again. He loves her scent. He can get hard just breathing her in.

He finds her slit and probes with a finger, then a second. She moans. The music is still playing but she has forgotten all about singing. She is beyond singing. She is so wet. Yes, they bahis şirketleri are in the shower and hot water continues to spill out on them both from the chrome fixture. But he knows that her dampness is because of him and has nothing to do with the water. He’s inordinately pleased by this knowledge.

He makes knowledgeable circles on her clit. Her moans are louder now and closer together. “Oh yeah,” she says breathlessly. She says it several times. She is an articulate person. A poet. But desire has caused her pretty words to desert her. She moans loudly and her body stiffens. He puts fingers back into her soaking pussy as she climaxes and her muscles clench around them.

Soon, they will turn the water off and he will lay her on the fluffy bath mat. He will fill her with his cock and make her come again. She will moan. She will cry out. She is expressive in all ways but especially so when her passion is roused. This will further rouse his own passions. Their energies will off one another. They are Yin and Yang, eventually coming into balance. He will fuck her. Slowly at first, teasing her still. Then harder and faster until his own climax is inevitable. He can’t wait to feel those pussy muscles tighten around him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32