The Truck Bonnet

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It was dark as they drove back and Ness had been teasing and flirting all the way home. As had Jack, who although driving, kept catching a glimpse of Ness’s hot body.

She had made her car seat lean back, it made room for her long toned legs to stretch up, her back to arch and her boobs to press forwards. Jack kept trying to admire her through quick glances. Her thick long blonde hair had flowed down her and he wished he could look properly.

They kept flirting with each other all the way back, like they normally did.

Suddenly Jack saw a deserted lay bye on the side of the road and pulled into it.

Ness didn’t quite know what was going on, when he rapidly got out of the truck and came round to her door, quickly ripping it open.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her out.

She was initially worried by the look in his eyes before quickly seeing, this wasn’t anger, this was pure lust! Her heart rate boomed!

Fuck! She wanted this!

He pulled her over to the bonnet of the truck, pushing her back against it.

He pressed his lips briefly but firmly against hers, pinning her hands by her sides, holding her tight.

His forehead pressed against hers bets10 and she could feel his heavy fast breathing. Pushing into him she gave him a kiss. She wanted him to know she was into this and wanted more.

With pure lust his hands ran down her body over her breasts, down her well toned stomach and to her jeans, unbuttoning them and unzipping them quickly. Her hands did the same, both of them pulling each others jeans down.

Jack’s erection popped free as Ness stripped him. The sight of it made her almost drool, the thought of it being in her.

He lifted her up easily into the bonnet of the truck, pushing her legs apart and pulling her knickers off, his tongue found her pussy. Gripping her thighs he pulled her into him as he licked at her, his tongue tracing different shapes over her to make her quiver into him.

She ran her fingers through his hair and gripped him tight, pulling his mouth to her more.

He loved it. She tasted so good, and felt so much better! He loved her holding him tight, as his tongue roamed her.

As she got wetter he decided to take her clit between his lips and begins to suck.

As he sucked Ness’s clit, his fingers traced bahis siteleri round her lips, gently probing her pussy. His cock was throbbing so much at what she was letting him do!

Her body gradually started to shake, so he sped up. He wanted her to cum. He wanted it to be his tongue that made her cum.. he wanted her to cum right in his face as he played with her!

The sensation took over her body. Arching her back and pulling Jack into her, she bucked with each powerful wave, gripping him tight.

As soon as the orgasm was finished he took his tongue away, giving her pussy a final kiss.

His throbbing bulbous cock found its way to her, gently pressing into her pussy. She relaxed letting him fill her, one arm around his neck, one helping her balance on the bonnet as he thrust himself into her.

Her warmth around his hard cock felt so satisfying, he gripped her tight and sped up his thrusts, their foreheads touching and eyes locked together.

Her nails dug into his thick shoulders as she moaned with pleasure. Taking her supporting hand from the bonnet she moved it over to her clit, using her other arm for balance by gripping Jack tightly.

She güvenilir bahis siteleri didn’t care that other drivers might see as they sped past, she just wanted this intense sensation to build more and more until she could climax with Jack inside of her.

That look he gave her, pure lust turned her on so much.

Shuddering, she began to tingle, that welcome warm sensation filling her whole body as her orgasm built around his thick cock thrusting into her. She could feel his grip tighten on her hips and his breathing became erratic.

He was going to cum with her.

The shuddering became an almost spasm like movement as her legs tightened around him, pulling him tight and deep into her, she let out a deep scream of pleasure as she felt him erupt inside of her, filling her with his cum as his cock shook with his orgasm. He was out of breath holding her tight as she continued to cum, his cock deep in her.

Breathless they both stared into each others eyes and kissed.

Jack pulled out and helped her slip off the bonnet.

She could still hear his heavy breathing as he dressed himself.

Getting into the truck to set off again Ness felt an excited tingle in her body, knowing that just by being her, she could drive Jack’s lust wild enough for him to want her this badly!

She smiled flirtatiously at him and decided she would remember for the future that that’s all it took to get this man excited for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32