The Tigress and the Panther

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Amanda swerved, her Toyota Corolla shrieking from one hairpin turn to the next. The cool breeze rushing from the ocean and the spike of adrenaline created a perfect cocktail to keep her restless mind at bay.

She looked forward to tonight, wondering what Kai would do, but she was also fearful. What if her anticipation didn’t match what he had planned for the night? ‘Don’t worry, Babe. I got us covered.’ That’s all he would say last night when they cuddled to watch Iron Man 2. Couldn’t he have at least given her a hint to ease her anxiety?

That was the problem with Valentine’s Day. It created excitement, but that excitement had this tendency to snowball into unfulfilled expectation.

Amanda gasped, swerving to avoid a flicker of movement darting across the pavement. Feeling guilty, she eased up on the gas. Amanda loved animals of every shape, size, and hue, even icky ones. That meant no killing. She was absolutely a Buddhist-level fanatic on that one point.

The girl driving the Corolla was a sophomore at the University of Hawaii. For nearly 9 months now she’d been dating Kai, her handsome, Hawaiian hunk. Kai’s ancestors had lived on the island for generations beyond memory, and Amanda liked to tease Kai by claiming that he was a distant descendent of Kamehameha I, Hawaii’s famous first ruler.

Kai had the physique of a ruler, or a football player at the very least. Amanda grinned, picturing his well-sculpted jaw and those sparkling eyes which shimmered like the water along the Kona coast. His biceps were as big as tree trunks, or at least a close runner-up. He was if anything too hot for her, she sometimes worried.

Dating a Junior made Amanda feel even a little insecure now and then. Despite the merely one year age gap, he seemed so much more mature, so worldly, that sometimes she couldn’t be sure if they really belonged together at all.

And yet, here they were, 9 months later. The time had slipped through their fingers like sand, and now their first Valentine’s Day date loomed. But despite how much Amanda felt for Kai, she had yet to hear those magic words. The big three words that frightened some males almost as much as the word ‘pregnant.’

Three simple words: ‘I love you.’

Would she hear them today, on Valentine’s Day of all days? That’s what she hoped, but part of her warned not to get too hopeful. He had, after all, been left in emotional ruins after dating Carly last year. They’d agreed to take things slow, and they hadn’t even had sex yet, just some heavy petting.

Amanda was happy, but she wanted more. This Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity. Was it unreasonable to build up expectations after all their time together?

She pulled into the parking lot at the apartment complex outside of Hilo. The sunset was a flaming orange disc about to be dunked deeper into the water like a giant donut.

Kai stood in front of her dorm room, waiting. He drank up the curves of her body. Amanda was about 5’7, slender with medium-sized breasts and luxuriant brown hair that cascaded past her bare shoulders.

“Kai! You’re early. Not acceptable!” she squealed, giving him a hug and a kiss as he twirled her in circles, laughing all the while.

“Excuse me for being anxious to see the girl of my dreams. You ready for a big night?” His eyes glinted mischievously. She gave his butt a playful slap and ducked out of the way before he could retaliate.

“That depends. Are you going to take me someplace special?”

“Define ‘special.’

She clapped her hands and smiled. “Expensive.”

The 6’3 Hawaiian stud gave his girlfriend a hard look. “You really do enjoy tormenting me, don’t you?”

Surprising herself, Amanda stroked her hand down the front of Kai’s pants, looking at him intently. “Does that answer your question?”

She smiled impishly, told him to wait right there, and proceeded to spend all of 15 minutes in her dorm room getting ready.

When she emerged Kai’s mouth went noticeably dry. He stared at her like a man lost. Like he’d forgotten that the rest of the world still existed. She wore a skin-tight black dress, short-sleeved and with a zipper down the front. It was partially unzipped, leaving just enough cleavage to be enticing without being indecent. Kai opened the door to the midnight blue Camaro he drove.

“After you, my Lady.”

“Thank you, Sir Knight.” She always called him that whenever he was being chivalrous.

They drove silently, the sun finally sinking into the ocean, purple clouds rippling across the whole horizon. Amanda thought it was beautiful, and the light glinted off of her jade necklace.

Amanda’s cell rang, and she picked it up. It was her best friend, Stacey.

“Hey girl. What’s up?”

“Kai and I are going out on our V-day date. I don’t have much time to talk.”

“That’s okay, Sweetie. I just wanted to check up on you. Are you excited about tonight? Do you know what he’s got cooked up?”

Amanda laughed. The thought of Kai cooking anything was hilarious. illegal bahis “No clue, not yet. You’ll know when I know.”

“I’ll hold you to that!” Stacey laughed. “I want all the juicy details, especially if you…you know.”

Amanda blushed, hoping that Kai couldn’t hear the seduction in her best friend’s voice. “Stacey, shut up! He’s right here next to me, driving!” Was it just Amanda’s imagination, or was there a bulge showing underneath Kai’s slacks?

“I’m just saying, honey. You know that every Best Friend Forever contract has fine print about sharing all that good stuff. You better not hold out on me.”

“Fine, fine. Listen, I’ve got to get going.” Amanda hung up on her before she could say anything else mortifying. Amanda looked at Kai out of the corner of her eye, wondering how much he had heard. Kai’s hand found her arm and began stroking it as he drove with just one hand on the steering wheel. It was very distracting.

“Don’t you need to drive with two hands?” she asked innocently.

“Nah, I’m good,” he replied, but he gave the brunette’s hand a soft squeeze before acceding to her not-so-subtle hint.

A half hour later they arrived at a pricey seafood restaurant. The swordfish was amazing and so was everything else. Amanda managed to limit herself to one glass of wine…Pinot Grigio, her favorite. Soon they were headed along the coast as dusk settled in, and with her belly pleasantly content Amanda wondered what could be next in the works.

“Listen, I hope you aren’t scared of monsters,” Kai warned.

Amanda smiled sweetly at him. “You know I like monsters. Monsters count as animals, and I like all animals,” she continued firmly.

Kai laughed, and then tossed the tickets on her lap.

“Night time snorkeling with giant manta rays! Awww…this is the best Valentine’s Day present ever!” Amanda gushed. She loved snorkeling, but she’d never been in the water at night. This would be pure awesomeness.

And it was. Two and a half hours later they were back in the car after enjoying all the sea creatures and each showering separately on the ship. Amanda had made Kai buy her at least two dozen very over-priced pictures courtesy of the ship’s professional underwater video array, but Kai didn’t seem to mind.

When they began heading further away from Hilo rather than back toward Amanda’s dorm room or Kai’s place, Amanda began to get fidgety.



“Where are we going?”

“I rented out this sweet little villa by the beach. I thought we could, you know, spend a nice night with the waves and the smell of the ocean to keep us company. You down with that?”

Amanda’s whole body became electrified. Suddenly her knees went weak. She thought, ‘Oh wow, he definitely wants to take our relationship to the next level. Am I ready for this? She heard a million tiny yeses shouting in her head like smurfs on steroids.

Finally they pulled into the secluded drive that wound up to the beach house. The night was pitch black now, and Kai had to drive carefully to keep them from going off road. When at last they reached the beach house, Amanda smiled. It was huge, made to imitate a Roman villa. The well-lit exterior looked gorgeous and ornate but earthy at the same time.

“It’s beautiful Kai. How did you pay for all this?” she gasped.

Kai took her hand and gave her a gentle tug. “Babe, you’re worth it.”

She blushed. Damn him, he had her whole body tingling.

But as promising as the night had started, things didn’t go the way Amanda had hoped. Kai turned on some salsa music and for a while they danced in the living room. Then they talked about future hopes and dreams, what they would do after graduating. Kai gave Amanda a chocolate-frosted cupcake crowned with a heart of red frosting. She split it with him, insisting on a 50-50 cut.

Kai gave Amanda a lingering kiss, his hands gently cupping her buttocks through the tight dress. They made out like that, sitting on the sofa, until finally Kai disengaged, his hand lovingly sliding against her cheek.

“We should go to sleep, Babe. You take the master bed. I’ll crash on the couch.”

Amanda was stunned. All of this, he had gone to all this trouble to show how much he loved her, and now this? She was ready to take that next step. Amanda tried to hide the hurt in her eyes, turning away and plopping on the bed, not bothering to take off her dress as Kai turned off the lights. She heard him get into his boxers and grab a spare blanket before settling on the sofa. For a half hour she lay awake, wondering what she’d done wrong. Had she given him the wrong signals?

Suddenly out of nowhere the furtive sounds of rushing, sound-dampened footsteps jolted her back to reality.

The lights flashed on in the living room. Amanda heard Kai’s confused voice, and then suddenly Kai was being led into the master bedroom and the bedroom’s lights flicked on, blinding her. As Amanda’s eyes slowly adjusted, she realized that two masked assailants stood behind Kai. One was illegal bahis siteleri stocky and well-built, the other more slender.

A gruff, unnatural voice barked at Kai. “Stand over by your hottie girlfriend, and don’t give me any shit.” Slowly backing away with both hands raised, Kai obeyed.

“Look, you don’t have to do this. Just turn and walk away,” Kai said steadily, meeting the intruder’s gaze.

“Shut up,” the man said savagely. Kai was only in his boxers now, his naked torso bristling with muscle.

“Take them off,” the man motioned with the gun. Kai shook his head. The intruder next to the gruff man pointed a gun at Amanda.

“Do it now or I shoot her.” By the sound of the second voice Amanda was startled to realize that the second intruder was actually a woman. Fear zigzagged up Amanda’s spine.

“Please don’t hurt us!” Amanda moaned.

“You too, Cutie. Take off the dress, your bra, your panties. Everything,” the gruff voice insisted.

Amanda gasped. This couldn’t be happening. No way, this had to be some awful nightmare. It was Valentine’s Day. Things like this didn’t happen on Valentine’s Day!

Kai was about to lunge at their assailants, but Amanda held him back. “No, Kai! Please, we have to do what they say,” she said firmly, trying to sound braver than she felt. Slowly the slender, gorgeous brunette unzipped the black dress and shimmied out of it, then took off her socks, standing naked except for the wisps of black lingerie covering her exquisitely-shaped breasts and the slit of her pussy.

“You heard the man,” the female assailant hissed. “All of it. Let’s see that sexy, naked ass of yours or your man gets a bullet.” Blushing bright, bright crimson, Amanda complied, slipping out of her panty and then unhooking the bra before letting it plunge to the floor.

While the girl intruder walked forward and trained her handgun on Amanda’s face, the gruff man ordered both Kai and Amanda to hold their arms out. With a sudden flourish the masked man whipped out a pair of black leather handcuffs, snapping them on the wrists so that boyfriend and girlfriend now became hopelessly attached.

The handcuffs were padded with fur and not unpleasant to the touch. A string of bright pink hearts had been emblazoned on the cuffs, making the situation feel all the stranger to them.

“Now don’t fucking move,” the gruff man barked, keeping his gun trained on Kai’s forehead. Amanda could see her man yearning to strike out at their captors. Her heart leapt. He was ready to take a bullet for her.

“Kai, don’t do anything stupid!” she hissed. She slapped him hard across the cheek, desperate to keep him from doing anything reckless that might get him killed. ‘Oh god, I love him, don’t I?’ she realized. Her heart was beating, pounding through her ribcage like a frightened mare.

“Good suggestion,” the gruff man growled. Now he nodded, keeping his gun on the naked boyfriend and girlfriend while the female assailant rushed out of the room. She materialized a few seconds later with an item that made both Kai and Amanda gape in shock.

The female assailant carefully placed the platter of chocolate-covered strawberries at the foot of the bed. Then she withdrew, returning moments later with a bucket filled with a bottle of cold, glistening champagne and two champagne glasses of fine crystal.

Amanda’s eyes widened as she realized what else lay on the platter. She gasped at the chrome vibrator, long and shiny in the dim light. Kai stared at what was lying beside it, a cock ring of black leather, designed to enhance and harden a male erection. A short cat o’ nine tails whip completed the picture, its thick tendrils hanging across the tray and drifting delicately over the side of the bed.

“Listen up, and listen good,” the gruff man hissed. “We will be leaving with your clothes and the keys to your car. You’ll get them back in the morning. Are there any questions?”

Kai stood there, dumbfounded. Amanda’s mouth hung slack in disbelief before she managed, “W-wait? Are you saying that you want us to…?”

She fumbled for more words, a renewed blush suffusing her pretty face. The gorgeous young woman suddenly realized that although she was covering the slit of her sex with her uncuffed hand, her breasts were still very much exposed. Kai was staring at them. As her eyes roved down his hot, hard-chiseled chest and abs, she saw something that made her blush as fiercely as a virgin.

Kai’s thick and erect cock strained upward, and there was no hiding it.

“Mmmm. Looks like Lover Boy wants to put his big, scorching cock in Hottie Girl’s pussy,” the woman mused huskily.

Amanda wasn’t sure how she felt about being nicknamed ‘Hottie Girl,’ but she did feel her galloping heartbeat start to loosen.

“Does this mean you aren’t going to hurt us?” Amanda asked.

Kai looked furious, and he was blushing now, aware of his monstrous erection.

“We’re going to lock you in and come get you in the morning,” the gruff man confirmed. canlı bahis siteleri He held up a key. “This locks the master bedroom, and if you break the window glass the alarm system will go off. So unless you want to explain to the security guards stationed just down the road why you two are naked and cuffed together, I suggest you stay put.”

“I am going to kill you, you son of a bitch,” Kai growled. Amanda put her free hand on Kai’s shoulder, trying to calm him, ignoring her own nakedness.

“Kai, it’s okay. They’re not going to hurt us,” she whispered. Amanda still wasn’t sure they wouldn’t hurt them, though. The guns in their hands looked all too real. But she knew that preventing Kai’s temper from exploding was the only sure way to keep them both safe.

“On second thought,” the woman intruder interrupted, “maybe we should get them started.”

“Not a bad idea,” the gruff man agreed.


Kai and Amanda looked furiously at their two masked tormentors. The gruff man gestured impatiently with his weapon. “You heard us! Kiss and we’ll leave you alone for the night…or don’t kiss, and see what happens when you piss us off.”

With a sigh Amanda looked at her boyfriend’s concerned face. Kai’s caring eyes roamed back and forth, asking an unspoken question, as if to say ‘Is this okay? I won’t do a thing unless you want me to.’ Amanda realized, though, that she didn’t mind. Not one bit. She looked down at Kai’s raging erection. She leaned forward, her lips pressing tenderly against his. Kai groaned, his hand reaching out to cup her cheek, stroking her face. Slowly, reluctantly he drew back.

The door to the master bedroom slammed, and both Amanda and Kai could hear the bolt locking into place. Then there was the sound of furniture being dragged over to barricade the door. Footsteps dissipated and were gone.

The naked Hawaiian hunk and his pale-skinned girlfriend couldn’t believe what had just happened. They glanced at the tray of chocolate strawberries, sex toys, and champagne. Then they noticed the corner of an envelope peeking out from underneath the champagne bucket. Grabbing it, Kai, ripped open the envelope and yanked out the heart-shaped card inside.

The handwriting looked suspiciously familiar.

Hope you guys enjoy your first night together. Try not to break the bed.

Love, hugs and kisses,

Stacey and Derek

Amanda gasped. Derek was Kai’s roommate. Stacey was Amanda’s best friend.

“That bitch!” Amanda exclaimed. Feeling suddenly all too aware of her complete nakedness, the sexy brunette turned away, blushing.

“Look at me.” Kai’s voice had a hard edge, a tone filled with need, longing. It was a side Amanda didn’t often see in him.

She looked at his feet, unwilling to meet his gaze.

“I said look at me,” His hand cupped her chin, forcing her cute face up just enough for their eyes to connect as one.

“I love you.”

Amanda smiled, tears glistening on her cheeks. She wiped them awkwardly with her free hand, laughing and crying at once.

“Good to know. Well I love you too, you big idiot. I thought you were going to get yourself killed!” she finished, hotly. The girl gave her boyfriend a slug in the shoulder for good measure.

“I didn’t realize how much I loved you until I thought you might be taken from me,” Kai said.

“Those guns looked pretty real, huh?” Amanda stammered, still trying to stop the waterworks. Damn it, she thought, why couldn’t she control her emotions for just two seconds?

He clasped his massive biceps around her, encasing her in his warmth. She rested her head against his shoulder, suddenly aware of another warmth pressed hard against her abdomen.

“After this is all over you’re going to need to find a new best friend,” Kai growled.

“Who are we going to kill first, your roommate or my best friend? That’s the real question,” Amanda shot back firmly.

“Fair enough,” Kai said. Abruptly the time for talking seemed over.

All of a sudden Kai was picking up a chocolate-covered strawberry and offering the juicy tip to Amanda’s lips. Amanda bit off the moist, delicious fruit, savoring the flavor. She gasped as she swallowed though, because Kai’s hand was gently cupping her pubic mound. He didn’t slip his fingers inside her, not yet. He just cupped her there, gently but firmly, pressing against her warmth.

Amanda felt herself go still, her loins racing. Her nipples beaded hard as pointy diamonds as Kai’s tongue gently laved one nipple, then the other.

“Mmm…” he groaned. “I wonder how you taste.” She felt her legs go weak as he gently roamed his hands over the smooth skin of her buttocks. That same hand roamed up, up, and up, grasping the nape of her neck, stroking her there. Suddenly her neck felt on fire, the best kind of fire in the universe.

“I…I was hoping that tonight would be adventurous,” Amanda whispered, her lips finding Kai’s. He squeezed her ass cheeks and swirled his tongue deep into her mouth as she groaned. His cuffed hand slowly found her opening, gently teasing the outer lips of her pussy before grazing against her clit. Shivers shot through her body, and the gorgeous brunette returned the affection, her cuffed hand gently grasping the base of Kai’s cock.

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