The Taylor Family Ch. 07

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Author’s Note: Sorry about taking so long to get back to this series. I mean, six years is a hulluva delay! However, I can promise that Chapter Eight will follow quickly.


Roger Taylor wasn’t a man who could have an affair.

Oh, he could be lured into cheating on his wife just as easily as any other man. That much he’d proven just last night when, in a dark and empty parking lot, he’d ended up in the arms of another woman. To make matters worse, he’d rushed home in the aftermath of this wild fling to throw an absolutely fantastic fuck into his wife, all the while imagining that he was sleeping with this other woman.

No, what he couldn’t deal with was the idea of continuing to have a relationship with this other woman behind his wife’s back with all of the lies and deceptions that would demand. He was the victim of a guilty conscience and the fact that this other woman that he was betraying his wife with was actually one of his own daughters only made things worse.

He made up his mind to do the right thing – the same thing he’d tried but failed to do last night. He was going to take Ruth aside and convince her that they must never again commit incest.

In the meantime, he’d rushed through his work at the office today, postponed a couple of very important meetings, and thoroughly pissed off his boss so that he could get himself back home before either of his girls got home from school. He wanted to spend a little quality time with his wife and reconnect with her, hoping to make himself less vulnerable to temptation so that he never had to face something like this ever again.

He had raced home only to find that his daughters had apparently stayed home from school today and were now upstairs in the master bedroom with their mother.

And all three of them were dressed in sexy lingerie, looking drop dead gorgeous!

The only thing that he could think of that would have made this scene even more perfect, in his opinion, would be if they had all been wearing high heels.

His whole world shrank down to this one room and he completely forgot about everything but the incredible vision he was witnessing. Though he didn’t really notice it just yet, his body responded instantly to what he was seeing.

“What on earth is going on here?!”

The three women spun around, clearly very surprised to find that Roger there, standing in the open doorway and staring at the three of them with wide eyes and bulging pants.

Looking very pale and afraid, her eyes wide and darting, Ann demanded of her husband in a shaky voice, “Roger! What are you doing here?!”

Roger did not answer though, standing as still as a statue and just staring at his family as his brain suffered a meltdown. It was so bad, in fact, that had any of the women been looking closely enough, they might even have seen a thin wisp of smoke rising from his ears.

Ruth waited anxiously, wondering how he would react to all of this when the shock finally wore off. A glance towards her mother told her that the older woman was frightened out of her mind, unaware as she was that her spouse had also become involved in incest over the last weekend. In all of her scheming toward uniting the entire family in love and sex, Ruth had never anticipated that it might be sparked by this sort of accidental ambush, but she was aware that this could also lead to ruin if it were not handled correctly.

The young woman looked to her sister, but Kristen could only give her a helpless shrug. It was clear that she had no more of a clue of how to handle this than she did.

It was time, Ruth elected, to start telling the truth.

“Mom, dad and I have been fooling around behind your back.”

Ann’s eyes shot to her, the fear on her face slowly shifting into a stunned wonder.

It was Kristen’s turn now. “And, dad? Mom and Ruthie and I have been fooling around behind your back, too.”

Roger’s eyes went to her, huge and astonished.

“So,” Ruth finished, a desperately hopeful smile on her lips, “isn’t it high time we all stopped doing things behind each other’s backs? Shouldn’t we be having foursomes, instead?”

It was silent for a long moment as the two teenaged girls waited with baited breath to see how their parents would react. It would seem to take forever for the two grown ups to process all of this, much less to weigh the pros and cons or actually come to a decision. Ruth and Kristen remained still and silent, hoping against hope that their parents would see things their way. They wanted no drama, no explosion.

When the answer finally came, it was in the form of matching slow, wide smiles from both mother and father. The teens did not need to be told what that meant.

Though she dearly wanted to dance with joy, Ruth instead rushed over to her father and gave him a long, wet kiss full on the mouth, thrilling over the fact that she could do this without worrying about someone walking in and catching her. While she shared her sister’s mood, Kristen went for her mother instead, pendik escort giving her such a thorough kissing that the two women would come away from it with an in depth knowledge of each other’s dental work.

Holding onto their daughters in the aftermath, husband and wife looked across at each other with happy smiles, not concerned in the least to see their spouse in someone else’s arms. They moved across to each other, no easy task considering they had to all but drag along the girls who were melded to each of them.

Just as soon as they reached each other, Roger and Ann grabbed hold of each other and shared a kiss that put what they’d just given their daughters to shame.

The two teenagers peeled themselves off their respective parents as they kissed, wide grins on their faces. Reaching out at the same time, they caught hold of each other’s hands and gave them a squeeze, delighted that this was working out so well so easily.

As the kiss between husband and wife finally came to an end, Ruth did not hesitate to grab her mother and pull her away, giving her such a sound kissing that she seemed to be trying to outdo the one her parents had shared. Given the throaty growls coming from one of the women and the ecstatic whimpers from the other, it could be argued that she succeeded, too.

Kristen turned to face her father in the meantime with a shy smile, looking up at him through her eyelashes.

Holding out his hand, Roger grinned when his eldest child took it and allowed herself to be drawn in close. His arms went around her waist to hold her body firmly against his own, her’s wrapping snugly around his neck as they gazed into each other’s eyes. It was a moment of connection, a bit of romance that was to be treasured amid all of this sex and passion.

Pulling him down to her, she kissed her father tenderly, her lips only brushing across his. Those lips returned quickly for a slightly longer, more lingering kiss, the couple recognizing how much they liked this and wanting more. Though their third kiss would still include no tongue work, it was still much longer and firmer and brought very happy moans rumbling up their throats.

Though somewhat unwillingly, he broke the kiss then so that he could look into her eyes again, smiling a little when she let out an annoyed whine over it. It had been necessary though as he wanted to be able to watch what happened when he took the next step.

One of his arms came loose from her waist and he raised a hand to gently cup one of his little girl’s relatively small, but firm breasts.

Kristen let out a gasp, sucking in a quick breath as she was grabbed, arching her back a little to push her tit even more firmly into his hand. Her father let out a long, shuddering sigh, feeling the firm point that could only be an erect nipple pressing into his palm as he gave his daughter’s breast a squeeze.

Pulling his head back down, she crushed her mouth against his in a bruising kiss, forcing her tongue right down his throat. He responded in kind, giving back as good as he was getting, passionately kissing her as animal-like grunts and growls escaped them both.

They were interrupted by the sound of applause.

Breaking away from him, Kristen spun around to face her sister and mother with a smirk as the two women continued to clap, leaning back into her father. His arm naturally went back around her middle, but he also slipped one of the straps down from her shoulder to tug that side of her chemise down a little, exposing that breast he’d been holding so that he could do it again with nothing between them.

“You know what girls?” Ann mused with a big smile, holding onto Ruth good and tight. “It seems to me that someone here is a little overdressed. I mean, Kris and Ruthie and I are all in our underwear, but . . .”

Roger answered the women with a smile. “I’m perfectly happy to get that problem fixed. I wonder if I could get someone to help me out with that . . .?”

He immediately had three volunteers and, as he was slowly and sensuously stripped down to his bare skin by these three beautiful women, he knew without question that he was the luckiest man in the entire world. There weren’t many men who could claim that they had their own harem, after all.

* * *

When one considered how much time the Taylor women had spent at Angelique’s this morning, how carefully they had picked out the most flattering lingerie for each of them, and how quickly they had rushed home to put it on, it was really kind of interesting how quickly it all got taken off, tossed into the corner and forgotten.

Then again, this afternoon was no longer going to be about fantasy and romantic fun. No, now it was going to be all about bonding and reconnecting.

. . . and wild, passionate sex, of course.

Now just as bare as his wife and daughters, Roger had been laid out in the middle of the bed. To one side of him was Ann, one of her hands resting on his chest as she kissed him with the kind of hungry passion she hadn’t felt for maltepe escort the man in many a year. On the other side of the bed was his eldest daughter, who was busy getting better acquainted with the male sex organ.

Sitting on the edge of the bed down by her father’s waist, Kristen was leaning forward to have a good close look at her father’s hard cock. This was the first one she had ever actually seen in person and she wanted to know all about it, one hand gingerly holding the shaft and the other cupping his balls as she considered it cautiously. Everything from what it looked like, to it’s texture, to how warm it was, to what made it jump and jerk was being carefully filed away in her head. She even leaned in close to have a sniff! There was nothing too big or too little to escape her notice.

This kind of minute inspection might have worried her father just a little had he been more aware of it, but Ann’s kisses were endlessly distracting. To him, it just seemed as if his daughter was only doing a bit of fondling down there and so he had no problem with it.

Kristen was having a bit of an issue, though.

To put it bluntly, she was scared. She had heard far too many horror stories from her more sexually active friends about how painful and bloody it could be when they let their clumsy boyfriends deflower them. Naturally, she understood that her father was more experienced and would be more careful than would any boy her own age could ever hope to be, but it still had her on edge.

At length, Kristen decided that it was time to take the first step in making the penis a little less scary. Lowering her head again, she stuck out her tongue and swirled it slowly around the bulbous head to get the taste.

Roger finally stopped making out with his wife at that point, moaning deeply as he was licked. Together, the couple looked down to see what the nineteen year old was up to, watching with interest as the girl continued to run her tongue all over the tip of his dick. Feeling their eyes on her, Kristen glanced up from her work and noticed the way they were staring with the oddest look on their faces.

Without letting go of her father’s dick, Kristen asked, “What?”

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?” Roger asked breathlessly.

“Thank you.” Kristen couldn’t help but flush with pleasure over the flattery. “As a matter of fact, I think I can recall both mom and Ruth mentioning it recently.”

“Well, they’re right!”

“We certainly are!” Ann enthused with a grin. “Do you need some help down there, honey?”

“No thanks,” came the immediate answer. “I’ve got this.”

Returning her attention to her father now, she ran her tongue slowly up the full length of the underside of his cock, from the base all the way up to the tip. She’d made up her mind by now that she didn’t have any problem with the taste and so it was time for the next step in getting to know her father a little better.

Roger was looking around the room meanwhile. “Say, speaking of Ruth, where’s that girl gotten to?”

“She just popped downstairs to the garage,” Ann answered, kissing him some more. “She said that after you and she got together, that you’d bought some condoms since our girls aren’t on birth control. The last time she saw them, you were putting them in the glove compartment of your car, so she ran off to fetch them.”

Roger wanted to say, “What a good girl!” but when Kristen did what she did next, it came out as, “What a GOOD GOD!”

His eldest had taken the head of her father’s dick into her mouth and started sucking. She would not spend a long time with just the head in her mouth either, slowly taking more and more of him until she gagged and had to back off again. Having now determined just how much of him she could take at once, she began to move her head up and down the length of his shaft, sucking and licking.

Roger had slipped his arms around his wife as they started kissing again and so now he was crushing Ann to himself as the teenager worked.

This was the scene that Ruth walked in on when she returned from the garage, just as nude as the rest of them. Taking a moment to enjoy the sight of her sister worshiping that cock, she cheered her on playfully. “Yeah! Suck that big dick, Kris!”

The encouragement only served to make Kristen more adventurous and she started trying new things to see how well they worked – varying the speed at which she was taking him into her mouth, licking and lapping at different things and in different ways, stroking the shaft with one hand and gently rolling his balls around in the other, and so on.

Her father was steadily losing his mind meanwhile, grunting and groaning and writhing on the bed. His wife soon found it necessary to pry herself free of his grip or risk being accidentally injured, sitting up beside Roger to enjoy the show. Looking around himself at the head bobbing up and down on his cock and the two beautiful and utterly bare women who were viewing the proceedings with approving kartal escort smiles, Roger finally lost that last ounce of self-control.

Clawing feverishly at the bed sheets beneath him, his upper body jerking up and off the mattress, he suddenly shot his load into the girls mouth.

When Ruth sucked her father off in the garage, she’d had the choice of swallowing his seed or jumping out of the way, but not Kristen. She’d been so intent on what she was doing that she had missed the signs that his climax was imminent and now found herself forced to swallow or choke on it all. Like her little sister before her, she decided that she didn’t have a problem with the taste though and happily started gulping it down.

Getting up on her hands and knees, Ann made her way to her daughter, cupping her chin in one hand and lifting her face so that she could lick and kiss Kristen’s face clean of any excess cum the girl was missing. This naturally evolved into a deep, passionate kiss which had the flavor of Roger.

The man himself was struggling to catch his breath and slow his racing heart as the world seemed to spin drunkenly around him, but one of Roger’s hands still managed to come to rest on Ann’s bottom as if it had been drawn there by a magnet.

The sound of new cheers from the open doorway drew everyone’s attention and they looked to see the eighteen year old letting them know just how much she had enjoyed the show. Seeing her big breasts bounce and sway made all three of them wish she would go into a real cheerleading routine, but it was not to be.

It was Ann who first noticed that something was amiss. Her youngest had come back empty-handed! “Ruth, honey? I thought you went for the condoms?”

“I did, but I couldn’t get into the car. Dad, since when do you keep it locked up in our own garage?”

“Since I started having something to hide in it. I had no idea I was going to walk in on anything like this, remember. Your mother and I don’t use rubbers and so it would have been a little hard to explain why I had them.” Roger sat up and looked to his wife with pleading eyes. “I’m sorry, honey . . .”

She cut him off quickly, turning around to face him. “I’m sorry, too. I suspect I have a lot more to be sorry about, as well. How about we just wipe the slate clean now, forgive each other for our past mistakes and make sure we don’t keep any more secrets from one another.”

“I’d like that.”

As their parents engulfed each other in a huge bear hug from which it didn’t look like they’d emerge any time soon and Kristen shed a happy tear or two over them, Ruth went looking for her fathers fallen slacks and fished his car keys out of the pocket before turning to leave again.

“Hurry back, Ruthie!”

The girl laughed. “You can count on that!”

* * *

It was decided that Ruth would go first – both because she already had some experience being fucked by their father and because Kristen wanted to watch.

The sight of so much naked femininity had Roger at least at half-mast most of the time in any case, but a handjob from Ann was just the thing to get him the rest of the way up so that she could put a condom on him. From the bag of sex toys they had bought at Angelique’s, a bottle of lube was produced and smeared all over his erection.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed meanwhile, the tomboy leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs wide apart as she watched the proceedings expectantly.

Roger noted with a raised eyebrow and a knowing smile that his wife didn’t use the lube on Ruth. Ann obviously wanted to make use of more natural lubricants here and knelt down to spend a little time eating her out, getting her daughter aroused, dripping wet, and ready for anything.

And all the while, Kristen hovered over her sister watchfully, even protectively.

Moving out of the way at last, Ann took hold of her husbands hand and pulled him forward so that he stepped up between the teenagers legs. Leaning down as Roger got himself into position, Kristen gave her sister a long, wet kiss full on the mouth before retaking her post beside her.

In all honesty, it was beginning to feel as if she was guarding her sister more than observing her first time with a man.

With Ruth grinning up at him as she spread her lower lips wide open, Roger put one hand on her hip and used the other to steer the tip of his manhood into the open mouth of her sex, lodging it just inside. Her pussy seemed remarkably tight to him considering all of her recent escapades, but then again it hadn’t been asked to contain anything bigger than a tongue or a finger or two. He didn’t rush things, ever so slowly edging deeper and deeper into her until he finally had no more left to give and she was holding all of him.

The couple were quite still then, cautiously taking the measure of each other. Soft groans were coming from them both as they savored this moment, committing every last aspect of it to memory.

The hand that had been guiding his cock was now free and so he used it to stroke and fondle Ruth’s full breasts, causing her to let out a deep and heartfelt moan. She responded by throwing her arms around his neck and wrapping her long legs around his waist, pulling him in for a lengthy and thorough kissing.

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