The Sweet Spot

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Your back is to me. I lean against the door jamb with my hands in my jacket pockets, trying to stay cool while inside, I’m a raging inferno, my lust fanned by your endless teasing.

It might seem that you’re teasing me now, facing away from me, but I can see that you’re just showing me another side of yourself. I smile, adjust my pants and take in the view of your luscious ass.

Your head turns sharply. You flash a wicked grin. Then, you take hold of the bottom of your cream, knit sweater and slowly peel it up your back, exposing inch after inch of perfect, kissable skin. The strap of your black lace bra comes into view, followed by your neck.

You raise your arms high and pull the sweater inside out and over your head. You drop it to the floor and shake your hair loose with a sigh.

The gentleman in me longs to help you unsnap your bra, but I don’t want to move from my vantage point. Besides, it’s too fun to watch as your hands reach back, fumble for a moment, then snap the constricting garment loose. You drop your hands to your side, leaving the straps hang off your shoulders. A barely noticeable shrug sends your bra to the floor with another sigh.

Your hands move to your breasts to rub out the tension from the bra and I envy them. They glide down your belly to the clasp of your skirt. A flick of your wrist unsnaps it and it pools at your feet. You are clad only in a tight, black thong that shows off the round globes of you perfect ass. My resistance flags. I bite my lip.

I marvel at the graceful rippling of your shoulder muscles as your arms climb slowly again. You grab your hair and lift it away from your body. You cock your head to one side, exposing your tender neck and close your eyes.

You are presenting yourself to me, offering me your body. You know what will happen if I kiss that sweet spot on your neck. You want it to happen. You know you don’t have to beg for this. All you have to do is offer: I can’t resist you.

I walk calmly behind you, savoring every moment that I am blessed to see your body. You hold the pose patiently, knowing what’s coming, but I can still feel the shiver when my hands touch your back. I draw my palms slowly down until they rest lightly on your hips. The texture of your skin makes my heart race.

I close the distance between us. My clothed body conforms to your curves. You gasp at the contrasting sensations of my clothes and my hands. My erection nestles against the strap of your thong and you press back into me. I cock my head to the side and bring my lips close to your neck. You can feel my breath on that sweet spot and you shudder in anticipation.

My lips make wet contact with your neck. Your body goes tense and you moan from the intensity of the feeling. My lips slowly massage your neck just below your ear. The kiss deepens. My tongue glides over the wet skin of your neck. This most sensitive part of your body thrills under the unrelenting ministrations of my lips and tongue.

You squirm a little so I wrap my arms around you. I’ve got you nice and tight. There’s no escape from my teasing kisses. You squeal. I suck harder until I’m sure I’ve left a hickey.

My hands slide up your ribs and onto your luscious breasts. My fingers stroke the soft flesh as my lips search your neck for new nerves to torment. I find some just behind your ear.

“Oh, God,” you gasp as my tongue tickles this new favorite spot. I throw gas on the fire by hooking my fingertips in your nipple rings and tugging gently.

Your legs are getting weak. You press your ass against my cock rhythmically, hoping I’ll get the hint, stop all this teasing and bend you over the bed for a nice fucking. Instead, I roll your nipples between my fingers and nibble your earlobe, making you cream your panties even more.

“I’m so wet, baby. Aren’t you going to fuck me?”

I love to hear you beg, especially after enduring a striptease that challenged every ounce of my self-control.

“Beg me to touch your cunt,” I whisper between bites and licks.

“Yes, please touch my cunt. Feel inside my panties. I’m so wet for you. Please rub my pussy before I go crazy.”

Who could resist such a request?

My right hand trails slowly over your belly to the top of your thong. I slide the tip of one finger just under the waistband, then a little deeper until I can feel the stiff forest that covers your mound. I play in the hairs for a bit before diving into your panties for deeper exploration.

Your legs buckle as my fingers slide over your hood. My fingers splay around your pussy, two on each side, the middle holding the fabric of your panties out. I run my digits down the outside of your labia majora until they meet, then pull them up through your inner lips, at last giving you the contact you had begged for so nicely.

My fingers are instantly drenched by your cream. I spread it around your pussy before masturbating you in earnest. You buck your hips in time with my busy fingers. I tease your nipple internet casino even harder, flicking your gold ring and pinching your sensitive nub.

Your lips swell and open to me, dripping their wonderful nectar on my rubbing and probing fingers. I tug your thong down to your ankles, leaving you nude as you step out of them. Rising back up, I wrap one arm tightly around your waist and sink two fingers deep into you. You moan an obscenity and clutch my intruding fingers hard. I slide them in and out a few times, fucking you softly. My thumb rolls over your clit. You hunch down on my driving fingers. I hold you tight to keep you from falling.

Then, all at once, I bite your earlobe, pinch your nipple, and curl my fingers forward. You gasp at the sudden shift in sensation. Then, your body stiffens as my finger tips find what they were searching for: your G-spot.

I stroke this magical, inner sweet spot with a firm but gentle touch, quickly bringing you to an unexpectedly new level of arousal. You grab my wrist with one hand, but you don’t try to stop me.

“Oh, God, baby. What are you doing to me?” you pant.

“Just stroking your G-spot. You like it?”

“I feel like I have to pee.”

“Just relax, hon. Just go with it and let it feel good. Oh, that’s it, now,” I say encouragingly as your hips once again start to rock back and forth on my hand. I can feel the rough tissue start to swell under my ministrations. Your cunt begins to quiver. Your juices flood my hand.

“Does that feel good?” I whisper, with a wicked grin, as I strum your clit again with my thumb.

“It’s too much,” you gasp, bracing your body against mine. “I can’t take it.”

“Relax and let it go. Come on my hand, sweetie.”

I flick your clit hard and fast as I stroke your G-spot. You’re so close to the edge of an enormous orgasm. A kiss-ever so soft-to your neck sends a shiver through your body, and you let yourself come.

“Commmmmming!” you cry. Your orgasm feels hard, like you’ve been dropped to the floor. You squeeze my fingers hard. Your sweet girl-come drips to the floor as pulse after pulse of loving pleasure surges through your body. I rub your G-spot through your orgasm, unrelentingly pushing you to take your pleasure a little further. You feel the contractions deeply, squeezing my fingers again and again.

Just as I wonder how much you can take, your body goes limp against me. I hold you tight, leaving my fingers buried in your puss, but just holding them there, not rubbing. Your legs clench tight around them. I wonder how you can even stand after coming like that.

Suddenly, you turn around in my arms and drape your arms wrap around my neck. I reluctantly remove my hand from your thong and take hold of your hips. Our bodies mold into each other as our lips meet in a delicate kiss.

My heart melts with joy under the warmth of your embrace. My mind vanishes: all thought is replaced by sensation and emotion.

Our tongues dance skillfully. Your fingers play along my neck, searching for the areas that will make me crazy. You find one quickly, and soon your lips are sucking fiercely on my sweet spot. I can do nothing but grip your body as though I am holding on for dear life.

You chuckle as my eyes roll back into my head. I let you take control and give in to the tingling spreading from that spot on my neck to my toes and back up to my balls.

You slip my jacket off then get started on the buttons of my shirt, your fingers dragging through my soft chest hair until you reach my navel. Your lips follow that path, trailing kisses over my chest. You give each nipple a teasing lick as you pull my shirt tails from my pants and drop the garment to the floor. Your gentle licks become serious bites as you endeavor to harden my nipples. Inspired by the rush of pleasure, I reach for your own breasts. I stroke each one slowly, flicking the rings back and forth until you let out a moan, then I grip your hard nubs between my thumbs and forefingers and roll and twist and pinch until you are gasping for breath.

You pull away from me before you start to come-I know how sensitive your nipples can get and you know I have no mercy-and drop to your knees. We flash matching grins at one another.

You lean forward to drop a tiny kiss at the tip of the bulge in my trousers. My cock surges in response and strains against the confining boxers and slacks in a frustratingly futile effort to find its way into your mouth. You laugh at my sad little moan and flick my cock with your finger.

Leaving my crotch for the moment, you pull my shoelaces until the knot comes undone. I hurriedly kick them off. I have no more patience for teasing, but I know better than to try to stop you. Besides, history teaches us that what comes around goes around.

Your deft fingers have my trousers unsnapped and unzipped in a heartbeat. The tailored pants float to the ground. You pull my socks off with my pants leaving me in just my boxers-white with classy canlı poker oyna beige stripes.

The backs of your nails drag up the backs of my legs sending me into a fit of shivering. You grin and let your nails slip up the legs of my boxers and onto my ass. I love it when you tease my ass. I melt into putty under your touch. My cock is dying to be sucked, but I am seduced by the wonderful sensations you have spread around my body.

The fabric of my shorts leaves goose bumps in its wake as it glides down my legs. My cock springs free, standing straight and proud. You greet it with a giggle and a kiss on the crown. Now you have me naked.

I love being naked for you. It is part of something we share: we both love to present our bodies to each other. You do it when you bend over the bed and look back at me, begging me with your eyes to fill you completely. I do it by shedding all my clothes for you, surrendering my body to your needs.

Your hands wander back to my bare cheeks, squeezing and caressing them. You grip my ass tight-almost as though you are holding me in place-and press the tip of my cock to your puckered lips.

Your wet lips slide about halfway up my extra-sensitive glans. I can just feel the warmth of your mouth. It’s a tantalizing preview of the overwhelming pleasure I know you will give me when you finally let that mouth of yours engulf my shaft. Your tongue flicks quickly over my slit. I sense an almost silent sigh as you taste me. As always, a little of that just gets you hungry for more.

And then I enter the gates of Heaven. Your lips slowly-so very slowly-caress my shaft as you suck my cock deep into your mouth. The warmth and wetness make me feel safe in your care. Your tongue massages the sensitive underside as your lips firmly stroke the shaft. Up and down your mouth glides, giving me exactly what I need. Obscenities flow from my lips as you suck away my inhibitions.

“Oh fuck, baby, suck that hard cock.”

My cock swells inside your mouth as the blow job intensifies. I’m dripping onto your tongue. You moan contentedly when I ask if you like my taste. Your head bobs back and forth, sucking my cock with a mission. You wrap your thumb and forefinger around the base of my shaft and suddenly begin stroking hard and fast. It’s more than I can take.

“Fuck, baby,” I grunt. “You’re gonna make me come. Is that what you want?”

“M-hmm,” you mumble to my throbbing dick.

“Are you trying to make me come in your mouth? Is that what you’re after?”


“You want to taste me, don’t you, honey?”


Your soft hand closes gently around my tightening balls. My cock swells in your mouth drawing a fresh moan from deep in your throat.

“Get ready to taste my come, baby. You got me so close. I’m gonna come in your mouth, just for you. Oh, fuck, you got me right on the edge. I’m right there. Don’t stop, baby. Get ready for my come.”

You have me right on the edge. I’m pulled tighter than a guitar string, waiting to snap. Your ring of fingers slows to a crawl, now torturing my shaft. I whimper like a baby and grab your hair tight. Your lips suddenly quicken their pace. It’s clear you are done teasing. You won’t stop now until you’ve drunk deeply from me. I’m over the edge in an instant.

“Here it comes,” I blubber in a high-pitched squeak caused by the tension that has built to the breaking point. “I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come. Here it comes. AHH!”

I grunt loud and deep as the first contraction shocks my entire body. My semen floods your mouth with the first shot, bathing my cock in a warm, soft, comfortable pillow of cream in which to come. The contractions are smooth and long. I feel like I’m being drained. You swallow my sperm and suck hard on my still-pulsing member. Your mouth fills again. My orgasm subsides. You suck me once more and are rewarded with an unexpected twitch and a final drop of come. You swallow a second time, then slowly release my expired cock. As I collapse on the bed, you tenderly lick my cock clean.

My heart is pounding so hard I’m afraid it will wake the neighbors as sure as my screaming orgasm. You drape your body over mine like a blanket. You’re soft and very light. We fit together so perfectly: your legs on my legs; my still-tender cock wrapped in your nest of pubic hair; your breasts against my chest; your lips on my lips. I can just taste a salty hint of my semen on your lips and it excites me. My cock twitches slightly. You rise up on your elbows and smile at me. You wiggle your hips, giving my growing member a naughty little massage. We look into each other’s eyes and giggle. I grab your ass in one hand and your hair in the other as I pull you into a kiss that has more animal passion than gentleness.

Our tongues wrap together and dance. You grind your dripping cunt hard against my stiffening dick. I can feel how wet you are. Your bush is bathed in your sweet essence and soon my cock is slick from it, too. Did I really poker oyna just come a few minutes ago? I am on fire again.

I give your ass a playful slap. You jump and twitch with surprise. I slap again, a little harder, then stroke the tender skin of your backside, spreading that delightful tingling sensation all around. You break our kiss to moan. Your legs fall to the sides of my hips. Straddling me, you can now grind your clit on my cock with authority. That’s got to feel good.

I can tell you want to be filled. Your lips are swollen and splayed open like your legs. Your labia are giving the underside of my cock the most sensuous kiss. I must admit, it turns me on to see you driven to the point where you become a desperate slut.

My hands wander to your breasts. I run teasing circles around your nipples, flashing you a grin as you begin to wonder if you’ll ever get the fucking you crave. My fingertips graze those delicate nipple rings, sending ripples of vibration to your luckiest of nerves. I suddenly pinch your nipples hard. You almost lose your balance as you try to twist away from the unexpected-but much longed for-intensity. I push you onto your back, still pinching and twisting, not giving up until you are out of breath, then I release the hardened nubs and dive into your neck, looking for that sweet spot again. You gasp as I nibble your neck, then scream as my cock taps accidentally against your clit.

I push your legs wide apart and position myself between them, leaving my cock lying on top of your pussy like it was the most natural resting place in the world. I piston my hips slowly, dragging my hard member back and forth across your protruding clitoris. You gasp and cry out and grab a fistful of the sheets.

“I’m sorry, is that too intense for you?” I say with a sarcastic grin.

“Just fuck me,” you say through gritted teeth.

I take my penis by the base and tap the head firmly against your clit.

“Please,” you beg, knowing I can never refuse you when you start to beg.

“Guide me,” I say.

You grab my dick and position the head between your firm lips. I’m pressing against your opening, knocking at the door. My crown is slick from your juices. Your pussy is swollen, wet and ready for me. I know that once I push, my cock will pry open your entrance, stretch you wide and sink down to the core of your body, but I can’t resist teasing just a little bit more. I push gently-too gently to enter you. Your body tenses and you moan your disapproval. I smile softly to you.

“Here you go, sweetie,” I say, making a promise I intend to keep. “I’ll fill you with my cock, now.”

You nod and look deep into my eyes. Our love fills the space between our faces. I push my cock against your vagina, not stopping until your muscles give way. Your pussy accepts the intruding member gladly, happy to be held open in a gliding caress. I slide into you as slowly as I can manage; filling you slow and deep; making you feel like my cock must be miles long. Finally, my balls nestle against your perineum and my pubic bone pushes hard into your clitoris. My cock flexes and swells inside you, making you suddenly aware of how deep I am. Your pussy contracts back against it. You are completely filled. We kiss and our bodies are joined together completely.

You grab a fistful of my ass and pull me even tighter into you. You thrust up, grinding your clit on me. I slowly slip my cock back out. Your cunt clutches at the retreating intruder. I break our kiss to moan. It’s such an exquisite place I find myself. I feel like my cock head is enormous. I slowly pull my cock out, then drive it back home. You’re so wet. My cock slides in smoothly. We moan together.

“Now, fuck me,” you say.

I oblige and start pumping my hips, giving you the action you’ve been craving. I slide in and out of you, nice and even. In moments, I’m at the gates of Heaven, but I’m just going to stay there for a while. It feels so wonderful. We kiss a while, then break the kiss to moan some more. Your legs wrap around my ass, pulling me deep into you. I fuck you slow and deep and hard, wanting to fill you completely. I bite your neck. You scream at the sudden rush of pleasure through your body.

“Faster,” you grunt as you lower your legs flat. “I want to come, baby.”

Your back arches. I move a little higher and pick up the pace, pounding your clit hard with every thrust. It feels so good for me, but I can tell it’s driving you right to the edge. Your pussy gushes around me-my balls are getting soaked. Your muscles are quivering. You’re moaning out of control, practically shouting with every breath you take.

“Are you going to come on my cock?” I tease, flashing you a wicked grin.

“Yes,” you say with a gasp. Your hips arch up to me. I suddenly take a nipple in my fingers and squeeze it hard.

“Come for me, baby,” I say, looking deep in your eyes.

“Oh fuck!”

You suddenly find yourself past the point of no return. You dive fast into orgasmic oblivion, your body gearing up for the inevitable explosion of joy. And then it arrives. Your entire body spasms with the first contraction. Your cunt grips my cock hard, but I thrust through your tightness, never letting up on the fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32