The Summer Project

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“See ya at the party tonight”, I said to my supervisor on the last day of work. It was early evening, and I and my team had just wrapped up a presentation detailing the findings and recommendations for our project. Everyone in the team was a university student, and we had been recruited for this project via a placement service. It was a good gig – nice pay, a chance to get out into the countryside and an opportunity to network with future employers. We’d worked throughout the length of summer – mostly out of the small research offices in a small rural town, making site visits in and out of the countryside and the state.

None of us in the team knew each other before we came together for the project, but we managed to get along for the most part and do a decent job of it. The last ten days or so were a bit strenuous with typing up reports and last-minute brainstorming sessions. I was looking forward to letting loose tonight with a couple of drinks and some decent country fare at the end-of-project celebration which our project managers were throwing us.

I hit the shower at our appointed temporary quarters, threw on a polo shirt and khakis, rubbed some fragrant essential oil blend into my beard, slid into my sneakers and headed out to the bar. I’m always that guy who turns up early to parties, and alternates between sitting in a corner with a drink and making awkward small talk with people who slowly trickle in. Today was no different. It was made additionally awkward by the weirdness that goes with interacting in a non-professional environment with people you’ve only known in a more-or-less professional setting. I tried to mitigate it by going straight for a large shot of vodka, followed by a local favourite beer – a concoction of the microbrewery nearby (of course…). A whiskey on ice accompanied me for the rest of the evening.

Naturally, I was buzzing within the first hour. Conversations seemingly went on for longer, and flowed smoothly. We were seated at a long table out in the garden, and we watched the sun go down, late as it does in the summertime. I watched the moon come up from behind the bar’s roof, but my gaze fell lower as I got interrupted by Amelia’s arrival through the pub door leading into the garden.

Amelia is an international student like me, hailing from Hong Kong. She’s of Chinese descent, and is taking engineering and management courses at the uni. Over the past months, we built up a rapport over work and shared interests. She’s way smarter and better put-together than I am. I leaned on her for help and had long discussions at various times during the project. She’s calm and focussed, a foil to my sometimes anxious and absent-minded behaviour. I respect her as a colleague, and she was the only one I knew I would maintain contact with in the future. Amelia is about the same height as me – 5’8″, brunette with shoulder-length hair and an athletic body from years of working out and training in martial arts. Tonight, looking at her flared skirt paired with a sleeveless button-down v-neck, showing off her flawless skin, I realised for the first time that she could be a jaw-dropper.

Indeed, some jaws did drop – not just at our table but at the surrounding ones as well. I guess around these parts people don’t usually get to see gorgeous Asian women hanging out in country pubs. Some guys made a beeline for her almost immediately, chatting her up. Even our supervisor seemed slightly taken aback at Amelia’s transformation from her conservative, professional hair-in-a-bun look to the one she was flaunting tonight. Sure, we’d all knocked back a few drinks together a couple of times after long workdays – mostly at this very pub – but we’d all been unwinding rather than partying, still wearing our sweaty office wear.

Now that there was no more work, the social atmosphere was light and carefree like the evening summer breeze, and Amelia seemed to have dressed accordingly. I was buzzed, and I just sat at the table, participating in conversation, stealing glances her way every now and then. If I don’t pay attention, it’s easy for me to tip over the edge into an alcohol-fuelled oblivion, and even though I was craving the booze I didn’t want to embarrass myself tonight. Not in front of Amelia, especially when she was dressed like that.

About three hours into the evening most of our teammates left the table to go play drunken darts or a game of pool inside the pub. Shaking off the last of the guys trying to hit on her, she came over to where I was still seated. Plopping down rather hard, she smiled a slightly buzzed smile at me. I beamed my best intoxicated smile right back.

“Hey!” she said, her face flushed.

“Hey,” I replied. “How’s your evening going?”

“Really fast. I think I’ll just sit down over here for a bit and wait for it to slow down.”


Amelia and I started talking about day’s presentation, then moved on to talking about the end of summer and the beginning of our canlı bahis şirketleri next and final semester. We had had classes together in the previous semesters, but realised that we wouldn’t be sharing classes anymore.

“Shame,” I said. “I thought I could lean on you for help in group assignments.”

“Like I’m leaning on you right now?”

She had put her head on my shoulder sometime during the preceding conversation. I figured she was tired and needed a break from being hit on by 3 guys at once.

“Kinda like that.”

Amelia’s hair fell over her face in long, straight locks. She brushed it away and started talking about her short trip back home before classes began. She picked up someone’s drink off the table and gulped it down. They probably wouldn’t remember it anyway, she said. Over the next half hour she downed two more shots of whatever people were drinking before they left the table, and grew more animated. I liked observing the effect the drinks were having on the two of us – it mellowed me down from my usual neurotic state, whereas it took her out of her usual focussed composure. I got up to take a leak and brought over a pint of beer each on my return.

By the end of the hour Amelia was blabbering about her friends back home, and I was peacefully zoned out. Then she got up to use the facilities herself, and stumbled trying to get her heeled feet out from between the table and the bench – giving me a glorious flash of the tops of her stockings before steadying herself on my shoulder. As she walked away, I couldn’t help but stare at her ass and trying to imagine what she had been holding out on from everyone in the past months – under her smart office clothes, that is.

When she got back, Amelia had two pint-bottles in her hand. I flat out refused to have any more. She teased me about it and drank them herself, blabbering away again on some random topic. She was leaning against me for support again, but heavier this time. I had an arm around her shoulder to steady her, as she was gently swaying back and forth. I looked down at the table, almost zoning out again, until I noticed that a couple of buttons on her top were undone, allowing me an almost unobstructed view of her ample cleavage. I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra. That, combined with the image of her dark stockings contrasting with the skin on her thighs got me feeling quite tight in my boxers. The booze wasn’t helping.

I thought back to the times Amelia and I had been by ourselves over the past summer. We’d grab a bite during breaks, talk about shared experiences as international students, discuss the project and college coursework, share music, etc. But I couldn’t remember the last time there were any flirtatious interactions between us. There were no late night convos (we’d usually be too tired from the workday for that), no post-gym selfies, no instances where we were alone and the conversation halted to silences pregnant with sexual tension. I guess I never really saw her beyond anything but a colleague; at best, someone to shoot the shit with. I’d come out of a recent long-distance relationship, and was in no mood to entertain romantic feelings or fantasies.

But now here I was, with this gorgeous woman on my arm who seemed to have had a Hollywood-esque transformation over the course of one evening, the sides of her breasts brushing up against my chest as she swayed softly. The last time I had gotten drunk and aroused with this level of intimacy with someone, I had ended up taking her to a hotel room and screwing her brains out. And that was two years ago.

A dry spell this long kinda got me nervous tonight, as it had done many times earlier. I made an excuse about it being late and about time to be getting back to our rooms, and stood up. She grabbed my arm and pulled herself up as well.

“I’m coming with you”.

Amelia and I excused ourselves from the party, or what was left of it, and started the walk back to our place. The sky was clear, and we walked by the moonlight along a deserted country road. We didn’t talk much on the way. There was a slight chill in the air. I figured, from the way she had quietened down, that the walk was sobering her up. Tomorrow morning, I thought, she’ll wake up with a headache, and I’ll wake up with blue balls.

We got to our accommodation and climbed the stairs up to our floor, me keeping behind Amelia to get discrete glimpses of her toned legs as the hem of her skirt bounced up and down – a last voyeuristic act. Images to be filed away in a dark corner of the mind to be used at a later date. The door to my room was the one immediately next to the stairs, while hers was further down the corridor. She was still a little unsteady, and her heels weren’t helping, so I elected to walk her down to her room. Halfway around the corridor, she stumbled sideways, and cushioned her fall by grabbing my shoulder and shoving my back up against the wall with her weight. Her head came canlı kaçak iddaa to rest on my shoulder. My hand had swung up to and was now cupping the underside of her breast. The side of her hip pressed into my erection I had been trying to hide. She giggled.

“I just had to make sure”, she said.

I realised she wanted me to jump, so I jumped. I turned her around by the shoulder to face me, looked into her eyes and kissed her. Her lips didn’t move at first, so I pulled back. But then she followed me, never breaking the contact between our mouths. I exhaled, and one of my hands found its way to the side of her neck. We kissed, feeling out the other’s lips with our own, until they parted and our tongues found each other. She clasped her hands behind my neck and swung her thigh up my waist. My other hand slid down to her ass, down lower under her skirt and cupped the ass cheek on the leg that was straddling me. It was round and firm, and she moaned in my mouth as I squeezed it. I groaned and slid my hand from her neck down to the other leg, lifting her up. Now she was straddling me with both legs, with my back against the wall, her face higher than mine.

Amelia moaned again as I broke the kiss, and started planting kisses down the side of her face, tracing the line of her jaw up to her earlobe, and down again to the side of her neck. With her straddling me, I could feel the heat from between her legs, and it was positioned right on the tip of my throbbing cock. She realised this and slowly started grinding her crotch against it.

Both my hands were holding her up by the ass, and we were dry-humping in the corridor. She was moaning in my ear, and I was planting sucking kisses on the side of her neck. It was getting awkward as my arms started to tire. I gave her ass a gentle tap, signalling her to stop grinding on me. I pulled my mouth away and said,

“My room.”

She nodded and let herself down. I couldn’t find my keys fast enough. Blood pounded in my ears and I was breathing heavily. I let us in and closed the door. The room was dimly lit by the moonlight pouring in from the open blinds. Amelia looked ethereal. I had trouble believing this was happening. I managed a grin.

“To be honest I didn’t think the evening was gonna end up this way.”

“I kinda did.” she replied. “Look, I’ve been working my ass off for the project the whole summer. We rarely got a chance to get outside this tiny town, and even when we did, there was never enough time to have fun. I’d been looking forward to this night for a couple of weeks now.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“I knew I was gonna be knocking back more than a couple of drinks. And I wanted to do it with you.”


“Yeah! You’re the only guy in the team who’d ask how I was doing, the only one who supported me through presentations, the only one who I connected with coming from a different country, with whom I could talk shit after work. You never gave me a creepy vibe. The others never bothered until I showed up in a short skirt and heels.”

I didn’t know what to say. I took a step, grabbed the back of her hair and kissed her deeply again. Her soft, full lips made me groan. Our tongues writhed together and she arched herself into me. I lifted her up onto the dresser. We were breathing heavily again. But something wasn’t right. I pulled back.

“I need to let you know, I’m not looking for anything serious right now.”

She laughed.

“Neither am I. Now are we gonna fuck or do you need to let some more things off your chest?”

With that Amelia wrapped her legs around me again. I started unbuttoning her top as we made out. The straps slid easily down her shoulders and I moved my mouth down, first to her shoulder, then tracing a line around the top of her breast, down the breastbone between her tender mounds, ending up at my favourite spot on a woman’s torso: the underboob. I paused and looked up at her face and smiled slyly before giving her skin a small lick with the tip of my tongue. She shuddered and moaned hungrily as I started working her sensitive flesh with my mouth. I’d trace a curve from under her tit, up to the side, before moving back down again. One of my hands was kneading the other breast, pinching and pulling the erect nipple between my outstretched fingers. The other one slowly slid in under her skirt and grabbed the waistband of her panties, pulling it.

My mouth was taking its time working up to the centre of her tit, circling around and teasing her until I sucked the sensitive bud in my mouth. I could feel the goosebumps on her areola as I traced my tongue around the nipple. I knew this was driving her crazy. I looked up at her again before engulfing her nipple with my tongue. I lapped away hungrily as she arched her back and dug her hands into the side of my face. I moved my oral ministrations to the other breast, taking my hand from under her skirt and using it on the one my mouth had just left. Amelia was gasping canlı kaçak bahis and whimpering all the while, serving as the jockey to my racehorse.

I slid my free hand under her skirt again, and started massaging her inner thigh, inching my way up painfully slowly towards her sex. I pulled my tongue from her nipple, trailing a string of saliva before moving up to kiss her neck. My fingers were working their way up to her crotch just as my lips were working their way up to her mouth. I paused and looked into her eyes. Her features were twisted into an expression of surprise and need. I loved how her eyes were begging me to keep going, her whimpers rousing something deep inside me which had laid dormant for a long while. I leaned in slowly and kissed her, just as my fingers started massaging her vulva through her panties. She moaned loudly in my mouth.

As we kissed, I rubbed her pussy lips through the thin fabric now soaked with her juices. My other hand gripped the hair at the back of her head. Fuck, I loved the way her hair felt between my fingers. Silky, thick, lustrous in the moonlight. I could smell her shampoo and it was driving me crazy. Her moans were getting louder now, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she panted in my mouth. I felt around with my thumb for the slight protuberance above her pussy lips, and knew I had found her clit when she pulled her head away with a startled gasp.

I pulled on the back of her head by her hair, lifting her jaw up and baring her smooth neck to me. I licked and sucked at the sensitive area while my thumb flicked across her clit. As her moans rose to a crescendo I planted my mouth down firmly on her neck. She gripped the wrist that was under her skirt and my shoulder, clamping on tightly. I bit her skin as she squealed and climaxed in my hand, shuddering through the waves as I kept rubbing and flicking her clit.

I relaxed the hand that was gripping her hair, and gently let her slide back on the wall. Her eyes were slightly glazed over, and I let her breathing slow down before looking into her eyes and licking the fingers which were moist with her cum. I made a show of it as I walked backwards towards the bed. She got off the dressing table and walked towards me.

I lay down with my back on the bed. Amelia got on top and straddled me. She pulled my polo shirt off my torso and started planting delicate kisses on my chest. Her lips followed the straight line of hair down to my belt buckle, which she snapped open. My jeans were dispatched with within the next ten seconds, leaving me in my boxers. She moved up to kiss me, and I saw the hunger in her eyes. I groaned as she started rubbing my cock through my boxers. Her fingers enveloped the throbbing member and slowly, almost painfully, traced the bulge in my underwear from the base to the head. She moved her face back down to my crotch and looked up at me with her smoky eyes before engulfing the head of my cock through my boxers. My hips bucked involuntarily, and she giggled.

Amelia started flicking her tongue on the tip, and even though I couldn’t feel the wetness, I could feel the warmth of her breath as she sighed and moaned. Amelia’s other hand was on my chest, playing with the hair around my nipple. Her hot breath was dampening the fabric of my boxers, and with her every breath I felt a new sensation on my cock. She then brought her jaws closer and traced the length of the member, gently scraping with her teeth. When her teeth touched the underside of my sensitive head I almost came then and there. She was playing with me, but I wasn’t ready to tap out yet.

After a few more minutes of tortuous, toothy stimulations, she kissed the skin above the waistband of my shorts, and pulled the elastic down with her teeth – all the while looking into my eyes. My naked shaft came into view, with a string of precum oozing from the head. She lapped up the clear liquid smeared on my groin while holding my dick up with her hand. Then she kissed it from the base to the tip, rubbing it against her chin as her lips moved down again.

Without any warning, Amelia took the whole of the shaft inside her mouth. A sensation of liquid warmth enveloped my penis, and the ring formed by her lips around the girth created the perfect seal. Amelia started bobbing her head up and down, my still-lengthening member now glistening with her saliva. She’d go down almost all the way to the base, then up the curving length to my head which she’d flick with her tongue, and back down again. I tried keeping at straight face, but every now and then she’d move her head or use her tongue in such a way as to make me gasp and shudder. The fact that I hadn’t had someone blow me in two years wasn’t helping.

One of my hand was intertwined with hers on my chest, and the other was trying to push away her gorgeous locks from her face. She looked divine, her expressions showing that she was enjoying this as much as I was. Her top was still hanging off her arms. Her breasts bounced in concert with her head, and the sight of her red, engorged nipples was driving me crazy. I wanted to feel them again. I pulled gently on the back of her head. My cock popped out of her mouth. She looked at me inquisitively.

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