The Stay

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She slept on the flight into Oakland, only waking when the plane touched down, jostling her into consciousness. She caught a taxi and settled in for the brief ride from the airport to the hotel, wide awake after her high altitude slumber. As the cab pulled away from the curb she recalled the dream she’d had in flight, a rendezvous with a lover-no-longer. She had awakened warm with an uncomfortable nostalgia- leaving him had been the right thing for both of them, but such abstractions were no replacement for gentle caresses and a welcoming mouth to kiss…

She was saved from further detailing the wonders of his kisses by the arrival at her destination. She paid her fare, took her small suitcase and ventured toward her temporary residence- an imposing tower of myriad floors that looked distinctly inhospitable, especially in light of her lack of companionship. As she entered the lobby she observed that the check-in line consisted solely of one other person. From behind all that she could see of him was his dingy black trench coat and purplish hair color. He had no luggage.

As she took her place behind him she took advantage of her opportunity to examine him more closely. His hair had been dyed a dark purplish brown, and was tufted out in all directions in a fashion that could not have been calculated. She wasn’t sure if she found it endearing or stupid. As she weighed these two possibilities she was caught off guard by his voice. It was slightly husky, but fairly high in pitch, young, and with a strange cadence that tipped the scales immediately in favor of “endearing”. He received his key and turned to approach the elevators.

As he turned she got a good look at his face in profile. He had sharp features, and seemed to be about nineteen. His eyes were a nondescript gray tinged with green, and clashed horribly with his hair color, though this fact served to make him more attractive somehow. He was gone in an instant, and she watched his swaying gait the distance between them grew. She came to her senses and checked in at lightning speed, hurrying off in his path hoping that he hadn’t already disappeared forever behind steel doors. She had no clear intentions toward him, only she wanted to be in his presence for longer than she had. The fact that he had seemingly taken no notice of her caused her slight frustration, and some part of her wanted to make sure that given the opportunity, he would.

She arrived at the elevators to find him still standing there, staring into space. She slowed her pace and took her place next to him, glancing up to see his profile, more alluring by the second, and for the first time taking in his scent. He smelled slightly of sweat, dust, and car exhaust. She found it quite pleasing, and decided that she would like to embrace him. The thought of it excited her- she was energetic and it was late, and she desperately wanted to be close to someone tonight. The elevator chimed and the doors opened. They stepped in, and she realized that she had only until his floor to capture him. She punched in her floor and noticed that his was several above it, both of them very near the top. Their ascent began.

She stepped away from the control panel and looked at him, noticing him regarding her for the first time. His appearance was of complete disinterest and yet he seemed to exude sensuality. She boldly stayed back into his eyes. He did not demure, and so she spoke. “Hi.” He was taken off guard, but managed a suitable response: “Hi.” She imagined that his voice carried a hint of nervousness. She had little time for a conversation in which she was echoed, and so began a more aggressive line of dialogue. “Are you alone?” He was taken aback.


“I asked if you’re alone tonight.” He considered.


She rejoiced.

“That’s a shame.”

He smiled slightly.

“Not really.”


“Why not?”

“Why would it be?”

“You could be missing someone.”

“I’m not.”

“I see. And that doesn’t bother you?”

He shook his head without breaking eye contact. She moved closer to him, taking in his scent again, noticing how fragile he seemed, how desirable.

“Not bahis firmaları at all?”

He shook his head.

“Why not?”

He shrugged. She’d had enough; she closed the gap completely, pressing herself lightly to him and putting one hand behind his head, feeling the downy texture of his hair. He didn’t flinch. She leaned close to his ear and whispered.

“Well it bothers me. Why don’t you let me help you?”

He began to respond but she breathed on his neck and his breath caught in his throat. His sensitivity astounded her. She had to have him. She whispered again, letting the warmth of her breath weaken him.

“Think carefully.”

“I- ah…”

She kissed his neck and he melted completely, slumping against the wall. He barely managed to speak.



She kissed his neck again, found she could not quite resist a second.

“What’s your room number?”

He was barely able to tell her, and she could barely concentrate enough to remember it. She pulled away.

“Wonderful. I’ll be up in just a few minutes.”

She stepped back and regarded her catch until the ride stopped and the doors opened. She scarcely noticed what her room was like as she dropped her suitcase off in it. She took a moment to breathe, then returned to the elevator to pursue the object of her desire.

The ride up was brief, but felt as if it was taking her into another world. When the doors opened she felt lightheaded. She found his door and heard the shower running. She wished she could enter on her own and cross through the steam to be rewarded with access to his glistening exposed skin… But instead she knocked, and adjusted her skirt slightly while she waited for him to answer. She heard the water stop and him stepping out. After a brief interval he opened the door bare chested and mostly dry, wearing a white bathrobe. She planted her palm on his chest and pushed him back from the door, entering the room and closing it behind her. He opened his mouth to speak but she was too quick for him, kissing him hotly and maneuvering him back toward the bed. When his calves bumped into it, she shoved him backward, and he fell heavily, without resisting at all. She climbed on top of him and continued kissing his mouth, exploring his torso with her hands, feeling his body as best she could through the robe.

She was amazed at how helpless he seemed under her, as if he was so intoxicated with being touched that he couldn’t move. He groaned at every kiss, gasped as she slid her hands under his thick garment to touch his skin for the first time. His skin was hot and still slightly damp from the shower. He smelled of soap and of himself. She ground her groin into him, pleased to feel him already quite excited. She reached down and grasped his organ through the cloth. He gasped adorably, and she took the opportunity to kiss him deeply. As she captured his mouth again his hands reached up tentatively to touch her back. This timid exploration ws the final straw, and she released his mouth from her own.

“Stand up.”

She ordered, dismounting him.

He took a moment to comply, dizzy from the sensual onslaught he had just experienced. He regained his equilibrium and stood before her, looking slightly sheepish and certainly disheveled. She decided to remove the final barrier to her enjoyment, and untied the belt of the robe, removing it from its loops and tossing it at the foot of the bed. She took a moment to admire his face again, and inhale his scent, before unwrapping him like a gift. She slid the robe down over his arms––– he stood mute and averted his gaze as his last defense fell to the floor forgotten. As it did she saw his lust conflicted. His straying eyes were fearful, and he seemed fragile, approaching tears, even.

She was worried, stood back and allowed herself the sight of him completely exposed, hoping to discover and assuage the source of this sudden shame. He was not especially muscular, but fit, and virile in form. She suppressed a smile, seeing that he had completely shaved his pubic hair. He was still young, and this strange choice of grooming made him look it. His abdomen was kaçak iddaa stained white on one side as if he had been splashed with some caustic substance. She understood his bashfully averted eyes now. She wondered what had scarred him, however she found the pale patch of skin even more enticing, and decided to continue. She moved in and pressed herself against him, stroking the strange bleached patch on his side with her fingers and craning her neck to reach his ear, which she could not resist licking before she spoke soothingly to him:

“Were you worried about this?”

He nodded.

“You shouldn’t be. It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. I’m going to make you fell wonderful, okay?”

His breathing was so shallow she could scarcely hear it, but he still did not resist her touch. She whispered again.

“Have you ever done this before?”

He shook his head and began to pull away as his turmoil grew, but she held him close and kissed him gently on the cheek.

“It’s fine.”

She slithered against him, feeling his arousal rise between her legs, pushing the fabric of her skirt up.

“You do want this, don’t you?”

He took a breath to speak but could only manage a breathy cry of surprise as she grasped his naked erection in her hand, kissed his neck, and pushed him into a sitting position on the bed. She looked into his eyes as she tested the texture of his shaft, feeling the silky skin sliding over the hot, rigid core as she stroked. She was delighted with his girth, and grew wetter imagining being penetrated by it. She released his shaft and slid her palms over his torso, dragging her nails down his chest as she dropped to her knees. His strangled cry gave her chills, then a fever.

Eye to eye with his member at last, she reveled in its presence, inhaling deeply and growing intoxicated with the clean but musky scent of his skin. She gripped it at the base an leaned in to kiss his inner thigh, teasing his length with her breath. He squirmed. She smiled and slowly, painfully slowly, engulfed the head of his penis with her mouth. She adored the taste of him, and found that he felt quite satisfying in her mouth. He was gripping the sheets tightly with both hands, tense from the waist up, his legs dangling limply before her. His breathing was imperceptible. She tonged his glans and he gasped. She mischievously tried it again, with the same result. She discovered that his breath came in gasps and sharp exhalations whenever she moved her tongue. He squirmed again after more of this, the pleasure almost too much for him. He slowly pulled him from her mouth and blew gently onto his wet skin, feeling him arch his back and whimper.

She became drunk with her own power, and still craved to taste him more, and so did. She began a leisurely rhythm, stroking him with her mouth, delighting to feel his breathing even out as his hips began to move slightly to match her rhythm. She gripped his thighs hard as she sucked him, tasting the fluid he was leaking into her mouth. All traces of timidity were gone- he felt like an animal under her ministrations, and she was pleased to have been the one to free him. As she increased her pace she felt his pleasure crescendo, and he began to lose control of his writhing. She released him from her mouth and moved up to kiss him. He did not resist, despite her breath that was heavy with his own flavor. He kissed back passionately now, and she squirmed slightly, feeling his erection pressing into her belly. She whispered.

“Did you like that?”

“God yes.”

“Good. Because I think it’s time you did something for me.”

He turned and looked her in the eye.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

She rolled off of him and laid down in much the same position he had taken. He moved atop her with a grace that only lust can grant. He pulled her shirt over her head, explored her abdomen with his fingers before allowing himself to caress one of her breasts through her bra. He regarded the obstructive garment briefly before simply sliding his hand under it. It took her be surprise, but to her joy she found that he was gentle, and she did not need to correct him. He planted hot kisses kaçak bahis on her neck as she had done to him, and moved to her collar bone as well. Despite his precocious finesse in massaging her breast, he was clearly unable to decipher its confines, and she was forced to sit up briefly before discarding them.

His body was pressed against her, and her skirt had ridden up. The feeling of his unclothed form in such close proximity to her was maddening. His mouth promptly descended, and proved as adept as his hand had been. She began to doubt his inexperience, but was distracted as a finger stroked her slit through her underwear. It was her turn to gasp at his boldness, then to sigh contentedly as his palm cupped her sex. He descended to the floor in front of her and quickly disposed of her remaining garments, to sit in awe before her open center, glistening with anticipation. She was about to instruct him on what to do, but felt his breath on her lips and fell silent.

She could feel him taking in her scent, and was gratified by his adoration. Then all thought left her as she felt his soft lips contact her softer ones for the first time. She relaxed completely, then tensed as pangs of pleasure shot through her. He was apparently taken with the flavor, as he licked her slowly from bottom to top, tasting her essence, and inadvertently frustrating her by ignoring her most sensitive of places. He continued in this way, kissing, licking and eventually pushing his tongue into her, until she was crazy with desire. She was panting and thrusting her hips up toward his gentle mouth when he finally discovered her clitoris. She gripped his hair with both hands and held his head between her thighs as she orgasmed, his soft hair entwined in her fingers adding to her sensation. He seemed unfazed by having his head subjected to crushing force, and kept lapping contentedly at her slit until she was too sensitive to take any more, and released him, finding that she had to gently push him away. He gazed up at her questioningly. She sat up and beckoned him onto the bed. He obediently sat before her and awaited further instruction.

She laid him down gently and pushed his hands above his head, holding them together with one of hers, his wrists pressing against the slats of the headboard. She but his neck, enjoying the strong tendons under her teeth, and palmed his erection with her other hand. His eyes closed, as she had intended. It only took her a second to retrieve the belt of his bathrobe from the foot of the bed and bind his hands above him before he knew what was going on. His eyes snapped open and he looked fearful, but she straddled him and leaned down for a reassuring kiss on the mouth, before rising up and grasping his shaft, positioning herself above it. She looked into his eyes and saw the fear she had seen before, mixed with the lust she had brought about. He understood what was about to happen, and trusted her. Without breaking eye contact, she relaxed downward and impaled herself on his member.

His jaw relaxed as she slowly descended onto him, relishing the feel of his heat and soft skin sliding into her most delicate place. He couldn’t tear his gaze from her eyes as she took him into herself, nor she from his. Finally she settled onto him, twisting her hips to feel how he stretched her. She leaned forward and captured his slack mouth in a kiss, which he could not return. Overcome with feeling, she began her rhythm, and he whimpered and panted beneath her. She was entranced by the sight of him, tossing his head from side to side, eyes closed, allowing her to observe him to her pleasure. Her anticipation, and his began to take their toll as she moved faster and faster astride him, feeling his hips buck involuntarily under her, driving his hardness deeper into her. They reached their peak together, an she arched her back in ecstasy as she felt him thrash into her, the hot viscous ropes coating her insides. She heard him cry out beneath her as it happened, with complete freedom and release. She leaned forward to see him with tears streaming down his face, still twitching within her. She bent forward and wiped them away with her palms, showering his face with kisses, stroking his hair.

His breathing calmed, his body relaxed, and he looked into her eyes again, both trying to catch their breath. And as they basked in their shared afterglow, he smiled.

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