The Sororities New Man Ch. 02

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*All characters are of legal age during any described intercourse, everything is fiction and if you don’t like it don’t read it. This story is written by me and cannot be used by any other person or website or company without my express permission.

“YES,” Sasha said quite loudly while jumping into the air a few times then she turned to me with a wicked smile she said, “We are going to have so much fun this year with you living here.”

I couldn’t help but smile back at her, I was pretty excited to if this was the kind of treatment I was going to get living here. But then I remembered Sam and what she said, “Wait wait wait,” I said.

Sasha saw the look on my face that wasn’t the same excited look I was giving her just seconds ago, “What you don’t want the job anymore,” she said in a voice that almost sounded like I hurt her.

“Um depends, I have heard the term house boy used as my job description a few times already so does that mean all of you are going to be whipping me or something,” I said nodding towards Sam and the crop that was still in her hands.

Sasha turned and looked at Sam and her whip before she turned back to me and giggled, “Oh that’s what you’re worried about, that’s just Sam’s thing so she might be using it on you if you let her but the rest of us don’t do that, do you mind if she does?”

“Well… I don’t know, I will give it a shot if she wants but I have never really done anything like that and…” I paused just now realizing what she also just said, “Wait, what do you mean the rest of us.”

Both girls started giggling and then Sasha looked at me and said, “I was wondering if you caught that, but before we get to that we need to go over a few things first,” she turned to Sam and said, “Did you bring all the paper work.”

Sam nodded and then bent down reaching down to grab something along the outside wall, when she came back up she was holding a red folder with papers in it. Sasha motioned for me to sit on the couch while Sam came in and shut the door then joined us on the couch sitting next to Sasha. Sasha took the folder from her and opened it up and pulled out the papers and a pen that was attached on the inside of the folder. “Ok first things first, we need to get the paperwork out of the way before I can tell you all about your new job. I am sure you are familiar with how sororities and frats work, they are all each other’s sisters and brothers always having each other’s backs right,” Sasha asked looking me in the eye.

“Yea a little, they look after each other in college and out of college and usually have close knit relationships keeping each other’s secrets within the house and all that right.”

“Pretty much, well it is the same for you too if you are going to take this job. These forms are basically a non disclosure type agreement that you will be making to us, that means you keep our secrets and we will keep yours, and anything that happens between us or in the house stays with us, so that means not telling a soul about any of this. Basically you will be pledging yourself to the sorority just like any other sister making you apart of the sorority just like any other sister, do you understand,” Sasha said giving me a intense look trying to make sure I was following her.

“Yes I understand, basically keep my mouth shut about everything and always have your backs right,” I stated.

“Yep you got it, but when we say don’t say a word to anyone that includes everyone, your friends, your girl friend, your sister, not even your mother. This is a big deal, we don’t give this job to just anyone, usually we pick junior or seniors that some of us have known for awhile and we know they are trust worthy, actually I am surprised they didn’t make you have some kind of probation period so we could all get to know you better first.”

“Well they were going to but someone put in a good word for him,” Sam said. Sasha looked at her questionably but Sam just shook her head and said, “I will tell you about it later.”

Sasha shook her head then turned back to me, “Well anyway if you are not up to the task or if you don’t think you can keep your mouth shut now is the time to back out. Who knows what you might see or hear in this house and if go off and tell anyone about it you will not like what all of us girls do to you. Are you sure you understand and are willing to take this responsibility.”

I thought about it for a moment, I had never been one to gossip so I don’t think it would be a problem, though it kind of sounds weird to think that I would basically be joining a sorority I also didn’t mind getting to stay in a house with a bunch of hot girls so I just nodded and said, “As long as no one kills anyone I think I can keep my mouth shut.”

Both girls laughed and then Sam said, “No don’t worry about that, murder is one of the clauses in the vow of trust that can’t be held against you if you talk, along with really horrible things like rape or beating someone so bad they ended up in the hospital or injured for life or something like that,” and raising canlı bahis şirketleri her whip just to illustrate her next point she said with a grin, “But the fun kind of hitting perfectly within the vow.”

I felt my cock twitch when she said that last part, I had never been into pain or anything like that during sex and while I was initially worried that my new job would include being hit by any girl in the house I found myself sort of turned onto the idea of Sam using her whip on me here and there. There was just something about her beauty, voice, and her obviously dominate type attitude that spoke to me, I found myself interested not in the actual pain part of it but doing it because I wanted to please her for some reason. If it was Sasha or some other girl trying to use a whip on me I would probably just run away and avoid them at all cost but for some reason not with Sam.

As if sensing what I was thinking while I was still lost in thought Sam reached over and brought the whip down on my knee for a quick slap, it wasn’t terribly hard but it did still sting quite a bit, “You like that idea don’t you house boy,” she said grinning at me.

Before I knew I was saying it out came, “For you I do.”

Immediately I was giving another whip in the same stop but harder causing me to yelp and grab my knee that was now in even more pain. “For you I do what? I thought you started to learn already,” she said.

I just stared at her for a moment not understanding what she meant until it finally dawned on me what happened last night, “For you I do mistress,” I said.

“That’s a good boy,” Sam said then slapped me again with the whip though this time on my arm, “And that’s for making you remind you,” she said grinning at me.

I sat still just looking at her but after noticing the flash of arousal in her eyes after she hit me again I found myself starting to grin right back at her. “Ok if you guys are done flirting can we get back to the paperwork so we can move on to the fun part,” Sasha said in a impatient voice.

Sam and I said sorry at the same time which caused both of us to start laughing. Sasha just shook her head and said, “Anyways back on subject, the first part you need to sign is the vow of trust.”

I nodded and she handed me the pen while I leaned over to sign where she was pointing on the paper she had in her lap. After I was done she took the pen away and put the first set of papers back into the folder. “Ok the next part is about the rules of the house that you will need to follow but let me explain more about what is expected of you job wise. Like I have already explained when we first met, you will be responsible for dinners, setting out stuff for breakfast, cleaning up the kitchen, and laundry. Also you will be responsible for small handy man repairs around the house, acting in a security guard type fashion if there is any issues with guys or girls causing issues in the house, and of course on spider killing duty,” she said smiling at that last part.

I nodded while she continued, “What you don’t know is that while yes you have to do all of these duties they are really just a cover.” I gave her a confused look as I had no idea what she meant by cover but she just took in my look and continued again, “First let me give you a little history about the sorority before I explain. Years ago the sorority was founded by a group of high class/society type women, they were not your typical socialites, not only did they want a higher education they had goals for their lives beyond the expectations of women at the time. We recruit women that are just like them, the kind that doesn’t want to just coast through school partying every night or making everything a popularity contest. We tend to all be smart independent women with high goals for our lives that want to spend this time in college helping ourselves achieve these goals. Not that we don’t like to be popular or sociable or anything like that, we just have high expectations for ourselves and intend to hold ourselves to them. The downside of all of this is that most of us don’t bother with boyfriends since we are usually studying to hard and we especially don’t want to be known as whores since a girl just needs to blow off some steam every once in awhile with a good romp in the sack and that is where you come in.”

I listened to everything she just said but I was still not getting her point and after a moment she read that I didn’t from the look on my face and she explained further, “Basically you will become the safe option for any of the girls to turn to if they are looking to blow of some steam, they will know that you won’t be bragging about them to anyone so it won’t ruin their reputations while at the same time they don’t have to make them self’s feel like a whore by trying to go have a one night stand with a random guy somewhere in town that they won’t ever see again. Plus not every girl just wants to get laid by a random guy, they rather know the guy and have it mean something more than random anonymous sex.”

As I finally canlı kaçak iddaa realized what she was getting at I couldn’t help but start smiling at the thought of having sex with a bunch of girls in the house, “Now you’re getting it aren’t you,” Sam said giggling at me.

“I am pretty sure I do, you guys want a guy that can be a friend that you can also mess around with while at the same time not going around telling everyone about it so it doesn’t ruin any of your reputations.” Both girls were nodding in agreement so I continued, “And the job duties are really just so you can keep up appearances to the outside world that I am living here to do a job and that’s it.”

“Exactly, I told you that you were going to like this job,” Sasha said giggling at me while I just smiled bigger. “But the job duties are not only a cover for the outside world but also to our pledges because none of them will know anything about this until they are fully confirmed sisters; Which is part of the purpose of the house rules we are going to go over, the rules are mainly to help keep the secret.”

“Well with what you’re promising I’d gladly do any work duties and follow any rules you want to give me,” I said laughing causing both of them to laugh with me as well.

“I bet you would,” Sasha said still laughing, “But seriously we need to go over the rules so this will keep working out for both you and us.”

“Ok let’s get to it I guess,” I said.

“Alright then, first as long as you keep up with your job duties most everything should be fine, we encourage you to try and do them while pledges or other non members are in the house so it enforces the cover even more. Unless already announced to the house hold already ahead of time between 10pm and 8am there won’t be any non sisters in the house so any sexual activity can take place anywhere in the house you and whoever you’re with decide. Though there is a unspoken rule that you have to keep it down if you do it upstairs past 3am most of us don’t mind hearing those kind of sounds as it just gets most of us horny hearing it,” she said grinning while I saw Sam look like she was imagining something before snapping out of it when Sasha started to speak again.

“Between 8am and 10pm there are only two places that kind of activity can take place to avoid being caught, they are your room right here and that room you asked about down stairs. The one downstairs was built to be soundproof in the first place but your room was not, one of our former sisters works at some tech company that is always making new gadgets and what not so it has been equipped with a prototype sound proofing device. If you haven’t noticed the red button on the side of your night stand yet it isn’t for room service or anything, it activates the soundproof device, it’s a pretty cool device, when active it doesn’t allow any sound from inside the room leave but yet it lets outside noise in so you can still be able to hear anything going on outside your room. It was originally designed for parents that wanted to go at it but didn’t want to wake the kid yet still be able to hear their young kids waking up in the middle of the night or burglars or whatever else. They used this room as one of their testing grounds but combined with issues that happened here and the other test sites they found that more than 5 hours of being in the same room as the device the occupants started to get sick to their stomachs and have a hard time hearing for a few hours. But don’t worry they installed a timer to shut it off after 4 hours if you forget that its on but the company decided not to sell the device until they could work out the kinks since they didn’t want to rely on a timer to keep them from hurting people and then getting sued.”

“So basically what you’re saying is at night it’s a free for all but during the day keep it to my room or the room in the basement,” I asked.

“Pretty much,” Sasha answered, “But of course not all the girls are going to be up for what you are here for, so don’t think you can just go grab any girl you want in the house and have sex with her when you want. Most of us will initiate it with you if that is what we want.”

“No I understand, I am not a real pushy kind of guy, I respect women and I would never be like that anyway.”

“Now on the other hand there will be a few girls that won’t mind you coming to find them for the purpose of sex when you’re horny yourself, and I will go ahead and say it, I am one of those girls, not saying I will want to every time but if you find yourself horny and no one is initiating anything with you then you can come find me or others like me that won’t mind a good random fuck most of the time,” Sasha said laughing.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said.

“You do that,” she said back, “Also don’t feel like you have to always put out yourself either, you will always have Sunday off and then every other Wednesday but you can still chose to stay here and entertain us or go off and do what you want as long as your duties are done. You are not required to canlı kaçak bahis put in any certain amount of time being available for sex or anything like that, it is totally optional just like it is for the rest of us though I doubt you are going to be turning us down to much when we offer.”

“I doubt it, hell if I wasn’t here to actually get the degrees I really want I would just drop out and stay in the house 24/7,” I said jokingly which caused both girls to laugh.

“I don’t think you will be saying that towards the end of the semester, half of the girls end up syncing up our time of the month at the same time so unless you are very well mannered around us you might end up getting yourself into some trouble during those times, you make one of us mad during that time you might end up making the rest of us mad at you at the same time,” Sasha said giggling.

“Wait seriously that whole women syncing up while living together thing is true,” I asked kind of surprised since I always thought that was a myth.

“You better believe it, it doesn’t happen to all of us but half of the house usually does so here is your only warning to tread carefully during those times if you value your balls, just remember we know where you sleep.” She said.

“So don’t poke the houseful of bears for one week a month, check.” I said.

“It would be in all of our best interests if you don’t,” Sasha said letting out a giggle. “You will be required to cook dinner and have it ready around 7pm every Monday through Friday besides on your every other Wednesday off, the weekends we will fend for ourselves as a lot of us are not around at a set time for dinner then. You don’t have to cook breakfast if you don’t want to but have out things like cereal, bagels or whatever else in the morning on the island in the kitchen, most of the time you can set that stuff out the night before if you want to sleep in as we will get out the cold stuff like milk from the fridge on our own. We just don’t want to have to go track all that stuff down in the mornings. Also you will be required to do all the grocery shopping for the house, you will know what to get for the meals you want to cook and the normal snacks we keep in the house and there will be a list on the fridge for those that want something extra for the week. Usually you can talk one or two of us to go with you to the store to keep you company if you don’t want to go alone. Any questions so far.”

“Nope I think I got it all so far,” I said.

“Good, every Thursday there will be a house meeting at 9pm, since you are technically apart of the house you will sit on these meetings unless you have something to do for school. You won’t have any control of anything but you can voice your concerns if you have any and listen in on what is going on in the sorority so you know what’s going on. Also Mondays and Wednesdays are meetings with the new pledges, these meetings you can’t be a part of until they all become confirmed sisters as we don’t want them to get any ideas about you, and other than passing by them while you are doing your duties each day try and avoid them to. Don’t be rude and not talk to them if one or two of them are in the house visiting if they engage you in conversation but don’t go out of your way to talk to them until they are confirmed. Some will also be brought in on the secret earlier than others either because they already have some of an idea because their mothers were former sisters or if we know someone is going to be confirmed. You will be able to tell because their pledge pin will be silver instead of copper, the other pledges won’t know the real reason they have different pins other than it was for some good deed they did or something.”

Taking a short pause to take a deep break Sasha continued with, “Now getting to another important topic, birth control, none of us want to get knocked up as I am sure you don’t want that either so every girl that participates in what your position offers has to get monthly birth control injections, and starting last year the guy also has to get the monthly injection one that just hit the market last year, they are all donated to us so you don’t have to worry about paying for them.”

“Let me guess, you have another former sister that works for that company,” I said.

“You guessed it,” Sasha said, “Our former sisters, well I guess I shouldn’t call them former because we are all sisters whether we are currently in college or out of it but anyway not the point. The point is we have sisters that have graduated from a number of schools our sorority has houses at and they have gone on to do some big things in all walks of life, and a number of them give back to the houses when they can so we do get some perks for living in the house, we even have access to vacation homes all over the place so our spring breaks and other holidays are always pretty fun. And since you are technically a part of the house you get to share in the perks, you and the other sorority brothers of past from here or at other colleges we have houses at also get to come to the national convention we have every year for graduated members and from what I hear the same rules here are followed there so everyone always ends up in a big orgy by time the first night is even through,” she finished while giggling.

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