The Snowstorm

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Consciousness came back to Mary slowly, her mind still hazy as her eye fluttered open. She moaned softly and winced as the light seemed too bright, then gasped in pain as the nerve endings in her body began shooting bolts of pain through her. Her head began pounding, only the worst hangover she’d ever had coming even close to this feeling.

“I think she’s waking up”, she heard a voice say. It was a commanding male tone that seemed to be both sympathetic and sexy at once.

She heard a sigh, then “I’ll make sure the water’s still warm” uttered by a different voice, though equally strong and filled with a bit of worry.

Mary began to curl into a ball then stopped abruptly as her ribs protested, along with her legs and arms. She let out a louder cry, followed swiftly by the feel of a hand on her brow, brushing her damp bangs away from her head in a gentle manner. It calmed her somewhat, until she felt another masculine hand squeeze her toes softly. Who were these men and where was she? Why was she in such pain?

“Let’s get her into the tub,” the first man said firmly, halting his soothing caress from her forehead. “I’m sorry sweetheart, but this is going to hurt”, was all the notice she got before his arms pushed their way under her, pulling her up to rest against his chest.

Searing pain swept through her, causing her to lose focus on what was happening. She felt a gentle sway as he took a few steps, pausing as she heard a door open. Her eyes fluttered again as she heard first one splash, then another, until hot water began to envelope her. The water was too hot, and she struggled feebly as the man continued to lower her into what she assumed was the tub, not releasing her even as she felt his thighs rest under her bottom. She whimpered some more as she was hugged tightly to his chest.

Silence reined as she slowly began to feel marginally more comfortable. The man began whispering in her ear; what, she had no idea, but it felt nice. She heard another soft splash, then one more, and hands began rubbing her body, gently massaging her extremities. She moaned again, this time in relief, as the strong fingers began to probe at her tense muscles, releasing the knots and making her even warmer.

“I can’t imagine how long she was even out there”, a new voice said. His was even deeper and seemed to vibrate through her. “She’s lucky she didn’t get frostbite. It seems like she was pretty close.”

A memory assailed her, running through snow, not being able to see where she was going, and tripping over something before landing roughly, driving all the air from her lungs and pushing hard against her ribs. Then pushing her way back up and running again, this time slower and her breath coming in harsh gasps, before a noise behind her made her scream. That was all she remembered, before waking up here.

Mary blinked slowly, keeping her eyes squinted to allow only a small amount of light into her eyes. The first thing she focused on was a man’s nipple, coarse black hair dotted with water between his pecs, and a thick bicep just past that. The man’s arm disappeared past her vision, clearly wrapped around her back. Her naked back, she realized, as she felt his warm skin against her own. She didn’t move, slowly taking stock of her body as the pain slowly began to recede.

She could feel his powerful thighs under her bottom, cradling her between them. It didn’t feel like he was wearing anything under the water either, a thought that was confirmed a moment later as she felt something poking against her thigh. His other arm was still under her legs, keeping her folded into a v-shape. Instead of feeling uncomfortable, she just felt safe.

Taking a deep breath, Mary opened her eyes the rest of the way, seeing a mirror in front of her, along with a double-sink and a mostly white, tastefully decorated bathroom. In the mirror she could also see the other two men who were still massaging her legs and arms, now silent as they concentrated on their tasks. She focused first on a strong male back, rippling with muscle as his well-defined arms flexed as he worked on her left arm. He had short brown hair, but she could only see a glimpse of a sculpted jaw as he kept his face focused down.

She couldn’t see much of the man working her calves, one hand on each. She could just make out a head of brown hair, though darker than the man in front. She couldn’t see anything of the man holding her besides the top of his forearm. His skin was a golden brown though, like he’d been working outside a lot.

Mary lifted her head, looking up to meet the eyes of her rescuer, or captor, she realized with a start. She had no idea if they’d been whoever she was running from. Deep green eyes framed with short but dark lashes looked back at her.

“Well hello there, sweetheart,” he said in a quiet voice. “Glad to see you awake. You gave us quite a scare, finding you out in the woods like that. Another twenty minutes and we would have been too late.”

“W-where am I?” Mary asked, both disappointed and glad that the hands rubbing over her were withdrawn.

“You’re yakacık escort in our home, about an hour into Wellspring Woods,” the second man said, causing Mary to jerk slightly. She knew where the woods were but couldn’t imagine why she’d ever be there. They were about an hour from her house and she’d only visited once as a teenager for a party that had turned out to be a flop since her crush never ended up showing.

“We found you out by our woodshed about three hours ago. It was a good thing we realized the storm was getting worse and we’d need to stock up on fuel before we got snowed in,” he continued. “You were pretty cold when we got you inside, but we bundled you in blankets and put you in front of the fire. We didn’t want to warm you up too quickly.”

Mary’s teeth began to chatter, proving that she was indeed warming up. But she couldn’t tell if it was because of the water or the poking in her thigh that was becoming more difficult to ignore. She turned her head to look at the third man who glanced up quickly, looking not even a little guilty to have been caught staring at her bare breasts. She looked down, seeing that her nipples were hard. She squirmed a bit, rubbing herself against the insistent nudging at her thigh. The first man made a pained noise, then abruptly stood, water sluicing down her body and his.

“We should get you dried off,” he said, his voice deeper than before. He cleared his throat, then stepped out of the tub. A tub she now realized was the largest she’d ever seen, fitting them all comfortably. She looked back towards the mirror, seeing his face fully for the first time. A square jaw with a short beard and heavy brows complemented his nose which would have been too large on an average man’s face. On his it just made him look fierce. He hefted up higher against his chest, allowing her to see his prodigious size under her less than petite bottom. His shaft was easily eight-inches long and thick, with heavy balls drawn up against him. She shuddered, getting even warmer.

The other two men stood in unison, also clearly enjoying having a naked woman to look after. They were about the same size as the first man, in height, build, and endowment, though the second man looked a bit longer and the third was a bit thicker. They each grabbed a towel and gently dried her off, as well as the man holding her, before drying themselves. A mew escaped her lips, making the first man look down at her with worry.

“Are you still cold?” he asked, clearly not understanding what had made her react. “We should get you into bed.”

He paused at the door as the second man reached out and opened it. It seemed to her that his dick brushed against the first man’s backside, causing a rush of wet to escape her as she imagined a scenario between the four of them. She shook her head, confused where that thought came from. Steve, her boyfriend wouldn’t be impressed with her wantonness.

The first man reached the bed on the other side of the door, placing her on the sheet with no strain. With an ample rear end, large boobs, and thick thighs, Mary was not used to feeling so dainty. She moaned softly as she settled against the pillow, letting out a small squeak when she realized two men were getting in next to her and pushing their fronts against her sides. A thick duvet was pulled up over all three of them and arms were draped around her middle. She froze for a second before relaxing into their holds. She felt warm and safe and more than a little turned on.

“I’m Patrick,” the first man said. “And Mark’s the one on your other side. Simon, over there,” he indicated with his head to the third man who was lifting the duvet on the other side of Mark and sliding in close, “is the one that found you. What’s your name?”

“Mary,” Mary said quietly, trying to understand what was happening. Body heat she understood, but none of them were wearing clothes and Simon wasn’t even touching her.

“Mary,” Mark whispered, his lips brushing against her neck as he did. “Well, Mary, we don’t know why you were out there, but we’re certainly glad we found you in time.” His hand had begun caressing her hip, coming close to her embarrassing wetness. She shouldn’t be feeling like this. They were just trying to help. But she second-guessed herself when she realized both men surrounding her were completely hard. And all three men were breathing heavier than before.

“Uh,” she said. “I don’t understand what happened, but perhaps we should all put some clothes on?”

“You’re really very lucky,” Patrick said, ignoring her. “Anyone could have found you. Good thing it was us.” His hand began stroking up and down her thigh, making her already very damp quim let out another rush of wet.

His hand moved up higher, passing lightly over her mound, devoid of hair except for a small patch. Her breath came faster, matching those of the men around her. Patrick allowed his hand to pass over her again before resting just below her belly button.

“You haven’t thanked us yet, though,” Mark said, slightly harshly. “That’s not very polite.” His yakası escort hand moved from her hip to her breast, squeezing tightly before releasing her and grasping only the nipple. Her breath came quicker, both loving the feeling and slightly afraid. “But you can make it up to us,” he said, stretching the nipple before allowing it to fall back into place.

Patrick’s hand had now moved to brush against her clit before moving lower between her thighs, which had somehow fallen open. “Seems like she was just about to thank us properly,” he said with a soft groan as his finger slid through her sex before retreating. “She’s so wet, and we’ve barely touched her.”

She felt the bed move as Simon sat up slowly before disappearing under the blanket. She felt his hands a moment later as they slid up her calves, moving higher and higher until he reached her knees and wrenched them apart. A second more and she felt his hair brushing the insides of her thighs as his lips latched on to her clit.

Confused, incredibly turned on, and a little afraid, she attempted to kick him aside and push up, only to have his hands tighten on her thighs and push her down towards the bed, his lips never leaving her body. Patrick and Mark each grabbed one of her arms, effectively pinning her whole body to the bed. Patrick leaned down and whipped the duvet off them, leaving them all naked and with a great view of Simon laving her pussy.

“I really don’t think we should be doing this,” she said, her sentence trailing off as Simon’s tongue disappeared into her cunt, feeling longer than it should have. “I have a boyfriend.”

“Is that your only argument?” Patrick asked, chuckling. “Forget him. He obviously wasn’t looking after you properly if a simple bath made you so wet.” He leaned his head down, drawing a nipple into his mouth. On her other side Mark did the same, making a low groan escape her. She couldn’t think with so much stimulus. Almost as one, Patrick and Mark both grabbed her hands, wrapping her fingers around their dicks. They thrust once, then twice, then stilled. She began moving her hands on her own, jacking them both off as they continued to feast on her tits.

Mary’s back arched as an orgasm suddenly took hold, wringing more pleasure from her than she’d ever felt with Steve. She cried out, losing track of her hands as she focused on the feeling in her clit and nipples. She collapsed back on the bed, breathing hard, exhausted.

She closed her eyes, but quickly opened them again as she felt Simon shift between her legs, coming up on his knees and aligning his cock with her snatch. She struggled again as his dick, weeping precum, began to push inside her.

“Just let him do his thing,” Mark said, holding her arm again as Patrick did the same on the other side. “He loves eating pussy and nothing gets him harder. You’ll enjoy it”.

Mary stilled once more, knowing she couldn’t escape as Simon bottomed out, holding himself inside her. He didn’t move as she began to become accustomed to the beast splitting her open. He closed his eyes and pulled out until only the head was left inside. Opening them again, he stared down at her as he began to thrust, his movements getting faster until he was jack-hammering into her, making her think he’d be quick.

But the pounding continued, his dick stretching her out and filling her until she realized she was about to cum again. She gasped with every thrust, and Patrick hand drifted down her body, rubbing her clit quickly. Another moment and she went over the edge, her cunt pulsing around Simon until she felt him still, pushing in and feeling even larger, and a warmth flooded her insides. Simon groaned once then looked down at her with a smile before pulling out.

Patrick and Mark quickly moved to their knees, each reaching a hand down to her pussy and sloshing their fingers through the seed that had begun leaking from her. Using their hands covered in both Simon’s cum and her own as lube, they grabbed their cocks and started stroking quickly. Mary was stunned and remained still.

In a few short moments both men began panting, then groaning as first Mark then Patrick began spraying their cum over her stomach and tits. As jet after jet covered her, Simon reached down and played with her clit again, causing another small orgasm to shudder through her.

When they finished, they all looked down. As one, they began to rub their semen into her skin until she glistened from the tops of her thighs to her neck. Never had she felt anything like this. And heaven help her, she never wanted it to end. Her eyes closed as hands continued to massage her, then opened again as she heard a door open. She glanced back towards the bathroom, noticing Simon bending over to turn the water on to the tub.

He looked back towards her with a smirk and then moved towards her. Patrick and Mark moved off the bed as Simon advanced, then reached under her and lifted her again, swiftly carrying her toward the bath. He stepped in without putting her down and held her to him as he sat, recreating almost exactly ataköy escort how Patrick had held her earlier. The other two men quickly entered the tub with them, though neither moved closer than the edges.

Simon grabbed a washcloth and began wiping the cum from her body, starting first at her tits, moving to her stomach, and finishing at her cunt. When she was clean, he turned her to sit in his lap facing the other men.

“You know,” Mark said. “We still don’t know why you were out there.”

“I don’t know,” Mary whispered. “I think I was running from someone, but I can’t remember why, and then I must have hit my head.”

Patrick looked worried, then smiled devilishly. “We can figure all that out later. I think you’d recovered enough and based on the storm you’re not going anywhere for a few days.”

Simon moved his hands up to cover her breasts, stroking softly before pinching each nipple lightly. He spoke for the first time. “No matter the reason, she was behaving badly when she risked herself and made us worry. I think she needs to be taught a lesson.”

Simon quickly grabbed her hips and spun her around so her stomach rested over the side of the tub. He grasped both of her hands in one of his and used the other to keep her still while Mark and Patrick moved up behind her.

Mary jolted as she felt a palm connect with her ass, letting out a squeal. Another smack, then another, as the two men behind her took turns spanking her. It felt painful at first but after the first few she felt a warm tingle begin to take over. Three more smacks and she let out a low moan, feeling her cunt begin to drip again.

“I’m sorry,” she cried out as she thrust her ass back towards them, both desperate for her punishment to continue and to make it stop. “I’ll be careful where I go next time.”

“I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet,” Patrick said, spanking her one more time before thrusting two fingers in her hot snatch. Getting them wet he dragged them up to her tight rosebud, gently pushing one finger in to the first knuckle. “But we have lots of time to make sure you never do something so dangerous again.”

Patrick continued to move his finger in and out of her ass, withdrawing once completely before pushing two back in. Mary gasped. She’d never been fucked in the ass before and didn’t want to try it now. But a moment later Patrick removed both fingers and lined his cock up with her cunt. He thrust in quickly, having no trouble penetrating her completely. He stroked her twice more before withdrawing and moving back to her tighter hole, now well-lubricated.

Mary began to struggle; she’d seen and felt his cock in her hand and didn’t think she could take it. But as Simon held her down she had no choice as Patrick slowly began to penetrate her. She tried to relax but still cried out as his head popped inside her. It stung and she begged him to pull out. But as he continued to push his way inside, the sting began to fade. Mary slowed her struggles as she felt his pelvis flush against her backside and he held himself still.

“Fuck,” he moaned. “She’s so tight. It feels like she’s never had a cock stuffed up her ass before, at least not one this big. I can’t wait to unload inside her.”

Patrick began slowly thrusting, watching her tight hole grasp him as he pulled out, then draw him back in. He began to pick up his pace, then abruptly withdrew.

“Let’s get back to the bed,” he said. “She needs a proper pounding and I can’t do it in here.”

Simon released her and stepped out of the tub, turning and grabbing her under her arms and pulling her out. He swung her around, stepped back into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. Mark was already there, pulling her to lie over him as he lay on his back, then slammed her pussy down onto his cock. Patrick was at her back a second later, pushing her to down towards Mark’s chest as Patrick lined up with her ass again.

He pushed back in, this time quicker and immediately began to pump against her, driving her up and down Mark’s cock as well.

“Ugh,” Mark groaned. “She’s so tight like this. I’m not gonna last. She’s so wet.”

Mary glanced up as she felt something hit her cheek. Simon’s cock slapped against her lips a couple times before she opened them and he slid in, choking her slightly as he pushed towards the back of her throat. She moaned, then swallowed, deep throating him quickly, though it was an awkward angle.

“Jesus Christ! She’s airtight, boys,” Patrick said, as he continued to push his cock into her ass.

Mary moaned again, feeling overwhelmed but experiencing something like a high as these strange men continued to use all her holes. She backed off Simon as an orgasm rocked through her suddenly, screaming as her pussy and ass began to spasm.

A moment later Simon grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth back onto his dick, not stopped as she gagged. He began fucking her face, allowing her only seconds to breathe before continuing to hammer at her. A few moments later his face scrunched up and he let out a heavy sigh as his balls gave up their offering, spurting hard into her mouth. He held her on him and felt her throat swallowing his cum before releasing her. Mary continued to lick at his cock and moments later Patrick and Mark began to shout as first one and then the other began to pump their spunk inside her body.

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