The Sisterhood is the solution. Chapter 3 of 3

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The Sisterhood is the solution. Chapter 3 of 3
Melony squealed with pleasure as the strap-on was pushed deeper and deeper inside her. It was the first time she had been screwed by her new lover and long-time friend Sonya. In the other bedrooms their daughters were also making out enthusiastically. They had known each other for nearly twenty years without realising that each was bi and fancied the other something rotten. Now the gorgeous redhead who was the inspiration for much masturbation was vigorously screwing Sonya.

Cleo was in a sixty-nine with Christina who was munching on her pussy. Cleo however was giving a blow job as Christina was trans and had not gone a far as changing to female genitals. Part of the reason were the lips now surrounding the cock in question.

Lyndsey and Lucy were somewhat more conventional in their love making sitting facing each other kissing. Lynsey’s right leg was over Lucy right and Lucy’s left leg was over Lyndsey’s. that way they could get up close. Their hands were travelling everywhere. Lucy found Lyndsey arse hole and explored it a bit before pushing a finger in. this went down well so Lyndsey did the same for her lover.

The previous day they had moved in to a new large house so deep in the countryside that it needed a satellite dish to get high speed internet. They had neighbours but not ones close enough to see what went on. If they wanted to sunbathe naked, they could though in October nobody fancied giving it a go.

Both families were now living together now openly forming three couples. The point of the move was so that they could make new friends and acquaintances who would accept the new arrangements. Also, out here far from London Melony could easily afford a luxurious house that would have cost many millions closer to the metropolis. Sonya’s consultancy could operate from pretty much anywhere that had good internet hence the satellite connection. As a result, they were all happy.

Melony had a busy time since she admitted she was bi having discovered that her daughters and best friend were equally bi. Add to this that one of Sonya’s daughter was in a relationship with Melony’s and her other was transitioning to female but still was keeping up a relationship with Cleo. Or to put it simply now that Christian was Christina, they formed three happily Lezzy couples.

Sonya’s son now transforming into daughter, Christian/Christina came in dressed in nothing but a silk dressing gown. By now her breasts were a bit more than fried eggs though still small.

“Cleo is making coffee and is planning on trying out the crêpe pan. You two look happy.”

“We are. Out here nobody knows us so we can all be ourselves.” Melony had been brought up in a fundamentalist church that was very rigid and unforgiving. Having broken with it as it would not have accepted the person, she was the move made life a lot less stressful.

It took a very short while to sort things out and settle down. Two households becoming one should have made for difficulties but it didn’t. That Melony could afford to not sell the old house before buying the new made things so much easier.

One of the pleasures for all of them was that they were right out in the country not the more manicured countryside of the English Home counties. It was typical weather for an English October i.e. it couldn’t make up its mind whether to be summer or winter. Sonya and Melony decided to go for a walk since it was currently dry. They walked towards the village but along footpaths that connected up with another country lane.

Sonya didn’t know it but the route was deliberate. As they passed by a lovely half-timbered house, they spotted a couple of women working in the garden. Melony had already met them whilst staying in the local pub during one of her visits to select and buy the house.

Seb bahis siteleri was an odd name for a girl but there was no doubt she was all woman as her bust was impressively big. Seb’s friend and neighbour Cat was similarly well endowed. The four of them chatted for a while and Sonya and Melony accepted an invitation to come in and have a cuppa.

Whilst drinking their tea, each couple checked out the other and confirmed that all were into girls and were not that fussed about monogamy. One thing led to another and before long they were kissing. As they kissed, they lost bits of clothing a piece at a time. Sonya buried her face in Seb’s massive bust and Melony followed suit with Cat. Sonya suspected that her devious friend already knew about the girl’s orientation.

The rest of the clothing quickly followed and they were invited upstairs as the super king bed was far more comfortable. It quickly became apparent that Seb and Cat were very naughty girls for lying around were not just the dildoes, vibrators and butt plugs but the kinky clothing. PVC, leather and latex as well as a big collection of really tall boots and gloves.

Melony’s eyes lit up as another thing that she had never admitted to anyone not even Sonya was she liked the kinky clothes. Sonya saw her and laughed.

“I know that look, it’s the one you get when you admit to yourself how naughty you are, I guess you like this stuff.” Melony shyly admitted that she did but she also had a big smile on her face as Sonya was not in the least bothered.
“Hey great, want to try some on?” Mel nodded and was delighted to find that Cat wore size six shoes the same as her. A sexy patent leather black boot was eased on to her foot and then the zip slowly done up until nearly all her leg was encased in the shiny leather, the second followed suit. Next a pair of matching gloves went way above her elbows. All this was done with a fair amount of stroking and the odd kiss. Lyndsey had sat down in a wicker chair to watch and was playing with her fanny that was getting increasingly wet. Melony lay there with her fiery red hair surrounding her in the boots, gloves and nothing else.

Since this clearly turned Sonya on their hosts found some more boots and gloves. It was a matter of seconds before the others were similarly dressed since Sonya was also a size six. Only Seb was bigger at size eight but had her own clothes.

Seb was also in black patent leather whilst Sonya was in scarlet and Cat in burgundy. The four girls formed a square and each pleasured one of the others though the odd gloved hand found its way into another girls sensitive bits. Cat and Seb were talented at fingering and the cum count was high for all of them but particularly Sonya and Melony.
“I love your wonderful tits.” Commented Sonya as Seb’s were waved in her face.

“Mmm they are gorgeous.” Melony was a bit muffled as she was sucking Cats. Next they had fun with double dildoes the two couples lying side by side kissing the new friend they were screwing as they writhed on both ends of the dildoes.

This orgy of kinky pleasure took quite a while so when they got back to their new home the girls were getting quite worried about how long they had been. Explanations were given in some salacious detail. On discovering that their mothers had made new friends the girls were happy but wanted to meet them. A quick phone call and they agreed to meet with Seb and Cat down the pub. It was a real old-style English pub in a s*******nth century building with a large log fire.

As it was Sunday it was not too busy and the eight of them got a couple of tables around the fire. They kept the conversation innocuous in the pub but on the walk home in got raunchy. It was dark and quiet in the country lane so they stayed together to see Seb and Cat home. Once their they all bahis şirketleri came in for a coffee or some more booze. The girls were invited to try out some of the clothes. Christian was delighted to find that she and Seb were the same size. As for the others Cleo and Lyndsey were size five so the boots were a bit big on them but that was fine and Lucy was a six like her mother.

They never got home that night but proved that a super king could accommodate six provided they are really friendly and those girls were. Rubber and PVC gloves were really helpful when it comes to fisting. So, eight lube and glove encased hands got inserted everywhere that they would fir. The old oak floor boards certainly creaked that night.
As things settled down, they all got into the kinky clothes scene and acquired quite a collection of their own. Seb and Cat became fast friends and frequent lovers for all of them. One result of this friendship was they got increasingly adventurous.

A long solid coffee table proved a splendid place to lie whilst nice things were done to your crutch. Currently Melony was lying back on it naked other than white boots that went up the entire length of her legs and gloves that were the full length of her arms. Cat was eating her out dressed in just a tiny leather mini-skirt and tall button up boots.

“Heavens what a kinky lot we have become.” Said Melony after cummin for the third time, lying back too exhausted to get up. Across the room her daughters also wearing kinky gear were cuddled up to their girlfriends watching the show.
“When I have got my breath back, I want to show you something in the cellar.” Melony had been having an extension to the house that had included enlarging the cellar. None of the others knew quite why a small extra room had been added, but they were all about to find out the reason. They trailed down to the cellar all still dressed in kinky gear.

“All of you go through the door to the new room.” They did but found that they were no longer in the cellar but instead in rolling countryside but not in an English October. It was warm gorgeous balmy weather where being near naked was not a problem. At the other side were waiting Seb and Cat both naked and smiling broadly.

“Welcome to the Vale of the Sisterhood. As you probably have guessed, Melony knew that you would go through a portal to the Vale. Come with us as you will have a lot of question but I warn you some of the answers are going to be ‘that is just the way things are.’

But to answer one question I know you have been curious about I am called Seb, was because originally, I was male but had a choice of a sex change or possibly losing Cat. Its weird because I was reasonably happy being male but find I am not that fussed about being a girl. Though for you Christina it is going to be wonderful as you will have the best of both worlds as within the Vale when we want, we can become hermaphrodite. Not only will you still be able to fuck Cleo but she will be able to do the same for you.”

Whilst this speech was going in Seb had grown a very tasty big cock. The thought of being able to fuck Cleo had got Christina excited and her now small cock engorged and became much bigger even better beside it she had a pussy.
“Explanation can wait let start screwing with out new equipment.” Said Melony also sporting an engorged cock. Sonya without thinking dropped to her knees and started sucking it. Cleo gently pushed Christina over into a patch of lush long grass and climbed on top of her. It was a matter of seconds before they were locked together cock in cunt for both partners.

The others quickly followed enjoying for some the new experience of having both bits and to fill whilst being filled. Eight very lusty she-males screwed away at each other swapping partners and swapping illegal bahis holes. The eight rampant women did not take long to cum as they writhed about on the grass and until all had been satiated.
Eventually they continued on their way, following the stream, downhill, passed a water mill. They could see in the distance a group of buildings forming what looked like a small village.

“That is where we live when we are staying in the vale. The watermill incidentally powers a generator. We are not without modern conveniences despite appearances. Its is quite a culture shock for are older members who first came here before the days of electricity.” Said Seb

“Older members? How old exactly?” asked Cleo

“In some cases, many centuries. That is the lovely thing my darling time, bad weather and all the unpleasant things of the real world don’t exist here. In fact, as Sonya and I spend more time we will regress in age to your age. If we go back to the real world, we age again but can return here and reverse it. There is other weird shit as we can go back in time but not forward from our time. Don’t ask me how we don’t know but we do use it. That is how Melony got the extension done so quickly. From your viewpoint she bought the house back in early spring and had the work started then. Oh, by the way we get big tits as well as lovely cocks.” Melony had a dreamy look on her face.

They walked down to the inhabited area which consisted of a number of low single-story building with a larger one in the centre of the green. It was this bigger building to which they were led. Inside it turned out to be some kind of feasting hall with the perimeter surrounded by wide couches. A low raised area in the middle had another couch on which was reclining a woman naked except for crutch high cream leather boots. The woman had her legs spread wide open and between those legs was another woman happily sucking on her labia.

“Hello I am Siobhan, the nearest we have to a leader. The pussy muncher is Jane but as you can see she is busy. Ooh don’t stop that is really rather nice. Lie down on a couch and enjoy yourselves whilst I explain what this place is.”

They all lay down on couches in their couples and fondled each other whilst Siobhan explained about the Vale of the Sisterhood. It was a strange and wonderful place outside time but moving with it. Only women could exist there for any time, male visitors when they left became vaguer and then forgot about their visit. Inside only those women who were temperamentally suited to being members could normally be members. Temperamentally suited meant bi and highly sexed and their bodies adjusted to this condition. Other more conventual women reacted like men going vague and forgetting their visit.

“Somehow I don’t think you lot are going to forget. Melony is right your naturals for this place. I understand Christina that you are undergoing transition to a female body that matches your female soul.”

“That is right my lady.”

“Technically I suppose I am entitled to be called that since my husband was a knight but I have not used the title since I came part of the sisterhood over five hundred years before your present. I am one of the few who never visits the outside world.”

“Then the answer is yes Siobhan and you put things in such a wonderful way I like the description of being a female soul. I must admit though that I didn’t want to lose my cock and neither did Cleo.”

By this stage Cleo was sitting on Christina lap with the said cock nestling deep inside her fanny. Cleo was rocking back and forth gently with a vacant happy look on her face. The others were lying around gently playing with each other, not sufficiently to get so excited that they wouldn’t follow the conversation but giving sexual pleasure in any case.

“As I know you have discovered now you won’t have too and can also receive the same pleasure as well. Yes my dears this is very much the place for you. The outside world presented problems; I don’t think that there is any doubt that for you the Sisterhood is the solution.

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