The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 08

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Asian Cute

One warm summer evening, I was working on the computer and Penny came up and kissed me on the cheek and said,

“I’m going out for a walk around the park and the village just to get some fresh air.”

“Sure you’re not out to get some dick, too?” I replied.

“Just air, asshole, just air. I’ll be back in a half hour or so,” came the retort.

“Be careful. You know that there are a lot of horny geezers stalking old pussy in the park.”

“Nice” she answered.

The way she was dressed was consistent with a nighttime summer stroll. She was wearing exercise shorts, her sports bra with a sleeveless shirt over the top and her usual nikes.

After 30 minutes, she hadn’t come home yet but this wasn’t unusual. She usually gets involved with some meaningless chit-chat which may take up an hour. She wasn’t home after a couple of hours and I was getting concerned. At three hours, I was just about to go out looking for her and calling the cops.

Then all of a sudden, she comes staggering in the front door. Her hair is matted and a mess. Her face is covered with a sticky liquid. She’s holding her sports bra and her panties and her exercise shorts are soaked in the groin and there is cum dripping onto the hardwood floor.

“What the Fuck?”

“Get me some water, I need some water,” she begged.

I ran into the kitchen to get some water and she staggered into the shower.

I took the ice water into the bathroom and laid it on the counter.

“What the hell happened to you? I thought you were only going out for a walk.”

“I don’t know what the hell happened. I was walking along minding my own business and these two guys… I’ve got to get this cum out of my hair…Gawd, my ass and pussy hurt like hell…”

“Do I need to take you to the hospital and call the police?”

“No, I’m all right, I think. I’ll tell you all about it after I get out of the shower. Make me a Manhattan. I need a stiff drink.”

I did as I was told and was waiting for her in the bedroom when she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing her thick robe and a towel was wrapped around her head.

She took a long swig of the cocktail.

“Christ, I needed that.”

“Are you sure we don’t need to go to the hospital?”

“No, no but you won’t believe what happened to me tonight.”

“Judging from your appearance and the mess you made, I wouldn’t count on it.”

“I was just walking by the Franklin Inn in the village ( The Franklin Inn is the super posh place that visitors can stay while visiting the village. It costs $400-$500 per night and has the only 5 star restaurant in the state.). I was in the gardens. I was aware of some of the hanky panky that goes on in there but I wasn’t prepared for this.”


“I hear these voices whispering behind me. Before I can turn around, a pillow case was thrown over my head and two men had grabbed my arms and pulled me into the inn.”

“Did you scream?”

“I was too startled to scream and it happened so fast.”

“Sure, like I believe that.” I said with a great deal of sarcasm.

“Look, Motherfucker, it’s the goddamn truth.”

“If it’s the truth, why don’t you want to go to the hospital and call the police?”

“Let me go on and you’ll see why.”


“They took me into one of the Inn’s first floor rooms near the door that they drug me through and as soon as I was in the room they ripped off the T-shirt and shorts an threw me on the bed face down. I heard two other voices in the room. I was terrified. One guy held my face in the mattress while they spreadeagled me and bound me up.”

“You still didn’t try to scream?”

“I was trying but everything was muffled by the mattress. After I was tied down, they pulled my head up and inserted one of those ball gags in my mouth. They also put a blindfold on me. I was able to move my head and hear everything but I couldn’t move anything else and couldn’t see.”

“How many were in the room?”

“There were definitely 4. At this point they cut off my bra and panties. I thought I was going to have a heart attack from my panic but then one of them started licking my pussy from behind. I was squirming trying to resist but he kept tonguing me.”


“He stopped and I heard this guy say, “For an old bitch, she tastes pretty damn good.”Another voice said, “I told you I could pick ’em. It’s my turn.” Then I felt another tongue start. It was much more velvety and this guy started nibbling on my pussy lips.”

“Were you still squirming?”


“Uhhh no,” She said sheepishly.

“You were beginning to enjoy it, right?

She nodded slightly.

“Go on”

“They all took turns licking my snatch and two of them rimmed me. I’m afraid I started getting into it. When they saw I had relaxed, they flipped me on my back and tied me down again. Then they all went to alternating licking my pussy and clit. One guy would gently lick my clit and the next guy would suck on it and they all finger kartal escort fucked me.”

“What did you do?”

“What could I do? I heard one guy say, “Look, she loves it. She’s moaning. Keep eating that pussy, Betcha she’ll cum.””

“Did you cum?”

“Yeah hard, especially after Velvet Tongue started tongue fucking me and two of the other guys were sucking and biting my tits. I came 5 or 6 times and I was a mass of jelly.”

“That’s my wife”

“”One guy whispering in my ear asked if I was going to scream. I shook my head no. He took out the gag and planted his open mouth on mine and I started sucking his tongue.”

I was starting to get turned on from this story.

“Another guy said, “She’s kissing him, fuck her, fuck her. Somebody then gently pushed his stiff cock inside my pussy and started pumping me. The kisser withdrew his tongue and someone pushed their cock into my mouth from the side. It was a huge velvety knob and tasted great.”

She continued, “The guy took his cock out of my mouth and I said that I wanted them to all fuck me and fuck me hard but I wanted to see them drive their cocks deep into my pussy. They immediately took off my mask and unfastened my restraints. I didn’t recognize any of them, They were all strangers but I just wanted to fuck.”

I was gently caressing my cock at this point. and I could see one of her tits through the opening of her bathrobe. Her nipple was erect.

“The guy that was pumping me pulled out and the biggest guy rolled me on my hands and knees and started fucking me from behind while rubbing my clit. His dick was huge. One was under me sucking and squeezing my undulating tits and a third was fucking my mouth. The fourth guy was just talking, “Listen to that moaning, she’s going to lose it again.” Big Dick was pounding my twot and I lost it again.”

At this point, Penny started caressing my dick through my pants.

“I collapsed and rolled on my back. I couldn’t even tell you what these guys looked like. My legs were pinned up in the air and this guy who had a really fat cock with a big nut sack pushed it inside of me. All he said was “I’m going to drain my balls inside your pussy” He was pumping me hard and his cock was so thick that I felt every vein pulsing inside me. I was screaming “Fuck Me, Fuck me, Fuck Me”. He flooded me with cum.”

I was hard now and Penny had unfastened my pants and started sucking on my dick. She stopped long enough to continue the story.

“He pulled out of my cunt with cum leaking everywhere. I had to taste his cum so I licked him clean. I pulled another guy over to the bed and made him lay down. I sucked him for a bit and then mounted him reverse cowboy. He remarked that I was a great fuck for a gilf. While I was riding his shaft, he was teasing my anus with his finger. I really started riding him hard and he started yelling that he was cumming and he shot another hot load inside of my pussy.

Penny was now deftly licking my cock tip with her tongue and sliding her mouth up and down my shaft. I was rock hard but she expertly squeezed my dick to keep my cum at bay.

“Big Dick then mounted me and started fucking me senseless. One of them held my head up so I could see his huge cock plunging in and out of my pussy. I came three times and he painted my pussy with an enormous amount of semen. I wanted to taste his cum so I slid my fingers inside my pussy to gather some cum to lick. You should have seen they’re faces when I was licking my fingers making yummy sounds. The bed was just soaked with cum from my snatch but the fourth guy entered me from behind and blew his load too. Fat Dick was hard again and began fucking my face. He was holding my head and pushing his cock down my throat. Suddenly he roared and shot a load of cum on my face and hair.”

At this point, Penny had her bathrobe around her waist and I was sucking on her tits and stroking her pussy.

“I thought I was pretty much fucked out but Big Dick rolled on his back and made me sit on his cock. He pulled me forward towards his chest and someone got behind me and pushed his lubed dick into my anus. I had these two big throbbing cocks inside me. I don’t know how but I came instantly, again and again. Big Dick looked me straight in the eye and said, You really love getting fucked in the ass, doncha, you filthy slut?” The guy fucking my ass shot his hot semen in my pooper. After he pulled out, Big Dick rolled me over again, pinned my legs back and fucked me hard and soaked my pussy again. Like a total slut I licked the hot cum off his dripping dick.”

Penny’s nipples were hard as rocks and her face and chest were as flushed now as when she first got home covered in cum. I had already removed my clothes and had my face in her pussy licking out any residual cum from her gang bang. Re-living the earlier events of the evening had also left her clit swollen and sensitive. When I started sucking and nibbling her clit she arched her back and violently bucked,

“No, no, no, NO, NOT kurtköy escort AGAIN,” She screamed.

She shuddered and quivered for several minutes but I mounted her and slid my cock into pulsating pussy and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

My cum had been burning a hole in my gut for what seemed like an eternity and I knew that my ejaculation was going to be immense. I could feel the massive throbbing in my dick growing more and more painful and the cum needed to blow out of my knob before I exploded.


We laid there after my convulsions had subsided. She stroked me and kissed me and said,

“Leave it to you to shoot the biggest wave of cum inside me.”

The Franklin Inn had been a source of entertainment for us on several occasions. I had told you about my public liaisons with Kay. I hadn’t heard from Kay in a couple of weeks and I had just figured she was out of town on vacation. I was out taking a walk one summer evening and was walking in the Inn’s gardens. From behind, I saw a shadow standing looking at and smelling some of the tall flowers. It was a full-figured woman just like Kay, her hair looked just like Kay. She wasn’t wearing a sun dress but she had a little black dress that ended just below the knee. Her outfit was made complete by spaghetti strap high heeled sandals. I was convinced it was Kay.

I silently walked up behind her and embraced her from behind and started nibbling on the nape of her neck on the right side. My embrace entailed me grasping her left breast and sliding my right hand under her dress, inside her panties and caressing her pussy.

I whispered in her ear, “I’ve missed you so much, baby, I crave your pussy.”

Then it hit me, The breast was smaller. Her pussy was different. This woman was wearing an expensive exotic cologne. It wasn’t Kay. I was groping a stranger. Panic was setting in. How am I going to explain this? I’m going to be arrested.

The unexpected happened. The woman didn’t scream. She didn’t try to get away. Without a sound, with her right hand she reached behind and pulled my head in tighter to her neck. She placed her left hand on top of mine on her breast and pushed it hard on her tit.

She leaned backward into me and she wanted me to continue caressing her pussy. I could feel her getting really wet. We continued this erotic dance for a little while and then she slowly began to turn around to face me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and our open mouths met. It was one of the most erotic kisses, I’ve ever had.

She softly spoke. She had a slight but noticeable accent.

“Come with me” was all she said with a naughty smile. She lightly stroked my cock through my pants and took my hand. We went through the side door of the Inn, casually over to the elevator and rode up the slow elevator to the second floor. During the ride, we were tightly wrapped together in an erotic tongue swapping kiss. We exited on the second floor and I followed her to her room. She kissed me as she opened the door. We stepped inside and shut the door.

We embraced in the room and deeply kissed. She wanted me to undress her. I unzipped her little black dress and it fell to the floor. Her bra and panties were black sheer showed her magnificent body. Her breasts were luscious C cups with huge dark nipples. They reflected her ascent to middle-age but she was amazing. Her muff had been trimmed but it was still full and luxurious. Her appearance was different from Kay. She was exotic and olive-skinned. I thought she was Mediterranean in origin. Her hair was black with a few streaks of silver. Her nose was a little oversized but I have never seen a more erotic woman in my life.

In an embrace, I unfastened her bra and it fell away. She said,

“Let me help you relieve you of your accoutrements, darling.” and she slowly removed my shirt while licking, caressing and nibbling my chest and abdomen. She unfastened my pants and let my pants drop to the floor. She took my engorged dick in her hand and purred,

“Darling, I love a man with a lot of body hair. Your penis is gorgeous with all that soft hair. You are going to fill me with all your love, No?”

She then started caressing my balls while licking my penis tip. She was obviously savoring my pre cum. She wrapped her lips around my cock and began sliding up and down on it. She would stop after a bit and lick around my balls. She was amazing. When my cock began to really throb, she would gently but forcibly grasp it around the base to keep me from cumming.

I took her hand and brought her to her feet. We went to the bed and she laid down on her tummy. I started to gently caress, lick and nibble her neck, back, derriere and the backs of her thighs. She was moaning and savoring every time I touched her.

“Ooooh, baby, that’s so wonderful, give me all your love.” She kept repeating in her sexy erotic whisper.

She rolled over on her back. We had maltepe escort another long tongue swapping kiss in a tight embrace. I began to caress, lick and nibble her front side paying attention to her tits.

Her nipples were rock hard and delicious. She pulled my head in tight when I was licking all around her areolae and under her breasts.

I eventually made it to her magnificent pussy and slowly caressed it and gently probed her wet vagina with my fingers. She was really savoring the sensations and loudly moaning. I placed my head between her soft and smooth thighs and began probing her pussy with my tongue. She lightly grasped my head,

“Send me away, darling, send me away,” she begged.

I found her clitoris and began making love to it with my mouth. Her relaxed body began to really tense up when I gently sucked on her fully erect sex. I would back off when her tension subsided but I would soon bring her to higher levels. I alternated this with some sensuous tongue fucking. I eventually got her to the edge.

“I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming. AAAAHHHHHHHHH.” she breathlessly moaned as she arched her back and shuddered. She had grabbed my hair and pulled hard but feeling her cum was glorious.

I slowly disengaged from her pussy. She was holding my forearms tight as she continued to shudder and shake.

We rested momentarily and I rolled her on her hands and knees. She knew what was going to happen next. I got in behind her and started teasing her pussy lips with the tip of my cock. She took my cock and pushed it deep inside of her. She gasped when I pushed it fully in. We started pumping. I was simultaneously stroking her still swollen clit. The sounds of our flesh slapping were intoxicating to both of us. We were were both thrusting harder and harder. I had placed my hands on her shoulders and was pulling with all my strength to drive my dick in all the way to her neck.

“Fuck me, baby, right there, more, more, deeper, fuck me, please fuck me, harder, harder.” She begged.

I was getting ready to blow but I didn’t want to yet. I kegeled really hard and withdrew my cock. I rolled her over on her back and she pulled her legs back to give me full access to her sopping vagina. I slid my cock inside her again and pushed her thighs to the mattress and really began to drive my cock. She was looking at our carnal maelstrom in the mirror. We were bouncing the bed and she could see my rock hard dick pump deep in her furiously from tip to balls.

I had no intention of pulling out and I wasn’t going to give her the option. My cum was really burning and swelling inside of me. It needed to escape and there was only one place I was going to shoot it. She could really feel my throbbing cock and swollen knob stroking her cunt.

She wanted my cum and she got it, every last drop.

“AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGUUUUUUUHHHHH” as I shot innumerable ropes of sweet sticky seed inside of her.

We collapsed in exhaustion and laid there in silence but we stroked and kissed each other. She leaned over and licked the cum still draining from my dick.

When she was ready she introduced herself,

“Darling, My name is Marta,” She chirped.

“My name is Jack, Marta,” I replied, ” I have never had such a magnificent introduction before.”

“Nor have I” She laughed

“I have just one question, Why?” I asked.

“Well, I had had heard the staff talking about the garden being the local erotic meeting place. Apparently, they had witnessed a lot of people having sex in the garden.”

“I bet” I laughed.

She continued, “I began having an erotic fantasy and I dressed up just to play out the fantasy in my mind. Suddenly, you arrived. Your timing was impeccable. I wasn’t going to stop that and I’m ecstatic that I didn’t. I have just one more thing to say.”

“What’s that?”

“Please fuck me again, Jack.”

I went down on her and cleaned her pussy with my tongue and she orgasmed hard. We, then went to a loving missionary position and we both pumped enthusiastically and perfectly until I came inside her perfect pussy again.

We rested up for a little bit and then she said,

“Jack, Darling, I think you need to go now. I’m expecting my husband shortly. Before you go let me give you something.”

I was then I first noticed the big rock and wedding band on her left hand. She wrote something on a piece of paper. It was an e-mail address.

“I come back here frequently. Please set up this e-mail address on G-mail and I will send you the time and details of my visits so we can continue this wonderful experience.”

“Absolutely, my darling.”

I kissed her goodbye, took the paper and quietly left.

I did as I was asked and I got several e-mails from Marta over the course of three months. She would be returning in another three months, alone. Our second love-making session was even more intense and,thankfully, lasted much longer however I was in for a big surprise.

About a week after Marta had come and gone, Penny and I were in bed. I was halfway asleep and Penny was reading a new murder mystery that she had bought at the independent village book store. Suddenly she stopped and put the book down and reached around me and started stroking my cock.

“What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?” I queried.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32