The Seduction of Elena

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I am the youngest sister of three large, handsome brothers. Mom and Dad were thrilled when I came along after starting a family with three sons. I’ve always been a bit of a tease and very spoiled by Mom and Dad, and especially my three gorgeous brothers.

My oldest brother Jason is the ‘star’ of the family, always achieving high honors in high school and college, prom king, and star of the college football team. Naturally, he always had lots of girl friends. He’s 24, with Dad’s black hair and brown eyes. He’s 6’1 and 195 pounds with very muscular shoulders, arms and legs. He is engaged to a beautiful woman named Amanda, who still lives with her mom. Jason lives off campus with my two other brothers, Sam and Marcus.

Sam is 22 and finishing his last year of college. He’s an art major, free and wild but focused on his goals. He looks more like Mom and me, with strawberry blonde, wavy hair past his shoulders and intense blue eyes. He is shorter than Jason by 3 inches and thinner, but also hard and firm in all the right places.

Sam has always been my favorite. Until he moved out to attend college, I used to crawl in Sam’s bed when I needed some comfort. He always stroked me and whispered how lovely I was. I knew this was wrong, but Sam comforted me in ways no boyfriend ever could.

Marcus is 19, almost 20, and in his first year of college. He was only 18 months old when I was born, so we were raised as babies together. He has Dad and Jason’s looks, tall, dark and handsome. He is very physical and intelligent. He doesn’t know what he wants to do yet, but something to do with sports.

Mom and Dad are thrilled all three boys share the same apartment off campus, just four hours from our hometown. It’s easier on the budget, and also to keep in touch. It was spring, my last year of high school. I had just turned 18 and was about to spend a weekend with my brothers, without Mom and Dad. I was excited at the thought of being a baby sister again. I missed them. I planned on a wild weekend!

I packed after school on Friday. Looking through my closet, I scowled at my clothes. I wanted to look more grown up, and wondered what to take. Would my brothers want to show me off, or would they be embarrassed by me? I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror behind my door. My strawberry blonde hair was halfway down my back. It is wavy like Sam’s. My eyes are green, and I have a splattering of freckles across my upturned nose. My cheeks are full, as were my lush red lips. I turned to the side, checking out my ass. It was very wide, emphasized by a narrow waist. Like my mother, my breasts are large and full, although of course still very firm. I was shorter than Mom, standing only 5’4, definitely the baby of the family. I grabbed some tight knit v-necks and jeans and threw them carelessly in the small suitcase. Going though my drawers I found my tiny, frilly panties and some lacey bras. I hoped these would make me look very mature and attractive to fit in with my brothers!

Fingering the soft material of my underwear, I wondered who would be touching them besides me. My heart beat in anticipation. I thought back to the days when we all lived under this roof. I was a tomboy through elementary and middle school. My brothers taught me to play hard like the boys, football, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball. I’ve always been very athletic and firm. In seventh and eight grades, my body began changing: hips and breasts filling out, and the rest slightly softer. Being in high school, my brothers definitely took notice.

I adored the attention and would walk past their bedrooms in a little towel after showering. I’d leave it open a crack so they got a glimpse of my pussy. I’d bend over and pick up my clothes, letting the towel slip down a bit in the front to let them see my cleavage, or turn around and bend over to allow them a glance of my round ass.

Sam especially liked my body. When we were sunbathing, he would rub lotion all around me, making sure to slip his hands around to my breasts and under the tiny elastic of my rump. My reaction was to giggle and move my body around, slapping him away. He would smile but he always had a bulge under his shorts and would stroke it a little, smiling at me. I would blush and bury my face in my arms, knowing he was still looking at my barely covered rump and nude back and legs. Sam always made me wet. Jason and Marcus would watch us from the window but they never tried anything with me or mentioned anything to our parents when they got home from work.

After packing, I called Mom up at work to let her know I was ready. She came home and drove me to the bus station. I said goodbye, giving Mom a peck on the cheek, and boarded the bus. It was an almost five-hour trip, and I slept a couple of hours on the way there. I got off the bus and there was Sam and a girl I had never seen before. She was taller than me, Oriental, and very beautiful. Her hair was long and very straight and black. Her eyes were almost as black and exotic looking. Her lips and breasts were as full as mine, though a little illegal bahis larger. She was perfect. I was jealous. I know I shouldn’t be jealous…he was my brother, after all, but I felt like an ugly duckling next to her.

Sam wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug and whispered, “Quit pouting, doll baby, she’s just a friend…and she prefers women!” Sam winked at me.

I laughed, although uncertainly. Was he trying to ease my jealousy, or could he actually be serious? I pushed him away and offered my hand to her. Sam introduced us.

“Venus, this is my baby sister Elena, Elena –Venus.” Sam put his arms around both of us as we shook hands. Her hand was soft and she had long, delicate fingers. Her handshake was almost a caress, and it sent a tiny shiver down my spine.

“Nice to finally meet you, Elena. Sam has told me what a lovely sister he has. I was very much looking forward to meeting you.”

I saw a soft smile on Venus’ lips as she looked at me. I glanced at Sam and saw a look of worry on his face. Sam had known Venus since the first day they had started together as art students, but as far as intimacy, I didn’t know where they stood. Now, however, I was really thinking that he had NOT been kidding.


It was late when we pulled into the parking space at the apartment complex where my brothers lived. It had been a half-hour ride in Sam’s pick up truck. I was nestled snuggly between Sam and Venus. Venus was down to earth and nice, and my jealousy was quickly gone. It helped that Sam had been pressing his muscular leg into mine the entire time, with an occasional brush against my breast or inner thigh. I wondered if Venus had noticed? If she had, she hadn’t given any clue. We walked into the apartment, which had two bedrooms. Jason had the master bedroom, Sam the smaller bedroom, and Marcus slept on the pull out sofa in the living room. There was one bathroom, a small kitchenette and a small dining room. There was a large balcony that faced a patch of woods. It was furnished with odd and ends.

“Elena, take my bed,” Sam told me. “Venus lives far off campus, so I hope you don’t mind if she shares the bed with you. I’ll sleep out here with Marcus.”

“Um, well, of course not,” I said uncertainly. I had still not made up my mind about him kidding or not. But I didn’t want to make waves so soon. They both just smiled pleasantly.

I put my overnight bag in Sam’s room and returned to the living room. Venus was sitting on the couch, her long, tan legs folded under her. It was hot and she had changed into tiny pink shorts with a matching camisole style top. Her black hair was draped over her shoulders. Sam was in the kitchen mixing drinks. Marcus was slumped in the chair listening to music. He was grinning at me in that Marcus way, so I scrunched my nose up at him.

“What?” I glared at him.

“Oh nothing,” he replied, grinning like an idiot. I rolled my eyes at him. Marcus and I always have had a real brother and sister relationship, complete with fights, teasing and rivalry. We still hadn’t quite got past the stage where we both thought the other was a complete dufus.

I sat next to Venus as Sam brought us our drinks. The four of us played some board games, sipped drinks and had an enjoyable evening. I looked at Sam with an alcohol-induced buzz and realized how sexy and handsome he was. I wished he wasn’t my brother. I wanted him. Jason had called earlier to say he was spending the night at his fiancée’s, and the two would join us late morning for a hike on the mountain trails.

Sam hugged me good night and went to retire in Jason’s room. Marcus was on the balcony with headphones on, listening to his music. They both had been acting odd all evening, like they knew something I didn’t know. They had sly but worried looks on their faces. Maybe they were worried about how I would act around them, especially Sam. I was determined not to embarrass him.

I washed up in the bathroom and walked across the hallway to Sam’s room. I wish Sam had been in there undressing rather than Venus. But there she was, back arched, bending over, taking off her pink shorts. Her top was already off. Her body was different than mine. She was longer and leaner, more dark and exotic while I was fair with red hair. My skin was creamy white compared to her deep tan. Our long hair, full asses and breasts were our similarities.

“Which side of the bed would you like, Elena?” she motioned to the double bed.

“Either,” I replied. I was sleepy and a little drunk from our night’s activities.

I took my clothes off and put on a cute little baby doll nightie I had brought from home. It was light blue and trimmed with lace. It barely covered my breasts and ass. I turned to see Venus looking at me as she rubbed lotion on her thighs. She methodically spread the oily lotion all over her body. She started with her painted toe nails, up her feet to her ankles, calves, knees and thighs, and then she laid down across the bed. She rubbed the lightly scented oil all around her belly and close to her shaven pussy. Hmm, that illegal bahis siteleri was something else that was different. I had a fine, downy layering around my pussy. She finished with her arms, shoulders, neck and breasts. I was just about to get into my side when she plopped over and asked if I would rub it on her back. I got on the bed on my knees, bending over, my breasts hanging, almost touching her very lean back, and rubbed the oil in her dark skin. The oil smelled so good and it felt so soft on my fingers as covered Venus’s body. I hesitated at the sight of her naked butt. I couldn’t touch her there, could I?

“Elena, would you mind doing my ass and the back of my legs sweetie?” she purred.

I did, though I was so embarrassed as my fingers felt the softness of her fatty flesh. An outline of her bikini was very low. Her creamy ass was so soft. I massaged the oil in her skin and accidentally slipped my fingers inside her crack. She moaned. I quickly moved my fingers and reached down the back of her legs rubbing and rubbing. Venus was obviously turned on, her hips started moving a little bit up and down. I was horrified! What was I doing? I was getting very hot and I shouldn’t! I’m not bi. I don’t like women except as friends. I knew I had to get out of there. I ran out of the room, slamming the door shut! Sam was in the living room and motioned me to sit next to him on the couch.

“What’s the matter baby?” He looked concerned, putting his arm around me. All he had on was his shorts, and his chest and arms were muscular. He was so sexy. I nestled into him.

My nightie was crooked, so one breast was barely covered and my pubic hair was sticking out a little. Sam began to breathe harder. I felt his heat, his sexuality, and I could tell he was raw with lust for his little sister. I rubbed my breasts against his arms and rubbed his crotch with my ass.

Responding to my light insinuations, he began to kiss my neck, my shoulders, and he slipped his hand between my plump thighs, resting it on my pussy. I was so wet when he dipped his finger inside my vagina and brought it out, oh so slowly, licking his finger. I wanted him so badly, but I knew it was so wrong! This was my brother who was only four years older than me. He kissed me while putting his other hand under my nightie, reaching up to fondle my breast. He groaned and I kissed him back, my tongue hungrily finding his. He took his other hand and deeply inserted two fingers up into my burning pussy. He pulled them out as I ground myself against his hand. He stopped kissing me and inserted the two fingers, wet with my pussy juice, onto my lips. I tasted myself. I licked every part of his fingers off with my tongue and then sucked his two fingers.

“You like that babe,” Sam whispered in my ear.

“Yes, I want more,” I admitted, and I kissed him again.

Suddenly he came to his senses. He started to pull away, but I clung to him, trying to force my tongue into his mouth, my breast against his hand.

“Elena, we can’t do this! I’m your brother!” he pulled me up forcefully off the couch and guided my shoulders to his bedroom. I let my body slump backwards into his, pressing my barely covered ass into him. He groaned once more, turned the doorknob, opened the door slowly and pushed me into the room.

“One of us has to be strong for the both of us, and I’m the older brother. Good night Elena, see you in the morning,” he sighed walked out shutting the door behind him.

I walked into the dark room. Venus had one candle lit on the dresser. She had thankfully fallen asleep and was laying on her tummy, her ass sticking up into the air. Her black hair was all over the place. I blew out the candle and slid into bed, pulled a sheet over me and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke with a start! The room was pretty dark, but something felt strange. I looked over at Venus, who was inches away, smiling at me. She was laying on her side, her breasts squeezed together. One of her arms nestled between her long, narrow thighs, rubbing herself…the other arm was between my plump thighs. I was on my side, my full breasts just touching hers. Our nipples were hard and she was rubbing her nipples into mine, but barely touching, almost like a tease. It felt so good but it was so wrong! I felt her fingers where Sam’s fingers had been only a couple of hours ago and realized I was moving my pussy into her hand. My hip was involuntarily grinding into her fingers. She kissed me so gently, her full lips closed, our tongues not yet touching. It felt so good, but no!

“Venus I can’t do this!” I cried out, pulling away from her. “Even if… I like men!” I insisted, hardly knowing what I was babbling to her. “I’m not a lesbian, and I hate you for doing this to me!”

Venus sighed sadly and turned around, the sheet barely covering her ass, her long back exposed. She pulled up her hair and wrapped it around near her head.

“Good night, Elena,” she said wearily. “We need sleep for tomorrow. I’m sorry I woke you up.”

I was too overcome with emotions to even speak. I canlı bahis siteleri slumped down into my pillow and stared up into the darkness, wondering why I had even bothered coming this weekend. It was ending up in disaster. I wiped a tear from my eye, and finally drifted again off to sleep.


We had a lovely day hiking. Last night’s events were not discussed, and Jason and his fiancé were not aware of the sexual energy of the night before. Marcus still had that stupid-silly grin on his face and Sam looked rather disturbed and worried. But the hike in the woods was refreshing and we arrived home in the early evening thoroughly exhausted. All these dirty, hot, sweaty people and one shower!

Marcus showered first, taking such a long time. Sam jumped in after he was done, and the love birds showered together next. We were running out of hot water and Venus and I still had to take ours.

“I guess we should shower together Elena, since the hot water is running out,” Venus said casually. She didn’t even look at me.

She walked into the bathroom. After a moment, I followed. I didn’t want to do this, but I felt so sweaty and dirty I couldn’t stand waiting one more minute. Besides, she must have gotten the message last night.

The bathroom was steamy from all the showers and Venus was slowly taking her clothes off. She was sweaty also, dirt and little pieces of leaves in her hair. I undressed quickly, turning my back to her, trying to hurry so Venus would stop looking at me. When I took off my T-shirt, Venus undid my bra clasp from behind. I stood like a rock for a moment, and then I turned around. Both of us were totally nude and our breasts were very near to each other’s. I had to tear my eyes away from hers.

I leaned over and turned on the shower. I hopped in quickly. Venus stepped in, pulling the shower door closed. The water was warm, but not hot, and I knew it would be getting cold quickly. Venus suggested we wash each other’s backs to hurry the process along. I washed her back first with the sponge, pouring some body wash on the pink sponge. She held her wet hair up over her head as I washed her back. She turned around and smiled.

“Now it’s your turn, dear Elena,” and she pushed me under the water. I got my hair wet and she grabbed the shampoo and started washing my hair. It felt nice, the way my mommy would wash it when I was a little girl. Venus stood behind me and I could feel her breasts on my back while her hands danced around my scalp. She kissed me on the back of my bent neck. I sighed deeply, fully relaxed. She finished with my long hair and I rinsed.

She picked up the sponge, pouring some soap on it, and began to wash her body. She lathered her long legs, up around her belly, her voluptuous breasts, her long neck and around her wide shoulders. She lifted her arms one at a time, scrubbing her shaved arm pits and then up and down each arm, her pert nipples bobbing enticingly. I stood and watched, still under the water. She reached over to me and started to wash my shoulders, my arms and my breasts, going lower to my tummy and then my pubic hair. I was mute, unable to protest. I spread my legs apart a little as she reached under me and began washing my pussy with the sponge.

I looked at her in the eye and she smiled so slightly, her oriental eyes twinkling with laughter, her full lips parted as she leaned over and kissed me. I melted. I reached out to her and massaged her still soapy breasts very gently. They were so heavy and weighted. Venus sighed and kissed me slightly harder, dropping the sponge and sliding her soapy finger up to my clit and massaged the now hard little spot of pleasure. I moaned as we kissed. I stopped massaging her breasts and slid my hands from the side of her breasts, over her smooth waist, down around her hips, finally resting my soapy hands on her butt cheeks. Our round and large breasts were touching ever so slightly. My nipples were pressed lightly against Venus’s very large nipples. Venus took her finger off my clit and clutched my ass cheeks, pulling them apart as she kissed me harder, moving her soapy and hard nipples with more firmness against my own pink nipples. She pressed her shaven pussy into mine. We were both very soapy and slippery as we pressed and slid into each other, now kissing with more passion and abandonment. I had totally given in to my secret desires.

I felt as if I would explode in orgasm any minute when she slid her soapy finger inside the crack of my large ass and pushed her finger into my asshole, her other hand rubbing my clit faster and faster. My legs were stretching as I stood holding on to her nice ass, feeling her finger go in and out of my asshole. I kissed her harder and pressed my pussy into her fingers as she finger fucked my ass. I tried to scream but her lips covered mine, her tongue forcefully pressing into my tongue. All I could do was moan and hold her ass with my one hand, rubbed my breasts forcefully against hers, while I grabbed her long black hair with the other hand. I pulled it back and her neck went back. I kissed the front of her neck as I pushed with one last thrust into her finger on my clit, felt her finger going in my ass so quickly in and out that I exploded with waves of pure bliss. I felt it shudder my entire insides, and felt the waves reach into my ass.

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