The Roommates Ch. 02

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Mary walked up to her boyfriend’s apartment with a purpose. She had woken up that morning drenched in sweat after dreaming about someone eating her out. She couldn’t say exactly who it was she was dreaming about, but she was trembling when she woke up in drenched blue panties and a silk pajama top. She was so horny that she wanted to head straight over to Rob’s house and have sex, but she knew he had been working nights. She decided to wait until the afternoon.

After spending the day watching tv and waiting, she had shaved her legs and pubic area in the shower and although she wanted to, resisted the urge to touch herself. She put on her shortest skirt and decided against panties. After all she was only going over there to fuck. She doubted they would be getting out of bed once it started. She put on a lacey front-clasp bra and as silky black top.

She sent a message to Rob’s phone before she left, but he didn’t reply. He was probably sleeping she thought. Not to mention, Rob was pretty terrible at texting back in a timely manner. Mary jumped in her car to headed over. She was so horny she had to stop herself, remember to focus on the drive, and not touch herself the whole trip over.

She was now walking up to the door. As she got to the second floor and walked towards the apartment door, she started to hear something. Was that screaming? Maybe it was on the TV, but she hurried towards the door. Normally, she would knock before entering, but now she was sure she was hearing screams.

Mary pushed through the door.

To her right she now saw where the screaming was coming from.

“Oh fuck, I mean cum on me, on me,” Kelli screamed, just as Mary was opening the door.

“Oh Fuck,” Rob stammered. Cum leapt from the tip of his giant cock. Mary felt it spray against her thigh. As she took in the scene of her naked boyfriend cumming all over his naked gorgeous tan blonde roommate. Confusion, anger, arousal, and disgust washed over her.

“What the hell are you two doing,” Mary exclaimed. Her face was red.

Kelli rolled her head back to look at the Mary. Kelli long tan body and large breasts were covered in Rob’s semen. She had a few drops on her face and in her short blonde hair.

“Oh fuck Mary, it’s not what you think,” Kelli stated trying to somehow over up her entire naked shaking cum covered body with her hands.

“It looks like you two were fucking,” raged Mary, slamming the door. Cum dripped down her leg.

“Well, yes, but, well its not Robs fault. I can explain.” Kelli stated.

Rob stood up, his cum dripping cock swinging around, to try and comfort Mary and explain.

“Stay down Rob,” Mary pushed him back on the couch before he could say anything.

Mary looked down at the cum on her skirt.

“Fuck Rob! This is my favorite skirt. It’s going to stain.” Mary unzipped her skirt and slipped it off. She was now naked from the waist down except for her sandals. Now everything from her thin ankles to her long white legs, and swollen aroused pussy was exposed for all to see.

Rob was a mix of embarrassed and aroused. What a day, he thought to himself.

Mary threw the skirt at him.

“Go wash it out now Rob!” Mary ordered. “I need to canlı bahis şirketleri talk with your roommate anyway.”

Rob wasn’t used to her barking orders, but now was no time to argue. He took the skirt and headed down the hall to the bathroom and started rinsing it of in the sink.

Mary sat down on the couch next to Kelli, who was now sitting up on the couch, Kelli’s long tanned legs still slightly spread.

Mary reached her hand between Kelli’s legs. Kelli reached to stop her, but Mary’s finger was already sweeping up the cum dripping out of Kelli’s pussy. Kelli quivered as Mary’s fingers brushed her labia.

“He came inside you too,” Mary asked jealousy obvious in her tone.

“A, well, that was also kind of an accident,” Kelli stammered.

“Oh really? Time to explain, roommate!” Mary said curtly.

“Well it all started when I accidently saw that Rob had a huge cock,” Kelli started.

Mary nodded.

“I only saw the outline when he was asleep in bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and he fell asleep on the couch. I got a little out of control and started rubbing his cock and my pussy. He only woke up in time to cum. Then we were both just too turned on. I mean you can understand right.” Kelli grimaced. She knew the story didn’t make her look great, nor didn’t actually exonerate Ron either. She looked at Mary hopefully.

Mary’s face was filled with doubt.

“I’m not sure I understand. I mean he has a nice cock, but it’s not magical Kelli. You could have just controlled yourself, you know or waited until I was here and asked about it. You didn’t have to fuck him.”

“I’m so sorry,” Kelli started.

Mary put a hand up and stopped her.

“I think I’m going to have to see it to understand it.”

Kelli still had her hands covering as much of herself as she could. She was completely embarrassed, but for some reason sitting here naked next to Mary, who only had a top on, was turning her on a little bit.

“Rob come back in here when you’re done with my skirt,” Mary barked.

Rob walked back in. The sight of his half naked girlfriend, her pink swollen pussy exposed, sitting next to a naked and cum covered Kelli, excited him. He was a bit surprised by it, but his cock was hardening up again.

“Rob sit down on the couch where you were when this first started,” said Mary.

Rob sat down on the side of the couch opposite of Kelli and put his feet up on the ottoman. His cock wasn’t yet fully erect, only just starting to levitate.

“Kelli sit on the chair over there,” Mary pointed to a chair just across the living room 4 feet or so away. Kelli stood up and sat on the chair, arms folded across her chest, pussy exposed, legs slightly open with a little of Rob’s cum still leaking out of her vagina. Her short blond hair was a mess.

Mary then slid over to where Kelli had been sitting.

“Now walk me through how this accidently happened,” Mary stated.

“Well first we were watching the show and I put my feet on Rob’s Lap.”

Mary undid her sandals and slipped them off. She then adjusted herself so she could put her feet on Rob’s lap. Her small pale feet had red freshly painted nails and were just brushing Rob’s cock.

“Like canlı kaçak iddaa this?” Mary asked.

“Yes, but he was still dressed and so was I.”

Mary nodded and made the hand motion for Kelli to continue.

“Well then he fell asleep and his cock started getting hard. I, well, I got aroused and started touching myself and rubbing the cock.”

Mary started rubbing Rob’s cock lightly with her dainty feet and rubbing her clit with her left hand. Rob’s cock started getting harder. He wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, but so far, he was enjoying it.

“Like this?”

“Yes,” Kelli stammered as she felt the blood rushing to her face and her clit. This reenactment was really turning Kelli on. “Then I slipped his shorts off and he moved his leg up onto the couch. Then I really stated stroking it and fingering myself while I rubbed my tits.”

Mary nodded at Rob and he adjusted his leg. Mary undid the buttons on her blouse and undid the clasp on the front of her bra, revealing her slightly freckled pale chest and her to well sized breasts. She rubbed her pale pink nipples and slid a finger into her pussy. She grasped Rob’s giant hard cock with both feet and started to stroke.

Rob moaned as her toes slid up and down his cock. She seemed to be focusing on the head of his dick. Precum was started to leak from his tip. Watching his girlfriend touch herself in front of Kelli was also making him harder, but he wasn’t sure he would be cumming too soon, since he had already cum twice. He looked over at Kelli. She was grasping one of her large tan tits. Her other hand was rubbing her clit. She bit her lip sensually as her eyes locked with Rob’s.

“So, then he woke up?” asked Mary breathing heavily.

“MmmmHmm,” Kelli moaned, “but my technique was a bit different.”

“Show me,” said Mary motioning for Kelli to head over towards the cock.

Kelli stood up and walked over to Rob’s cock and knelt down. She positioned Mary’s feet the way she had when she was rubbing Rob’s cock so one foot hooked behind it while the other rubbed up and down the front of his cock.

Rob closed his eyes in pleasure and groaned. Kelli couldn’t help herself being so close to the cock and moved her face down and kissed the head of his cock, while looking back at Mary. Mary had two fingers deep in her pussy and was moaning loudly, nodding her head at Kelli.

Mary stopped stroking the cock and sat up. She fully removed her shirt and bra and moved towards Rob and Kelli. She started kissing Rob’s cock with Kelli occasionally their tongues and lips touching.

Mary stopped for a minute.

“And that’s when you came Rob?” Mary asked.

Rob nodded his head.

“But then you fucked her?”

“I’m sorry Mary we just got caught up in,” Rob started but Mary brought her hand up and covered his mouth.

“Right now,” she said between deep breaths, “I don’t care, just fuck me already.”

Kelli moved back from Rob so they could all reposition. Rob sat up and laid Mary back onto the ottoman, kissing her on the mouth as he did. Mary bit his lip a little harder than she normally would as he kissed her.

Mary wrapped her legs around Rob and he slid his large cock canlı kaçak bahis easily into her drenched pussy. Mary screamed a little and had a small orgasm. Rob grabbed her ass and thrust faster and faster. Kelli knelt down next to Mary and began licking one of her full pale tits while reaching down and rubbing Mary’s clit. This was Kelli’s first time with a woman, but her hands still felt expert on Mary’s clit. Mary started orgasming again.

“Fuck yes, I’m cumming, ah Fuck yes!” Mary screamed.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum again,” groaned Rob.

“Yes, baby cum in my pussy, cum baby cum.”

Rob felt his balls tighten and cum was shooting deep into Mary’s pussy. He finished and sat back on the couch. Goddamn he thought, how did I cum so much again.

Kelli kissed Mary gently on the lips and stood up, about to sit back on the couch.

“You owe me Kelli,” Mary said between deep breaths, “lick my pussy.”

Kelli had never eaten pussy before, let alone one filled with cum, but she was so caught up in the moment she hardly hesitated. In a few second, her face was between Mary’s pale soft legs lapping at her slit. She could taste Mary’s juices mixed with Rob’s cum and she wasn’t sure she had ever been so aroused before. She reached a hand between her own legs and drove three fingers in and out of her pussy.

Kelli licked slow circles around Mary’s labia and flicked her tongue on Mary’s clit moaning into her the entire time. Mary rolled her head back in ecstasy orgasming over and over again. Mary’s legs bent up and her feet flexed as she came again and again. Kelly finger fucked herself deeper and faster. Kelli’s legs began to quiver and she felt her own juices flowing down her thighs, as she moaned into Mary’s pussy. Kelli was cumming like she never had before.

Rob’s cock was getting hard he walked over to Mary’s face. She greedily reached up with her hand and pulled his hardening cock into her plump red lipstick covered lips. Rob grabbed a hand full of her dark long hard and pumped his hips into her face. He could feel her moaning on his cock as Kelli continued to lick and suck between her legs.

Robs cock was fully hard and gaging Mary from time to time. She pulled her mouth away and moaning nodded towards Kelli. Rob walked behind her and started to line his cock up with Kelli’s pussy that was already stuffed with her own fingers. Kelli stopped licking Mary’s cunt for a second and looked back at Rob bitting her lip and shaking her head. She reached back with her free hand and lined him up with her asshole.

Rob pushed against Kelli’s ass and slowly slide inside of her. Kelli lifted her head temporarily from Mary’s pussy and moaned gasping. Rob slowly sped up and was soon fucking Kelli’s ass hard from a standing position as she knelt in front of Mary’s pussy licking in between gasps and moans while still fingering herself.

Mary was moaning and screaming.

“Goddamn I’m cumming again, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Kelli felt herself cum and felt moisture dripping down her legs. Her pussy and asshole were pulsating. Rob’s eyes closed and he pulled out of Kelli’s asshole cumming all over her back all the way up to Mary’s tits and face.

They were all spent and sat back on the couch. They all cuddled together naked, sweaty, sticky, and intertwined.

After a few minutes Mary finally spoke.

“I’m still a little mad, but that made up for it a little bit.” She grabbed the TV remote. “What are we watching?”

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