The Ride

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They were rudely interrupted when they were together last time. She laying before him naked and waiting for him about to undress when they heard someone else in the house…

She quickly grabbed her robe, he zipping up his pants. She kisses him quickly on her way by and he watches sadly as she closes her robe over her beautiful curves. He enters the bathroom she goes to the other room and quickly composes herself.

She goes to see who has come in. It is her out of town guest returning early from her morning jog. Her friend is out of breath and sitting and stretching on the stairs. They chat as he comes out of the bathroom both hoping that their flushed faces and the scent of desire is not very apparent.

They need not have worried her friend had not noticed but seemed suspicious anyway. She introduced him and they all chatted as he gathered up his coat and things to leave. She followed him through the kitchen and paused with him while he picked up his things.

He could see her breathing heavy and the top of her breasts as her robe opened slightly. She mouthed the words “call me” and smiled.

He looked past her and her friend was upstairs. He quickly pulled her to him by reaching his hand into her robe and pulling on her nipple. She sighed deeply as her eyes widened. They kissed but broke it off quickly as they heard her guest coming down the stairs.

He said, “I think I got it, my eye is tearing now.” As he pulled back and moved to the back door.

She catching on and playing along said I hope it will be okay and walked with him to the door once again smiling a sexy smile and saying, “Call me……”

She went back inside and was confronted by her guest asking, “ What was that?” She answered “What?” Her guest said, “What was he doing?” She said,” Oh he had something in his eye and I looked to help him get it out. Her guest satisfied, dropped it. She was still nervous and still very hot and horny.

In a few hours she had not heard from him so she made an excuse to go out alone briefly and called him.

He answered and was instantly excited, as was she. He told her had hoped he had not gone to far and hopefully everything was okay at home.

She assured him everything was fine and told how she was “blown -away” by their brief but exciting encounter.

He told her he too was deeply moved and excited.

They agreed that whatever happened it would remain their private special thing. They both talked nervously he asking her how she felt right at this moment, she telling him she was still excited and wet.

She told him she was open to anything he wanted to try with her, which caused him to loose his breath. They agreed to talk again soon and in the meantime think about how they could meet face to face.

The next day was cold and passed without any contact, then on the following day he called her and they agreed to meet briefly at his place as she still had company.

On the appointed day and time he ended up with last minute unexpected company, and had to call her and change the plan at the last minute. They were both disappointed.

They had little time and desperately wanted each other. He had an idea. He asked her to meet him at a large retail parking lot in bahis firmaları the area. From there they would take a ride together.

She excitedly agreed to be there in 15 minutes. She had though of little else but him in the last few days and he the same. Both, wondering about the other.

When he got there she was already there and waiting. She had a large sedan so he got in the passenger side and they looked at each other for a moment and again that electricity and excitement ran through both of them.

She leaned to him and they kissed long and deep. As they backed away they both let out deep breaths.

She said “Now what? Where to?”

He said, “Drive out the back exit and down the road a little ways.” She dropped the car in gear and pulled out. As she did he moved a little closer and looked at her she was beautiful dressing in black leather pants, boots, and a black lace top. He lifted his hand to stroke her hair and neck and as she drove he let his hand wander down to her ample breasts and nipples.

She moaned her approval and said with a smile“ Careful you don’t want me to crash do you?”

He said, “No.” as he unbuttoned her blouse and told her to turn onto another street.

He now leaned over and kissed and licked her neck and ear. She shuddered. They now came to a stoplight and she quickly turned and reached for him to draw him into a longer passionate kiss.

They sensed motion around them, the light changed and he told her to turn again. She did. He liked that she was so excited like him yet was totally giving in to his directions even now.

She now asked, “Where are we headed?”

He said “Just ahead on the right there’s a park with a big long parking lot and it should be empty this time of day except for a few stragglers or couples like us…”

She smiled at him as she turned-in, the lot was very long and almost empty, to her delight.

She hadn’t been this excited about being with someone in a car since high school and now here she was in the middle of the day, completely turned on with someone she desperately wanted and who wanted her.

He too was beside himself with excitement. His heart was racing. He couldn’t believe his luck she was beautiful and she was hot and they were about to be alone together in broad daylight in an almost empty parking lot.

She pulled into a spot almost at the end and put the car in park. She moved her seat back slightly, then took off her coat and turned to him. They embraced and kissed deeply again. Their tongues dancing against each others, his hands traveling all over her body setting it on fire with tingles.

He moved his hand to her now open blouse and under her black camisole and found her aching beautiful full breasts with her nipples already rock hard.

As he squeezed and pulled them she moaned into his mouth as they continued their long oral exploration.

He quickly moved his right hand down to the fastener and zipper of her black leather pants. He undid them both and she lifted and shifted her hips so he could push them aside, to his pleasure and surprise she had no panties on, and gave him full access to her waiting and soaked pussy. She was open for him, hot, wet and almost screamed as he entered kaçak iddaa her with his hand. He pumped his fingers in and out while he worked his thumb up to and around her hardened clit.

He asked “ Was she always this wet?”

She said, “Yes, but you seem to have really got me going”

She sought out and found his mouth again as he continued his ravaging of her sex. In no time at all she was stretching her legs and spreading as he fingered her with one hand and squeezed here nipples with the other as he continued to kiss her passionately.

She was really hot now she was on the edge and he knew it. He toyed with her, played with her keeping her just at the edge.

And then he had gone to far, she broke their kiss to say in a low breathless voice, “ I’m gonna cum, yesss……ohhhhhhhh”.

And with that she exploded in a phenomenal orgasm. It shook her to her core. She sought out and found his mouth again for his tongue. She pushed against his hand as if it was his cock for minutes. The she again broke their kiss and started to breath again and almost whimper.

He knew she had had enough for the moment and slowly withdrew his hand but stroked her thighs and occasionally her now totally soaked pussy and ass.

As she caught her breath, she reached over with a free hand and started to grab at his cock through his pants. He saw what she was doing and quickly helped her by unzipping them and pulling them down to give her better access. She instantly bent over and went down on him. She licked the head, sucked him all the way in and then back up.

His cock was in heaven. Her mouth was soft, hot, wet. She didn’t just suck his cock she worshiped it.

She licked his balls while she squeezed and stroked his cock telling him, “How thick it was and how much she liked it and it was a turn on for her to suck his cock, how much she loved the taste”.

He wasn’t even fully erect due to the nervousness of the moment, but still hard enough. She sucked and licked for a while longer as he again found her wet pussy, this time with his other hand. He took one of his wet fingers and slipped into her ass. This made her groan with pleasure with a mouthful of cock. She rose up and kissed him fully and deeply. They could taste the taste of sex on each other.

She asked “ Do you like the way I suck your cock? Do you want to come in my mouth?”

He asked, pushing another finger in her ass, “Do you like this?”

She replied, “I’d love to have you there, but we will need to wait until we have more space and time.”

Now it was his turn to groan softly. She smiled and kissed him again. She pulled back from him now, He wondered why?

He didn’t wait long for his answer. Without taking her eyes off him she reached down and pushed one leg of her pants and one boot all the way off.

She moved the armrest out of the way and said as she climbed over to straddle his erect cock, “ I want you inside me now. I want to feel you, I want to feel you cum deep in me.”

He tried to respond but couldn’t he simply nodded and once again kissed her deeply as she reached down between them and positioned his thick hard cock between her pussy lips.

Once she had it where it needed to be, she sat down kaçak bahis hard on it facing him and they both moaned as they kissed and looked into each other’s eyes.

She broke their kiss and asked, “ Do you like that, does it feel good?”

To which he could only reply, “Oh yeah.”

He started to buck his hips up to meet her as she slammed herself back down on to him repeatedly Her eyes widening each time. By now they were oblivious to all but each other. He had both hands on her ass, holding her to him using his grip to guide her up and down on his cock.

She held herself up with her hands on the seat back behind him.

He could feel her wetness running all over his cock and down his balls which were about to burst with a huge load of cum which would make a very wet situation much wetter.

She whispered to him, “Feel good baby?…cum for me, give it to me, I want it.”

As she spoke she pulled what was left of her top away and fed him her nipples, which he took eagerly. As he licked and sucked them she moaned again giving her approval as she slide down on his cock.

On the next stroke he could feel it about to explode and told her. “I’m gonna cum right now…” he uttered. And with that he exploded inside her time after time his cock jerking and exploding, depositing his full load deep in her soaked pussy.

She collapsed into his arms and they held each other breathing deeply and heavily.

After a few minutes she climbed back over to the driver’s seat and shook her head and said, “ Wow..”

He said the same. She kissed him again and reached down and pulled her pants back on. These were going to be a mess as she was full of his cum and covered in hers, but she didn’t care she felt incredible. She was tingling all over and felt warm and wanted for the first time in a long time.

He pulled up his pants at the same time and when they were re-dressed they kissed and laughed nervously at what had just happened.

They both knew this was just the very beginning of many, many intimate episodes between them. They shared a connection like either had known before, a caring, gentle but passionate electrical, pheromone scent match, sexual attraction that would not be ignored and never easily satisfied.

She adjusted the seat and checked the mirrors and then backed out and headed back to his car. He again stroked her and leaned in once to kiss her neck as she drove. He also caressed her breast one more time, so full, so very nice.

They got to his car and they kissed once deeply and then separated not wanting to draw attention. He told her he would call and they smiled at each other knowing even though they just left each other that they were both already yearning for the next time.

He called her later that same afternoon.

She was as thrilled to hear from him as thrilled, he thought, as he was to hear her voice.

She told him how great their “ride” was and she was still able to taste and smell him on her and it kept her turned on.

He thought his knees would buckle when he heard this, instead he felt his cock spring to life again. He told her about this new development and she laughed and smiled.

He was right, she told him her pants were a mess when she got home, they were covered in come. She didn’t mind it actually turned her on.

They agreed they needed more space and time for their next meeting and agreed to work on it to make it happen very, very soon.

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