The Reunion

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I feel like a kid on his first date! It has been so long since we have spoken that I feel as if we must almost start out all over again. So, in order to renew myself with the love of my life, I order 11 long stem red roses from the florist to be delivered as soon as your hubby leaves on his extended business trip; I have my sources and have learned he will be gone for a week and a half.

Included with the roses is only a cryptic note: ‘Wait for the last one!’

You open the door to the ringing of the florist and, as I watch from my car down the street a ways, I see the questioning look on your face as you sign for them with a crooked smile – the one I have always loved! – And step back inside. I was just able to spot that you were wearing the floor length silk robe with the zipper to the waist and the high neckline. Very discrete yet enticing!

As I watch through your kitchen window, I can see you placing the roses into a large crystal vase and then, after counting them twice to make sure you weren’t in error, you read the card. As you were shaking your head at the mystery, I slipped out of the car and walked nervously up to your front door; what would be your reaction in seeing me after so long an absence? I rang the doorbell canlı bahis and stood there, shaking slightly.

You opened the door and I reached out with the 12th – and the most beautiful – full in bloom deep red rose with a shaking hand. Your eyes rose from the rose then to my face and as you recognized me – I have lost a fair amount of weight with the illness and my hair and beard are a little whiter and much shorter than you remember – and you smiled widely. I feel like I am home again!

I step inside to your open arms, kicking the door closed behind me. We hold each other so tightly I can scarce breath (and could almost die with happiness to be in your arms again, my darling. It has just seemed so long!

We walk – still wrapped in each other’s arms – into the kitchen to place the rose with the others and then into the living room where we cuddle into each other and share the stories of what has been going on in our respective lives during our separation. Finally caught up, you stand and take my hand in yours, draw me to my feet and lead me to the bedroom.

Once there, in the soft light coming through the drawn drapes, your gaze into my eyes as you reach for the zipper at your neckline and slowly pull it down to your bahis siteleri waist; as it goes downwards, I can’t take my eyes from the slowing appearing silky skin of your neck, cleavage and the sides of each of your pert upright breasts! You shrug your shoulders and, with a rustling sound, the silk slides down your body to pool at your feet to be kicked aside. My god! You are so beautiful my throat constricts and tears well in my eyes! How can any man be faced with such a goddess and manage to survive – I could die right now a man truly blessed!

You smile sweetly and come towards me on soft padded feet. Your arms wrap around my neck and you rise on tiptoe to kiss me gently on the lips and then you move your honey-flavoured lips to my ear and whisper, “You are home with me, my darling! Let me undress you and make slow enduring love with you?”

Almost unable to respond – I am so overwhelmed – I simply nod and you kneel before me to remove my loafer and socks. Rising, you start to unbutton my shirt and slide it down my arms as you trail a line of gentle kisses over my chest, lingering at each nipple to tease until they grow hard with desire! Your hands slip to my belt and zipper and you again stop to pull my slacks and my briefs bahis şirketleri to my ankles and off my bare feet. My semi flaccid cock jerks upwards as it hardens in the open air and you reach up and as you stand, you grasp it – now fully rigid – and lead me to our love bed!

We lay down side-by-side facing each other and pull our bodies so close that my cock is resting between your slick vulva lips as your legs encase it. I can feel the hard bullets of your nipples pressing into my chest as we begin our favourite pastime – the foreplay of kissing and smelling each other’s skin over and over. We kiss unceasingly- I am sure that it was for at least and hour – while we slowly rock our hips together. My cock is sliding over your open wet pussy and exciting your clit to its fully engorged state. I am streaming precum and it lubing your ass cheeks and thighs as well as my shaft – mingling with your own juices!

We are moaning into each other’s mouths as the intensity and closeness of our orgasms peak and finally, with one slight adjustment, my cock buries itself into you while our bodies remain tightly intertwined lying face to face. We never stop kissing and crying out our love for each other as the speed of our movements increase. Our lower bodies grinds against one another until we can hold off no longer! With a final cry of release, we cum together with a fierceness that is born of mutual longing and desperation! We have been apart too long, my darling!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32