The Rebirth

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This is a long read I know. The purpose of this when I wrote it, was not for a quickie but rather a slow build on a topic I have never thought to try before. WARNING. This does include element of the occult, incest and likely some bad grammar. BTW I wanted to try something new, these are not my actual beliefs. Peace out!


Oliver sat in his room contemplating the day. His stomach felt heavy with unease. His perfect 4.0 GPA was down the tubes. He failed his religion mid-term. As a senior in a catholic school, religion was a required course. Previous years he actually did rather well in it. He did not understand why, but this semester felt different. His grades in all other studies were still as strong and sound, however today when he bent over the blank, lined answer sheet, he was drawing a blank. He attempted to guess a few answers, the look on his professor’s face when he glanced at the page could be summed up as not amused. Oliver had no idea how he was going to explain this to his mother. His father, he knew, would not care. Work was always Steven Prince’s first love, something Oliver could not understand because his mom was a looker.

After an awkward conversation with her a few months ago, Oliver was beginning to assume that his father was in fact gay. Not that he had any problem with gay people, the way his mom said he married to keep up appearances, made him wonder. Usually men in high powered positions tend to develop god complexes and screw around, and this would explain why he never saw his father with a young secretary or junior exec. In fact, one time when he complained to his mother about the restricting required dress code to the catholic school he attended, she informed him that the choice to send him there was his fathers, wanting him to have the best education. Since neither of his parents seems particularly religious, he could believe it. Oliver scrubbed his hands over his scruffy face. From last summer to this school year, he had changed a lot.

When school was dismissed for the summer, Oliver was a thin, short boy, who had little body hair and the stature of a Toby Maguire body. And like the actor in his more famed role, required lenses. With his father tied up at work, he and his mother took off to see the U.S. traveling from city to city to look at schools. It was the best summer he could honestly ever recall having. His mother, Leah had kept the youthful appearance of a college co-ed over the years. Her face still flawless and wrinkle free, her long, inky black hair was free of grey. When he looked her in the eye, he always saw youth, vibrance and a healthy dose of wickedness. The latter always confused him, never warm or matronly, her eyes always spoke of a joke that he was not in on. The only place that was out of sorts on their summer journey was a week into their trip….

Salem, New Hampshire July 8th

“Mom, what school are we checking out?” Oliver asked, looking at his map. He gave his glasses a quick shove on his nose, a few patches of grease from his forehead and cheeks, marring the tempered glass.

“We’re not Hun. I have to make a stop to see a friend. We will stay at her place for the night and then head towards New York.” Leah explained, keeping her eyes on the highway ahead.

“Can I drive now? It’s been 5 hours.” Oliver pleaded.

“Not this time. When we leave Oryana’s tomorrow you can drive until we hit New York City okay?” Leah reasoned.

Oliver studied his mother from the side, her tank top and shorts were a bit trendier then you’d normally see on a 34 year old woman, but she still had the body to pull it off. He could admit that he felt a little pride when his friends would drool over his mom. He could also admit that he felt burning stabs of jealousy at the idea of her sleeping beside his father, that was until she let her little suspicion slip. Oliver turned to stare back out at the road, the Ozzy Osborne song, Mr. Crowley, was not attracting him like it had for most of the trip. His mind travelled to their last truck stop. He was sitting at a booth alone, waiting for his mom when some college age girls teased him about his size and being out alone. When his mother returned from the lavatory, it did not take her long to deduce the happenings. She decided to sit close to him, on his side of the booth, leaning closer then what would be proper for a mother, but it did the trick on shutting up the hecklers. He even took notice of a few of their boyfriends turning green with envy. “Mom, am I a shrimp?” He asked in a mumble.

Leah took her eyes off the road, not surprised by the question. “Honey you are a normal size for a teenage boy. I am sure you have another growth spurt coming.” She reassured.

“I am 5’6, I have zits, I have no muscle and the deans we have met so far thought I was a girl at first.” Oliver sniffed.

Leah pulled the open topped Jeep to the side of the road. “Honey, you are a late bloomer. I know it bothers you and that kids harass you, but you will not always konyaaltı escort be this way, I promise.” She swore with a pointed look.

“Remember Alicia? She said I was smaller than her last boyfriend. She didn’t even see anything.” Oliver admitted, pouting and turning red all at once.

It did not take a rocket scientist to understand what he was referring to. “When you fill out, so will the rest of you, I am sure you will make some woman a very happy lady.” Leah said with a wink, pulling the Jeep back on the road.

By dusk they had reached a dark brownstone home. The gates were tall and wrought iron, the gardens seemed to be filled with herbs and flowers he had never seen before. When they pulled to door at the center of the circular drive, Oliver noticed the striking blonde standing at the door. Her clothes were causal, draped over another attractive body. After sitting beside his hot mom and now taking a look at his mom’s smoking friend, lil’ Ollie was ready to come out to play. Climbing out, he pulled his backpack in front of his jeans. He watched as his mother greeted the lady with a warm and lingering embrace. Oliver could feel waves of sensuality rolling off both of them, he could not help but wonder if his mother favoured same sex tendencies like his father.

“Oliver, I am your mother’s friend Oryana. Welcome to my home. You can stay in whichever room you prefer. I will get you some supper and a drink, after that, you get your own.” She commanded with a smile.

Oliver nodded, unable to speak. As he strolled through the house, Oliver chose a room that screamed Goth. The carved four post bed and thick draperies reminded him of the 1800’s. When he joined everyone downstairs, his mother and her friend were in the kitchen giggling like schoolgirls. Their whispers were too low for his ears, so he spent the time watching their bodies as they moved from pot to pot, getting the meal ready. It was served in another gothic castle looking room. The long mahogany table looked regal with a blood red table runner that seemed to go for a mile. The aromas were amazing and the company was fun as the two swapped fun stories of their collage years. After the heady meal, Oryana brought out thick black goblets filled with a citrus smelling liquid. She informed me that they were all having Margaritas. He turned to his mother, expecting her to disapprove of her 18 year old son having alcohol, but instead she seemed to encourage it. Oliver had never tried tequila before and was surprised by the bizarre after taste and thick texture. Leah explained that it was the crushed ice. Oliver finished his brew and his head began to spin. The ladies helped him to his room, where he promptly passed out.

The sound of the women’s laughter ringing in his ears. Around 2 in the morning, Oliver’s bladder began to call to him. As he made his way to his en suite, he could hear what sounded like sex noises. The lusty chorus of two women peaked his curiosity. Clad only in his underwear, he made his way towards the noises. What he reached was not a bedroom, but a windowless room painted black, the floor housed what looked like a black tiled pool. Inside he could see his mother and Oryana writhing in pleasure. Oliver squinted, wishing he had put on his glasses. The red substance that coated the both of them looked like a crimson paint and the air smelled of sex and the metallic smell he recognized as blood. A long pink object hung from the ceiling above them. Oliver thought the form looked like a pig, but it was hard to tell without his specs. The women continued to kiss as their hands dove under the dark liquid they sat in, the red substance splashing about, sputtering one of the many white candles in the room. Oliver could feel himself stir and shifted his weight, the creak of the floorboards sent him into a panic. The chance of them hearing him over their moans of ecstasy were slim but he did not want to chance his mother’s wrath. Approaching his room, he could feel himself grow dizzy again, he barely made it to the bed before he passed out again. When he woke again, it was morning. After taking care of hygiene and toiletries, he headed towards the room at the end of the hall. Now with his glasses on and a mother of all headaches raging in his head, he wanted to see what exactly that room was. Glancing around he peeked inside. He was surprised to find a storage room filled with random things from winter coats to Halloween decorations. Confused, Oliver headed downstairs. Oryana and his mother were chatting over coffee, discussing their careers and relationships.

“Hey sleepyhead. It’s almost noon! If you want to get to New York today, you need to get your butt in gear.” Leah said with a smile.

“We saved you some bacon and eggs.” Oryana offered with a smile.

Oliver’s mind went back to what he saw last night. “So…what did you guys do…last night?”

“Went through old college textbooks and albums, stuff like that. Nothing that would interest you.” His mother smiled, kültür escort that wickedness all but shining in her eyes.

Oliver nodded, noticing for the first time that his own thick black locks seemed to be falling in his eyes now. As they left, Oryana gave them both a peck on the cheek. She handed Leah an old but well kept leather book with a title that simply stated “The book of Law”. When Oliver inquired, Leah explained that it was only an old college law book. Oliver slid into the driver’s seat, scrubbing his hands over his face, he noticed a faint stubble and wondered if that growth spurt was starting to kick in.

October 29rd, home.

Oliver glanced between the red F on his test and his reflection in the mirror. His mother was right, his growth spurt did occur. Oliver now stood at 6’5 rather than 5’6. His muscles tone thick and heavy and with a sprinkle of chest and arm hair, he looked like a man. His 5 o’clock shadow was almost always present and his white oxford shirt stretched tight across his arms and chest. What confused him was that he no longer needed glasses. His optometrist was as confused as he, how his astigmatism had magically cleared up. Oliver, being male was most impressed by the growth below his belt. He did not dare let on, but he now felt more a man then a boy. With his 19th birthday coming in 2 days, he felt ready to vote, see strippers and gamble. His birthday would not be a great celebration once his mother saw his religion mid-term. Oliver had a backup, on the way home from school he would stop and buy a porn, being of age he could make it a fun night in. Sure there was always free porn on the internet, but there was something adult about buying an adult movie.

“Honey are you upstairs?” Leah called.

“Yeah!” Oliver hollered back, his voice, he also noticed had dropped several octaves.

Leah entered the room. “I wanted to talk to you about your Bir- what is that in your hand? What did you get an F in?”

Oliver looked away, handing her the paper, “Religion.” He mumbled.

Leah laughed. “I thought you were going to say English or Calculus. Honey who cares if it’s religion. You are not going to a Catholic college so they likely won’t notice if it’s not an A.” She sat down beside her now towering son. “My you’ve grown. Last time your father was actually home for dinner, I think he just stared at you the entire time.” She chuckled. “You just study for now. Your law mid-term is tomorrow, is it not?” If you fail that, I am telling you, your Halloween Birthday Bash will not be that fun.” She warned in a motherly, yet very wicked tone.

October 30th, Devil’s night

Oliver walked down the Halloween decked halls of his high school. His best friend and social outcast number one, Amanda, was walking alongside him. “Have you noticed that all the girls stare at you now? It’s like you’re now suddenly worthy.” Amanda spat with disgust.

Oliver chuckled. He saw the looks, he was more surprised when he saw them come from his mother then his peers. His nostrils also seemed to be now more in tuned with the scent of a woman and the muskiness that seemed to tell she was in heat. He smelled it frequently from everyone, classmates, teachers, his mother…

“Whoa, where did you go?” Amanda asked when Oliver suddenly stopped in the middle of the hallway.

He shook his head. The idea of his mother’s scent kept bringing him back to that night. When he thought he saw his mother in the arms of Oryana in a pool of pig’s blood. Oliver glanced at his friend, she was decked in her usual Goth black with her pentagram etched into the front of her binder. He considered telling her about that dream many times over the semester, but never did. “Just thinking about Law.” He shrugged.

“I am so not ready, Mr. Carlucci said that for every wrong answer he is going to subtract a point.” Amanda griped.

“I have an idea. My mom has a college text book. Let’s skip religion and go to my place, after lunch we will come back and do the test. I have the Jeep today.” Oliver brainstormed.

“I think that would be a good idea. If we start quoting college cases it will impress the old tight ass.” Amanda agreed.

They both took off for Oliver’s. The empty drive indicated everyone was gone. The silence inside concurred this assumption. Amanda and Oliver were surprised to find the book not in the library in his father’s office where most volumes were kept. Oliver shrugged, “Maybe she never unpacked it.” The twosome head upstairs to his parent’s closet. The suitcase proved to fruitless, further search brought Amanda to a wooden chest in the far back shelf of the walk in closet.

“Would it be in here?” She asked.

Oliver recognized it as his mother’s ‘keepsake’ box. “I guess it’s a possibility. If she stuck it with her college stuff.”

Amanda passed Oliver the ornate chest. Sitting together on the bed, they open the breadbox sized capsule. On top was the leather bound book. Amanda pulled it out and began markantalya escort thumbing the pages. Oliver’s eyes went to the rest of the contents of the box, candles, strange looking jewellery with large charms and pendants. The one matched the etching on the inside cover of the law book. Oliver picked up what he first assumed to be a leather club, closer inspection showed it actually to be a large leather phallus. “Holy sh-“

Oliver looked up to see Amanda’s eyes wide with shock. “What’s wrong?”

“Ollie, this isn’t A law book, it is THE law book. By Aleister Crowley. This is a book of Magic and Alchemy. Your mom practises black magic!” Amanda gasped in awe. She glanced up to see Oliver holding the leather dildo. “What the fuck?”

“I am not surprised, I am pretty sure my dad is gay.” Oliver admitted.

Amanda grabbed the appendage and looked closely at it. “I have never seen one this big!” She examined the bottom. “O.C.T.” She looked Oliver in the eyes. “October?”

Oliver nodded his head. His mind jumped to a very different conclusion . Oliver Crowley Thelema was his full name. It did not take much to realize his mother gave him the middle name of this author. Amanda, luckily, was not aware of his middle name. “We better put this stuff away. I don’t want my mom to know we go into her stuff.” Amanda agreed and the two took off for school. Oliver finished his exam in a shocking amount of time. The answers were set in his mind and ready on demand for some reason. Once the task was over, he had to wait for the rest of his class. His mind bounced between the book they discovered and the fact that his mother was apparently masturbating with a dildo that was roughly the size of his own parts with his name on it. He could smell the lingering musk on the toy as well as starting to roll off Amanda. Oliver checked his watch, 8 hours and he would be 19. Something told him that this birthday was going to be different. His perpetual hard on seemed to agree. Arriving home his father’s Lexus was sitting in the drive. Oliver was truly shocked when he opened the front door. Oryana stood in the center of his living room nude. Confusion and arousal set in. “Are you sleeping with my dad?” He asked.

Oryana slowly shook her head no. “I am here to prepare you for your birthday. Follow me.” She took his hand in hers and lead him upstairs.

Oliver’s mind was in a million places and losing the war for blood. His body was ready for sex, but he had a sneaky feeling this was supposed to be more, possibly with that book of his mother’s that Oryana gave her. The surprises continued when she opened the door to what was normally his bedroom. His jaw dropped when he recognized the familiar setting from Oryana’s home. His bedroom was gone, in its place was the windowless room. The black walls and black tiled tub were in its place. “How?”

“In time Oliver. Your future starts now. Please remove your clothing before stepping in the room.” Oryana requested gently.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on? Why are you naked? Where is my dad?” He asked suspiciously.

“You are about to be reborn, your powers will be as strong as your mothers, if not more. Your father was merely a breeding tool to have you, he is no longer of any concern. You will now be the man of the household.” Oryana explained patiently.

“If I refuse?” Oliver asked defiantly.

“You will have no power, you will look like you had before, small and awkward. Also you will never see your mother for the rest of your life.” She explained, the graveness of the situation resting in her tone.

“Is she okay?” Oliver asked, his eyes full of concern.

“You’re humanity is sweet, but unnecessary. She is fine. She is waiting for you to complete preparation. Once you are ready, the two of you will complete the ceremony and you will rule alongside her. Now, disrobe please.” Oryana asked again.

Oliver felt a flush of shyness on his cheeks as he removed all his clothing. His mother would always be his first loyalty. Oryana looked him up and down and drew him inside and towards the tub. The sensation in the room was intense hedonism. She did not reach for him. Instead she motioned to the tub. He glanced inside at what appeared to be another dark, thick liquid. “Will this make me evil?” He asked in an unsure voice.

“This will make you who you are meant to be, who you are meant to create.” Oryana explained.

Oliver stepped in and realized quickly the pool was very warm. Sitting down, the distinct smell of blood assaulted his nostrils. “Whose blood?” He knew instinctively that it was not a pig this time.

“Your fathers. His last purpose was to hold the blood we would bathe you in before the ceremony.” Oryana began to draw the blood up, pouring it over his head and shoulders, its thick viscous texture more liken to swimming in maple syrup.

Oliver swallowed at the notion that she killed his father. He could not draw up any anger or resentment. Everything that was right in his life was directly related to his mother or things she has done for him. For the first time in his life, Oliver had no confusion, he knew his place. “What will happen at the ceremony?” He asked, wiping his father’s blood from his lips.

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