The Pub

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Cowgirl Position

I walk up behind you as you’re sitting in the pub with a few of your friends. They notice me before you do, and before you can turn around I place my hands on your shoulders, keeping you facing the table. I lean my head down and place a soft kiss on your right cheek, hovering with my lips above your flesh for a few moments, inhaling your scent. Keeping my head low, allowing my hot breath to caress your neck, I start to slide my hands slowly down your chest. I have 4 sets of eyes following my hands down as you and your friends stare in shock, normally I wouldn’t be this bold, but something about tonight, the way I feel, the way you look, I can’t help it.

My hands continue their travels, inching their way down, painfully slowly; it’s taking all my will to maintain this pace. My tongue flicks out of its own free will and traces the line of your chin up to lightly lick your ear. My hands finally reach the button on your jeans and your head rises up in alarm as I undo it. Your friends laugh at the expression on your face, but I can see in their eyes how jealous they are of you right now. I look at each of them in turn, giving them the wicked smile I usually save for you, before sliding my hand past the waist of your jeans. My finger tips brush your hardening cock as my other hand slips into your left pocket. I look at you now and try not to laugh myself, not just at your expression, but at myself just realizing what I’m doing.

I remove both hands, almost regretting the loss of contact as much as I know you do, but I know something you don’t. I do the button back up and slide my hands up your chest following the same path they took down. I place one last kiss on your cheek and whisper in your ear ‘I won’t be waiting long.’ before turning and walking away. You get up to ask what I meant, but by that time I was lost in the crowd. You go to sit back down and feel something poke you in the thigh, reaching in your left pocket you pull out an unfamiliar piece of folded paper. You open it and smile as güvenilir bahis you read it. Your friends look at you questionably but you don’t answer, you just turn around and walk away, but not before tossing the paper on the table. As you’re walking you hear them at the table, they read the note. ‘I’m waiting in the men’s washroom are you cumming?’

I smile at you in the reflection of the mirror as you walk in the men’s washroom but I don’t turn around. You stand there, just in side the door, still not completely sure what I’m up too, and what I plan to do. I watch you as you watch me, both of us running our eyes over each other, both of us waiting for the next move. I can’t wait any longer and finally speak. ‘You found my note I see’. And as you go to answer I turn to face you and place my fingers on my lips, cautioning you to silence. When my finger leaves my lips I gesture for you to come forward to stand in front of me. In the few strides it takes for you to go from the door to now be standing in front of me you glance at the stalls trying to see if there is anyone else in here. I shake my head as you look back at me and smile, following my new rule about silence. You return my smile, relaxing a little, as much as you can, considering. I reach out and take hold of your hands, drawing you closer to me, forcing our bodies to finally make contact. I let go of your hands and reach up to trace the line of your chin with the tip of my finger, this brings back a flash of memory for both of us, for my finger takes the same trail as my tongue did just moments before at the table. Your arms wrap around me pulling me close and my hands run up your chest, over your shoulders to come to a rest on the back of your head, gently easing your head down to mine.

Our lips make contact the instant I close my eyes and a million sparks shoot through my entire body. I break away from the kiss, enjoying it way too much, for I vowed that tonight would be about you. I step away from the counter and pull you with türkçe bahis me, I’m a little shocked but mostly happy that no one has come in yet. I stop dead in my tracks and turn around pushing you up against the wall. You look down at me still a little confused and I smile back up at you, a little unsure about what’s going on myself. Never would I thought to be this bold, to be doing this here and now. I start to place soft kisses on your neck as my hands work to pull up your shirt. My tongue flicks out occasionally, giving a playful lick. I move down now to kiss and tease your nipples, once I got a few moans out of you I continue down pausing briefly to undo your jeans. At this point I look up at you again, your head is tilted back and rested on the wall, your chest is rising up and down in a slow steady pace. I guess that you are indeed enjoying this so I continue. I place more kisses on your stomach before I pull out your cock.

I hold your hardening cock in my hands, enjoying the look and feel of it. You look down at me and our eyes meet, lock on one another. I lick the tip of your swelling shaft and smile up at you; I don’t take my eyes off yours as I wrap my lips around it. The feel of my lips tight around your cock and the intense gaze in my eyes sends a shiver through your body. At that point I know all is well and continue with my oral pleasantries. I grasp the base of your cock with my hand and slowly stroke it up and down while flicking out my tongue to tease the tip. My lips suck on it gently, slowly sucking harder and harder, taking more of you in me each time. I reach out and begin to caress your sacs, gently squeezing, teasing. I slide you out of my mouth and grin at the slight frown on your lips. Kissing my way back up your stomach my hand continues to stroke your cock still slick with my salvia. My lips reach your chest and I begin to suck on your nipples once again, playfully giving them a bite.

Your hands grab my hips and I smile knowing I pushed all the right buttons. I look güvenilir bahis siteleri up at you and pull away, letting your cock fall out of my grasp. Walking over to the sinks I wink at you in the mirror and slowly bend over pulling my skirt up over my hips. You waste no time and come to stand behind me, your hands caressing my ass and slip between my legs to feel the wet heat. It’s my turn to moan as your fingers easily slide between my slit, find my clit and begin to tease. My hips push back against you, and you know you have the upper hand, you know what I want, you know what I need. You begin to rub your hard cock along my slit, making me moan, my eyes pleading with you in the mirror. With one thrust you bury yourself in me causing me to gasp, my hands grasping the edge of the sink. You pull back, just enough to leave the tip in, teasing me, you wait.

Finally after what seems like hours but was only seconds you thrust back in, your cock sliding in and out of me, filling me over and over. I feel your hands on my hips; your fingers dig in as you pull me back to meet you. My moans get louder with each thrust, your pace quickens, knowing we are both close to climax. I feel your cock swell inside me and your fingers dig in hard. Our eyes lock in the mirror once again as I lose all senses, I can feel my orgasm mounting, growing with each thrust. Finally I can hold off no longer and I let go, my cunt grasping your cock, wanting this feeling to never end. With a few last hard thrusts I feel you cum inside me, shooting your hot cum deep within me.

You lean down over my back and place a kiss on my neck before pulling out. I turn around and my arms wrap around your neck pulling you close, our lips touch softly, gently kissing. Before you can say a word I kneel back down and begin to lick clean your cock, lapping up our mixed juices. Once I am done I raise back up and fix my skirt and begin to turn away. You grab hold of my arm and kiss me one last time before saying thank you. I laugh and walk to the door, before I open it I turn back towards you ‘You can thank me when you get home’. Walking out the door, I smile to your 3 friends who placed themselves as guardians at the door. All they can do is watch me as I walk out of the pub.

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