The Prey

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My name is Mike, and I have an addiction. My addiction is the female body and all its attributes. The woman’s body is the most amazing piece of artwork ever made. It has driven man insane just thinking what he could do with it.

Myself? love to seduce women, not just any woman, but somebody else’s wife. The hottest wife’s are the girls married within the past year who did not live with a boyfriend before the wedding. They are the almost virginal girls who wanted to wait for the right man to come into her life before she gave herself to him completely. They are usually the most naive and willing to learn. These girls have experimented with sex ever since they said I do, and are innocent enough to indulge in what they think is harmless flirting.

The woman’s personal bed is the preferable place to seduce a woman into, it’s the bed where her husband makes love to her in the privacy of their own home. It’s the bed where I love to take advantage of a married woman’s body sexually sending her into orgasmic ecstasy.

Once a woman has an orgasm in her own bed by another man’s touch, she cannot get it out of her mind. The memories surface every time her husband makes love to her in that very spot, or she is touched the same way her lover touched her. She is usually ashamed for her indiscretions, but the fact is, the more remorse she feels, the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks about it, the more turned on she gets, and the more chance I have at getting in between her silky-smooth legs time and again, until she is accustomed to having another cock opening the glistening lips of her pussy. She will frequently tell herself that she will not continue with the affair, but her bodies overpowering sexual urges, usually betray her. Her only hope is her mind becoming stronger than her body’s sexual demands. In the end, as it should be, her love for her husband prevails, but not until she has been thoroughly taken advantage of and used for someone else’s pleasure.

I enjoy turning men’s spouses into sluts like I did my own. Her name is Kim, and she is my admitted slut. I turned her into one myself. Kim was a very naive girl until a few years after we married when I started bringing men home for the sole purpose of seducing her out of her clothes and into a kinky sex life. This is all explained in previous stories.

Kim has had her fair share of strange men and the occasional cock of a friend, thrusting forcibly into her body. Wanting to be the loving housewife and mother, Kim resisted at first until a man she had the hots for in school slid his hard dick balls deep into her sizzling cunt with my encouragement. She fought the feelings for a while, but could not break the hold lust had on her after having more and more experiences with different men. We took turns breaking her in the first night, and many more nights followed. She then became addicted to the newness of sex with other lovers. Finally, as time went by, she insisted that I partake of my own favorite past time. She knows all about my exploits as we share all the experiences. In fact, she encouraged me to bed a certain girl herself.

Since she knows I have an infatuation with petite girls with a fine ass Melissa was a perfect target for me to seduce. Incredibly enough it is Kim that has taught me how to seduce other women. She has even helped with a few.

Married only seven months, Melissa worked at a mall in a retail store. Wow she was cute. The kind of girl who looks innocent yet with a passion in her eyes to excite even the most ethical man.

Melissa is a petite brunette with brown eyes and pure white skin that looks soft and delicate. She is about 5’4 with a small set of breasts just large enough to fill a man’s hand fully. Her nipples are soft and pink like her lips, both sets. Her ass is easily her best feature, round and firm to fill a pair of jeans to perfection. Melissa was just 19 and ripe for seduction.

Her husband was a very conservative man just two years older than she when they married. He is very dedicated and loves his wife so much that he would never think of cheating on her. Fact is, he did not want to try new things with Melissa with the fear that she would think him a pervert. We were going to put his feelings to the test.

Melissa and I hit it off right away with me gaining her trust over a 3-month period. I worked nearby so I always made sure to see her and occasionally meet her for lunch as friends. She often told me about her husband Kevin traveling monthly to gain more trust from his business clients and had little time for his newly wedded wife.

Little did he know that his lovely spouse was telling another man that she was not getting the sex she had hoped for when they married. You can’t just fuck like rabbits right out of the honeymoon, then leave for a week at a time, thinking your 19-year-old hot wife, who is going through a sexual awakening, is satisfied.

Women have a habit of telling me things I have absolutely no right knowing. I ümraniye escort know way too many things about friends and female co-workers. I worked with one girl who would keep a picture of a baby in her car to keep her virginity intact. At the time, I was the naive one, thinking, she was a good girl until her best friend, whom I also worked with, told me that vaginal penetration was the only thing her friend didn’t do. She told me there are many ways to have sex without him entering her pussy and said her friend used her other two openings more than often. Damn! She told me she had soft skin because she would always have her boyfriend cum on her large tits and stomach, then rub the sperm into her skin. Melissa has told me more than expected, but the stories were a whole lot more innocent. Melissa has a sex drive that was burning a hole into her panties, and she didn’t even know it.

Practically a virgin when she married. Melissa wasn’t deflowered until her boyfriend, now husband, dated for eight months. Even then, she did not want to have sex very often since she rarely felt right doing it without a ring and when they did it was pretty straight forward missionary sex. At the time, she desired her husband to want her for herself not her body, so she rarely tried to experiment with anything.

I wanted that luscious naked body in my arms, moaning my name while I shoved my cock deep into her wet clenching pussy. I didn’t want to keep her for my own, just borrow. I made a plan to finally seduce Melissa mentally by putting sexual pictures and ideas into her mind then add a physical touch to bring her even closer to the sex she deserved and so desired. Too bad it wasn’t her husband doing the fucking.

The further Melissa and I talked, the more I steered the conversation towards sex. Melissa only had two boyfriends before she met Kevin. They of course tried to get into her panties, but were sent home with the proverbial blue balls. Kevin was the first, and only guy she let touch her body intimately, skin to skin. He was not the most knowledgeable lover either, getting most of his educations either from porn, or the neighborhood slut. Neither one taught him how to really satisfy a woman.

When Melissa and I would talk, she would confide in me and within time asked how to be a better wife and lover to gain more of Kevin’s attention. I asked her if she had ever performed oral sex on him. Apparently, she had just recently learned about giving head and was curious, but had no real desire to learn. In fact, Kevin was the one who didn’t want her to “degrade herself” with an act like that. He thought Melissa to good a person to take a cock into her mouth like a “common whore.” Like I said, women seem to talk freely to me about anything. Melissa usually treated any topic like, talking about the weather. I was the safe friend who was sneaking into her mind and hopefully into her bed.

Our conversations got pretty personal, I would tell her:

“The act of a woman kissing a man’s cock, and lovingly sucking him into her mouth, is by far the most intense and erotic sexual act for a man to experience.” I suggested she tell him to shave his privates for her, to see if he looked more appealing. One day she couldn’t stop laughing as she told me that she made the request for him to shave his balls. “No way in hell” was any sharp object going to get near him. I didn’t blame him, but I made sure she knew that a man’s balls looked and felt much more desirable to a woman when smooth and clean.

“And what makes you an expert on the subject?”

“Well, if you must know, women have told me so. They prefer a clean-shaven man to a rough hairy set of man balls” I said with a smile and a wink.

Melissa looked at me and realized that I told her that I was shaven and blushed like a school girl. “I want to do things for him. I just don’t know how to please him the way you suggest. He’s so straight-laced. I want to be naughty, but I don’t know how.”

“Stop trying to please him.” When you finally start having sex with your particular pleasure in mind you will become so much more aware of your personal sexual desires. Your body will come alive with a passion that you never imagined. It’s inevitable that he finds you much more desirable when you are enjoying sex with an intensity instead of just putting out for him. When you enjoy making love to him, it will make him feel like a stud. Which brings me to the next question. “Do you two ever fuck or do you always just make love?”

“What’s the difference?”

“One day you’ll figure that out.”

A few weeks went by, and we were having one of those conversations again. I asked how her oral talents had developed. She blushed and told me she didn’t want to talk about it.


“Because I’ve tried it but not very much. He still doesn’t think his wife, should be on her knees before him, servicing him like a prostitute.”

“Why not, I’m pretty sure most husbands, üsküdar escort think the way to keep out of trouble with other women, is to have a wife who will act like a slut for him.”

“The whole truth is, when I tried to suck him, I would think about you, and wonder what it would be like for him to shave. I would feel the worst guilt, like I was cheating.” This was the first time she actually looked embarrassed after saying something. I told her I was sorry and asked if she still had the desire to find out what a clean-shaven man looks like.

“Yea I guess so, wait a minute, are you suggesting you show me?!”

“Just asking a question, did you let him cum in your mouth?”

“Yuck, no way was I going to let him put cum into my mouth. That’s gross. Besides, he still thinks only sluts do that, he would never go for it.”

“Just try it, you may not like it, but it will bring you closer because of the intimacy of the act. One more thing Melissa. There is no way a man cannot want to be sucked. If he doesn’t let his wife do it thinking it is wrong, then I’m thinking he is looking to get it from someone else. There are plenty of women with oral skills willing to perform for a man. I’ve experienced plenty of cock sucking girlfriends, many times they were not MY girlfriend.”

“You think he’s hiring a hooker for a blow job?” And you have been the other man?

“It could be anybody, even another married woman just like you who has a husband who won’t let her suck him.” “And to answer your second question, yes I have been the other man. As I’ve said before, sometimes a girl just wants to be her husband’s slut, If he doesn’t let her, well sometimes she finds another man to be a slut for. If I happen to be there when she wants it…It’s okay with me. She looked at me with her pretty eyes with a question but did not ask.

Now that I was emotionally into Melissa’s sex life, I wanted to get closer with her physically. I liked the idea that she thought about me, when having sex with Kevin. I intended to use this to my advantage.

One day I was informed that Kevin, was going out-of-town for ten whole days. I decided this was the week I was going to let Melissa practice her oral skills on me, and hopefully more. I was determined to have her pussy, but I was going to be a patient man. I told Kim my plans, and she offered any help she could give, saying it would be fun helping her husband to seduce a girl like Melissa.

Kevin planned on going to the city only 60 miles away, but he insisted on staying at a hotel so he could focus on the business at hand. Since it was not really that far, and Kim was no longer needing to work I asked her if she wanted to help with teaching the newlywed couple how to please each other. Kim has had no problem letting married men screw her, or guys with girlfriends have their way with her body, so she agreed to give a helping hand.

The day he left I wanted to get Melissa alone so I loosened her battery cable in her car while she was working. Easy enough if you know how to get the hood open without the keys to the vehicle.

About the time she got off from work, I showed up and walked her to the disabled vehicle. After a couple of fake calls from me, I told her that a friend would come and look at it. After I re-connected the cables without her knowledge, I offered her a ride to my place so she could be comfortable while waiting for the car, and so I could begin her physical seduction and eventual adultery.

I do not do drugs, but a burning joint in the ashtray with the windows rolled up, does wonders for loosening up a woman I plan on seducing. Melissa didn’t know the difference between cigarette smoke and a marijuana joint, so she didn’t know why she started feeling funny. By the time I got her to my place, she was stoned for the first time and feeling fine.

Melissa wanted a drink, so I added a small bit of relaxant to a soda to loosen her up even more. I didn’t want her falling asleep, just relaxed enough to accept suggestions. Once it took effect, the rest was easy. When we talked, I put my hand on her leg, shoulders, back and even grazed her ass just to see how responsive she was. I started rubbing her shoulders, but she was so relaxed that she barely noticed. She just kept saying how good it felt.

“How has your sex life been lately? Is there anything I can help with? My offer is still open.”

“My sex life is none of your business.” Then she slipped and said, “Last time you had a suggestion, I ended up sucking your cock instead of my husbands. I want to keep your face out of my bedroom if you don’t mind, but if you must know Kevin has loosened up a bit. He lets me suck him, but only as a prelude to sex.”

So, she did think of me when she tried oral sex. Very nice to know.

I stood in front of Melissa rubbing her shoulders, my covered cock just inches away from her mouth.

I teased her more and asked her if I had anadolu yakası escort a nice cock.

She opened her eyes looking straight at the outline of my semi erection. “How am I supposed to know?”

“You said the last time I had a suggestion, you ended up sucking my cock didn’t you?

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.”

I was now running my fingers through her hair massaging her scalp then to her neck again.

“You still have not answered me. How is your sex life?”

“I don’t know.” What is so important that a man get a blow job? I’m feeling very funny, what was in that drink? Your hands are making me tingle all over.” “A lot of men if given the choice would give up fucking pussy before the blow job.” She turned towards me her face flushed by the feelings of my hands and my words and strongly disagreed. Without thinking, Melissa told me that the proper place for her man’s cock is between her legs. “In fact, I wish he was here now; I could sure use it.”

“Use what?”

“His cock, I’m feeling very unladylike at the moment. Your hands are turning me on, you should stop.”

Her words were out of character since she was always a proper lady when we talked no matter the subject. I really don’t think she knew what she was saying.

“Well, I believe that a man’s cock belongs where a woman allows it to enter her beautiful body. And if you don’t mind me saying, your mouth looks like the most inviting place I could think of.” As I gently touched her lips, I told her that her mouth looked very sexy and the only thing missing, was a cock sliding between her lips.

“Don’t say those things, it makes me nervous. I can’t seem to shake this feeling. I want Kevin so bad right now.”

“What would you do with him”?

“Make him make love to me. No wait that’s not what I’m feeling. I’m confused.”

“What do you want”? “C’mon say it Melissa.”

I shifted my position and was now behind her. My hands were very slowly moving down her front and sides, getting dangerously close to her heaving breasts. She was leaning backward into me, and I was sure she could feel my hard cock pressing into her back.

“Melissa, you know what you want him to do, say it.”

“I want him to screw me. There I said it. I want Kevin to be here right now so he could make love to me.”

“Don’t say those things it makes me nervous. I can’t seem to shake this feeling. I want Kevin so bad right now.”

“What would you do with him?”

“Make him make love to me. No wait that’s not what I’m feeling. I’m confused.”

“What do you want”? “C’mon say it Melissa”.

I shifted my position and was now behind her. My hands were very slowly moving down her front and sides, getting dangerously close to her heaving breasts. She was leaning back into me and I was sure she could feel my hard cock, pressing into her back.

“Melissa, you know what you want him to do, say it.”

“I want him to screw me. There I said it. I want Kevin here so he can make love to me.”

“My body is burning up, I need a cock.”

“It’s right here girl. “Take mine for now, until you can have the real thing.” I was hoped to play on her feeling that, this was all an erotic dream. I moved around and was now standing right in front of her with her blouse wide open. Her tits looked perfect as I gently pulled her light pink nipples making her roll her eyes into the back of her head. She was squirming in her seat, no doubt getting moist and ready for the taking.

“Take what you want, what you need.”

Several seconds passed as she contemplated on what was going on. Her body was being uncovered, exposing her supple breasts to another man’s eyes. She could not figure out, why she wouldn’t stop if it was so wrong. After all, she is a happily married woman, wed just over 11 months. Her anniversary was coming up soon, but all she could act on was the physical feeling surging through her body. She never felt this out of control before. It was new and exciting, yet taboo. How could something so wrong feel so good?

Then, as if she could resist no more, reached forward, pushing my shorts and underwear to my ankles. I made sure she was the one doing most of the work, so she could remember, that she was the one undressing me. She was the aggressor.

She instinctively reached out and touched only her second cock, her first out-of-wedlock. She caressed it and fondled me paying close attention to my smooth cum filled balls.

“Now is your chance to do what you want. Take them into your mouth and show me what you want to do with your husband.”

“Soft, very nice, your right, they do look delicious, and your cock seems to need some attention.”

With that she engulfed it into her mouth and sucked slow and deliberate taking in every sensation she could feel at that moment. Her body was tingling from head to toe. I’m sure her clitoris was swollen, by the way she was grinding her legs together. She gently fondled my full balls while her eyes stayed open and fascinated at her new find. I don’t think she realized what she was doing, but she was doing it oh so right. Her enthusiasm was amazing as she experimented with my cock inside her sucking mouth, her saliva dripping to her breasts. My cock was getting to the point of no return quickly, so I had her back off a little.

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