The perfect wife

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The perfect wife
Maria and henry had been married for 10yrs, i knew them since we moved in the neighbor , mommy and maria often going together to do grocerie and stuff

but this week was different , i started to wonder how big his cock was under his swimsuit , doing a bbq like most sundays all together on top of the condominium shared pool

I just turned 18 last week , i went home early from college

mommy note on the table saying i had received a big gift box and she put it in my room

I was intrigue when i saw the box, wondering who sent me a gift that big

i unpacked it, my eyes not understanding what i was looking at

it was heavy and wrapped in oppaque plastic, i got it on my bed

it felt like made of rubber or something,

i used a scisor to cute the plastic and a bbc spring up, from a half boddy base in stiff silicone or something

i watch the thing on my bed

dark skin legs cut to a spread , big black veiny balls attach to a very realistic cock

i tried to check who sent this, feeling it wasnt meant for me

but it had my name and a ”happy bahis firmaları birthday cute boi”

i sent the thing under my bed , telling myself this was a stupid jokes from my friends and i went out to meet them

nothing was said to let me know anyone was being part of the joke

the night went on , i had fun playing ping ping ad drinking then tabble babyfoot until i was too drunk to play

we all went away, taking to metro home

i tried not to think about it
but i coudnt stop the image of the big rubber body and cock , i went in the shower and for no reason i washed my ass and took my razor out shaving my balls and cock, like i do normally but this time i shaved my ass and coudnt believe how good it felt to be hairless , my soapy hands feeling how smooth i was

i dried up and knew i was alone mommy sleeping , alone in my room pulling the thing from under my bed


meanwhile , in the condominium building

Maria call her husband to come watch

”its happening honey”

both watching the big 50inch tv

the remote cams on the kaçak iddaa rubber toy showing me all cleaned in my little boxer , my little cock half hard bulging in my undie

”look he is excited , he is cute”

”yes , i like how he smile too”

”i bet you wish you were teaching him to suck yours”

Maria reaching for her husnand cock on his sweatpant

”helping the cute white boy taste your fat cock when Iam out shopping with his mom”

”yes that big cock want to white boy mouth ”

maria helping her husband cock out

”getting hard honey? you want our lil friend helping me ”

”ohhhh look there he goes”

”wow, he suck it like a lolipop”

”he likes this, look at him smile and try to take it deeper”

”you want this to be your cock, that cute boy mouth on your cock when im out , keeping my hubby happy for me , cute little neigbhor getting his mouth trained on you”

”fuck maria , you make me hard”

”yes baby, look at him , you want that to be you, look at how happy he is sucking that cock, in secret sucking a nice black cock kaçak bahis like a pop sicle ”

”look at the tv baby ”

maria head disapearing down, mouth open taking her hubby bbc , henry looking at the white boy suck , maria keeping an eye to mimic him , henry going crazy hard watching the boy enjoy his birthday gift from maria

”here, you are all ready ”

maria pulling her hubby sweat pants on

holding a key , with my door number on it

”go meet him, he needs you, im tired i need to sleep”

henry left in a hurry


”mmmmm mmmmmmm ”

alone in my room , mouth open on the very nice realistic 8 bbc

feeling it fill my mouth so good , like a nice big lolipop having fun sucking it

loosing sense of time , trying new position to suck on it

maria was rubbing her clit waiting for it, watching the cute boy umaware of a real cock coming to see him

it happen like in a porn movie

henry opening the door

the white boy mumbling some word, before being feed a real nice cock

”there try a real one my little friend, i want you to suck me like that toy”

”yes like that let me sit down , yes boi suck my cock, yes deep , love this take your time my cute friend”

”you can suck me like that all the time”

”oh that cute look, yes you want to do this often already?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32