The Oedipus Files of Dr. Gonzalez Ch. 02

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We fade in on Dr. Gonzalez sitting in a chair in front of a bookcase. He is reading a book. He holds the book up to show it is “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles.

Dr. Gonzalez says, “One thing to remember about Oedipus is that he didn’t intentionally sleep with his mother. He was horrified to find out Jocasta was his biological mother after he married and had children by her. So much so that he tore his eyes out.

“What of young men who know that a woman is their mother and desire to sleep with them anyway? What of young men who desire to sleep with their mother precisely because they are their mother? Are these young men aroused by the fact they are doing something considered wrong by society at large? And what of the opposite; mothers who desire their sons because they are their sons? What causes familial love to become eros?”

He reaches over and picks up a file folder off a nearby stand. He sets the book on the stand.

“Take the case of Erin, for example. Erin had come to me before while she was grieving the loss of her husband. Two years later, she came back regarding a disturbing development with her son Brad.”

We fade out.

* * *

Thanks for seeing me on such short notice, Doctor.

My husband? Yes, I still miss him, but you were a big help getting me through that time when he first passed. Thank you, Doctor.

I’m actually here about a problem I’ve had with my son Brad.

I told you when I first came that he’s been a distant boy since he was 10. I wasn’t surprised that he was even more quiet and distant after his dad died. The poor boy was only 16. I can’t imagine what losing your father that early does to a boy. I tried to do everything I could to talk to him, but he insisted he would be okay. You told me he seemed fine when I brought him to you. That he was just a naturally introverted boy. I don’t think you were wrong, but there was something he didn’t tell you.

Brad did pretty well in school, in spite of what we went through. He even got into a good college. He should have just started the second semester a few weeks ago, but… Well, let me explain.

I admit, I was really sad to see him leave when he moved to the student housing. It meant I was going to be in that house all alone, until he came back for Christmas and summer. I thought about dating again to keep from getting lonely. I mean, I know 38 isn’t too late to starting dating again, is it? You think I still look fine, right? Well, thank you! I don’t think I was ready though. I still missed my husband too much to start seeing other men.

I guess this is where my problem started. Not long after he went off to college, I went in to clean out his room. I found something under his bed. It was a pair of my underwear. A pair I figured just went missing in the wash. It was all crusted up.

At first, I was just disgusted and threw them in the garbage. Then I sat on the couch trying to process what I found. I tried thinking of other explanations, but I couldn’t avoid the obvious. My son had taken my panties and was masturbating into them. That meant he had to have been thinking about me, right? I kept hoping I was reading it wrong, but I felt I couldn’t deny it. My own son was lusting after me.

You know what’s worse, Doctor? It excited me! I’d never thought about my own son like that before. But now, thinking about him lying there with my panties and stroking himself. Imagining him moaning for his illegal bahis mommy. Groaning as he came into my underwear. Rubbing his cock on the fabric where my pussy had been. Oh Doctor, I’m so ashamed! It just seemed so exciting to me!

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was that why he was so distant? Because he wanted me and he was ashamed? I know he had a couple girlfriends. Did he sleep with them and think about me while he did it? Had he ever tried to peak in on me changing or showering? I never caught him if he had. Was he still thinking about me at college? Was he laying in that bed in his dorm and thinking about his mother’s body?

Oh Doctor. If Brad only he knew how that night I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about my son’s body. I imagined holding him in my arms. Telling him how much Mommy loved him. How I’d always be there for him and I’d always make things right. I imagined him kissing me deeply and taking off my clothes. I started playing with myself and imagined my son kissing me all over and then fucking me. My pussy was getting so wet at the idea. I’m so embarrassed, but I made myself cum so hard imaging being fucked by my own son. I’m such a shameful, awful woman.

It followed me everyday after that. I missed my son so bad and now I was lusting for him. Whenever I called or e-mailed him, things felt so awkward. I kept wanting to confess how I knew, I knew that he wanted his mother’s body. I wanted to tell him that I wanted him too. But I could never get up the courage. I should have come back to you then, Doctor. But I was just so ashamed.

Then Christmas vacation rolled around. Brad came home and I think he knew something was wrong with me. Things were more awkward between us than ever before. At times I told myself to sit down and talk with him before this went to far. Other times I thought about going to his room while he was laying down to sleep and getting in with him. I just couldn’t do either.

So here’s what I did. On the night before Christmas Eve, I decided to change with my bedroom door open. Where the bedroom is, he had a good chance of coming by and seeing me. If he didn’t, there would be no loss. If he did, it would be up to him what would happened. I could tell him that he was gone so long that I was used to not shutting my door if I needed to.

When I heard the door to his room down the hall open and footsteps coming my way, I turned my back to the open door. I undid my blouse and threw it in the hamper, then slowly slid down my skirt. I made sure my ass went high in the air. The footsteps seemed to stop behind me. After I threw my skirt in the hamper as well, I hesitated while I adjusted my stockings and panties. I told myself there was no going back and turned around.

There he was in just his boxers. My beautiful 18-year-old boy. Such a well-built boy, looking so much like his father did at that age. He was staring intently at me and had a huge tent in his boxers. I wanted to do something, but I froze. After a moment, I realized he was quickly walking toward me. He grabbed me by my wrists and pushed me back on to the bed. He pinned me down and lay on top of me.

“I’m so sorry, Mom,” Brad said to me. “I just can’t hold back anymore.”

He started kissing me hungrily and deeply. I couldn’t believe it! Not only was my own son mad with lust for me, he wanted me so bad that he was willing to take me by force! Even worse, it made me even more excited! My son wanted illegal bahis siteleri me so bad he was going to rape me. That’s so wrong isn’t it? Being turned on by your own son trying to rape you? I feel like such a hopeless slut.

He started kissing my neck. He kept telling me he was so sorry. Oh my baby!

“Brad, it’s okay,” I whispered. “I want you too.”

He stopped. He let go of my wrists and just looked at me.

“I found a pair of my underwear in your room. You were jerking off with them, weren’t you?” I asked.

“Y…yes,” he said.

“How long?”

“Mom, I’ve wanted you since I was old enough to jerk off!”

I was surprised. But so excited. I put my arms around my son. “Oh my baby. You’ve been thinking about me like that for that long? It’s okay, your mother will take care of you now.”

“Oh Mom!” he said and started kissing me again. It had seemed like forever that I’d tasted a man’s kiss and now here I was tasting my own son’s tongue. Feeling his strong young body on top of me. It was so good.

We sat up on the bed and he looked so excited while I undid my bra. He was breathing heavily when I revealed my breasts to him. He went right for them and started grabbing and licking them. Oh my little boy! I had suckled him with those breasts when he was a baby. Now he was sucking and squeezing them to make his mother feel good. I stroked his hair and held him.

He had me lay back and kissed down my stomach and to my panties. He grabbed them and slowly slid them off, feeling up my stocking covered legs as he did so. I spread my legs apart for him and he stuck his head between them. I felt his hot breath breath on my pussy.

“Oh Mom,” he said, “You smell so good.”

I blushed. I felt him spread my pussy and drag his tongue across it. I don’t know if I can describe what I was feeling. The boy I had given birth to was eating my pussy. For a moment, I wondered what kind of mother I was. What kind of mother does this sort of thing with her son? But then I gasped as he started to go at it with such force. Oh god, it felt so good that I just forgot everything. I just lay there moaning and gasping. Soon I felt a rush of intensity that was almost unbearable. I cried out so loudly.

For a moment I lay there out of breath. My own son had made me cum. He made me cum harder than his father ever did! It’s such a shameful thing to admit, but he did!

Brad wasn’t finished. He threw off his boxers and started kissing me again. I could taste my pussy on his mouth. I could feel his throbbing cock rubbing my pussy. God, how I wanted it inside me. He broke his kiss and looked me in the eye.

“Mom, I know you said you want me,” he said, “but I don’t just want you like this. I want to be your lover. I’ll come back and take care of you. I can’t replace Dad, but I want to do everything I can for you. Please tell me you’ll be mine.”

I was shocked, but not very. I think I knew he wanted more than my body, but I didn’t think he’d be that direct with it. I should have told him no. I should have been a good mother and pushed him off me. I should have told him to stay at college. I should have told him there was no way we could be lovers. But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t!

I put my hand on his cheek. “Oh honey. Yes!” I said with tears in my eyes. “I love you so much and I want you back with me. We’ll always take care of each other. I’m so happy!”

I could see tears canlı bahis siteleri in Brad’s eyes as well. “I am too Mom,” he said and kissed me again.

I felt him guide his hard cock into my pussy. I gasped when I felt him enter me.

“Ah! You’re so wet, Mom!” he said.

I wrapped my legs around him. “It’s because you make your mother feel so good! Please fuck me, Brad!”

“Oh Mommy!”

Hearing him call me Mommy turned me on so much. I know how wrong that is, but I couldn’t help it

As Brad thrust into me, he kept calling me Mommy, kissing my mouth and neck, and telling me how good my pussy felt. I told him how good his cock felt and kept moaning with joy. It wasn’t long before I felt the intensity building again. I climaxed even harder this time. I couldn’t even hear my own cries because I was so lost in pleasure.

When I calmed down, I heard Brad say, “You sound so hot when you cum, Mommy,” I must have turned so red.

I felt his hips hitting me harder and harder. “Mommy, I’m going to cum too!” He was panting so hard.

I pulled my legs around him tighter. “Oh yes! Please give Mommy your cum!”

He groaned loudly as I felt him swell inside me and shoot his seed deep into my pussy. He lay his head between my breasts. We were both out of breath.

“You also sound cute when you cum.” I whispered to him and kissed him on the head.

I felt him go soft inside me and we just fell asleep like that.

Doctor, he’s done just what he said he would. He’s dropped out of college and moved back in with me! Oh I love him so and we’ve been so happy together. But now I’m having second thoughts. None of this is at all normal. I’ve taken my son as my lover, and he even dropped out to be with me! None of this can be good for him, can it? What should I do? I’m so lost and confused!

* * *

We fade in on Dr. Gonzalez. He looks at the file folder with his hand on his chin.

Dr. Gonzalez says, “It seemed to me that Erin had allowed her son to become her lover in order to cope with the loss of her husband and as a response to her empty nest syndrome. The fact this unusual relationship had formed out of such profound feelings of loneliness did not make it seem at all healthy for Erin.

“I asked her to bring Brad in for our next session. It was clear he had some deeper issues that caused him to be sexually attracted to his mother from the time he hit puberty. The fact he would have apparently been willing to rape her was even bigger point of concern.

“The next session was a disaster. When they walked in, the first thing they told me was that they had decided they were happy together and they would not need my services anymore. When I tried to tell them why I thought their relationship was unhealthy, they became defensive.

“After a heated argument, Brad yelled that he wouldn’t let me drag them apart. He then grabbed his mother and began necking with her right there in my office. Needless to say, I was taken aback. Immediately afterward, they stormed out and did not return.”

He returns the file folder to the stand.

He says, “I consider this case a failure on my part. It was a mistake to ask them to come in together. Perhaps if I had asked them to come in separately, I may have had better results.

“Unfortunately, once they had left my office there was nothing I could do. The case did not have enough immediate danger for me to alert the authorities, and Brad is legally an adult. I can only hope they have found a way to resolve their issues without my help.”

Dr. Gonzalez sighs and looks at the file folder on the stand. He stands up and walks away from the chair. We fade out.

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