The Morrisons Ch. 01

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When you work hard and bring in more than enough money to satisfy your wants and needs, you get to have a few well deserved luxuries in life. You can pay that little extra and have things done your way without being pushy and everyone is compensated justly. Sounds interesting……? Then enjoy this story………

For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My name is Dan my wife’s name is Kim and we’ve been married for twenty years. We have a daughter named Jenna who graduated high school but still lives at home. Both Kim and I grew up in homes where our parents worked and didn’t have much time for their children. Both of our parent’s philosophy was to be successful in business with a goal to bring home plenty of money, so we could live comfortably. In the absence of our parents in our daily lives we had to turn to our siblings for help and support while growing up. I don’t want to sound ungrateful but there are times when a parent being present at an event would have been more rewarding.

Being that Jenna was our only child, Kim and I had made the decision in her early years, we wanted to be in our child’s life and made a personal promise to always have at least one parent at all Jenna’s school or personal events. When both of us appeared at an event Jenna was overjoyed. She never neglected to introduce us to her friends, teachers or others she had contact with. Jenna studied hard and did very well in school keeping her grades high so she could have her choice of colleges when she graduated. She graduated in June but Jenna decided not to go to college immediately and took a job at a local copy company near our home.

Kim and I work hard and play harder because time off from work is a cherished comity for us. As a young couple straight out of college our diligent work habits paid off handsomely and each of us were promoted within our respective companies. Currently I am an executive with a very large manufacturing company while Kim is an executive with a very well known advertising agency. Most days we can car pool to work but there are some days when Kim has a deadline which requires her to stay late or sometimes stay over in order to make the deadline.

We were fortunate enough to buy a comfortable six bedroom home with a large in ground pool, a spacious hot tub on the deck, also a decent sized sauna, a four car garage and a small barn structure on twenty acres of land, all within a reasonable commute to our companies. Shortly after we bought our home we realized our schedules didn’t leave much time for us to keep the house clean or care for the yard and gardens. After talking it over Kim, we decided to advertise for a live in house keeper and a professional lawn care and landscaping service.

A young man named Tony from the nearby small town applied for the lawn care position. During his interview we learned Tony had been working in the business since he was a teenager. One of Tony’s references was another lawn care business owner who spoke very highly about Tony’s abilities in lawn care and landscaping. He told us that Tony had started working for him as a young teenager in the summer months and after he graduated from high school Tony started his own business. We agreed to meet with Tony the following day after he had a chance to review our property and come up with a rate for his lawn care services.

When we met the second time we had Tony sit down in the living room so we could finalize business. Kim handed Tony a confidentiality statement and requested he sign and date the form before we proceeded. Tony questioned the need for the statement however we stressed signing the statement was very important to us. After signing and dating the statement he asked if we could make a copy so he could have a copy for his records. Kim told him she would make him a copy and if everything worked out right, we would give him a few extra copies for his staff to sign. He looked at us with a questioning look.

I started off the next part of the conversation with, “Do you understand the significance of the confidentiality statement you signed for us. Tony replied, “No not really that’s why I questioned my having to sign the form.”

Continuing I said, “There are things you may see around our home which, shall we say, you won’t see around other people’s homes. I won’t go into details now but you will immediately recognize when you see something you may not see at other homes. We want you to be aware, whatever you see here, you are now bound by the confidentiality statement not to talk about it anywhere off this property which includes your wife and family. Do you have any questions?”

Tony was a little perplexed until I said, “My wife and I are executives in a couple of very large corporations and our home is our sanctuary. What we choose to do in our own home and on our own property is our business and no one else’s. Since you’ve signed the confidentially statement I will tell you my family are nudists.”

“Holly SHIT!” echoed from Tony’s mouth. “Do you mean all kartal escort of you walk around here completely naked?” Tony asked.

Kim jumped in and said, “Yes, we are nude when we are home and one of our requirements we’ve made for the staff we are hiring is we want them to be as nude as we are when they are working here on our property.”

Tony smacked his forehead with his hand then sat back in his chair looking between Kim and me. I could see Tony’s was thinking, finally speaking up he asked, “So what you are saying is you want me and my staff to be completely naked when we are working here?”

I spoke up saying, “I don’t know what you have for a total on that contract but if you and your staff are willing to be naked while you’re working here, we will make extra compensation available for you and your staff. Before you ask, we are only looking for lawn care, gardening and landscaping, not sex. The way it would work is when your staff arrives, they would strip naked and remain that way until it was time to leave. Since they are your staff you would maintain control over their jobs and it would be up to you to make sure they did the excellent work, we’ve been informed by your references, that your company does.

“My wife and my sisters do my gardening and landscaping. I’m not sure they will go along with what you’re asking beside I’m not sure I want them here and naked without me being here.” Tony added.

Kim spoke up saying, “If you would like to come back with them later so we can talk to them and see what their responses are, we can arrange to be here for that.”

Tony shook his head in agreement and said he could be back around six that evening and he would bring his wife and sisters with him. Kim reminded Tony of his confidentiality statement and asked him not to say anything to his wife or sisters until we were all sitting down ready to discuss business. Tony agreed the topic is not one he wanted to broach alone so we shook hands and Tony left.

About quarter to six the door bell sounded and Kim and I threw on some robes we always kept handy for visitors. Kim answered the door and invited the four of them in. Immediately Tony introduced the three females with him.

Tony said as he pointed to the first young lady, “This lovely young lady is my wife Patty, over there is my sister Barbie and the other one is my sister Beth.”

Turning to his family members Tony said, “This young lady is Kim and over here we have her husband Dan.”

“As I told you earlier this is my landscaping and gardening crew.” Tony said as he looked at Kim and Dan.

“On special occasions where we have to plant something heavy then I call on some of my lawn mowing crew to help them.” Tony said.

Kim asked them if they wanted something to drink. The three females asked for water and Tony agreed to have a beer with us. We walked into the living room and each of the sisters took a single seat while Tony and his wife selected to sit together on the love seat.

Kim handed each of the three females a copy of the confidentiality statement and asked them to read it and sign it, if they agreed. Patty looked confused and asked Tony what was going on. Tony said, “It’s a part of the package if we are going to pick up this account.”

Tony’s sister Beth asked, “Did you sign one of these already?

“Yes I did when I was here this morning.” Tony replied.

Kim and I watched as all three girls read and signed the statement. Kim collected them and went and made copies of the statement and then handed a copy to each of the girls.

I spoke up and asked all three girls, do you understand the terms of the document you just signed? Patty was quick to answer my question correctly. Looking at all three girls I said, “Good, then all of you know this is like Vegas, anything you see or do here, stays here. You can’t speak about anything you see here outside our property lines.”

Patty asked, “What does this confidentiality statement have to do with us?”

Kim spoke up saying, “Dan and I are top executives and we don’t want our personal world to be mixed with our corporate world. When we work we work very hard and have to play by all the rules of the corporations. When we are home we relax all the rules and make our own. Since we have to be so straight laced sometime up to 16 hours a day we come home to our relaxed atmosphere and shed all the restrictions, just to be ourselves. In other words all three members of this family are nudists and we enjoy being naked when we are home. Therefore we asked you to sign a confidentially statement because during your working time here, you will see one or more of us completely naked.”

Patty spoke up and said, “Oh wow, real live nudists. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to visit a nude resort one day.”

Barbie and Beth sat in their seats with a look of astonishment and a mild case of shock on their faces. Barbie was the first to ask, “So we see you naked but we can’t tell anyone?”

“Yes, that’s exactly why we wanted you to sign maltepe escort bayan the confidentially statement before we started talking.” Kim replied.

Kim said, “It goes a little further and that’s why we asked to have all of you are here to discuss our business deal with your company. Tony heard from us this morning but said each of you had to make your own decisions because you were his landscaping and gardening crew.”

Patty asked with a smile on her face, “What are you asking us to do, be naked to?”

There were some giggles from all three girls which came to an abrupt halt when they heard Kim’s next sentence.

Kim looked right at Patty and said, “Yes we are hiring a complete nude staff. Anyone who works here, we want them to be nude. If you want, Dan and I will sign a confidentially statement for each of you so you will know we won’t talk about our staff outside our property lines either.”

Suddenly the gravity of the situation started to sink in and the three girls went from giggles to frightened stares. Kim let the whole concept sink in for a few seconds before saying, “When you come to work here you’ll leave your clothes in your car or our garage. When you get ready to leave then you simply get dressed again. One benefit of working naked here is you can get a great tan while you’re working. As an additional bonus, Dan and I have decided to allow all of you to use our pool while you are here as long as you get your work done. There is a shower near the pool and all we ask is you take a shower before getting into the pool. There is a towel closet out there stocked with plenty of towels. The last part is we are willing to provide extra compensation for each of you for working completely nude when you are here.”

Barbie spoke up again and said, “I don’t know how that will work out because Beth and I are Tony’s sisters. I’m sure he wouldn’t want us to be seen naked no more than he would want to see us naked.”

Beth spoke up next saying, “Yeah and we wouldn’t want to see his little cock.”

Beth and Barbie started giggling until they looked at their brother and saw he was serious and they again came to an abrupt stop.

Tony asked, “What would happen if I had to bring in one of my other guys to help with landscaping or gardening, would my wife and sisters be allowed to wear clothes so the guys won’t see them naked?”

Kim looked at Tony and said, “The whole idea behind us having this part of the conversation it to determine if the workers for your company can come here and do the work that needs to be done and do it while they are naked. That’s the bottom line. It doesn’t matter if they are your wife or sisters, you could even hire a special crew to come here and do what they are going to do as long as that crew can do the job naked.”

Tony was getting a little edgy at Kim’s sharp tone when Patty spoke up again and asked, “So Kim, you are saying if our company wants to have this account then the workers we send here have to sign a confidentially statement and work nude while they are here?”

Kim smiled and said, “Yes dear that’s the bottom line.”

Patty asked, “May we have a few minutes alone to talk about this so we can decide?”

Kim looked at me and I nodded my head yes. Kim and I got up and walked into the dining room leaving the four of them alone to discuss business.

About ten minutes later Patty called out, “Kim, Dan can you come back here?”

Before Kim and I walked back into the living room Kim turned to me and loosened the belt on my robe. I smiled and untied Kim’s robe completely saying, “Let them look we already have a confidentially statement from all of them now.”

Walking back into the living room with our robes open Kim chose to remain standing. Through the four inch gap in the front of Kim’s robe the four young business people had a clear view of Kim’s bald pussy and the sides of her tits. Meanwhile I walked back to my original chair, sat down and crossed my legs. My robe fell to the sides displaying my hard cock as it stood straight up from my crotch.

The three of the four sets of eyes alternated between Kim’s bald pussy and my hard cock while the other set of eyes locked in one Kim’s pussy and didn’t move any further. Kim stood still for a few seconds allowing her voyeurs to look at long as they wanted.

Finally Kim cleared her throat and all eyes moved up to her face. Kim smiled and said, “We don’t mind if you look and apparently we proved our point, all of you do love to look.”

Flushed Patty started, “Um Kim, awww we really want this account however we’d like to take a tour of the grounds to see what we will have to do.”

Kim smiled while shifting her weight to her other foot and putting her hands inside her robe on her hips causing her tits and pussy to be totally exposed to the four guests before saying, “Yes we can do that but first I think we need to clear up a sticking point which you were going to discuss while we were out of the room.”

Kim was not disappointed when all four sets of escort pendik eyes were once again riveted on her exposed body. Kim smiled and asked, “What did you decide?”

Nervously Patty sputtered, “We decided to act as if we were coming to work and go out to the truck and leave our clothes there and then take a tour of your property and see what we will have to do.”

Looking around at all four of them Kim saw each of them were more than nervous. Beth was biting her lip, Barbie was bouncing her foot and Tony was still staring at Kim’s body but was red faced knowing his wife and sister would soon be naked in front of another couple. Although she was red faced, Patty seemed more anxious to take off her clothes more than any of the others.

Kim said, “Patty the four of you don’t have to go out to your truck unless you want to, all of you can leave your clothes here in the living room and we can all take a walk.”

Patty answered, “Yes ma’am we understand but if we were coming to work we wouldn’t be coming in here to undress it would be out by our truck or in your garage. That’s why we said we would go outside and take out clothes off by the truck.”

“I understand completely now, so let’s take a walk shall we?” Kim asked

All of us stood up at the same time and once standing I said, “I guess I won’t need my robe anymore.”

Kim and I took off our robes and Kim handed her to me and I put both of them in the closet on the way by. Kim was already out the front door with the four young people by the time I hung up the robes. I quickly caught up with them as they reached the truck.

Patty was already taking off her clothes by the time they reached the truck. With her blouse in her hand she opened the door and tossed it in on the front seat. She went to work on her bra while Beth and Barbie pulled their shirts out of their shorts and off. After Patty unfastened her bra she held it against her tits momentarily then said to the others, “Here goes nothing.”

Beth turned to face her and watched as her sister-in-laws tits came into view. She reached back and unfastened her own bra and said, “I’m with ya Patty!” Wiggling she let her bra fall away from her tits and everyone was treated to Beth “C” cup tits with dark brown areolae.

Patty turned as she unsnapped her shorts and all of us could see she had approximately “C” cup tits but her areolae were pink and her tits were topped with large nipples. Barbie turned and all of could see her tits were small about an “A” cup and topped pink areolae with pimple sized nipples.

Tony was standing behind Patty as he pushed his underwear and shorts down together and stepped out of them before tossing them in the front seat of the truck. He was like any other guy he reached down and gave his cock a few strokes even though he was rock hard at the prospect of seeing his sister’s naked bodies. After all, it was his wife who encouraged then to strip naked so they could secure this account even though he expressed his concern that he would get a hard on.

Beth and Barbie saw Tony’s cock at the same time and both of them instantly took a deep breath causing a gasping sound. Beth pointed and Barbie’s eyes widened as they stared at their brother’s hard cock standing up as if saluting the newly uncovered tits of his sisters. Finally Barbie spoke up and said, “My God Tony, you aren’t my little brother anymore.”

Tony blushed at his sister’s statement and said, “All three of you caused this. I told you it would happen.”

All three girls were standing in their panties looking at Tony’s cock when Patty said, “Ok we’ve seen his cock let’s show him some pussy on the count of three. Patty said “One.” all three of them put their thumbs in the elastic waist bands of their panties.

Patty said, “Two.” Then without hesitation she said “Three.” All three of them pushed their panties over their asses and down their legs and kicked them off their feet. Each one in turn picked up her panties and tossed them into the front seat of the truck.

Kim and I were treated to a quick view of all three pussies as the girls bent over. My cock bounced when I got a peek at the smooth pussy lips between Beth and Barbie’s thighs when they bent over.

Once everyone was naked the three girls turned around and faced Kim and me holding their hands over their tits and leaving their cute bald pussy uncovered for our viewing pleasure. I asked, “Can anyone tell me why girls cover their tits first and not their pussy when they are seen naked?

Suddenly three hands dropped and covered three pussies. I smiled and said, “It’s too late, I’ve already seen your pussy so you might as well uncover everything because you won’t be able to work one handed.”

All six of us walked around the property and I pointed out we had three rows of evergreen trees planted in staggered rows around the property when we first bought the property as a living security fence. I told Patty, Barbie and Beth the health of the border trees were important and should receive premier maintenance. We walked until we finally arrived at the gardens and Kim took over and expressed her wishes for lots of color all season long. Patty said she would draw up a plan and present it to Kim for her approval. Patty asked Kim, “What price range do you want me to do my estimate in?”

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