The Monkey’s Penis Ch. 03

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David Moreno finds things becoming surreal as a relic of antiquity collides with his everyday life. He finally figures out what is going on and tries to turn the tables. But watch out …

Author’s Rambling: This story comes in two parts, a yin swing and a yang swing — the acolyte at the beginning of the tale will tell you that this is the way of the universe.

Live well!

Chapter 3: Ye Failed Knight

David awoke to find himself sitting, naked, in the living room chair. “What?!” He looked up to see Paul smiling at him. “What the fuck have you done to me, Paul?”

“You’re going to participate in a little experiment, David.”

“What have you DONE to me?!” David tried to stand up and beat the shit out of the sneering bastard; tried to stand and just punch him; just tried to stand. His muscles were leaden, exhausted, ignoring every command he sent them. “What have you done, you fuck-up?!”

Paul just smiled enigmatically. “Oh, Lydia,” he called finally. “Come out here, please.”

David saw his mother’s head lean around the corner.

“Paul! I can’t come out there dressed like this! David’s my son! I can’t just–“

Paul sighed and shook his head for David’s benefit. “Lydia, shake that tight little ass of yours and get it out here. Now.”

Lydia walked out from behind the wall, taking little steps in her five inch heels, causing her body and new boobs to jiggle with every step. She wore a black fishnet garter dress with black fishnet stockings.

“Paul!” she whispered when she reached the young man. “Paul, my boobies are showing through this dress! And David — my son! — David is staring at them!”

David realized he had been gaping at his mother and her outfit and dropped his eyes, then relifted them to glare at Paul. “You fucking shit! Stop messing with her!”

“Ohhh, poor David,” Paul taunted, “Feeling chivalrous, son?”

“Paul,” Lydia whispered, pulling on Paul’s sleeve.

“Stop MESSING with her! You’re going to fuck up her BRAIN! Don’t you have any shred of decency?!”

“Hold on a second, let me look.” Paul shut his eyes.

“Paul,” Lydia whispered, pulling on his sleeve again.

Paul opened his eyes. “No. Stunningly enough, there’s not one shred of decency in there. What a surprise.”

“I am going to kill you,” David growled.

“Paul!” Lydia whispered.

“Lydia! What is it?!” he whispered back.

“Paul, this dress– this dress– it doesn’t cover my … my pussy!”

Paul’s mouth dropped and he leaned forward. “It doesn’t, does it?” He reached his hand over and grabbed Lydia’s bare crotch, causing her to jump in surprise. “It sure doesn’t!”

“No! No, it doesn’t!” she whispered, eyes wide. “And my son …” she lowered her voice even more. “My son might see!”


“Yes, Paul?”

“Look at David. He’s already getting off on seeing your bare pussy!”

Lydia looked over at her son and her eyes widened some more.

“I am doing no such THING!” David stated. “I’m thinking of ways to kill you slowly, you little shit-fuck.”

“David!” Lydia cried, “David, your PECKER!”

David looked down at his crotch to see that he was stiff enough to serve as a tuning fork. “WHAT?!”

“Ignore him, Lydia,” Paul advised her. “He’s just a little peeping tom, getting off on seeing you act like a slut.”

“I am NOT acting like a slut, Paul!” She lightly slapped him on the cheek.

“No, of course you’re not, Lydia. Here, sit down in this chair over here,” Paul said, putting one arm behind her back and the other hand on her boob and guiding her to a sitting position in her chair.

“Paul! Don’t you DARE grab my breast like that!” she chastised the young man as she sat.

“Or you’ll do what, Lydia?”

She just stared back at him, trying to come up with something to say.

Paul reached for Lydia’s boob and began squeezing it through the fishnet. “I said, or you’ll do what, Lydia?”

“Paaaauuuul!” she whined.

Paul kartal escort bayan squeezed her boob and flicked her nipple a minute while she quieted down. “What will you do, Lydia?” he asked finally.

“I’ll– I’ll get really HORNY, Paul!” she whispered loudly then gave a long sigh.

“Oh!” Paul said, moving behind her and reaching forward to massage both tits from behind. “We wouldn’t want THAT, would we?”

“Gah!” David cried out as his pecker shot a load up at the ceiling.

“David!” Lydia said sharply, gathering her senses back to her. “Don’t you DARE ejaculate on the ceiling, young man!”

David was still sitting in the chair, his hands gripping the arms of the chair, having shot his load without touching himself. “But mom, I just …”

Lydia stood and put her fists on her hips. “No ‘but’s, young man!”

David’s eyes landed on her bare pussy that her outfit exposed, and he began to stiffen again.

“David!” Lydia said, seeing the re-hardening member. “Are you LISTENING to me?! NO! You’re NOT! You’re just getting all HARD again! STARING at my body!”

David watched his mother take her hand with the three inch blood red nails and swat at his boner. “Mom!” he said, his voice shrill, “Don’t! Don’t DO that!”

“Young man,” she growled, “Don’t you backtalk me!” She swatted at his woody again, and he fired this time, hitting her in the eye with jism, then spraying her hair with it during the second and third squirts.

“David!” she shrieked, then turned. “Paul! He just shot milky-white thick … gooey … sticky …” She wiped the jism off her eye with two fingers, then stuck them in her mouth. “Mmmmm … dirty … nasty … jism! All over my face!”

“Mom! Please! Don’t!”

“OH, GOD, you taste good, David!” she sighed. “So good that I might forgive you for shooting me in the eye.”

“Lydia!” Paul exclaimed, “I’m surprised at you! That was your son’s cum!”

Lydia leered at Paul. “Mmmm, yes it was. And it was GOOOOOD! Can I– can I have some of yours now, Paul?”

“Mom!” David said, his voice clenching as he fired off a third round at the ceiling.

“David!” Lydia turned to her son. “Just what do you think you’re doing?! There you go again! You’re making a ceiling stain! Are you getting off on seeing your own mother get molested by this little pervert?!”

“Mom! Pleeeease! Stop!”

“Stop what? You’re still hard! My own son!” She walked over to Paul and put her arms around his neck in an embrace.


“Are you getting horny watching your mother rub her breasts up against this pervert’s chest?!” She slowly demonstrated.


“You’re supposed to be protecting me! I’m your mother, for God’s sake! Not only are you getting off on seeing my naked body — that’s INCESTUOUS, young man! — you’re getting off on seeing me forcibly molested!”


Lydia grabbed Paul’s head in both hands and pulled his lips to hers to stick her tongue down his throat.

“Mooooom!” David shot load four at the plaster ceiling.

Lydia finally broke off the kiss and looked over at David. “I just can’t believe my own son would refuse to help his mother while this little pervert fucks up my mind! I may never be the same, David! I could be a nasty, cum-craving cock-sucking incestuous whoring slut-bitch for the rest of my life! I would certainly call that brain damage, David! And not only do you not come to my aid — you just fucking cum! You get off on this! My own son!” She flopped down in her chair, disgusted at his behavior. She hooked each leg over an arm of the chair to give an open shot of her crotch.

“Momrrgh!” Load five arced across the room toward his mother.

Lydia noted that the jism only traveled a few feet. “You’re going to have to do better than that, David.” She smiled at him and lightly rubbed her hand up her pussy. “C’mon, baby, shoot a really good load for momma!”


“Come on, sweetie. escort maltepe Tell you what. I’ll let you see something.” She slid her hand down to her spread crotch and began lightly tracing her fingers across her pussy.

“Mom, DON’T!”

“Oops,” she smiled and slid a finger into her slot. “Where’d it go?”

“Mom! Ungggghhhh!” Load six splattered out.

“Sweetie, you need to get some control over that thing, or you’ll dehydrate yourself.”

David slumped in his chair. “Mom. Please.”

“You also need to build up your crotch muscles, honey. That last load didn’t even travel as far as the load before it.”

“Mom … please … stop.”

“Lydia,” Paul said, stepping behind her chair, “It’s not the muscles, it’s the subject matter. I mean, he likes seeing your naked body.” Paul glared at David, “The little PERVERT!” He reached his hands down to cup Lydia’s boobs. “But what he REALLY likes to see is you getting fucked over.”

“Mom! Stop him, please!”

“Why, David? Why should I when you won’t even stand up for me? Your pecker will, but you won’t!”

“Mom, I can’t!”

Lydia held her arms out to her sides while Paul massaged her new boobs from behind. “Look at me, David! This pervert is groping me, touching things he SHOULDN’T be touching — and, boy! let me tell you it is feeling GOOD! — and you won’t even stand up for me. Now tell me why *I* should stop him if you won’t?! Tell me, David!”

“Mom, it’s wrong! What he’s doing to you is wrong!”

“Then this must be really, really wrong, David.” She reached for Paul’s right hand and pulled it down to her crotch, where he slowly sank a finger into her. “Mmmmmm!”

“Please! Mom! Don’t do that!” The only body parts David could move was his hands, strangling the arms of his chair with a death grip.

“He’s really gonna blow this time, Lydia. Look at him tensing.”

“Ooooooh. Come on, baby, blow for me.”

Paul pointed the hand that wasn’t buried in Lydia’s crotch at David. “Just don’t you shoot too far and get anything on me, cuckold-boy! Or I’ll have you cleaning up the mess!”


“I know what he really wants to see, Lydia,” Paul said, bringing his cock to her lips. Lydia stared directly at her son and let her lips ooze over the head, then suck in the length of Paul’s dick.

“Please! … Stop! … Unnnnnngggghhh!! … Oh, man! … Oh, man! … Ung!”

“Goddammit!” Paul cursed as a spot of jism crossed the entire length of the room and landed on his shoulder. “I warned you!”

“No,” Lydia pleaded. “Let me!” She stood and began lapping the cum off Paul’s shoulder.

“Oh, please! Don’t! Ungggg!” Load eight launched, but not as far as the previous load. It landed on the waist-side curve of Lydia’s ass.

Lydia turned around and put her fists on her hips. “David, you just don’t learn. Do you?”

“Mooom!” David moaned.

She marched over to stand in front of her son, then used two fingers to wipe the jism off her ass. She held them up to her nose and sniffed. “God, your cum smells good, David.” She held her fingers out and under David’s nose. He tried to struggle but his muscles refused to listen. “Doesn’t it, David?”

“Mom! Stop it! Please!”

She smiled tolerantly and brought her fingers up to her mouth and barely touched her tongue to the jism. “Mmmmm, and you really REALLY taste good, David.” She started to reach toward David’s lips.

He really tried to struggle! But his muscles still would not obey him. “Mom! No! For chrissakes! Don’t!”

Lydia touched her fingers to David’s lips, then smeared his cum over them.

“Mom! No!”

She leaned in and began licking the jism back off his lips. This progressed into kissing her son, her tongue sliding into his mouth, then his tongue sliding into hers.

“David,” she whispered in between passionate tonguing, “You don’t know where this mouth has BEEN!”

“Mmmm … I don’t … care, Mom, … you are just … pendik escort so fucking hot!”

She reached down and pulled on his dick. “Mmmm, David, you’re hard again.”

“Oh … yeah! … Mom!”

“Oh!” Lydia squealed. David looked to see Paul behind her, and his mother seemed to be grinding her ass back against his hand.

“Remember what we talked about earlier, Lydia?”

“God, yes!” she gasped.


Lydia looked torn and confused. “I can’t. I just can’t do– ohgod, you’re right!” She spun around so that her back was to her son and cocked out her ass. “David! Isn’t mommy’s ass pretty?”

“Yes!” he moaned.

“Wouldn’t you just like to take a bite out of it?”


She backed up closer to him and slowly shook her hips from side to side. “Would you like me to sit on your big hot hard cock, sweetie?”

“Oh, mom, would you please?!”

“Sure, baby. Just kiss mommy’s ass?”

“Hungh?” he moaned.

She pulled her cheeks apart and backed up closer to her son’s face. “Just kiss mommy’s asshole, sweetie, and I’ll sit down on your pecker.” She pulled once on his cock. “You’re ready to shoot again. Mommy knows. Mommy will let you shoot up her poop chute.” She pulled on him again. “Don’t you want that?”

David buried his face between her buttocks and loudly kissed her anus.

“No, sweetie. With tongue.”


“Mommy wants you to FRENCH KISS her butthole.”

“But you didn’t say …”

“Don’t you want to stick that hard hot little rod of yours up between mommy’s cheeks and shoot off up her ass?”

David buried his face again, tonguing her sphincter.

“Mmmmm! Yes! David!” She wriggled her ass from side to side, but David kept his face planted and his tongue active. “Baby! Yeah!”

Lydia finally stepped away from David’s face, then reached for a vial of vaseline on the living room table. Smearing a glob of it around her rear end, she stepped back to David, turned around, then squatted, slowly impaling her ass on her son’s cock.

“Oh! Fuck! Mom!”

“Tell him,” Paul said. Until then, David had forgotten that the other boy was even in the room.

“Sweetie,” his mother said, raising her hips up, then sitting back down to pump his rod. “Sweetie, Paul says that this will be the last load you ever shoot.”

David’s eyes opened and widened. “WHAT?!” His mother riding up and down on his cock right now was more than proof enough that Paul had power to do some strange things.

Lydia was starting to get into riding David, stimulating her ass. “Yeah, baby, no more ejaculations. Ever. Mmmmm, cum for me now.”

“MOM! What are you TALKING about? STOP!”

“No, sweetie! I can’t stop now! I’m too hot!”

“PAUL! What is she TALKING about?!”

“I wanted to make your last load special, so I’m letting you aim it up Lydia’s sphincter. Enjoy, friend.”

“You’re no friend! What does she MEAN?! LAST LOAD?!”

“Don’t worry about it, David.”

“MOM! STOP! I can’t hold BACK if you wriggle your hips like that!!”

“Like this, David?” she asked sweetly, demonstrating.


“Mmmm, give me your load, honey.”

David was having a hard time holding back. “PLEASE! MOM! STOP!”

Lydia could feel his cock start to jump.

“That’s it, baby. Give it to me.”

“MOM! NO! NOOOOOOO!” With that, David’s hips began to move by themselves, pumping his jism up his mother’s ass. “Noooooo!”

“Yes! Yeeesss! Yeeeesssssss!” Lydia screamed, her sphincter spasming, milking David’s ejaculating cock.

“Mom!” David was crying now for some reason. “What have you done?!”

Lydia clamped her sphincter tight to milk his cock as she pulled off it with a small “pop”.

David looked over at Paul, defeated. “So what are you going to do now, you sonofabitch?”

“I’ll be honest with you, David. I’m gonna like it. You probably won’t.”

“Ohh!” Lydia squealed. “David, your jism is running out of mommy’s ass and down her leg! Oh, that feels great! Thank you, honey!”

Paul reached into his pocket and pulled something out, then held his arm out toward David.

“You fucker …” David droned.


(To Be Continued)

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