The Lover Camper Pt. 01

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The Love Camper — Camp Bare Rump Pennsylvania Chapter part 1



I would advise reading The Strawter Family does Incest porn storyline first if you are new to my stories to understand this spinoff.


Part One.

The last day of school went by so fast Eddy (he liked to be called yet his real name was Edward some call him every other nickname that went along with the name Edward), couldn’t wait to get home. Knowing how his father and mother had been packing their RV for their trip to that crystal clear lake they always summered at. Little did he know what that camp ground truly catered to now that the former owners had been bought out. Where his mother and sisters were always in very revealing attire given the remoteness of the area. Was it his problem that his mother and sisters were gorgeous? Was it his problem his eighteen-year-old brain couldn’t look at anything else and not wonder what they looked like nude. Eddy didn’t think so. Eddy was still a geek given how his interest lay in academia than anything else, yet you wouldn’t think that given his defined body due to his father’s insistence of working out with him five days a week every morning. While his physique did draw more of the shallow minded girls at his school, once he opened his mouth they were like dust in the wind. Then again, they could never really hold a candle to how hot his female family members were in his mind. So Eddy never took their rejection too hard.

“Eddy! Sweetheart is that you?” His mother called out from within the kitchen as she and his sisters packed up the fridge so they could move its contents into the RV. So while they were away nothing would spoil should the power go out.

“Yeah Mom,” Eddy called back. His heart raced as Una (his middle sister), came rushing out of the kitchen. Her chestnut hair flew about, her arms outstretched. Her 32D breasts bouncing due to her wearing a bikini top underneath her t-shirt. Being only five feet tall (one of the reasons his father made him workout with him, so Eddy could defend himself against any bullies), while the rest of his family stood at or over six feet tall his head was at the perfect height as his sister wrapped him in a hug. Eddy was practically drooling inside his head as his face rubbed against his sister’s breasts. Not that he would do such a thing, Una always moved like that whenever she hugged him. Again, this wasn’t something Eddy complained about. What eighteen-year-old boy would?

“Don’t hog him Una,” Abby — his eldest sister — said her boy shorts hugged her hips as she sashayed out of the kitchen and towards him. Her raven hair matching their mother’s as it draped down her chest. “Welcome back little brother,” she cooed thrusting his face into the lush valley of her 38D breasts. “How was school?” Abby asked as she smiled down at him seeing his flushed cheeks.

“F-f-fine sis,” Eddy stuttered becoming lost as those glorious mounds of pillowy flesh encased his face.

“Well, I hope you’re eager to spend the summer with just me, your father, and your sisters to entertain you,” Laurel said coming out of kitchen. Her own 38DD breasts bulged out as her son’s face rested in-between them. Eddy couldn’t see the hungry stares of his sisters levied at the tent in his jeans as Eddy was floating on cloud nine at the moment. Who wouldn’t be when this was how you’re greeted every time you came home?

“Of course Mom, you know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Eddy said his heart racing as his six foot, three inch tall mother gazed down at him.

“My, such a sweet boy you are wanting to spend time with your family,” Laurel said lovingly. Keeping her hunger at bay when she felt her son’s cock brushing against her leg as she bent down to place a kiss on Eddy’s forehead. Now that he was eighteen they could finally bring him into the real reason they always went to the lake for the summer; and Laurel couldn’t wait to take her son’s cock for a spin. That was why after eighteen years she had started retaking her birth control. She, like her daughters knew how he looked at them. A woman knows these things. Laurel was quite pleased to know her son had the same fetish they all did. “Go grab your things and put them in the RV, your dad wants to get on the road before night fall,” Laurel said her hand grazed along his cock. She could almost feel it about to cum the moment her fingertips left the tip of his cock.

“No fair,” Una pouted crossing her arms after Eddy had raced up the stairs.

“You snooze, you lose,” Blake said waking down the stairs with his and his wife’s bags in hand. “You’re mother just happens to know what she wants, and when she wants something don’t blame her if she beats you to the punch,” he said flashing his wife a smile.

“Well, I guess I need to go put on some pants,” Abby said smiling at her father as she felt his hand grabbing a handful of her left ass cheek. Quickly dashing into her room, illegal bahis closing, and locking her door. Pushing down her boy shorts as she peered through the peep hole she had her father make for her so she could gaze at her brother and sister in the bathroom. Aside from her incest fetish, Abby enjoyed voyeurism. Shutting her left eye as she watched as her brother stood at the lip of the tub that also acted as their shower. “Yes Eddy, stroke that cock for your sister,” Abby whispered as her right hand ran along her waxed pussy. Her fingers danced along her labia as she watched her brother masturbating. “Yes Eddy, grip that hard rod, thinking that it was me sucking on that seven inch monster. Wrapping my breasts around your cock allowing you plow that cock between them,” she whimpered as she slipped a finger than another into her hot cunt. “Would you like that Eddy? To have me slurping on your cock, swallowing your hot load, letting you watch as I savor every drop,” Abby said her nails dragging down the wall as she bit her lip. Feeling her sex coating her thighs as she watched on. “Eddy? I’m going to cum. You’re making your sister so hot. She needs to cum,” she moaned softly so not to alert her brother. Something she’s had a large amount of practice with given how Eddy normally visited the restroom three times a day to beat his meat. Each time she would be there to watch him. It was the same with her sister, yet Una normally masturbated in her room and her own room wasn’t connected to Una’s just the bathroom. So Abby couldn’t get her fix spying on her sister, like she did with her younger brother. “Yes Eddy, cum with your sister,” Abby pleaded seeing the swelling of his mushroom top. Releasing a little squeak as she watched Eddy’s cum shooting onto the walls of their shower. Licking her fingers clean of her cream as she watched her brother panting. A smile graced her lips at the words he was using as he jacked himself off.

“Hey kiddo,” Blake said standing in his son’s doorway. His dark brown hair was fleshly styled from his early morning meeting he had before he took his vacation. His jaw line had a dark tint to it as the light glistened off of his skin. His warm green eyes looked down at his son from his six foot, five inch towering height.

“Hey Dad,” Eddy said stuffing his bag in a hurry. Avoiding looking his father in the eye after what his mother did. Eddy still couldn’t believe she actually touched his cock. He was in heaven. “Will she touch it again?” he asked himself.

“You know your mom is going to be furious when she sees how you’re packing your bags,” Blake said smiling at his son as he leaned against the doorframe.

“But I don’t want to make you late…”

“The camp grounds aren’t going anywhere Ed,” Blake said waving off the statement. “I rather you actually fold your clothes than just haphazardly toss them into your bag. Plus your mother would like that to, because we both know she’ll be washing your clothes,” he said with a knowing smile. Remembering the one time his son tried to wash his own clothes at twelve, while he was proud his son took the initiative to relieve his mother of the task. Just not the mountain of soap suds that greeted them when they opened the garage door. Walking into his son’s room, pulling his son into him. “I’m proud of you Ed. I hope you know that,” Blake said hugging his son.

“I know Dad,” Eddy said hiding his bashfulness at his father’s praise as he returned the hug.

“This is your graduation year and instead of going off to the beach getting into who knows what kind of trouble,” Blake said looking down at his son, “that you would rather join your family than to attend your own graduation. Don’t worry about your diploma, I’ve already talked to the school. Once we get back I’ll take you to the post office to pick it up,” he said squeezing Eddy’s shoulder. “It means a lot to me that you’re coming, I hope you know that?”

“I do, Dad,” Eddy said looking up at his father. He couldn’t be more happier than to have them as his parents. While yes, they yelled at him, punished him when he got into trouble as any good parent would. Yet they weren’t harsh, abusive, or downright mean like some of the other parents he had seen throughout his childhood.

“Good. Now I expect you to have your bags packed properly this time in an hour,” Blake said walking towards the door, “or I’ll send your mother up here,” he said peering over his shoulder, smirking at his son as he rounded the corner.

Just the thought of his mother brought renewed hardness to his cock. Eddy didn’t think having his mother walking into his room with a raging boner would be good for him. However, his teenage mind could dream could it not?

“I thought I was going to have to come and get you,” Laurel said as she stood at the side door to their 2015 Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach. Greyish-brown clouds ran diagonally starting from the right corner of the bumper to halfway down the length of the motorhome illegal bahis siteleri ending at the roof, overlaying a black field of paint. Eddy’s father spared no expense when it came to the motorhome. Taking the bag from Eddy storing it in the cargo bay with the rest of their bags. Looking back at her sedan that was secured on the tow dolly that was hitched to the RV. “Now get on board, or I’m going to spat that butt,” Laurel said dropping her innuendo. She could have sworn that got a rise out of her son. “Mmm, I can’t wait to show that boy what his mama can do,” she purred into her mind as Eddy dashed up the steps.

Eddy quickly took his seat at the table which turned into a bed and which so happened to be where he normally slept given his height. While his sisters used the sofa bed and his parents used the queen size bed in the back. Hanging his head at his mother’s lustful smile as she boarded the RV. Una was sitting diagonally across from him, her legs sat crossed on the table while she flipped through her magazine. Abby rested on the couch across from them watching the small tv that was built into the paneling to save on space.

“Ready when you are, love,” Laurel said casting her son one last glance before taking the seat beside Blake as he put the RV into gear.

Una glanced over the page of her magazine once they had been reading for a good hour and a half. Watching how Eddy shyly shot glances at her sister. A pang of jealousy shot through her that the fact he wasn’t looking at her. Laying her magazine in-between her knees, while making Eddy believe she was still reading. Pressing her back against the seat to give her lift once she had unbuttoned her tight denim shorts. Lifting her hips slightly, pushing down her shorts and underwear to her mid-thigh. The cool air of the four ac units flowed over her wet labia, they had been throbbing ever since Eddy got home. She knew how red her lips looked, but they were actually light pink. It was only when she got aroused that her labia and the skin around her cunt got a light shade of red. The smile she saw on Abby’s lips told her she knew what she was about to do even if their brother didn’t. Making it appear she had accidently dropped her magazine to the floor.

“Eddy, could you get that for me, please?” Una asked batting her eyelashes at him. All the while her fingers spread open her labia so her brother could see her paradise.

“Sure,” Eddy said looking up from the book he was reading that he had stored in the RV a few days ago. “Holy fucking shit!” he screamed out in his mind when he stared at his sister’s cunt that was no more than a foot away from him. Unaware of how Una as grinning madly at Abby who pouted from across the RV. Eddy’s eyes were glued to his sister’s snatch as her left index finger ran up and down her parted lips before tapping on her clit. Her right index finger beckoning him closer. Una watched as her sister fumed as she felt Eddy’s breath on her pussy. Making him watch as she slipped two fingers into her tight hole.

“Eddy? Did you find her magazine yet?” Abby asked containing her chuckle at her sister’s burning look.

“Shit!” Eddy hissed as the back of his head hit the underside of the table. Abby quickly got to her feet, resting his head in-between her breasts, pressing them together massaging his scalp with her tits. She didn’t miss how pointed that tent of his was.

“Feel better now?” Abby asked her breath hot in his ear.

“Y-yeah,” Eddy said clearing his throat. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen or was feeling at that moment for that matter.

“You two don’t harass your brother too much,” Laurel said peering back at them. Shooting her eldest daughter a wink before turning back around.

“Umm…I need to use the restroom,” Eddy said knowing how red his face was. His cock throbbed like mad in his shorts. He knew there was only one way to take care of it. Only to be stopped by Abby’s hands on his shoulders keeping him rooted in his seat. His adams apple bobbed wildly at Una’s devious smile as she swung her legs off of the table before disappearing underneath it. His heart raced as he watched as his mother walked back towards them. Keeping her head bowed due to the low roof of the RV.

“Cat got your tongue Eddy?” Laurel asked with a smile as wide as the Cheshire cat’s as she slid into the seat across from him. Her fingers ran up her daughter’s slit, hearing that soft moan from Una as she slipped a finger into her hot box.

“N-n-no.” Eddy’s voice trembled as his sister looked up at him from underneath the table.

“Then what’s wrong baby?” Laurel asked feeling her daughter’s folds tightening around her fingers.

“N-nothing,” Eddy stammered as Una roughly pulled his shorts down jerking his body further beneath the table.

“Is that so,” Laurel said glancing at her eldest daughter who nodded that his cock was currently in Una’s mouth.

“It’s just that you seem a little flushed. If canlı bahis siteleri you want you can rest in our bed until we get there,” Laurel said knowing he wouldn’t dare move at least not showing her his slick cock.

“I might…in a bit.” Eddy swallowed hard as his sister’s green eyes smirked at him as she sucked him off. “O..h god,” he hissed low feeling his balls churning.

“What was that dear, I didn’t quite catch that,” Laurel said rubbing her daughter’s clit. She didn’t have to be a genius to know her son was about to blow his load.

“Do you enjoy your sister sucking you off?” Abby whispered lustfully into Eddy’s ear. “Would you let me have a taste too? How about mom?” Laurel sat there wanting her son to gaze at her. She wanted her son to look at her like he always did when he thought she didn’t notice. They all agreed to tease Eddy on the way up there. Gradually increasing their seduction of Eddy throughout their stay at the camp, now that he could truly understand and comprehend what the camp was about. She couldn’t wait to show her son the beautiful body those eyes of his always stared at her with such lewdness.

Una held onto Eddy’s hips so he couldn’t escape her as her mouth was flooded with his cum. Sticking out her tongue out showing him the white pool of semen on its surface as his slick cock rested on his shorts. Smiling up at him as she made sure he was watching as he swallowed it all. Her nails dug into his skin, now it was his turn to watch her cum. She wanted him to see how erotic her orgasmic face was.

“Fuck! Harder, harder,” Una whispered so not to distract her father from the road. “Watch me Eddy, I’m going to cum,” she moaned softly resting her right cheek on his softening cock as her mother fingered her to orgasmic bliss. “Oh god! Yes!” Una hissed as she came on her mother’s fingers.

Laurel drew her son’s attention as she brought her fingers coated in her daughter’s cream to her lips. Her sultry eyes watched his face as she licked and sucked her skin clean. Letting him see how well she would look like with his cock in her mouth. Smirking when Eddy fled to the rear of the RV.


“Holy fucking shit!” Eddy muttered pacing along the floor of the rear bedroom of the motorhome. “Did that just fucking happen?! Or have I seriously lost my mind? Only to find myself in a padded room pumped full of drugs fantasying a sister sucking her brother off. If this is a delusion I don’t ever want to wake up,” he said falling back onto the bed. Grinning madly up at the ceiling as his body bounced on the mattress. “Man, Una’s mouth felt so good. I wonder if she’ll do it again? And, her pussy I can’t believe I actually got to see it! I wished I could have touched it,” Eddy sighed. Looking down the length of his body at the very pronounced tent in his shirts. “You think so too, huh? Yeah me too, man, that thing sure was pretty. I wonder if she’ll let me taste it.”

“Come to think of it,” Eddy said rapidly sitting up, “Abby did say something about her and mom wanting to have a taste too. Does that mean I’ll get to see their pussies too?” he asked himself thinking of all his childhood fantasies coming true.


“Abby, why don’t you come up here and keep me company,” Blake said wondering how his son was doing. He could smell Una’s sex on the air. It wasn’t hard for him given how his daughters and Laurel all had slightly different smells to their sex.

“Okay Dad,” Abby said her eyes lingering on the rear bedroom.

“Now young lady,” Laurel said peering under the table, “it’s time you gave your mother the same pleasure, don’t you think?”

“Mmmhmm,” Una said grinning madly at her mother, pushing up her mother’s skirt.

Laurel lifted her hips was Una’s fingers pulled down her soaked panties. Ever since her son had reached the age of eighteen her panties were always drenched as her lustful thoughts made her son do very, very lewd things to her body. She couldn’t wait to pluck that forbidden fruit once the time was right. With his first time seeing his sister’s cunt and then having her suck him off. Laurel knew her son was going out of his mind with what had just happened. Spreading her legs to give Una access to her throbbing cunt. She wondered if her son liked bald, trimmed, or hairy pussies. She wanted Eddy’s first time to be rememberable with her. So that, when it was late into the night his mind could remember how she looked as she rode her son’s cock.

“Mmm, Una, does your mother’s pussy taste good?” Laurel asked stroking her daughter’s hair as Una licked up her labia.

“Of course Mom, I love the taste of it,” Una said being bisexual she loved the taste of her mother’s and sister’s pussies. Then again, given how they frequent each other’s beds they all were bisexual at least for each other. She didn’t think her father was like that, and she knew her brother wasn’t given how Eddy always looked that them. Plus she doubted anyone other than their mother could handle her father’s ten inch dragon.

“Oh baby,” Laurel said sweetly as she stroked her daughter’s hair. “You know my pussy loves the feel of your tongue in it,” she said trembling as Una’s tongue circled around her entrance.

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