The Losers Ch. 05

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To summarize: I’m June, and to keep my twin brother Roscoe from getting asked out by a ‘barbie’, I suggested that he start dating one of the girls in our club, The Losers: Sue, or Sulu, a cute, short Chinese gymnast with a flat chest; Bella, a very tall, pretty redhead; and Larissa, a Native American with huge boobs but an acne problem. Roscoe and I are brown-haired and somewhat average, though my ass and his chest have started to fill out. We’re all 18, in case you were wondering.

In trying to convince Roscoe to choose one of them, the three girls, one at a time, did sexy stuff with him, finally resulting in two of them, Bella and Sue, losing their virginities to him and also taking a load of his dangerous sperm inside their unprotected pussies. I saved the day, though, by giving each of them a birth control pill from my Mom’s old stash. None of us really knew how birth control pills worked, so you can see the problem.

At school on Monday, the ‘barbie’ came up again at lunch. This time all four of us girls were there.

“Hey, who’s Roscoe’s girlfriend?” she asked, addressing the group. “Is it one of you?”

“Yeah,” Larissa replied, “one of us.”

The blonde looked the three of them over. “Which one?”

“None of your business,” I responded.

The barbie gave me a moue of annoyance. “Hmp.” Then she walked away.

I turned to them. “He’s gonna have to choose soon, so you’ll fuck him today after school, right, Lariss?”

“Oh yeah!” she grinned.

Sue had gymnastics on Monday afternoons, so it was just Larissa, Bella, and myself. Once in my room, Larissa pulled off her jeans and panties and practically threw Roscoe onto my bed, where she began pulling his jeans off.

I sat next to Bella as we watched. Nobody had asked for privacy, so we just stayed in the room. “You sore from yesterday?” I asked her. The tall girl was wearing a long plaid button-up shirt and jeans today.

“A bit,” she responded. “I wonder if it’ll hurt for Lariss?”

“Guess we’re about to find out.”

The voluptuous tawny-skinned girl had pulled off Roscoe’s boxers and was now freeing her tremendous titties as he pulled his own shirt off. I was again feeling kind of uncomfortable with seeing my brother’s naked body, though that feeling warred with the sexiness of what he was doing with my friend.

Larissa turned her butt to him. “Do me from behind,” she urged him. “I’m so wet…no foreplay required!”

Both Bella and I sat forward. Up until now the girls had had sex facing Roscoe, either laying back or astride him, so this was new.

Larissa ataşehir escort leaned forward so that Roscoe had the best angle. He had a little trouble at first, but then his eyes widened and he thrust forward.

“Careful!” Larissa quickly moved forward, limiting his penetration. “First time, remember? Just wait.” He held still and then she moved her butt back a bit, biting her lower lip as her pussy started to swallow his cock. “Umm…” she sighed, moved forward a bit, and then pushed back harder. “Ohw! Shit…” She paused for a few seconds. “Okay, now you can move.”

My brother took hold of Larissa’s substantial hips and thrust, though he was careful this time, so only half of his cock entered her.

“Unff! Yeah, that’s good, Ros…” She pushed back at him, and another inch went inside her. “Mmm…” He was able to thrust into her with greater speed, and soon got a rhythm going as he managed to fit all of his cock inside her voluptuous body. We could see Larissa, her head laying sideways on the bed, looking at us, her face awash in pleasure. “So gooood, June…”

I didn’t know why she was telling me; I guess because Bella had already experienced it for herself? Still, it was weird. I rubbed my thighs together a little as I watched, though.

“Unh…unh…unhh…” Larissa grunted as Roscoe thrust into her.

After a few minutes, Roscoe swept his arms under her shoulders and pulled her upright, surprising all of us girls, not the least Larissa.

“Whaa…? Ohshiitt!” she cried out as he sat back on his haunches and thrust up into her. Now established in a vertical position, he moved his hands to her bountiful breasts, quickly finding her substantial nipples. “Ohhh!” she cried out in pleasure, and a few seconds later, “Ahhuhh!” She slipped all the way down upon his cock and shook in orgasm.

“UNGH!” Roscoe grunted, and we knew that he was cumming deep inside our formerly virginal friend as her orgasming pussy urged him to fill her with his seed.

We watched her face shift from pleasure to ecstasy as she felt his warm sperm fill her up while she continued to shake in orgasm.

“Fuuck…” Roscoe moaned as he emptied himself into the voluptuous young woman’s unprotected insides. Finally, he helped her lay down and then fell back. His dwindling cock slipped out, all glistening with cum.

Bella sashayed over to Roscoe and started to kiss him. I went to Larissa. “Hey, how you doin’?” I said, doing a terrible Joey from Friends impression.

She gave me a beatific smile. “I’ve never cum like ataşehir escort bayan that before. Orgasming while full of cock is way better than with fingers. And when he came…” She shook with an afterorgasm. “Mmm…so warm…” She reached down, extracted a dollop of sperm that was escaping her coochie, and brought it to her mouth. “Yum…”

I looked over at Bella, who was now sucking on Roscoe’s cock. She pulled off and licked her lips. “It is kinda tasty, isn’t it?” Then she lowered her face and took it into her mouth again, making him groan.

“I’ma pee…” Larissa said, and headed to the bathroom, her gait a little unsteady.

I noticed a small puddle of semen where she had been laying. I glanced at Bella and Roscoe, but they seemed to be focusing entirely on each other, and so took a small amount of the pearly white substance onto my index finger. Fascinated, I rubbed it between my thumb and finger, and then after a moment’s consideration, put it into my mouth. It was salty but not bad.

Bella clambered on top of Roscoe, snapping me out of the moment. I hadn’t even noticed when the tall girl had taken off her jeans and panties. Had they seen what I had done? I wondered.

“Erhnn…” the tall girl moaned as she slid halfway down my brother’s cock. “Ohh, it’s still sore. I’m going to go slow, okay?” Roscoe nodded.

Larissa came back with an extra towel. “Thought she might hop on for seconds. This should hopefully stop ‘high tide’ if she blows again.”

“Good idea,” I responded.

“Huhh…huhh…” Bella moaned as she rode Roscoe languidly, still wearing her long plaid shirt, which hid the sight of his cock slipping into her pussy. I moved forward to unfasten it and slip it off her shoulders. Much better!

“Bra too?” Roscoe asked, and I went behind to remove her titsling, beige that day. Bella’s B-cups dangled forward, her strawberry-colored nipples hard and pointing right at my bro.

“Hahh…” she moaned. “I felt you get harder…do you like my boobies?” She caressed the underside of one. “They’re nothing compared to Larissa’s…”

“They’re beautiful…all of you are beautiful…” Ros moaned, and I felt a bit embarrassed. He didn’t mean to include me, of course, but he said all of us…

“Silver-tongued devil,” Larissa said, and moved around the side of the bed to kiss him.

Now both of them were doing things with Roscoe and I was sitting there, feeling like a third (fourth?) wheel. Wait, cars had four wheels, so was that all right, then? I shook my head…stupid old sayings…

I escort ataşehir looked at the clock. “Shit…we need to be done before Mom and Dad get home.”

Larissa gave a smirk. “I know what’s needed here…” She moved her mouth down to Roscoe’s ear.

Curious, I moved closer to hear her say, “…to do? Pump stringbean here full of sperm…fill her up, Ros.” He groaned.

“He got even bigger! What are you saying, Lariss?” Bella asked as she bent forward to hear.

“Whattaya say, Roscoe? Y’wanna make a really tall baby with her? Do your best to put one into that tight little tummy.”

“Lariss! Oh!” Bella cried out as Roscoe growled, grabbed her hips, and thrust into her hard and fast. “Ohh…ohhh…”

A tap on my shoulder drew my attention back to Larissa. She mouthed and pointed, ‘Towel.’

Right! I grabbed it just in time, as Roscoe grunted and thrust up hard, blasting Bella’s defenseless reproductive system with his second ejaculation of the afternoon.

“Aaaahhh!!” Bella cried out as she felt herself be inseminated, and she arched her back as she started to shake. I pushed the towel forward, doing my best to dam up what we figured was coming (cumming?). “Eeeeee!!” she shrieked as her orgasm washed over her.

“UNGH! UHH!” Roscoe cried out as he continued to cum, his orgasm extended by Bella’s clasping pussy.

Finally, she lay upon him, both of them breathing hard. “I just…can’t get enough of you, Ros,” she moaned.

“Yeah,” he replied.

I looked over at Larissa. Her eyes went from Roscoe to Bella and back, concerned. I remembered how Sue had gotten upset when Larissa had made Roscoe orgasm first, so we all thought that she had ‘won’, and realized that Larissa was now thinking the same of Bella.

After a moment, Larissa shook her head and came back to the moment. “Speaking of babies…pill?” She held out her hand to me.

“Oh, right…” I went into my closet, found last year’s school backpack, and fished out the open dial of birth control pills. I plopped one each into Larissa’s and Bella’s hands, and they swallowed them down.

Unfortunately, the towel had proven to be only partially effective, as my comforter was soaked with Bella’s cum. I tossed it and the towel into the wash while everyone got dressed.

That evening, I went to Roscoe’s room. “So, you decided which one of The Losers you want to date?”

He lay on his bed and considered. “How can I choose? You’re all amazing.”

I knew that he wasn’t trying to include me in that statement, but I pushed away the sudden blush and frowned. Thinking of the barbie, I put my foot down: “Bro, you have to decide tomorrow, or I’m pulling the plug on the sex.”

He sat up. “What!? Juney…”

“Tomorrow!” I hissed back at him, and went back to my room to masturbate thinking about Larissa urging my brother to put a baby into Bella’s tight little tummy.

To be continued…

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