The Joys of Polyandry Pt. 01

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I’ve been in bed with a lot of men — but I’ve not kinky. One man, one bed has been my general rule. Only for a few months did I participate in what might be called group sex.

I was 38 and I had been divorced for many years and had learned, slowly and painfully, to enjoy sex for what it was — recreation — and not to anticipate true love. I became friends with a younger woman named Carol who was 32 years old, petite, blond, and beautiful. None of those adjectives describe me. Carol was a serial monogamist. She fucked only one man at a time, until she got tired of that man — which happened in a few weeks or months. Then, she took up with a new man.

By contrast I was a sexual opportunist. I traveled a lot on my job and I took sex when and where I could find it. Not that most men gave me more than a passing glance. I’m tall, large-boned, and not overly pretty.

Not to be too hard on myself, I am sophisticated, well-dressed and successful in my career. I can beat most men at tennis and I have big tits. Five days a week I am a serious and well-paid professional accountant, working hard and playing little. Come Friday night and the weekend, however, and I indulge myself in my passions: booze, sex, and tennis. I try to ensure that my private and my work life never intersect.

In the course of my weekend ramblings Carol and I met a pair of charming and handsome 30-year old men who were roommates and close friends. And so, the first night we met them, Carol dumped her boyfriend and fucked Doug. I, with no boyfriend to dump, fucked Charles. Carol settled into a monogamous relationship with Doug. Charles and I double dated with them now and then. We called Doug and Charles “the boys.” They called me “Momma.”

We four took a weekend trip together after we had known each other about a month. But, when we arrived at our destination, the town was chocked full of tourists and we could only find one motel room with two queen sized beds. The beds were an arm’s length away, separated only a lamp table.

“Well, I won’t let it bother me,” said Carol. “Nor inhibit me,” she added with a smirk.

I was a bit more discomfited. I had only spent three nights with Charles and I had always been fortified by alcohol. I had hoped this weekend that we could achieve more emotional intimacy. I love the feeling, however fleeting, of romance and physical and spiritual union with a good partner. Charles was a good lover and I had decided he was “safe” and that we could dispense with condoms.

We settled into our one room. Carol took a shower first and pranced out totally naked, posed dramatically for a long moment so she could be admired, and then slipped beneath the bed covers. I envied her tight little body. Doug took his shower and came out, also naked, and I couldn’t help noticing a semi-hard penis of impressive length and girth. Charles and I pendik escort were more discreet, slipping into our bed unobtrusively with the lights dimmed. However, not being totally free of feminine wiles I caught Doug staring at my breasts — which are pretty impressive — and I paused for just an instant to ensure he got a good look.

Light seeped in from around the drapes so we were not in total darkness. Charles and I discreetly began the preliminaries for sex. Carol and Doug were less discreet — the covers thrown back on their bed and a great deal of moaning and tumbling around. Charles was a slow and subtle lover and he had just inserted his penis into me when the action going on in the bed beside us became even more intense. Doug was lying on his back, the large — very long — cock silhouetted as Carol knelt over him, her mouth sucking him in and out, licking, slurping noisily, then moving upward to rest her head on his chest while rubbing her tiny, pointed breasts on his gyrating pelvis. They were putting on a show for us.

I sensed that I had lost Charles’ attention, and raised my eyes to his. He was watching Carol and Doug. Then, I felt the hot rush of cum inside me. “Oops, sorry,” he said.

“That’s okay,” I replied. But it wasn’t. My man had cummed prematurely not because he was fucking me but because he was watching Carol suck his best friend. Well, I was jealous — but I had to admit that I also enjoyed watching Carol and Doug.

The next step in our relationship came a month later. The four of us went out drinking and ended up at the boys’ apartment. Doug put on an old and very romantic Frank Sinatra CD and we danced in the low light of their living room.

“It’s getting hot in here,” Carol said, and she stripped off her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra. The other three of us followed her lead, laughing and joking and taking off our clothes piece by piece and soon we were all naked and still dancing to the sensuous voice of Ol’ Blue Eyes. I was very comfortable with Charles’ hard cock rubbing against my stomach as we swayed to the music.

“Hey,” said Carol. “Let’s switch dance partners.”

Charles let go of me just a little too fast to embrace Carol, but I forgot the slight as Doug settled into my arms. He was larger and harder than Charles and he was just the right height for his penis to massage my clitoris, which felt about as large as a baseball by this time. I wiggled around and felt its head settle about an inch inside me. The angle was wrong for it to go deeper.

Plus I had a problem. I had a hysterectomy several years ago. I don’t have periods and I can’t get pregnant. I didn’t lose my sexual desire as a result of the operation. Quite the opposite. But I have a dry hole — to use the language of the oil fields. I need a copious application of KY jelly tuzla escort — olive oil will do in a pinch — to ease the passage of a man’s penis into my vagina. I always carry a tube — actually two tubes, cause I never, never want to be unprepared for sex — of KY jelly in my purse.

Unlubricated, I winced when Doug tried to ram his penis further into me. “You need your grease?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, looking at him in surprise.

“Doug told me you need it,” he explained.

“What else has he told you?”

“That you cum faster than any woman he’s ever known”

“I’m about to prove that right now,” I answered, enjoying his penis rubbing against my dry but throbbing clitoris. “But should we be doing this? You’re Carol’s boy friend.”

“Carol seems to be occupied.” He nodded in the direction of one of the two sofas and I turned my eyes there. Charles was sitting on the edge of the sofa and Carol’s legs were wrapped around him. If he wasn’t inside her already he soon would be.

“So be it.” I said. “My purse with the grease is in that chair over there.” Doug and I danced over to the chair. Still standing, I took a tube of KY jelly out of the purse and squeezed a copious dollop on his fingers. He massaged my clitoris with the jelly and thrust his greasy fingers deep inside me. I squeezed more jelly on my fingers and stroked it onto his cock which was as large and straight as any I had ever seen.

“Let’s not lie down on the sofa,” I said. “We’ll get grease all over it.”

“The cushions on the floor,” he said. He pulled together several cushions and eased me down on top of them, my legs spread to receive him, his fingers ensuring that the lubricating jelly reached every fold in my vagina. He was right about my ability to cum early…and often. I was ready and he hadn’t even entered me.

I glanced over at the sofa, only ten feet away in the dark, as he settled down on top of me. No doubt now. Carol was fucking my boy friend Charles. That surprised me. It was my first indication that Carol was tiring after two months of monogamy with Doug and looking for a new relationship. And then I cummed as Doug’s well-oiled cock found its way inside me.

“Already?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I answered breathlessly. “But don’t let that stop you. I can do it again.”

Doug was an exciting and passionate lover, leading me into three orgasms, then cumming in my mouth, and, after a few minutes rest, pounding me in a grand finale of mutual ecstasy that left us both satiated and saturated with juices and KY jelly. Doug was a nice contrast to Charles who was a slow, quiet, and romantic lover. As I watched Carol and Charles fuck while we rested, I could see that Carol was making him what he didn’t really want to be: a frantic and hurried lover. Charles will remain my boy ataşehir escort friend, I thought. He’s not Carol’s style. I’m more adaptable. But then, all men are my style.

The next morning the four of us met at the breakfast table and agreed that it had been a most enjoyable night — and that we should do it again. And we switched partners a couple of more times over the next few weeks, although my steady date continued to be Charles and Doug and Carol remained a couple.

Come Thanksgiving. Charles went home to see his family, as did Carol, and I prepared myself for an uneventful weekend. But Doug telephoned me. “Why don’t you come over to my place for Thanksgiving dinner?” he asked. “You can help me cook the turkey. Actually,” he added, “since there will just be the two of us, let’s cook a chicken instead.”

“Sounds fun,” answered I. And so I showed up at his apartment and together we put together a Thanksgiving feast. We got more than a little close while working in the kitchen and took a brief break to fuck while the chicken was roasting. Then we ate, and then we fucked again. I spent the night at his house and we spent most of the next day fucking and eating leftover chicken. Doug had a lot of stamina. So did I.

Carol called me the following Monday. “Welcome home,” I said cheerfully when I heard her voice.

“You and Doug fucked while I was gone,” she said in an accusatory tone.

“Well, yes…” I answered. “Is there something wrong?”

“He betrayed me — and so did you,” she accused.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “You know very well this wasn’t the first time the two of us have had sex. You’ve seen me fuck Doug. Three times.”

“But that was with my permission,” she retaliated.

“Honestly, Carol,” I said in an apologetic tone. “It didn’t occur to me that you would take offense. I’m sorry. If you feel that way, it won’t happen again.”

But Carol was in no mood to forgive and forget. “I don’t think I can ever be friends with either of you again,” she said and hung up the phone.

Well, I was distressed, but then I got to thinking that Carol, the serial monogamist who tired of men quickly was probably tired of Doug — and tired of me too — and this was her way of breaking off a relationship.

Doug called me shortly thereafter to apologize. I assured him there was no need to feel sorry for what we had done and expressed the hope that we would remain friends. I assured him that we would. I then called Charles and told him what had transpired. He was understanding and sympathetic. “I’m sorry you’ve lost your friend,” he said, “but honestly I’d rather have sex with you than Carol. She’s so demanding. And,” he added, “Doug feels the same way.”

“Hmmm,” I said thoughtfully. “But where does that leave me?”

“With two men who are hot for your ass.” He laughed. “Don’t complain.”

“How are we going to work this out?” I asked. I’m an accountant. Uncertainties and loose ends worry me.

“We’ll work it out,” he assured me. “Just don’t cut me off in favor of Doug.”

“I won’t,” I said. “But what do we do about Doug?”

“We’ll work it out,” he repeated. And we did.

End of Part One

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