The Jewel of the Lotus

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He came to my door at precisely 11:00 p.m., as we had agreed the last time he had come to see me. I met him in my best sari, my body adorned with henna and my finest jewelry, alive with the tinkling of tiny bells.

My Tantric lover stepped into the door, and we bowed, saying ‘Namaste’, and recognizing the divine in each other.

The soft strains of the sitar played on my stereo, and I offered him drink and food.

He accepted water and when he was finished with it, I led him into my bedroom, which was scented with incense, and aglow with the light of flickering candles.

We stood facing each other, and began to undress slowly, looking into each others’ eyes as we did, and as we stood naked, we closed our eyes and inhaled deeply through our noses, eyes closed, and took in each others’ scents, auras, and energies.

I guided his steps to my bed, bidding him lay down upon the satin spread, and he rested there prone. I reached for the ginger oil, setting it beside us on the bed as I straddled his muscular buttocks, running my fingertips down the length of the smooth, tanned skin of his back.

I watched as the gooseflesh rose from his skin at my touch, and I smiled to myself, reaching for the oil as he sighed, relaxing.

I poured some into my hands, and rubbed it into my skin, making my palms and fingers soft like the petals of an orchid, the scent, erotic in its own right permeating the room, and blending with the jasmine incense that smoldered at the bedside.

I poured more oil into my palms, and rubbed it between them, heating it, as my bracelets jingled against each other pleasantly. Then, with palms down upon either illegal bahis side of the small of his back, I pushed firmly down into the muscles and up along his spine, working the oil into his energy centers as I pushed the stress of the day from them, cleaning them, and replacing his worries with firm, loving massage.

Higher up his back, I now rubbed the scented oil, and as I leaned forward up on my knees, the skin between my legs touched his buttocks, and I sighed as he groaned beneath the strength of my hands as I massaged his upper back. I kneaded the muscles, caressed the skin.

Adding more oil to my hands, I leaned forward further, reaching for his broad shoulders, removing worries, chasing away stress, and softening the knots of displeasure. He moaned softly beneath my hands, and I found pleasure in pleasing him, allowing the petals of my lotus to caress his buttocks.

As I ended massaging the back of his neck, I ran my hands down alongside the valley of his spine, swept away from him in a great, sweeping arc that ended in the Namaste Asana, and I knelt there, upon the backs of his thighs as he breathed deeply.

I got up from my seat, and he arose from the bed, taking the oil bottle from my hands and kissing me, breathing me in deeply, and I felt aroused by his sighing lips.

I began to lie down in his place, and as he bid me into a supine position, I lay there looking up into his eyes as he poured the oil into his hands, softening them. He straddled my hips, his soft member resting docilely between my legs, as he heated oil between his palms.

“Namaste, Sanam”, he said to me, smiling.

“Namaste”, I replied, illegal bahis siteleri as he began to rub the oil into my hips, pressing me down onto the bedding.

He ran his oiled hands along my stomach gently, his nails scratching me delicately, and I shivered at his touch.

He moved up to my ribs, gently massaging the thin muscles that lie beneath my skin. When he sat up to reach for my shoulders, I felt his stiffening member caress my skin as he moved, and I sighed deeply.

His hands held my shoulders firmly, nearly pulling me up to him, and as he worked the tissues at the base of my neck, I reached up to him, my hands holding his muscular arms as he leaned forward to kiss me, and my eyes fluttered.

Our tongues met and playfully fought each other as my hands wandered to his buttocks, and his to my breasts, caressing each other passionately.

As he touched my breasts, my eyes closed again, and I felt the warm wetness of his mouth upon my nipple. I drew in a quick breath and moaned as my head fell back and I took in the sensations of his kisses.

His mouth roamed up to my throat, and mouth and he kissed me deeply upon my open lips. His nails were the peacock’s claws upon my breasts, as he pinched with them around my nipples.

His teeth bit at my lower tip, and I reached for his now-firm member as a hand gently separated my thighs.

I pressed close to him, my breasts straining for his touch and he gently pushed me back onto the bed, smiling at my mounting desire.

He kissed me gently, his hands caressing my cheek, and following the lines of my throat as he kissed it, biting slightly, eliciting a gasp canlı bahis siteleri of pleasure from my cooing lips.

I trembled as he lavished kisses upon my breasts and down to the petals of the lotus that awaited his touch.

He knelt there between my thighs and gripped himself, rubbing the tip of his lingham against the wet folds of my yoni, pausing as he pushed it against the jewel of the lotus, and I jumped like the hare as he thumped his member against it.

As he continued this, I reached for him desperately, and the tiger’s claws struck at his buttocks as he pushed hard and deep into me. I cried out as he withdrew immediately and continued to rub against my wet skin.

My hips rolled higher as I strained for him to enter me again, and I cooed as the dove, enticing him to attack again. He pushed the tip of his lingham barely into me, and I whined, begging selfishly for his thrust.

As he began to pull away and my body relaxed slightly, he suddenly pushed hard into me, and back, then entered my lotus slightly several times, alternating with his hard thrusts.

He kept this up for many minutes, and I was beside myself with passion as he looked into my eyes, connecting with me.

Our souls reached out to each other in hunger. I cried out loudly as he thrusted hard again, pulling back as the spring within me flowed and I opened wide to him, riding upon wave after wave of bliss, my spiritual centers dilating and receiving his Tantric gift.

As the waves crested, he plunged into me deeply, piercing the lotus that is my center. His body shuddered as he was enveloped in blissful pleasure, and we were joined together in perfect union and enlightenment, his essence filling me.

We collapsed, conjoined, sated, and basked in our pleasure as the waves receded, and we slowly parted, our bodies relaxed, and drifted off in the vast ocean that is Peace and Self-awareness.

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