The House Of Robles Ch. 11

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Chapter Eleven

Vicky’s Hooked On Dad

As he stood facing the steamy bathroom mirror, Pablo Senior didn’t know what to think of himself anymore. He’d screwed, or very nearly screwed, all three of his pretty daughters, and even his son’s wife. Now, a part of him wanted to abandon his home of the last fifteen-odd years and go somewhere very far way. Pablo wanted to move to a place where nobody knew who he was, where nobody had ever heard of him. He wanted to do this before any of his illicit affairs became public knowledge. Before he was put in an embarrassing and undoubtedly disastrous spotlight.

But how could he run out on his family? There were bills that needed paying, and there was still the necessity of getting food on the table. He could forget about his wife Lorena helping out with any of that, as she was making it a point to hang out with her sister Cecilia more and more often. Nowadays, his wife was rarely in the house when Pablo got home from his job. He had to weather through that somehow, he decided, and to pretend his immoral liaisons had never happened. Hopefully none of the damaging details would ever become known.

After a quick sigh, Pablo leaned closer to the bathroom mirror and studied his face. He had a little stubble on his chin, but he’d deal with that the following morning when he was getting ready for work. His cheeks didn’t look as flabby as they had just a few weeks prior. This was mostly due to him cutting back on his alcohol ever since… Ever since he started getting laid again.

In fact, Pablo considered, he was looking pretty good for his age. His brawny chest had always been one of his better attributes, square and taut like some of the action heroes from the black and white films of the fifties. As he held up an arm and tightened his bicep, he found his shoulders and upper arms to be in nice shape as well. Pablo had met very few men in their early forties who had sacrificed as much as he had, in order to maintain an attractive and healthy body.

The only things detrimental he saw were his receding hairline and his thinning hair. For a long moment he wondered if he should just shave his head off completely. Pablo had run into lots of older guys who started doing such a thing when they started losing their hair. He hadn’t decided yet if that style was right for him.

Feeling fresh and lively after his post-work shower, Pablo scooped up his dirty clothes from the bathroom floor and made his way outside. Dressed only in a pair of navy blue cotton shorts and sandals, he covered the short distance over to his modest recreation room and tossed his dirty clothes into his personal hamper. The hamper was getting full, Pablo noted. He muttered a silent curse toward his wife, who’d stopped washing his clothes the day after she’d heard the false rumor that he was sleeping around with a coworker.

When he found out exactly who had started that rumor, Pablo vowed that he was going to return to them as much heartache and hardship as what he’d personally gone through in the last few months. Not only did he have to wash his own clothes now, but he also had to go out to buy his own food, and to sleep on a lonely bed when his wife wasn’t home or sleep on the living room sofa when she was home. All because of something that had never taken place!

For a time, two of his daughters, Melinda and Amanda, had shunned him. His son Frankie didn’t visit the house as often because his wife Carmela was also harboring a grudge against the alleged cheater. This even though rumors of Carmela’s own infidelity were always swirling around. All three of those females, Pablo thought with some irony, had sure changed their minds about him after they’d discovered how big his dick was.

The older man had just stepped out of the rec. room, and was about to head back into the house, when his oldest daughter strolled around the side of the house. She was holding her little baby Veronica in her arms.

“Hey, dad.” Vicky greeted him, pausing by the front door until Pablo reached it. “Is anybody else home?”

“No.” Pablo answered curtly. He was still a little squeamish at interacting with his oldest daughter, since she’d fallen victim to his sexual exploits as well. What was worse about Vicky’s specific case was that although his other three incidents had come to him out of the blue, on that unique occasion it had been Pablo who had made the opening moves with Vicky.

“Would you mind putting the baby in her crib?” Vicky passed over her tiny burden. “She fell asleep while I was driving. I’ve got some stuff I need to get out of the car.”

Pablo noted that Vicky wasn’t acting any differently toward him than usual. Maybe, he thought, they could ignore their dirty deed and let it fade away into the past. “Sure.”

“You look pretty hot, standing there with no shirt on.” Vicky grinned, turning and sauntering down the narrow path that led to the driveway.

Although those weren’t the words he wanted to hear, ataşehir escort bayan he was still pleased that an attractive twenty-four year old found him appealing, even if she was his oldest daughter. In return, Pablo kept his gaze centered on his daughter’s retreating form. Her butt jiggled from side to side under her loose sweatpants. Before his thoughts went rampant, he turned and stepped inside.

Pablo quietly made his way into Vicky’s bedroom, extra careful not to wake the quiet baby as he lowered her into her fuzzy blankets. Once he’d straightened up, he gazed down lovingly at the little cherub. He wondered if she’d wake up soon so he could have some time to play with her.

Pablo started out of the room, only to see Vicky step back in with a few letters and a couple of bags of baby supplies. As his daughter walked around him, she set the bags on the floor next to the crib and the letters on the nightstand.

Pablo felt compelled so say something, to somehow excuse himself for having taken such grievous liberties with her previously. He cleared his throat. “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Sure.” Vicky stepped before him. “What’s up?”

“It’s about the other day…” The man started, but his voice trailed off and his head shamefully turned aside. He could no longer bring himself to look into his daughter’s face. “About what we did.”

“You mean when we had sex?” She instantly got to the heart of the matter. “The last time I checked, we were both consenting adults. So don’t worry about it.”

“Well, yeah, but…” Pablo stumbled over his words. “I just feel so wrong about it.”

“Don’t. If I hadn’t wanted it as bad as you did, I would have stopped you.” Vicky shrugged. “I really needed it. I hadn’t slept with anybody for months, ever since I broke up with my boyfriend. I was this close to calling him up and asking him if he wanted to fool around. And I know you needed it too, since I doubt you’ve been getting anything from mom ever since Melinda convinced her that you were cheating on her.”

This last revelation caught him off guard. “It was Melinda who told her that?”

“Who’d you think it was?” Vicky rolled her eyes. “Melinda saw some strange woman getting in your truck one night when she and her boyfriend were driving around downtown, and she made up all the rest. She even took mom to your work one day. They sat around like they were on a stakeout, until some lady walked by that supposedly matched the description of the lady she’d seen with you. It didn’t matter to Melinda that it wasn’t even the same lady.”

“Why would Melinda do that?”

“To make you look bad, or course.” Vicky admitted. “I guess Melinda’s looking for the down payment to a new car or something, I don’t really know. What I do know is that she wants to ask mom for a loan. Melinda knows that since mom lets you take care of all the bills, mom is only going to turn around and ask you for the money. You’ll say no, and Melinda won’t get what she wants.

“But if she turns mom against you, like she has already, she can have mom lay a guilt trip on you and pretty much force you to give up the money. I know that Melinda said she had no intention of paying you back if she does get a loan from you. I also know that she’s been bad-mouthing you to Carmela and Amanda, and to me. I only played along with her until I found out the rest of the story. Melinda thinks she’s really devious. I just can’t believe that Carmela and Amanda can’t see through her bullshit.”

“So she was bragging to you about all of this?”

“Yup.” Vicky nodded. “Like she always does when she’s up to something.”

Pablo frowned, only now getting an idea of how manipulative Melinda really was. He’d have to carefully think the matter over, and figure out a way to turn the tables on his daughter without splitting up his marriage in the process. With a sigh, he said, “Thanks for telling me.” He turned to make his way out.

“Dad, wait.” Vicky halted him.

He looked back, only to have his oldest daughter walk around him and stand between him and the door. “I wanted to tell you something about what we did, too.” She said, as she started bouncing up and down on her toes. Since she was nearly as tall as he was, their eyes were about at an even level. “I thought it was fun.”

“Vicky…” He started.

“I always thought you were good looking, but I thought you were too laid back and kind of boring.” Vicky admitted. “I can’t believe you just walked up to me and started groping me like that.” Her hands drew up to Pablo’s manly chest, and her mouth opened anxiously as her fingers and palms came to rest against his warm flesh.

Pablo drew back by half a step, only to have Vicky mimic his move and encircle his waist with her arms. Her head came to rest where her hands had lain a moment before, as her fingers ran the length of his back.

“You’re so big and strong.” Vicky murmured like a kitten. “And then you put your hands down my pants escort kadıköy like one of those hot guys does to their girls in the movies. You don’t know how much that turned me on!”

Before Pablo could react, he felt his daughter’s hands slipping past the waistband of his shorts, groping on his butt. His hands went up to Vicky’s shoulders, intending to halt the madness before it got out of control yet again, but in that crucial moment he faltered. Pablo let the sensation sink in that he was getting felt up, and that hesitation cost him dearly. Only a moment later, he felt Vicky tugging at his shorts until they dropped down to his ankles.

One of her hands slid around to his front, before her fingers wrapped around his cock. He could feel himself getting bigger in her grip, feel her fingers tighten as his flesh swelled and gently forced her hand apart.

Vicky stroked at his length and nuzzled her cheek upwards until their eyes met. “I think we both need to have some fun, don’t you? I’m all alone right now, and mom’s been treating you like shit thanks to Melinda. Some fun will be good for both of us, don’t you think?”

Her words were like sensual taunts, daring provocations that picked at her father’s steel resolve like jackhammers. He merely had to lower his chin in order to prod Vicky’s mouth to rise up to meet his. For a moment their lips merely teased one another’s, until they finally clasped together like pieces of a sweetly erotic puzzle.

Vicky released his cock, content to let it poke at her waist as she pressed her clothed body against her father’s nude form. Her hands explored the gently valleys and peaks ranging from his upper back and down to his upper thighs. They both groaned as their lips wrestled together, while their tongues tried to referee the multitude of infractions that were being committed between them.

Pablo still held her by the shoulders. In a calculated move, he turned her aside and angled his body further toward the door. Vicky’s arms did their best to keep him in place, as she figured he might be trying to leave. In a deliberate and abrupt action, Pablo shoved Vicky back and saw her topple onto her bed. That was the moment when he should have fled, he knew. He might have done this successfully, save for the fact that he looked upon his daughter’s lovely face. Her wanting eyes, her flushed cheeks, her open mouth, all of these announced her blossoming passion. Rather than to break their sensual tension and spoil it by walking away, and knowing well that they both wanted it to happen, Pablo instead took a place beside her on the mattress.

Pablo pulled her onto him, drawing her over his horizontal form, and forcing her to part her legs to accommodate his rising structure. Her chest pressed tight against his, as their lips seamlessly bonded together. The ends of Vicky’s soft black hair tumbled down into his face.

Pablo’s kisses were getting rougher, more reckless, as his inhibitions once again withered into the air. He dared slip his hand away from Vicky’s sides to run up and down her back. Once again, there was no bra strap to impede his travels. His hands coursed to her upper back, holding her in place as his mouth reached out to devour her lips. The stifled moans heard floating through the room were not only emanating from her.

Pablo’s hands gravitated down her back, finding the small of Vicky’s waist, and stumbling over the waistband of her sweats until they came to a halt over the broad expanse of her ass. He squeezed at the soft cotton, clutching as much ass as his fingers could cover. Vicky breathlessly rotated her head to one side to expel her sensual reaction to his daring caresses. He squeezed her butt again, feeling her hot breaths cascading past his cheek and ear, inflaming his lust from a growing want into an erupting need.

Vicky’s legs drew up to either side of Pablo’s waist, mounting him briefly, until she pushed with her thighs and raised her face and neck past his head. Her covered breasts were soon resting directly over his mouth.

Pablo’s restless hands swept up to squeeze those globes next, pressuring the large pendulums until he located their ignited nipples. He guided one over to his open mouth, teasing and nibbling despite the obstruction of his daughter’s shirt, until Vicky could take no more and leaned over on one arm. She yanked her loose shirt up, past her gorgeous D size breasts, giving Pablo the pleasure of watching them drop down like great, filled water balloons. Once she aimed one of these fleshy globes toward his mouth, Pablo gobbled it up and began churning it around with his lips, while frequently poking his tongue out at its soft skin.

Vicky lowered her upper body, attempting to smother Pablo’s face with her single breast. He managed to escape into the deep valley of her chest, licking and sucking for his release, until he thought better of it. Then he mashed both of Vicky’s breasts against the sides of his head.

She was already bostancı escort grinding against his middle and moaning, even though her sweatpants kept their most intimate contact from taking place. Abruptly, Vicky rolled off her father and onto her back.

“Get off the bed.” She said huskily, half pushing her father away with her eagerness.

Pablo complied, standing at the bed’s edge and watching as Vicky scrambled around on it. Her head went over the edge of the mattress and hung there impatiently.

“Come closer.” She dared.

Pablo stepped nearer, his heavy cock looming near Vicky’s upside-down mouth. As he leaned forward to stretch out his arms onto the bed, Vicky’s mouth widened to greet him. His fat lollipop slipped between her lips. The moist cavern of his daughter’s mouth smothered a bare fraction of Pablo’s extra large cock with heat. A moment later her tongue squirmed and darted around the tight confines like a slippery eel.

Pablo stood content to let her play with him this way. His gaze traveled up past her exposed throat and at the tussled shirt half on and half off of her big, round tits. He reached out, sliding the shirt away to entirely reveal the full circles. While Vicky kept him trapped within her lips, he caressed and fondled her breasts.

Pablo stretched his hand out further, relishing the feel of the soft and creamy flesh of her ribs and stomach, and grazing his fingers near the waistband of her sweats. He slipped his hand under the loose cotton, while keeping himself propped up with his other arm, and felt the beginning of Vicky’s panties.

In a swoon, he began wondering if his daughter was wearing those Hiphuggers she usually favored. He recalled how she sometimes strutted across the living room in them, carelessly stretching her arms up above her head, while pulling her shirt up past her big and beautiful butt. The sexily styled panties were only designed to cover half her ass. So far, he’d been privy to watching her in pairs colored black, white, and red. What color could she be wearing now?

As if she’d read his mind, Vicky released Pablo’s cock and sat up on the bed. With her back facing her father, Vicky gave him a salacious and come hither look. Next, she got on all fours and gave him a delicious view of her round butt. She even wiggled her ass for him.

Pablo reached out, snatching Vicky by the waist and dragging her off the bed. As he’d done the last time, in the kitchen, he held her upper back close to his chest and ran his hands under her shirt. When his fingers encircled her soft and voluminous globes, Vicky threw her head back near his shoulder and opened her lips to allow a long and erotic burst to escape. Pablo kept working at the breasts, grabbing and pulling at them, until Vicky broke free and leaned forward with her hands stretched out to either side.

Pablo recalled the scene at the kitchen, where Vicky had leaned forward in a similar way, while he’d been giving her a massage, and where Pablo’s cock had inadvertently pressed against her ass. This time, his big cock wasn’t held being back by his shorts. With both determination and promise, Pablo brought his tool up tight against Vicky’s sweatpants. He held her hips for a moment, to both remind her and to tease her of his eventual intentions.

Leaning on the edge of the bed, Vicky was doubled over far more severely than she’d been at the kitchen counter. Her breasts were hanging down like ripe melons in a plastic sack. Pablo wasted little time in reaching out for them. Squeezing them through the shirt didn’t bother him, but Vicky might have thought otherwise, as she straightened up just long enough to discard it. Once she was back in place, Pablo’s hands latched on to her breasts like erotic magnets. He was this close to carrying out the threat that he’d imagined in the kitchen, that of yanking down his daughter’s sweatpants and pillaging her from behind.

But no, that had been a hasty and nervous idea, Pablo decided. In the here and now, he had plenty of time to carry out a more extended and satisfying program. He pulled his arms back, gazing at the intimate proximity between his cock and Vicky’s swollen butt, and set his hands on exploring her curved ass instead. His daughter merely dropped her head to the mattress and allowed the sensations to ripple through her body.

Pablo circled her butt with his hands, exploring the outer edges, the pronounced and wide curves, and finally, running the edge of one hand through the middle. He tugged at the waist of the sweats, hard enough to send the fabric tumbling down to Vicky’s ankles. The sight of pink and lacy Hiphugger panties rewarded his eyes. Next, he brought his hands against the thin fabric and the exposed flesh of her ass. In response, Vicky arched her back, as if urging her father to proceed with his conquest, but again, Pablo was able to restrain himself. He even straightened his daughter up and turned her around, before he pushed her back down on the bed.

Believing their sinful bond to be at the precipice of culminating, Vicky hurriedly raised her legs and nearly tore her panties away. Now fully nude, she widened her legs and prepared for the inevitable: to be staked by her father’s fat tower of a cock.

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