The Hot August Roommate

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Big Tits

Jamie jumped when she heard the doorbell ring. Surely it couldn’t be him, 20 minutes early?! She wasn’t even done cleaning the kitchen!

It didn’t matter; she had to let him up; he was the only viable roommate candidate she had, and rent was coming up. She wasn’t about to take Jen, the girl who started drooling as soon as she saw Jamie; nor was she going to take Avery, a hard-partying bar tender who was sure to be a slob of a roommate. No, Mike was her last hope: a cross-country running coach, yoga instructor, and, according to their mutual friend Jeff, an amazing amateur vegan chef.

Pulse racing, Jamie walked over to the buzzer and rang him up, leaving the door open. She then rinsed her hands and splashed her face; she thought of putting on a shirt over her sports bra but she knew it would soak through in sweat in a second. The apartment was stiflingly hot since the last roommate took the window A/C unit. Besides, it’s not like he’d particularly find her boxer-shorts-under-baggy-shorts look sexy; she dressed like a teenage boy, which all but guaranteed that guys wouldn’t look at her in *that* way.

The door opened. “Hello?” a man’s voice called out.

Jamie peered around the corner to find an incredibly toned yet boyish-looking man standing there. “Hi, you’re early! I’m so sorry I haven’t finished cleaning the place. Come in! I’m Jamie.” She stuck out her hand. “Mike,” he said, grasping her hand in a firm shake. She noticed his veiny, buff forearms and bulging tan biceps flexing as he grasped her hand. She thought she was buff; but she now knew how ectomorphic guys must feel emasculated by those with mesomorphic body types. She suddenly felt very feminine in comparison.

“So, Mike, let me show you around.” She proceeded to give him a tour of the house, every so often catching herself checking out his broad shoulders or his firm ass. “Get it together, Jamie!” she scolded herself. She hadn’t been with a man in years, but here she was checking out her new roommate! What was happening to her??

They made awkward small-talk, about his job and her job (a boring office job, in contrast to his active daily life) and the apartment. “Sorry it’s so hot in here, I haven’t gotten around to getting another A/C unit since the old roommate left.” She had noticed some sweat soaking through the back of Mike’s shirt, between his shoulder blades.

“That’s okay, I stand outside all day in the sun this time of year, for preseason practice. August is bound to be brutal no matter what.”

Mike noticed that despite the heat, Jamie’s nipples were standing at attention. He was amazed at how beautifully full her breasts were, contrasting with her toned arms. Her body looked strong and active, and just a hint of stomach protruded over the waistband of her boxers. He wanted to take a look at her legs, but he saw Jamie watching him, and quickly looked away, embarrassed at his open admiration of her body. He looked away, and pretended to inspect some wall damage.

“So, uh, rent is $975 a month, right?” Mike asked.

“Yep, plus utilities. It’s a great deal for this neighborhood.” She eyed Mike suspiciously.

“Nice. Well, as far as I’m concerned, I’m in; I’d love to move in if you’ll have me.”

“Really? Uh, if you want to, you’re free to move in starting ASAP.”

“That’d be great! I can move tomorrow!” Mike said. Jamie noticed that he was standing sideways and one hand was half-covering his crotch… ugh, did he have a boner? Gross… She thought of rescinding her offer, but, well according to Jeff he was harmless, and besides what choice did she have? “Alright, give me a check for first and last when you come to move in. I’ll be around in the evening to give you a hand with your boxes.”

“Sounds awesome! Bye!” Mike made a quick exit before she could see the bulge forming in his pants.

As the door closed, Jamie leaned against it, feeling the cool metal against her back. She closed her eyes. Was she turned on? She’d always assumed she was gay; she’d never fallen for a guy before, but she’d be lying if she didn’t enjoy sex with them… as she thought of the huge bulge she saw rising in his pants just before he left, she reached into her shorts and through the flap of the boxers, and masturbated until she came.


Mike was at the counter making coffee when Jamie came down the stairs, in just her boxer-briefs, her short hair a mess. “Morning!” Mike chirped. “Morn’,” Jamie grumbled. She was used to walking around shirtless, as she didn’t see a difference between her chest and a man’s; now though, she wondered if it was weird with a guy living there. But Mike didn’t stare, and he seemed like a pretty laid-back guy himself, often showering with the door open to let steam out of the bathroom, or lounging int he living room with just a towel on. It was too hot to wear much else, anyways.

Jamie opened the fridge to pull out the soy milk, the cool air hitting her chest and waking her up. Mike had made a tofu scramble for breakfast; it looked like he’d already gone for a run and showered. Half asleep, Jamie barely illegal bahis managed to pour herself a bowl of cereal. As she sat down, she knocked the bowl too hard on the table. “Fuck,” she cursed, watching the splashes of milk drip down her chest. Mike looked over, then grabbed a towel from the stack on the counter. “Here,” he said as he walked over. She thought he was going to hand her the towel, but to her surprise he started wiping her chest and stomach with the towel! As he brushed by a nipple, she let out a sigh. “Thanks, I think you got it all.”

“No problem,” Mike said as he straightened up and walked back to the counter.

They spent the rest of the breakfast in silence, Mike eating standing up by the window, and Jamie eating her cereal in silence trying not to check out his body.


“Hey Mike, do you have any backup shampoo in here?” Jamie shouted down the hall. Mike, back from a long session of yoga, peered around the corner, where her torso was sticking out of the bathroom, her tits dripping wet. He tried not to focus on them, or look at the rest of her body, as he walked over. “It’s right in here. Can I get by for a sec?” Bare-chested from his yoga class, Mike’s torso brushed by Jamie’s as he reached behind the door to grab a spare bottle of shampoo and handed it to her.

Jamie grabbed it from him. “Thanks!” She heard him walk over to his room and try to close the faulty door, which swung back open a crack. She knew what he was going to do; sure enough, a few seconds later, she heard grunting and the unmistakable sounds of masturbation. She started touching herself as she heard his breathing get heavier and heavier. She closed her eyes and started moaning as she finger-fucked herself. She dropped the shampoo bottle and brought her other hand up to touch her nipple, rolling it and pulling on it. She let out a loud groan of pleasure. The sound from Mike’s room stopped; he must have been listening to her. She was a good sport, so she decided to groan a little louder. As she was about to come, Mike’s sounds started back up again, and they both moaned loudly as they came.

Jamie closed the door and finished her shower.


One day, Mike came home late from yoga, sweating through all his clothes. He ripped off his shirt and shorts, striding over to the living room in his boxers. As he sat down and turned on the fan and the TV, he heard the door to Jamie’s room open. She was flushed, like she’d just jerked off herself. “Oh, hey,” she said casually. She was wearing a white muscle tee and boxers. She walked over to the fridge and grabbed two beers. “Beer?” she asked, tossing him a bottle when he nodded. “Thanks,” Mike sighed as he took a long swig of the ice cold beverage. “Man, what a fucking day.”

“What’s up?” Jamie said as she sat down beside him. She realized how big he was compared to her; when he stretched out his toned legs they reached almost to the coffee table; she just pulled her heels up onto the couch and slouched down to disguise her height.

“I was teaching yoga, and it was just me and 3 women, and after class one of them came up and asked me for private instruction! I was like, dude what is this? That only happens in porn!”

“Wow. Has that ever happened to you before?”

“I mean, once or twice, but it was always kind of a genuine request. This woman was just… I mean she was clearly trying to come on to me.”

“That’s pretty messed up. What’d you do?”

“Well, I mean I’m not gonna lie, I was starting to get hard. I mean she was wearing the lowest-cut bra you can wear and still call it a bra, and those really short yoga shorts, and she was being all seductive…”

“What?! Did you fuck her?!”

“I mean… I wasn’t gonna let my student down…” Mike looked at Jamie and winked.

“Wow,” Jamie took another swig of beer. The thought of Mike fucking his student felt wrong, but also really hot. “What if someone walked into the studio? Couldn’t you get fired for that?”

“I didn’t do it in the studio; we went to the changing rooms, obviously.”

“How professional of you.” Jamie said, rolling her eyes.

“Well it’s not unexpected; a lot of women complain about yoga making them horny. I once had a woman excuse herself halfway through class; something about the pose we were holding that involved clenching the pelvic floor muscles made her unbearably turned on.”

“Do you ever get horny seeing the women do all those poses in tight pants?”

“Nah, not really, it’s such a natural part of the practice to wear tight clothes, it doesn’t really do it for me. Besides, I usually go for women who bend gender in some way. The yoga women are all pretty femme.”

Jamie’s heartrate quickened. “That’s cool. I mean, but this woman was really femme too, right?”

“Well yeah, but she was also really forward. She also had like, really toned arms. I think some things about her are kind of masculine.”

“Hmm.” Jamie sipped her beer.

“You’re a lesbian, right?” Mike looked at her, regretting his words instantly. “I mean, illegal bahis siteleri not that I care, I’m just curious. But you seem kinda butch so I didn’t know…”

“I mean, emotionally. But physically I’m into a lot of different people, usually other butch women or straight men. I don’t know. I don’t really feel like a lesbian either; I don’t know that I feel like a woman.”

Mike thought about that. “Interesting. But you don’t feel like a man?”

“No, I just feel… neutral. I guess you’d call it genderqueer. But like no I like having a pussy, I just get uncomfortable being seen as a girl, yanno? And like, I think of these tits-” (Jamie grabbed her tits for emphasis) “-as like, guy tits or something. But I still go by female pronouns for simplicity. But I don’t care what you use.”

“Okay. I’ll use whatever pronouns you want.”

“She is fine. Thanks though.”

“Well… those tits are great, but you have some pretty impressive deltoids too; some guys would be jealous.”

Jamie got a mischievous glint in her eye. “You can feel them if you want…”

Mike reached over and grabbed her strong shoulder muscle. “Nice, dude.”

“I try.” They laughed. “So… do you wanna play a video game? I need to blow off some steam. I ran into my ex today.”

“Shit, I’m sorry. Wanna talk about it?”

“Not really… she’s back with her ex-ex, and I just feel kinda like shit right now.”

They decided on Mario Kart. Jamie popped it in, and they started playing.

“My old roommates and I,” Mike said, “used to play strip Mario Kart. Every time you lose you take off an item of clothing.”

“That sounds fun, but we could only play about… 1 round, since that’s all you’re wearing.”

“Hey! How do you know you wouldn’t lose??”

“Watch me.” Jamie winked. Of course, she secretly hoped he’d win so she’d have to take off her tank top…

“Fuck.” Jamie said as he won, with less conviction in her voice than she meant. She set down the controller, feeling Mike’s eyes on her as she lifted her tank up over her head, leaving her C-cup tits free. Nothing he hadn’t seen before, anyways…

They kept playing. This time, Jamie wanted to see Mike naked, but to her surprise, he was way better than she had anticipated. “Shit!” Jamie swore. She stood up this time, and again felt Mike’s eyes on her as she stood facing away from him, slowly sliding her boxers off to reveal a round, surprisingly feminine ass. She turned towards him for a brief instant, revealing her shaved-bare pussy, as she sat back down on the couch. She bent one knee out to the side again, slouching like a guy as if she weren’t naked, and as if the position didn’t expose her bare pussy to Mike’s gaze.

They played for 45 minutes, and the whole time, she didn’t win a single round. Finally, she finished her beer and stood up, revealing her whole body for his eyes to enjoy. “Well, we need a rematch. Next time, I’m wearing more layers. And next time, there’ll be none of that,” she said as she reached over and touched his hard cock.

“Next time, maybe you could help me with it,” Mike smiled as Jamie walked away, winking over her shoulder.


From then on, the two were naked a whole lot. As early September came around, Jamie didn’t even pretend anymore that she didn’t sleep naked; neither did Mike. At breakfast, they casually sat around in their “pajamas”, and Jamie didn’t even bother closing the door anymore when she showered. She often woke up needing to touch herself, and her showers got longer and longer. One morning, Mike just walked in as she was showering, frustrated with her long morning routine. “I’m gonna have to come in there with you, buddy. I can’t keep waiting around for you to finish your 30 minute morning routine, princess.” Jamie flipped him off, but didn’t object when he stepped right into the tub with her. As soon as he got in, he was instantly hard; but he tried to ignore it so he could get his day started. She had shaved her pussy lips but her armpits were hairy like a guy’s; somehow this emphasized her cunt and made him even harder. As Jamie was soaping up the bushy hair under her armpits, she felt Mike’s hard member brush past her ass several times. They tried to keep a sense of propriety, but it was hard in such a small space. She was almost done anyways; she grabbed the shampoo, and as she was soaping up her hair, his dick was pressed right up against her. It nestled into the cleft of her ass, and as she soaped up, casually pressing against him, Mike had to exercise all the self-restraint he had not to grab his roommate and fuck her against the wall of the shower.


“Jamie!! Fuck!!” Jamie woke up with a start. Mike had run into her bed room, naked, ran over and hid behind her bed.

“What the fuck, Mike?” Jamie rubbed sleep out of her eyes and sat up, the sheet falling to reveal her bare torso. “It’s midnight… I was asleep…”

“I saw a cockroach!!”

“You… wait what!?”

“A fucking huge cockroach. It’s right on my wall. I can’t go into canlı bahis siteleri my bedroom…”

“Well can we deal with it in the morning? I don’t care about the fucking cockroach, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Well can I sleep with you? I really don’t like cockroaches…”

“Wow. What a tough guy.” Jamie teased. “Okay, fine, you can sleep here. Only tonight though.”

“Oh my god! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! You’re a lifesaver.” Mike stood up and got into Jamie’s bed. “Dude, seriously, thanks.”

As he crawled into Jamie’s twin-sized bed, Jamie felt her clit swollen with anticipation. As she felt his dick brush her hip, she suddenly felt more awake. “You better be grateful, asshole.” She reached over and slapped his ass.

“I am. You’re the nicest, best, most generous, most gorgeous, most handsome roommate ever. Thank you.” And with that, Mike planted a kiss on Jamie’s lips. “What do I owe you?”

Jamie turned so her body was facing his, and started rubbing her body against his. “Hmm, I don’t know… I suppose you could cook me breakfast tomorrow morning…” She felt his cock stiffen to her touch, and she reached over and started playing with Mike’s nipple. As she rubbed it, his cock got harder, pressing against her bare pussy. She leaned over and started licking his nipple; he reached down and started stroking his cock. She took her mouth off his nipple and smiled: “Usually I’m the one who has the cock.”

“Really? Could I see it?” Mike asked.

“Only because you’ve been so grateful.” He continued to stroke his cock as she reached into her night stand and grabbed a double-ended dildo and a harness. She felt between her legs; she was turned on enough to get it inside her, so she slipped the short end into her wet cunt, fastened the harness straps, and then turned to face Mike. “Meet my hard dick.”

Mike was surprised at how hot it was to see her grabbing her purple cock and stroking it as he was stroking his. He had never been with a guy before, or anyone with a penis; this was the closest he’d ever gotten, and it was unbearably hot. He took his hand off his dick, and reached over to feel Jamie’s bare ass in the harness that held the cock in place. He kissed her hard, and then moved his hand over to her cock. He started stroking it and moving it around as she closed her eyes. “Can you feel that?” he asked, surprised. “Mmmm, yeah.”

Mike kept one hand working her cock, and moved his mouth down to her nipple. As he started licking it, her breathing got harder. She arched her back, biting her lip as he sucked and nibbled on her nipples, working her cock over her swollen clit, until he felt her spasm as she came.

Jamie grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him hard, then reached down and started playing with his balls. The softness of them felt incredible. She started kissing down his body, reaching eye level with his cock. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these…” Mike smiled. “How does it look?”

It looks amazing. More than amazing. I want you to fuck me with it. “It looks fine,” Jamie smiled. “I’d have to taste it to know how I really feel about it though…”

Jamie started kissing down the length of his shaft, until she reached the very tip. She then started licking it slowly, savoring the sensation and taste of his precum. Finally, she brought her mouth over it and took him into her mouth. As she bobbed up and down, she saw his toes curl and his muscles flex; clearly she hadn’t totally lost her touch in the last 8 years. She kept licking and sucking, feeling him get harder and harder; when he finally came she took him out of his mouth, and the cum flew all over his chest and neck.

“Wow, for a dyke you sure know how to treat a dick,” Mike laughed. Jamie punched him on the arm. “Asshole.” “Queer.” “Fuck you.” Jamie straddled him, her cock resting on his stomach, and kissed him hard.

She got off him and lay next to him. “Well, I think that was a lot of firsts for both of us.”

“Yup, I’ve never seen someone with a dick and tits.” He grabbed a tit and squeezed.”

“I’ve never seen someone with a dick without the balls to face up to a cockroach.” She grabbed his flaccid dick, which started hardening up again.

“Yeah, well the cockroach was almost as big as said dick,” Mike said as he began playing with Jamie’s nipple.



“It’s okay, it’s not the size of the boat as they say…”

“What, so you wanna see the motion of my ocean?”

Jamie laughed and stretched her arms behind her head. “I haven’t been impressed yet…”

“Well, I don’t wanna get your hopes up too high…”

Mike went in for a kiss. As their kisses became deeper and more passionate, Jamie let out a small moan from her lips. “Ready for more, are we?” Mike asked suggestively. They kept kissing, their mouths devouring each other, feeling each others’ nakedness with their whole bodies. Jamie crawled on top of Mike, straddling him, while her hands hungrily grabbing at his sculpted shoulders, his broad chest, his narrow hips. Their cocks lay hard and eager between their two bodies: one strong yet curvy, and the other stronger and more powerful. Jamie felt Mike’s large hands caress her body, and then reaching lower still to grab her round ass cheeks. She moaned, rubbing up against him, as he massaged and squeezed her cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32