The Games Mommies Play

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My mom and I came up with this game that we often liked to play. We got the idea for this game after she caught me beating off on the toilet one day when I was eighteen. I thought she would just excuse herself and walk out of the bathroom like most mothers would do. But not my mom! She walked right up to me and finished beating me off! I couldn’t believe it! My own mom was actually jacking me off, her own son! I thought about trying to make her stop, but her hand felt so good wrapped tightly around my pecker that I let her finish me off until I shot a huge gob of spunk all over her hand. My mom surprised me even further by licking my cream right off of her fingers! I didn’t realize until that day what a slut my mom was! That’s where the idea for our little game came from. What we’d do, my mom and I, was that I would act like a little kid again who’d just gotten his first boner. I’d run into the bedroom where mom just happened to be waiting for me where I’d point to the big bulge in my pants and yell at her, “Mommy! Mommy! Look what happened to me! Just look what happened!”

My mom would then gaze down at my crotch, smile and say reassuringly to me, “Oh, you’re all right, sweetheart. You’ve just gotten your first erection.”

“An erection?” I would say to her with cebeci escort a puzzled look on my face like a little kid would do. “What’s an erection?”

My mom would then give me a lusty smile as she said to me, “Here, son, let me show you.”

She would reach over and unzip my pants down to my underwear. My dick would pop out like a jack-in-the-box. I would gaze down at it like I’d never seen such a thing before. My mom would then grab it and lightly stroke it, causing me to moan out a little as I felt my mom’s soft, warm hand moving up and down over my cock while her other hand was playing with my balls.

“How does that feel, honey?” she would ask me as her lusty smile would get even bigger.

“That feels great, mommy!” I would say in my little boy voice. I would then ask her, “Mommy, what’s an erection for?”

“Well, dear,” she would start to say, “let me show you!”

That’s when she would start beating me off just like she did that day when she caught me on the toilet. I would moan and groan and carry on just like a little kid would do while “mommy” kept whacking me off.

“Oh, mommy,” I would squeal out, “that feels so good!”

“I’m glad, sweetie,” she would say back to me, still grinning like a cat in heat, cebeci escort bayan as she kept beating my meat.

Sometimes mom, while she was jerking me off, would reach around with her free hand and stick a couple of fingers up my ass. Now this would really get me going! My whole body would shake and quiver as I would feel mom’s long fingers sliding down my asshole and start to massage my prostate. This would always cause me to blow like a geyser and I would drench her hand with my sperm. My mom would stroke my prick a few more times to make sure she had coaxed all the come out of me, and, when she was satisfied that she had, she would take her hand away from my schlong and begin to lick off all of my splooge from her hand and even the jizz that had rolled down her arm. I would watch her again with a puzzled look on my face like a little kid while she did this and ask her, “Mommy, what’s that white stuff for?”

She would always wait until she had completely finished licking herself clean like a cat and say to me, “That’s just something special for mommies to play with.”

“Oh, okay,” I would reply, my voice still sounding like a little boy.

My mom would then stand up and give me a wet, sloppy kiss right on my mouth. She would escort cebeci next look right into my eyes as she held my face in her hands and tell me what a “good boy” I was before walking out of her bedroom. That’s the game that we often played with each other. My mom would never let me fuck her or eat her out or anything like that. I guess it was because she didn’t want to go that far with her only son. But sometimes she would reward me for being such a “good boy” by having me lie on her bed totally naked where she would strip off all of her clothes and sit above my face. I would then beat myself into a coma as I stared up at her hairy, pink pussy. Sometimes she would finger herself above me, which would cause her puss to smell even muskier, which would cause me to choke my chicken that much faster until I exploded all over myself! My mom would then lower herself down and lick off all my come until she had slurped up every drop. After she was finished, she would give me another deep, long kiss, tell me what a “good boy” I was one more time and leave her bedroom. This game of ours went on for several more years even after I got married and had kids of my own. I tried to get my frigid wife to start playing this game with me, but she would just tell me what a “pervert” I was and that if I kept asking her to do it she would tell my mom on me. Well hell, I felt like telling my ice-queen-of-a-wife, who does she think came up with the idea for this game to begin with!

Oh well, I would always assure myself, at least “mommy” was always more than willing to play!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32