The Effects of Menopause Pt. 03

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Big Tits

If you want 10″ cocks, women who orgasm in 10 seconds flat, simultaneous orgasms or gallons of cum then I’m sorry, but this is not the right story for you. I like to write about ordinary people with ordinary sexual appetites in slightly out of the ordinary situations. I try to keep the plot lines as near to reality as I can.

I try to keep the sex as true to my own experience as possible. I love to write about kissing, stoking, how sex feels and sex as an encounter which involves all the senses. I do like to ‘get dirty’ but only in the height of my character’s arousal. All my stories have my own experience in them, but they are not autobiographical.

This story is about the effects of menopause on a loving man. The lead up is part autobiographical in that my mum had a really bad menopause. It was incredibly tough on her and I’m not belittling or ignoring that. I wanted to spare a thought for the loving partner, my dad. That’s as far as reality goes, the rest is fantasy.

This part 3 of a series. You probably ought to read parts 1 sighs, moans, groans and grunts.

Our martial bed smelled of me and Bob; our natural bed smell, our sweat, my honey and Bob’s cum. My dad was adding to that heady cocktail. My pussy was already sloppy with Bob’s cum and dad was not far off adding his. Bob’s fantasy made me feel so dirty. I was being fucked by my own dad in our martial bed. The smell of us (me and Bob) on our bed sheets was rubbing off onto my dad. At the same time, he was adding his musk to our bed. Soon I would be leaking his cum onto our sheets. I resumed stroking my dad, rubbing his chest and playing with his nipples. He sighed; he was not far off.

It wasn’t even 9:30 and I was already set to receive my second injection of cum. I stroked my hands down to dad’s hips and held on to him. I opened my legs as far as they would go to welcome his cock as far as he could get it into me. I moved my hands to his bum and, matching his rhythm, I pulled him into me at the same time as pushing my hips up. I wanted him.

I got him. He thrust into me and I felt even more sloppy. He strained to get deep and I pulled him hard into me. He grunted and jerked his climax into me. Five times he pushed as deep as he could, five times he grunted as he gushed his sticky mess into my waiting pussy. He lay on me for a minute or two and his flaccid cock fell out of me. The smell of our bed and a pussy full of cum made me want to orgasm. I wanted a dirty orgasm, I wanted to add to Bob’s fantasy. “Dad, I want you to watch me orgasm.”

Without saying a word, dad rolled off me and moved to the foot of the bed. He sat between my feet and had a grandstand view of my wet and leaking pussy. I started by caressing my breasts slightly tweaking both nipples. I left one hand on my breast and pushed the other down my body, pausing to outline my belly button. I moved my hand further and combed it through my pubic hair. I twirled my hair and massaged my mons. I missed my clit and made a ‘y’ shape with my fingers, which I used to ripple up and down my outer labia. They were wet with cum and honey. My fingers slid easily up and down and the copious lubrication allowed me to exert quite a lot of pressure on my labia. I did this for some time and my slightly opened pussy came into full bloom. It was opening up to reveal my inner labia. I was showing my dad my inner secrets. I continued to ripple my fingers up and down shifting the position to the furrow between my inner and outer labia.

I was so turned on by the smells, by the two fuckings I had received, by my dad’s eyes boring holes in me and by feeling so dirty that I knew I was going to cum quickly. I continued the up and down motion with my fingers and moved my other hand to finger my clit. I worked it gently and it came clear of its hood. There was no need for any spit as I was awash with cum. As I started to slowly strum my clit, a flood of liquid flowed between my bum crack and soaked the bed. I was picking up the pace with my strumming. I closed the ‘y’ of the hand that was rubbing my labia and inserted two fingers into my pussy.

I closed my eyes as I landed on the plateau. The world stood still as my whole body vibrated. My senses became even more heighted, I could smell the bed, I could smell my dad, I could sense his presence, I could hear him breathing, I could hear my rhythmic whimpers and sighs. My strumming was getting faster and more widespread. It wasn’t just my clit I was rubbing now it was the hood and the top of my labia. My fingers were furiously finger fucking me at the same time. I was heading for orgasm and I could feel it approaching.

My hips started to move involuntarily, small bucking movements with accompanying whimpers. I took my fingers urfa escort out of me and, coated with copious amounts of cum, I strummed the whole of my pussy. My hips bucked again as I widened my legs. I wanted dad to see right into me. My clit hand was now concentrating on my love bud as I worked my way to a wonderful orgasm. My eyes were tight shut as I concentrated hard. I continued to strum my clit, whilst I momentarily wiped my lips and nose with the cum sloppy hand. I held it out to my dad inviting him to do the same. I felt him lick my fingers.

I resumed sloppy pussy rubbing with the whole palm of one hand and clit stimulation with the other. I was close…. I was there. The tsunami washed over me. My hips thrust skywards bucking against my hands. My eyes and mouth flew wide open and I devoured the sight of my nude dad, staring back at me. Our eyes were glued to each other as wave after wave swept over me. The second wave was even more powerful and made me shout “fuck”. All the expression disappeared from my face as the waves continued to wash, each one a little smaller than the last, as I eased my bum back to the bed. One hand just cupped my pussy the other slowly and gently diddled my clit.

I arrived back in the room and a broad smile grew on my face, mirrored by my dad. After a minute or so dad said, “Wow I think you enjoyed Bob’s fantasy, Maddy.”

“You could say that, dad. Come up here and give me a cuddle.” I rolled over and dad spooned me, his sloppy cock sitting between my bum cheeks. After a few minutes I said “we need to talk about mum. Great though this is, I don’t want to carry on if we can’t help her.”

“I know Maddy, actually since you have been helping me things are a bit better at home. Maybe because I’m less grouchy, mum is a bit more receptive to intimacy. Just silly things like she kissed me on the cheek yesterday for no real reason. She says she wants to see a counsellor because she wants to be more intimate.”

“Sounds good to me. You turn me on dad, and I love you, but let’s not do this again, for the time being at least. If it’s no better in a few months’ time then we can talk again, OK?”

“Of course, Maddy whatever you are comfortable with. I am just so glad you have helped me. Words can’t explain how much it means to me and how much I love you.”

Act 2 — Discussions

A couple of months later dad was round sharing a coffee with Bob and me. He obviously had some news he wanted to share.

“I didn’t realise how grouchy and selfish I had become until you helped me, Maddy. I am so grateful to the both of you. Mum and I have been seeing a counsellor for a couple of months now and I’m really excited to tell you that we are having regular sex.”

That’s great news, dad” I said.

“Does that mean you won’t be needing my wife anymore then?” Bob paused and the said “Shame.” We laughed.

“Pervert,” I added.

I was relieved. After a shaky start I enjoyed sex with my dad. Society has a different view, but I think it brought us closer together.

About a month later dad was around again for coffee. Things were not going so well.

“Mum is struggling again.”

“Oh no dad, you said things were going well.”

“They were, they are, we are still having sexual relations, but your mum is starting to get disappointed that she has not regained her desire. She means well but sometimes sex feels a bit like a sympathy fuck. I fear she is going to get bored, and I don’t feel like I am capable of turning her on. On top of that she says she doesn’t feel attractive.”

“What does your therapist say.”

“She says both issues are linked. I’m constantly telling her how great she looks. We have tried porn to try and get a spark, but it doesn’t seem to help. Can you think of anything?”

Bob piped up “A swingers club.”

“Nice idea Bob but she just doesn’t have the confidence.”

“How about role play” I suggested.

“Sounds promising, Maddy. Who are the roles?” Dad looked brighter.

“How about you are Richard Gere in Officer and a Gentlemen?”

“Could do, but I think it has to be closer to home a bit more real, otherwise it is just acting.” Dad replied.

Bob chipped in “how about her boss at work or one of your golfing buddies.”

“That won’t work Bob, the person has to be a bit fantasy, probably younger than her. Someone she knows but unattainable either taboo or because of the age gap.”

“Bob” said dad. Bob and I turned towards dad expecting him to finish his sentence. “Don’t you see, she is always a bit flirtatious Bob, and she never has a bad word to say about him. It’s just dawned on me I think she fancies you, Bob.”

We agreed that dad should gently introduce urfa escort bayan the idea of role play.

Three weeks later dad was round again for coffee.

“So come on dad how’s the role play going?” I was eager to know.

“Well slowly to start with but I do think she is warming to the idea. It certainly put a smile on her face when I asked her to call me Bob.” He reported. “But I think it is a long road.” He sighed.

Act 3 In London

Some months previous we had agreed to spend a long weekend in London and had taken a 2 bedroomed suite on Park Lane. The first night we had been for a lovely meal including a few glasses of wine. We were in the living room of the suite.

“I’m going to bed.” I announced. “Bob?”

“Just going to finish this lovely red, half an hour?” Bob replied. “Are you going to help me Julie?”

“Ok one more glass.” My mum replied.

“OK try not to wake me then, I’m really tired.” I said.

Dad said “I’m off too, I think I’m falling asleep here. Don’t worry about waking me Julie, I don’t think you could if you rang a fire bell in my ear.”

We all laughed. Dad and I got up and went to our respective bedrooms. I heard dad’s door close. I pushed a door stop into a gap to make sure our door did not close completely. I knew Bob was ‘up to something’.

“Come and sit on this sofa, Julie, we can talk without shouting across the room.”

“Good idea Bob, although I don’t think Jim is going to be bothered. My guess is that he is already fast asleep.”

My mum moved to the sofa facing away from my bedroom door. It was only 3 feet from the door so I would be able to hear everything even if they whispered.

Mum and Bob always got on, so the conversation flowed. At one point I was the topic of conversation.

“I’m a very lucky man, Julie”

“Yes, you are, and you had better not forget it, Bob.”

“It is really easy to see where Maddy gets her good looks and intelligence from.”

“Don’t be silly Bob, I’m an old woman.” I don’t think she was fishing for complements but Bob ‘steamed in’.

“What? I’ve never heard anything so daft in all my life. You are a beautiful woman, so stylish. I know how hard you work to keep in trim, and it works, you have a body to die for. I think you ooze sex appeal in a very classy sort of way. The best way.”

“I don’t feel sexy, Bob.” My mum was getting emotional, maybe it was the wine. I think she was crying silent tears. I wanted to go out and hug her, but Bob beat me to it. He put his arm around her and pulled her into him. She did not resist.

“I’m sorry if I made you cry, Julie.”

“It’s not you Bob, I just feel so unsexy.” I think she was still crying. Bob was stroking her shoulder.

“Wow, Julie, I’m not sure I know how to reply to that other than you are so wrong. When you walked out of your bedroom tonight in the black dress. Your perfume hit me in the face, I saw the swell of you breasts, my knees almost turned to jelly.”

“Stop it now.” My mum had stopped crying and almost giggled. I think she wanted more.

“No, really Julie. That dress shows off every one of your delicious curves. I noticed it later when you walked away from me, it hugs your bum. I was so tempted to reach out.” His hands were stroking her back as well as her shoulders and she snuggled into him. He continued. “That dress shows just the right amount of cleavage for me. Enough to get me interested but not slutty in anyway and you have the breasts to carry it off. You are a beautiful woman, Julie.” Bob moved the fingertips of his free hand and placed them under my mum’s chin.

He lifted her head, she didn’t resist. She knew what was coming next, so did Bob and so did I. Their eyes met and Bob leaned in to kiss her. At first it was a gentle, lips only, kiss, but to my surprise mum opened her mouth and I saw her tongue thread its way into Bob. I should have been jealous, but I was so turned on. They were now kissing like teenagers, heads moving, jaws opening and closing, tongues going wild. My mum was starting to squirm and softly moan into Bob’s mouth.

Then abruptly mum stopped. “We can’t do this, Bob. I am so sorry. I have led you on.”

Bob replied. “Look Julie we are in the moment. If I have been led on it is by your beauty and you downright sexiness. This doesn’t have to go any further, we don’t need to repeat it but we are both enjoying it, let’s go with the flow.” He grazed a nipple through her dress and then took a handful. She sighed and he didn’t wait for an answer. He kissed her again. She was a willing victim to his advances, a willing victim to her own urges. He pushed her back to lie back on the sofa. They disappeared from view, so I had to escort urfa guess what was happening.

My husband and mum were making out like teenagers about 3 feet away from me. I could hear the wet sounds of them kissing. I could hear little sighs and moans from my mum, so I knew she was enjoying it. I could hear the sofa creak as they writhed on it. This went on for 10 minutes, then the writhing stopped. “Bob, I don’t think you should have your hand in my knickers.” Fuck, he was in her knickers.

“Take my hand out then.” I heard her sigh, I imagined he was lightly touching her clit.

“Bob, no, please” I heard her whisper.

“Take my hand out if you want me to stop.” She resumed writhing as I imagined he was now stroking her labia.

“Oh shit.” She exclaimed. I guessed he was fingering her now. The sloppy sounds of teenage kissing resumed. The creaking of the sofa resumed as the writhed against each other. The continued making out for the next 15 minutes. “Bob, please, we have to stop this now. If we carry on, we will do something we really regret. You know I am wet for you, but we can’t.”

“Julie you are a beautiful and very sexy woman. Every single part of my body wants to make love with you here and now, but I would never do anything to hurt you or our partners.”

“I can see what one particular part of you wants to do.” I heard a rustle and then a sigh from Bob. My mum was wanking my husband! The sofa resumed its creaking, and the air was filled with sighs and the sloppy sound of kissing. 5 minutes later Bob said. “Stop Julie, I don’t want to cum. It would be wrong. I think we need to go to bed.”

“Our own beds.” My mum giggled.

“Our own beds.” Bob confirmed. They sat up and I saw them exchange one last kiss. Gentle soft and loving to start with but soon degenerating into tongues and jaws. Eventually Bob pulled his head back, mums’ lips tried to follow him. “See what you do to me, Julie. You are so incredibly hot and sexy.”

“Thank you, Bob, you make me feel great. I think I’m going to wake Jim up.”

“You do that, he is a lucky man.”

I quickly pulled the door stop, jumped into bed and turned away from the door. I heard Bob creep into the room, get undressed and carefully get into bed. I let him relax and then sniggered, “You dirty dog.”

“You sneaky cow, do you think I didn’t know you were listening.” he replied. I turned towards him, and we kissed passionately. We were getting hot when he put his hand up to my face. Puzzled why, I thought he must want me to suck his fingers. “No smell them first.” Then I knew he wanted me to smell my mum. I did. It was a sweet smell, a mixture of soap, talc and woman. We made love and I sucked Bob’s fingers while he ejaculated into me. In a way mum was part of our love making.

Act 4 — the next evening

During the next day I had 5 minutes alone with dad. “Maddy, I don’t know what got into your mum last night, but wow, when she came to bed. She is in such a great mood today I wish I knew what got into her.”

“Bob nearly got into her, well actually his fingers did get into her.” He looked at me quizzically. “They made out on the sofa after you and I went to bed. I watched; it was hot.”

“Did they fuck?” Dad asked.

“No but they made each other very hot and happy. I think mum came to your bed feeling like a woman, a very sexy woman.”

“Do you think Bob could be the warm-up act every night.” My dad sniggered.

Mum came into the room. “What are you too laughing about?”

“Nothing much, just you and Bob’s common love of the effects of red wine.”

Her eyes narrowed and the smile nearly dropped from her face. “What effects.”

“You know, it makes you both chatty. I don’t know what you found to talk about last night, but I am so happy we all get on.” Mum smiled a knowing smile.

We went out again for dinner that night and ended up for a night cap on the sofas, surprise surprise!

Bob had picked up the bill that night and mum said, “Thank you for paying tonight, Bob. You are a very lucky girl, Maddy. To be married to such a handsome gentleman.”

“Dad’s a handsome gentleman as well,” I snuggled into him, and he put his arm around my shoulder”

“Oh, of course, I’m lucky too, I was just thanking you Bob for the beautiful meal.” She snuggled into him.

“It was a pleasure, Julie; you and Jim are very important to us. We are all so good for each other and I am very lucky to have a sex goddess for a mother-in-law.” He looked down her cleavage as he said this. She caught his eye and smiled, so did dad. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. We all wanted something to happen.

Nothing happened, the conversation moved on but neither dad and me nor Bob and mum moved apart. We stayed comfortably close. I suddenly felt guilty that we were manipulating mum. “I’m going to bed.” I turned and kissed my dad. I wasn’t thinking and I kissed him on the lips. He returned the kiss and I suddenly realised what we were doing. I broke the kiss and got up.

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