The Doctor Diaries Ch. 06

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Dr James Martin is your everyday friendly general practitioner … the family doctor who has devoted a 25 year career to getting people better when they are sick. For more than 23 of those years, the good doctor has been beyond reproach. But as you will know if you have read Parts 1 to 5, just lately, the doctor’s fingers and cock have done some wandering.

Nothing too serious…

Helping a lactating mum to be able to feed her bub again,
Rubbing in cream to soothe a vaginal wall tear right on the g spot,
Completing the deflowering of a 19 year old virgin,
Getting his first lesson in anal sex from the virgin’s mother,
Continuing the anal sex adventure with yet another willing patient,
Providing sperm the natural way to a woman wanting to fall pregnant.

Be warned, the doctor is likely to continue to be inappropriate with his female patients. If this is likely to offend you, do not read on.

Chapter 21

Somehow, I had so far survived a succession of sexual adventures with the most beautiful of my female patients. The most recent was Alicia, the wife of my good buddy and fellow doctor, specialist gynaecologist, Dr Andrew Griffin (see Part 5). Alicia and I actually did it in an upstairs bathroom at her house in the middle of a dinner party that she and her husband had thrown.

Then, a week later, she stayed over at my house when Andrew was called in to the hospital to oversee two births in one night and I had her while my wife both woke and slept in our upstairs bedroom. That summed up the downside of sex with Alicia … the riskier the better for her. As for me, I better find a cardiac specialist to be my friend if this continues.

Any one of the seven women … Julie, Angela, Stephanie, Victoria, Diana, Natalie and Alicia … could have finished my long and distinguished medical career by telling the authorities. After all, I had fucked, sucked, fingered, even anally fucked some — and drank from the bloated breast of one lactating mum. There had to be a doctor misdemeanour among that lot.

Unfortunately, just last month, the Medical Tribunal summonsed me, saying that they were acting on a complaint from one or more of my female patients. The accusation was very vague … no names and no specific details. They wanted me to answer the charge without my knowing what it was.

I immediately consulted a lawyer and she described it as a fishing expedition. In other words, my beautiful new attorney Beverley Bradley told me, “They have very little on you. By claiming that they have a complaint, they are hoping that you will panic and confess to everything that you’ve ever done to or with a female patient. They’re assuming that if one complaint has been made, then a 50-year-old doctor must be a serial offender.”

I had been forced to engage this high-priced attorney after the accusation was made. My standard everyday lawyer (in Australia and Britain, we call them solicitors) didn’t have the talent for anything more than checking that I had signed contracts in all the right places.

But Beverley was something special (in Australia and Britain, we call these barristers) … she had all the colourful style, plus the courtroom skills to destroy both James Spader and William Shatner in one withering session.

“So what do I do, they want me to respond quickly,” I asked.

“Tell them to fuck off, James,” she said from behind the big mahogany desk with a pronounced blink of her deep blue eyes, and I felt a slight surge of my cock in my trousers. Don’t you just love hearing a beautiful, classy, intelligent, impeccably dressed woman with style and grace, use that so descriptive word fuck? “Doctor, they’ve got nothing. First of all, get your pa to type up a petition with the heading, The Medical Tribunal is investigating the manner in which I (Dr Martin) deal with my female patients. There is some veiled suggestion that I may not have been completely ethical with some. Would you please sign below if you consider that Dr James Martin has only ever treated you honourably, ethically and with total respect to your body’s privacy.”

“So what do I do with that?”

“How many patients are on your books, James?”

“Oh I don’t know, perhaps 650, maybe 700.”

“And how many of them are women?”

“At least five hundred,” I told her confidently.

Her eyes raised, “You must have something … to keep that many female patients satisfied.”

“I don’t know if they’re all satisfied,” I told her with a wry grin.

“How could they not be, doctor?” and she gave an infectious little giggle that drew my interest in her even beyond the beautiful face. I took a moment to scan the flaming red shoulder-length hair, the great near perfect breasts, the fabulous arse and the long legs, all of which I had quickly assessed as I walked in the door of our first meeting.

“As I said, what do you want me to do with the petition?”

“Well, after you’ve got most of your illegal bahis 500 female patients to sign it, we will include that along with a statement of denial that you will write personally. Then it’s over to them, flush out whatever they’ve got.” She took the reading glasses off and looked across the table at me. “Tell me doctor. What will they have? You better be honest with me … how many of your patients have you been inappropriate with?”

“Over what period of time, Ms. Bradley?”

“Oh dear, are you that guilty, doctor? Do we have to categorise your indiscretions by time frame?”

“No, not at all. Actually, if I can be frank with you … should I say this is off the record?”

“No need to, client privilege prevents me ever revealing any guilt that you may express to me.”

“I have only become a little … err, what was your word?”

“Inappropriate, doctor!”

“Yes, that was it … it’s a good word, very appropriate,” I said, trying to make a joke of my confession. She looked back at me quite sternly, like she wasn’t going to like what I was about to tell her. “I have only done some things in the past eighteen months. It’s like I reached a mid-life crisis and suddenly felt like I wanted to reach out with my hands and cock and start being inappropriate with my most attractive patients.”

Standards change … years ago, I would not have talked about my cock to a beautiful woman that I had only just met, even if she was my new attorney. That shows how our culture has changed so much that a conservative old doctor like me can change my own standards.

“Do you want to tell me what sort of behaviour here?” she asked, “Is it full blown sex or just an inappropriate touch or two?”

“That all depends on each individual patient and how determined they were on prolonging the adventure after it began. There have been one or two women where we went on to fuck like rabbits. As for the others, what was it that Bill Clinton said? I did not have sexual relations with that woman … I think that was it. Sexual relations to him didn’t include going down on her or getting a blow job.”

“Doctor, you better hope that the authorities are only fishing, because if they really do have something, it could be very hard to defend. I say that because from what I’m hearing, there have been many more than one … and from my experience, one whistle-blower will prompt the others to come out.”

Chapter 22

That was three weeks ago. The petition went well, I even had patients coming in just to sign. Some hadn’t needed a consultation in more than six months, but friends had called them and told them I needed their help. When my lawyer submitted the petition along with my declaration of denial, it bore 486 signatures. I thought that was very impressive. She did too!

But it wasn’t to be the end of it, as I had hoped. One average Thursday afternoon, immediately after the 4pm appointment had left, my pa brought in the folder for the 4.10 appointment.

“This is a new patient, doctor and she did ask for a double booking, so you’ve got her until 4.30. It’s a Beverley Bradley … shall I show her in?”

The name bounced around in my head, ‘That’s the same name as my new lawyer,’ I thought as I opened up the new folder to find the rest of the page beneath her personal details blank. “Please Janet, show her in.”

I stood up to greet my new patient as she came through the door, confirming immediately that it was in fact my very beautiful new attorney. “Ms. Bradley, to what do I owe this pleasure … and why have you booked in as a patient?”

Beverley Bradley was as impeccably dressed as last time, a true fashion conscious woman of style. Not the dark two piece suit that she wore at our first meeting, but instead a figure-hugging dress, cut low in front to reveal pushed-up breasts and a deep cleavage. The bottom of the dress was only just conservative enough, stopping at about three inches above the knees. It was navy blue with white pin stripes. Heads would turn when she walked down the street.

As with many doctors, my desk faced the wall and my patient chair was at one end of it, so that when a patient sat down, their legs were as much on display as the rest of their body. She folded one leg over the other, letting the top one swing. Obviously, her skirt rode up somewhat, revealing more than three inches above the knees.

At last, she answered me, “Doctor, your problem with the Medical Tribunal just got a whole lot worse. They have forwarded a deposition by a young woman named Angela Newman and they have set a date for a preliminary hearing. Doctor, are you familiar with this lady?”

“You mean was I familiar with her, don’t you?”

“Don’t be flippant, doctor. This has now become very serious. There is a genuine complaint and if you cannot convince the Tribunal hearing of your innocence, they will no doubt take away your license to practice medicine. I am sure you don’t want illegal bahis siteleri that, you are too young to retire just yet.”

“So why are you here now, talking about this in the middle of my afternoon session? I have patients to see.”

“Not until 4.30, doctor. That’s why I asked them to book me in for a double session.”

“But why book in at all, why not just call me up and suggest that we meet to discuss this.”

“Doctor, some of my colleagues think that I’m a little unorthodox at times. But I win a lot of cases because I’m good at what I do. I have with me her statement of facts. In other words, Angela Newman’s version of events on that day she came to your surgery and now alleges that you acted indecently to her. To prepare me for defending you, I decided that I would be Angela for the next twenty minutes. I will state what’s wrong with me, you will react in exactly the same way as you did when Angela was in here with you, and we’ll see if the two versions have any common ground.”

“Are you kidding me? Am I right, do you expect me to examine you in exactly the same way that I examined Angela that day?”

She smiled at me and nodded her head in agreement. “And we better get started … we don’t want to delay any of your other patients.”

“Isn’t this a bit unorthodox?”

“I just said that. My peers often accuse me of being that way, but I find my methods get the desired results. Now, I want to put myself in Angela’s shoes. She came to you with an internal vaginal problem and she says that you sexually assaulted her. I want you to do to me exactly what you did to her on that day.”

“I don’t know if I can do this, Ms. Bradley.”

“If you want me to defend you, doctor, you will do whatever I ask of you.”

I sighed a deep sigh, “Okay, it’s your game.”

My attorney looked satisfied that I had at last accepted her odd method for re-enacting Angela’s fateful visit to me. “So, she says here that she came in to see you and stated that she was having pain when she and her boyfriend had sex.”

“Yes, but as I recall, she had been quite shy about it, didn’t know how to say it at first. I needed to put her at ease with a bit of innocuous chatter before she eventually admitted that. I do remember asking her how long this had been happening and she answered from start to finish of sex when I had really meant how many days or weeks.”

My attorney gave an understanding chuckle and I began to feel a little more at ease with this inquisition.

I had by now punched up Angela’s name on my computer and my notes from that session came on the screen. “Yes, she said that she had been experiencing pain for about two weeks. I asked how often she had sex with her partner and she said about every second day, so we agreed that it had probably been painful about seven or eight times.”

“How do you recall this so vividly when it was more than a year ago. Surely your notes in your data base don’t record all of the ‘he said’, ‘she said’s’?”

“No they don’t, Ms. Bradley. But somehow, I have vivid recall of each of the inappropriate incidents that I have indulged in with female patients of mine.”

“So how many patients are we talking about, doctor?”

I thought for a moment. “Perhaps six … or maybe seven,” I said sheepishly. “Let’s settle on seven as the magic number.”

She didn’t appear shocked, “Do you have a favourite of all of those, doctor.”

I did pause, leaning back in my chair and closing my eyes to momentarily reflect on all of them quickly. “It’s hard…” I started.

“It appears that it is,” she responded and I opened my eyes again to see that her eyes were now focussed on my lap. I looked down myself and saw that just discussing my sexual indiscretions with my attorney had stiffened my cock to the extent that it tented my trousers out quite obviously. I was embarrassed that she had caught my reaction and I think I blushed red.

“Would you have had that stiff reaction with this particular patient, and would she have noticed it?”

“Don’t jump ahead of my story, Ms. Bradley, you wanted to do this in sequence, didn’t you?”

“Yes I did, you’re quite right. I want to follow this right through doctor, experiencing everything that transpired between your patient Angela and yourself.”

I wondered about that. Surely she didn’t want me to repeat how I applied the cream internally to the patient’s g spot. My attorney was a very beautiful woman, but she was my lawyer. We had only met once before and this was a business arrangement for her to defend my ability to practice … not some sexual playground.

I turned my head back to the screen to resume studying my patient notes. But when I looked back to her to resume my story, I saw that my attorney was again directing her gaze down to the large lump in my trousers. It was quite disconcerting.

“Angela told me that the pain she felt when she had sex with her boyfriend was akin canlı bahis siteleri to suffering period cramps. I suggested that’s what it might be, but she assured me that she knew the difference. She said that this new pain was like the boyfriend’s cock was scraping the walls of her passage.”

“Did she use the word cock, doctor? And what word did she use to describe her … umm … her vagina, doctor? Did she say cunt?”

“I don’t recall she did, Ms. Bradley, but the expressive way you just said it sounds like you like to use it.”

She gave me an intriguing smirk, “Not in the courtroom, unless it’s necessary, but certainly in the bedroom, doctor. We shouldn’t hold back on our usage of the English language.”

I ignored where that conversation might lead, thinking how I had found a very quirky lawyer. “I don’t think she even called it a vagina. She did seem quite embarrassed to be talking to a man — even her doctor — about such an intimate problem.”

“Did that not telegraph warning bells to you that this woman might not be comfortable with you taking advantage of her sexually.”

“Aren’t you pre-judging me by assuming that I did, Ms. Bradley.”

“I have read her deposition, doctor. That’s why I am here now in what might seem an unorthodox way to get your side of the story. But you see, I want to experience everything that the patient Angela experienced so that I can determine whether I believe that you had overstepped the mark.”

“And what if you agree with her and find that I did, what then? Will you drop my case?”

“Oh no, doctor, I would never do that. You are my client, no matter what you’ve done. I am not here to judge you, I am simply being paid by you to save your career. I believe that I can do that, no matter how bad the evidence, so just tell me this story as truthfully as you can.”

“I am essentially an honourable man, Ms. Bradley. It’s just that I have wavered recently and become a pretty horny one too.”

“Yes, well be that as it may, we should continue. You were saying she told you that sex with her boyfriend felt like his cock was scraping the insides of her cunt.” With her once again using that word so expressively, she looked up from her notes, parted those luscious lips and smiled at me. My damn cock surged within my trousers in recognition of the enormous sex appeal that oozed from my lawyer.

“At that point, I told the patient that I would need to examine her, so I told her to go behind the screen, remove her skirt and her slip – if she was wearing one – and hop up onto the table. She did as I said without hesitation and I then noticed that she was wearing a dress, not a skirt and blouse. That meant that she would need to strip to underwear from neck to knee, even though I was only examining her vagina. So I said that there was a sheet on the table that she may want to place over her body when she was on the table.”

To my surprise, my attorney immediately rose from the chair and walked around behind the screen, leaving her bag on my desk, taking only her notes with her, which I guess included the deposition from my accuser.

“You really do want to go through with this examination yourself? Act it out like?”

“Exactly doctor, didn’t I make myself clear about that? That’s why I booked an appointment to come in here, just as Angela did.”

“You did, but I never realised until just now that you really meant for me to fully examine you the way I did that young woman.”

“Do you have a problem with doing it this way, doctor?”

“No, no, not at all!” I said strenuously, rising from my chair and using my hand to rearrange the shape and positioning of my hard erection inside my trousers. But no matter where I placed it, the shape still showed and she would still be able to see how aroused I was.

I had heard the rustling of her clothes and saw first her dress, then a black slip and black panties hung over the screen that separated us. Then her voice told me, “I’m ready now, doctor.”

I stepped around the screen to see my lawyer, who had come to my surgery so impeccably dressed, now laying semi-naked, maybe fully naked, under a sheet on my examination table. This was too much … how far would this go? Did she really want me to replicate how I had fingered the patient Angela, bringing the young woman to what appeared to be a very satisfying climax? Would I have to bring the same forceful orgasm out in this woman — my lawyer?

“Oh, I almost forgot, I put on the gloves at this point,” I said as I reached across to a nearby table and pulled out the latex disposable gloves.

“Did you really put the gloves on, doctor. This must be a factual account of what happened.”

“It is, I can assure you, Ms. Bradley.”

“Good, that’s okay. It’s just that she says that at some time in the examination you put your fingers inside her without gloves on. She says that’s why what you did to her felt so good that she had an orgasm against her wishes.”

“She is right that I fingered her without the gloves on. But that was later on in the examination and I did it only because she asked me to take them off, said that it would feel better for her without them.”

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