The Daughter Club Ch. 01

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Hannah gasp.

“It was like 9 inches!”

Shelby exclaimed measuring it with her hands.

“What did he say when he saw you?”

Kim asked as she threw another chip into her mouth.

All four girls sat around Carrie’s living room.

The clock read nine and their meeting was almost over.

“Nothing he just stared and, I think it got harder.”

Carrie rolled her eyes.

“Of course it got harder even if he is your dad,

Have you seen your body?”

Everyone giggled then agreed.

“Aw you guys are the best!”

Shelby smiled.

“I’m glad I can tell you all everything,

Including how hot my dad is.”

Bailey walked in with a blue dildo.

“You mean how hot all of our dads are.”

Everyone nodded in silent agreement.

“You don’t mind right Carrie?”

Bailey asked waving the dildo.

“Not at all just clean it off this time.”

Carrie gave her pointed look and she blushed.

Carrie’s dad was gone most of the time so she’d used that time to by many many dildos and vibrators for herself.

That’s how everyone got their toys.

Kim looked over.

“Oh can I borrow the pink vibrator it made me shoot through the roof last time!”

Carrie laughed.

“Like you all have to ask!”

They all grabbed one or two and stuffed them into their book bags.

Carrie sat on the couch and everyone else sat cross legged on the carpet.

Once everyone was settled Carrie as leader began.

“We illegal bahis started this club for one reason, Now two years later we’re finally eighteen.”

She looked around the room at the four girls she had come to love.

“We have been through thick and thin together and I call you all family.”

They all nodded in agreement.

“Tomorrow is the day that we seduce our fathers!”

Cheers irrupted from around the room.

“Is everyone ready?”

Everyone nodded excitedly.

“I’m talking skimpy underwear, kissing, skimpy swimsuits, dildos, and lots of incest!”

Once again cheers irrupted.

“Everyone remembers our plan?”

They all nod then talk lowly to each other.

“My dad and Kim’s dad are coming back from business trips so they can be there,

No matter what excuse they make up everyone’s father will be there understood.”

It wasn’t a question.

They had all begged and pleaded for their father’s to come to the “barbecue” the Daughters Club was having.

Carrie smiled wickedly.

“What a barbecue it will be.”


Bailey shouted as headlight’s flashed across the window.

Kim quickly threw the same books at everyone.

The door opened and Carrie’s father walked in.

Carrie laughed as she calmed her racing heart.

“Shelby you’re so weird, Why would think that he’s creepy?”

Shelby shrugged playing along.

“I’m just saying he finds her in his house and begs her to stay?”

Shelby illegal bahis siteleri made an alarm sound.

“Creep alert!”

The girls laughed.

Carrie looked over to her father acting as if she hadn’t notice him walk in.

She always did.

“Hey daddy!

We were just reviewing books,

How was work?”

He walked over and kissed Carrie on the head.

“Same old same old pumpkin.”

There were soft sighs that came from the girls watching.

He looked tired but smiled widely at her.

He looked around the room.

“Evening ladies.”

A collection of “hey’s” and “hi’s” went around the room.

He turned his head back to Carrie.

“Alright baby I’m gonna go ahead and go to bed.”

Carrie reached her arms out and hugged him tightly.

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her.

Carrie held the hug for a minute longer then let go reluctantly.

“Love you daddy.”

He kissed her forehead again.

“Love you baby.”

He walked across the room and turned.

“I’m looking forward to the barbecue tomorrow girls.”

“Us too.”

Bailey exclaimed getting dirty looks from all the girls.

He chuckled again and walked off.

“Tomorrow’s going to be amazing.”

Kim whispered and every one silently agreed.

Their meeting went a little longer as they discussed the book they had all read to keep up appearances.

Shelby would say something inappropriate and we would canlı bahis siteleri all laugh and giggle.

Shelby’s and Kim’s Dad were late so it was about nine thirty when everyone left.

Carrie climbed upstairs and peeked into her fathers bedroom.

He sat with his computer in his lap.

She walked in angrily.

“Dad! You are not going to stay up all right with that thing!”

His head whipped up quickly with a startled look.

“Jesus Carrie you scared the shit out of me, is everyone gone?”

Shewalked closer and snatched the laptop off his lap.

“You know how important tomorrow is for me! I won’t have you tired out of your mind.”

She walked over and grabbed his phone too just in case.

She ran into her room and hid them then ran back.

She put her hands on her hips then her frown turned to a grin.

He looked scared suddenly.

“I know that look, what are you planning?”

She walked over to the other side of bed and climbed in.

He looked at her wide eyed.

“What are you-“

She cut him off trying to put on an angry face.

“I’m sleeping in here tonight.

You know that I’m a light sleeper and I’ll feel the bed move if you try to get up.

There for I’m sleeping with you tonight.”

His eyes softened and he sighed.

“All right, I know how important tomorrow is to you.

If it makes you feel better that you can watch me I’m fine with that.”

She smiled softly and kissed his forehead.

“Goodnight daddy.”

“Goodnight baby.”

His voice had stared to drift then he was asleep.

She lay down and smiling mischievously as she fell asleep.

Tomorrow there would be five dad’s alone with their very horny daughters.

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