The Clan Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 – Bobby

When Bobby came home he was on his own, his mother came home nearly an hour after him at 5.00pm, so he did his study from his uni subjects of the day and waited for his mother. Right on time Ruth came through the front door,

“I’m home,” she called from the front door.

“In here,” called Bobby back to her from the kitchen where he had just finished his study. Ruth walked in to see her son, thinking his voice sounded a little strained.

“You OK,” Ruth asked her son.

“S’pose,” was his reply.

Now she knew there was something wrong with him.

“C’mon, out with,” his mother ordered.

“Out with what,” Bobby asked in all innocence.

“Something is bothering you. You can’t fool your mother,” Ruth replied.

“If I tell you, you will either take it the wrong way or get upset,” was Bobby’s defiant reply.

Taken aback by her son’s response, Ruth was hurt that he didn’t seem to trust her.

“Please Bobby, tell me. I promise not to take it the wrong way or get upset,” she pleaded with her son.

“No, you always take it the wrong way,” insisted Bobby to his mother, and he took on the appearance that ‘he would not be moved’.

Now his mother was really hurt, to think her son would not tell her what was bothering him.

“But you’re such a frump; you never try to be modern like the other mums,” Bobby blurted out, his mother smiled to herself, ‘I knew he would tell me’.

Were as Bobby thought to himself, ‘I had better tell her or I won’t get anywhere’.

“What brought this on,” Ruth demanded of her son, becoming angry and hurt.

“Did you really want me?” Bobby asked his mother, with a determined look on his face.

“Of course I did, why?” Ruth asked, shocked that her son would say such a thing.

“Well some of the other guys say they have a really special relationship with their mums; you know they just love being together, taking care of each other,” Bobby said with an imploring look.

“Don’t you think we have a special relationship,” Ruth asked her son.

“Not like those other guys. Their mums really care about them and for them.

There’s heaps of stuff you won’t let me talk to you about like the other mothers and sons,” Bobby said with a sullen voice.

Ruth was trying to understand what her son was trying to say, she thought she had an idea, but told herself it couldn’t be so.

“What can I do then,” Ruth asked, worried her son thought less of her then his friends did of their mothers.

“Well you can change the cloths you wear for a start, and do you shave?” Bobby asked, already knowing the answer.

“What, my underarms?” Ruth asked.

“Yes,” Bobby said.

“But what for, I don’t go out at all, so what’s the point?” Ruth asked.

“Because I care about how you look. Don’t you want to look good for me?” Bobby pleaded.

“I didn’t think you cared. You know, I’m your mum,” said Ruth.

“Of course I care. You’re a good looking woman and I want to take care of you like the other guys with their mums. We have been on our own for years now, without dad. Can I look after you mum, you know really look after you?” Bobby waited for his mother’s answer.

Ruth now had a very good idea what her son meant and her first reaction was ‘stunned’, but this was quickly replaced by a strange feeling she couldn’t identify and that bothered her a little.

“I just want to think about this for a moment,” Ruth said and walked into her bedroom.

She sat at her dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror. ‘My own son’, she thought, ‘but that was wrong; but the look of hurt on his face’. All because he thought that they didn’t have a relationship like his friends and their mothers. It pained her to think that he felt less loved, ‘but what to do’, she thought. Then it came to her, she would play along and see how it went, that was always her best course of action. Yes, go along with this and like all the other things he had chased in his life, he would forget all about it once he started.

There was the drum kit, and that only lasted one lesson — too much like hard work. Oh, and what about the local rugby league team because his mates played, again too much like hard work. Then of course the numerous pets, which she always had to care for after the first week. No, this was just like all the others, Ruth told herself. After a few hugs, maybe a kiss or two it would be all over, Bobby will have moved on. So she would play along, and anyway she kind of like the idea her son was showing such an interest in her. There was that odd feeling again; that unknown feeling she was sure keçiören escort she had had felt before, but couldn’t place it.

Ruth stood up and walked back into the kitchen, Bobby was waiting expectantly for his mother’s answer.

“Ok, but I want to take this a little step at a time,” Ruth told her son. Bobby smiled broadly and the effect it had on her surprised her. She felt excited at the prospect of this new venture with her son, this was a good sign she thought — even if it wasn’t going to last.

“So what’s first,” she asked her son, placing in his hands the direction of where they were going to go together.

“First, your cloths, you’re got a great body and you should be proud of it,” Bobby told his mother.

“Oh come on, it’s not that good,” Ruth scoffed.

“I think it’s great. Very sexy in fact.”

Bobby had never spoken to his mother like this before and it thrilled him, and Ruth felt a similar response. Ruth felt a sense of pride that her son thought of her this way and she blushed — which Bobby noticed with delight.

“Ok so my cloths, but which ones?” Ruth asked, as her mind went straight to her underwear.

“To start with your underwear,” Bobby said and Ruth thought her son had read her mind.

“What’s wrong with them?”

Was all Ruth could think to ask being slightly taken aback by her son’s bluntness and forwardness, but it sent a little shiver through her. He had been thinking about my underwear.

“What’s wrong with them?” Bobby asked dramatically.

“Well there’re too big, the wrong material — it should be sheer, but none are see through,” Bobby stated.

Well the cards are on the table now thought Bobby. All Ruth could do was blush.

“They don’t have to be see through, no one but me sees them,” said Ruth defensively, wondering what her son’s answer to this would be.

Without hesitation Bobby answered his mother,

“But I will be seeing them,” he said.

This could be taken two ways thought Ruth, because he did the washing, but as if guessing his mother’s thought Bobby added,

“And I don’t mean in the wash.”

“What are you wearing now,” Bobby asked his mother, not wanting to let his answer linger with her too long.

“They’re ok,” said his mother.

“Let’s see then,” said Bobby to his mother, “Lift up your skirt and show me your panties,” Bobby commanded his mother.

To her surprise Ruth obeyed her son without hesitation and lifted her shirt to show him her panties, and it excited her. They were big, powder blue and made of very non-see through cotton, beneath her pantyhose.

“See what I mean,” said Bobby as he stared at his mother’s panties, and although they were big and ugly he couldn’t help but stare at them.

His eyes followed the curve of his mother’s tummy down to her pubic mound and he was surprised at how much her curves excited him. Bobby couldn’t believe his mum was showing her son her panties.

“Yes,” came Ruth’s breathless reply, and as she stood there showing her panties to her son, she realized how ugly they were.

Ruth suddenly wanted her son to look at her in revealing, sexy panties and she wanted him to look at her as often as he wanted to.

“Now come here,” Bobby ordered his mother, “but don’t put your skirt down.”

“Ok,” obeyed Ruth in a small voice and walked toward her son, not knowing what to expect as her heart pounded. She came and stood before him, and waited.

“At home I would like you not to wear pantyhose,” Bobby said as he looked at her panties beneath her pantyhose.

“They obscure your feminine contours.”

“Would you like me to take them off now,” Ruth asked her son, feeling her excitement mounting.

“I would love you to take them off in your bedroom, and then come back as you are now,” Bobby said pointing to her mother’s upheld dress.

Ruth turned and went back into her bedroom, quickly removing her pantyhose and wondering what would happen next — she felt alive, like a schoolgirl again. Free of her pantyhose, Ruth walked back into the kitchen; skirt held up so her son could look at her panties, and she walked very deliberately up to Bobby and stood very close in front of him.

“Is that better?” she asked excitedly.

“Much,” her son replied as he once again stared at her panties, and this time he could just make out the contours of his mother’s pussy, but it was still difficult to tell the shape of her pussy lips.

“You really like looking at me don’t you,” Ruth asked her son fascinated by his attentions.

“Oh yes,” Bobby replied enthusiastically.

“What keçiören escort bayan now?” she asked her son.

“Go out, its late night shopping, and buy the sexiest panties you can find. Come home and take a bath, shave you underarms and the rest, then put your new panties on to show me,” said Bobby without hesitation.

“Shave my legs as well?” asked his mother.

“Yes, and the rest,” said Bobby watching his mother.

“The rest of what?” Ruth asked, but before her son could reply it dawned on her.

“Oh,” she said, “and the rest — really, you would like that?” Ruth could not believe she was asking her son this.

“Yes mum, shave your pussy,” Bobby said very deliberately.

There it was out, he thought, but how would his mother react, had he gone too far?

“My pussy,” asked his mother with a slight grin, she was not offended at all, but some what pleased her son thought so much of her sex — her pussy.

“Yes, that’s the common name now-a-days,” replied Bobby, thrilled at how his mother had taken it.

With that Ruth let her dress go, turned and walked into her bedroom to retrieve her purse and car-keys.

“Be back before you know it,” she called to her son, and with that she left the house.

Bobby was apprehensive that his mother would now have second thoughts and waited a nervous hour while she was away, but he needn’t have worried as Ruth was now totally caught up with the whole change to her relationship with her son.

When Ruth returned Bobby was watching TV in the lounge room, sitting on a couch. Ruth came through the front door a different woman, she was smiling, happy and a little light headed from her many purchases.

“Just wait there,” she told her son. “I will bathe; then there will be a fashion parade,” Ruth promised her son.

Again Bobby waited a nervous 30 minutes when he heard his mother go from the bathroom to her bedroom, a few minutes later she called out to him, “Ready.”

“Yeah,” was her son’s only reply, and Bobby could feel his dick was rock hard already and he hadn’t seen or done a thing yet.

Ruth walked into the lounge and Bobby turned the TV off, he wanted his full attention on his mother. Ruth strode unhesitatingly up to her son; she was wearing a light floral skirt with a blouse — no pantyhose. Ruth stopped very close in front of her son and slowly lifted her skirt to show her new brief, see through panties to her son. Bobby was stunned and he gasped loudly. He could just see his mother’s pussy through her panties and he liked what he saw so far, and she was clean shaven. He could definitely see that his mother’s shaved pussy was bulging in her new panties, and she was beautiful.

“What do you think,” asked Ruth of her son in a husky voice, which told Bobby his mother was enjoying this too.

“Well, how do you feel?” he asked her in return.

“Really nice,” she said.

Bobby reached out his hand and with the tips of his fingers rubbed his mother’s pussy through her panties, and a thrill went through her body and she shivered. Ruth, to her surprise really liked her son caressing her pussy. She knew what society would say, but she was more then prepared to go many more steps with her son, no matter what others might think. Then she had an epiphany; Bobby was her man and she was his woman, and she had never been so sure of anything in her life. Her mind was clear, and she knew this was the right thing for them.

“How do you like the way your pussy looks,” he asked his mother.

“Fantastic and it feels sooo nice,” Ruth replied enthusiastically, “but how do you like it,” she asked expectantly, Ruth found herself hoping that her son liked the look of her pussy, it was now very important to her.

“I can’t help but stare at your pussy and boy do I want to touch you,” Bobby answered his mother, while not taking his eyes from her panties and continuing to gently rub her pussy.

Ruth just loved the way her son touched her pussy and had to tell him.

“I love the way you’re touching my pussy, and you can touch me as often as you like and I mean it,” Ruth gave her son permission.

Bobby now ran his hand down the length of his mother’s pussy over her panties and he could feel and see she was wet. He ran his hand up and down her pussy time and time again, and Ruth spread her legs a little to accommodate her son’s hand on her. After about a minute of rubbing his mother’s pussy, he reached both his hands to her hips and slowly pulled his mother’s panties down to reveal her big, plump pussy. Bobby pulled her panties all the way to the floor, and then escort keçiören he helped her step out of them.

Ruth had wanted with all her heart for her son to pull her panties down and look at her naked, shaven pussy, and she was thrilled as he did it, ‘such a lovely moment between mother and son’, she thought. Ruth really hoped her son liked the look of her pussy, it seemed very important to her and for some reason she knew it always would.

“Do you like the look of my pussy, my darling boy?” Ruth asked expectantly.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous, so big and plump, everything I ever loved in a woman’s pussy. Such beautiful full pussy lips, and so beautifully big,” Bobby commentated on what he saw as way of answering his mother.

“Not too big is it,” Ruth asked concerned. “Oh no, I love big, it’s beautiful,” Bobby replied earnestly, and he lent forward and began to lick his mother’s pussy lips and then her clit.

It was everything Ruth had hoped it would be, and she wanted him to do it over and over again, as often as possible. Her son continued to lick her pussy until she started to buckle under the pleasure. So Bobby maneuvered her onto the couch, where he continued to lick her pussy lips and clip, and Ruth began to climax properly for the first time in her life. His mother’s hips bucked as she climaxed, and Bobby increased the speed of his licking and concentrated on her clit alone. As Ruth groaned, bucked and tried to catch her breath as her first orgasm possessed her whole body, and her son gently pushed a finger between her large pussy lips and wiggled it at the entrance of her love tunnel.

Just when his mother thought her orgasm was about to subside, Bobby’s finger moved through her the entrance to her love tunnel to her G spot, and the pressure he exerted there threw her into the throes of another. Ruth had read of multiple orgasms, but had suspected it was all boast and no substance. Just as his mother gave herself over to a second orgasm, Bobby slid his finger all the way into her love tunnel and she flooded his hand with her cum. He pulled his finger back to her G spot and began to rotate, trying to remember what Daniel had told them of how to please women.

The rotating of her son’s finger in her brought Ruth to a level of pleasure she never though existed. Her pleasure throes were growing stronger as her body bucked, and Bobby found he had a hard time holding on to his mother. Without warning, Bobby slid two fingers of his right hand between his mother’s large pussy lips and started his quick rotate again inside her love tunnel. This was enough to bring Ruth’s second orgasm to its peak, which she held for about 30 seconds and then she slowly came down, and Bobby stopped his fingers rotation in her and withdrew them covered in her cum, as was his hand.

Ruth was spent, but in love with her son like she never thought she would be, and she cuddled him to her on the couch, naked from the waist down with her pussy exposed for her son to look at to his hearts content. Ruth nodded to her pussy and Bobby took the hint — it was his turn. Without a second invitation he pulled his trousers and boxers down around his ankles. Now it was Ruth’s turn to stare, and although she had never been partial to a man’s penis, she found Bobby different. She reached out and grasped his rock hard dick gently, and began to jack him. Bobby just stood there and enjoyed the pleasure, but he knew he would cum fairly soon and took his mother’s hand away.

Ruth understood her son’s actions and spread her legs for him to enter her. Bobby was between her legs in a flash, and she felt his dick pushing against her pussy lips which had closed again. Ruth opened her pussy to her son, and Bobby didn’t disappoint as he slid his dick into his mother. Both sighed as if they had been starving and had just taken their first mouthful of food. It just felt so right for both of them. Bobby thrust slowly into his mother’s love tunnel, to ensure he plumbed her depths — and he did.

Ruth couldn’t believe how fantastic her son’s dick pushing against her cervix, as he filled her completely. Another orgasm was quickly racing through her body, and Bobby could feel his own orgasm about to explode. And explode it did, as he shot his cum into his mother and that was enough to send Ruth to the peak of her third orgasm and she literally screamed as he son made unintelligible noises. They both went rigid and then collapsed.

Bobby rolled of his mother onto the floor. He smiled; mission accomplished, while Ruth smiled knowing she had at last found her man, her lover, her everything. Then she had a lazy thought. Wasn’t she going to take one step at a time, little steps at that, and didn’t she tell herself that her son wouldn’t carry this through? Ruth smiled, so glad there were no little steps one after the other, and her son had been truly focused for once in his life. He had focused on her, and how beautiful it was. Ruth just smiled.

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