The Christmas Dinner Ch. 4

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She lay contentedly in the crook of his arm, her head on his chest and her arm around his neck, she thought this was so nice – after she had sex with her husband they just turned over and went to sleep, not in an unfriendly way, it was just the way they were. He had his arms around her and he stroked her hair, there didn’t seem to be any need for words. After a while his breathing slowed and she guessed he was asleep. She carefully disentangled her self from his embrace and reaching down picked up his shirt which she put on as she made her way to the bathroom, pausing to switch on the kettle. She took her cigarettes and went into the bathroom where she sat on the toilet and reflected quietly about what she had just done. How did she feel? Guilt? Well, not exactly, she knew it was wrong, knew how much it would hurt her husband……..if he found out the ricochet effect would hurt her children too. But, she reasoned, they would never find out, no one knew except her and Ken and he had no intention of destroying his marriage either. In fact maybe he would be happier now and this would have a beneficial effect when he went home. Was this all nonsense, and just her way of trying to justify things……well who knew? One thing she was sure of was that she had no regrets, her philosophy was that it was HER body, used by a man she didn’t really love for 20 years, used to produce and nourish her children…….maybe it was time to reclaim it as her own at last.

She came out of her reverie and washed herself in the sink, her makeup was smudged, her hair disheveled. ‘A wanton woman! ‘She laughed to herself.

She returned to the room where he was now awake and sitting up. ‘Sorry’ he smiled, ‘I must have dropped off!’ ‘That’s ok’ she replied, ‘you’ve had a long day, coffee?’. She sat on the edge of the bed drinking her coffee and smoking a cigarette while he drank his, when he asked illegal bahis her how she felt she smiled and said she was fine, he paid her some compliments which she found hard to accept, but received them graciously anyway. She put her cup down and as she turned back towards him he caught her wrists and pulled her over the bed towards him, they kissed, his shirt, which she was still wearing fell open allowing her breasts to touch his chest as once again she found herself tingling with excitement. She slipped off the shirt and climbed in beside him, they lay facing each other head to head, toe to toe, her leg slipping between his as his hands roamed her body once more.

They stroked each other, each available inch of skin, slowly and sensuously, the rush of first passion giving way to tender love making. She felt him rise against her belly, her hand reached down to hold and fondle him stroking him slowly to full hardness. He bent and kissed and licked her breasts. taking the hard excited nipples between his teeth and biting gently as she moaned softly against his hair. His hands stroked her belly, her thighs, her buttocks, each touch causing her to catch her breath so exhilarating it was……..not knowing where he would touch her next. As his hand reached her pubic bone she slowly opened her legs for him as he cupped her and pressed, his fingers sliding under her. He slowly drew his fingers from back to front, she gasped and held his erection tighter, her fingers playing over his head around the sensitive ridge of skin causing him to emit a low moan of his own. He ran his fingers over her lips, teased the whole of her until she felt she could stand no more.

When his fingers reached her clitoris her hips strained upwards as he began to open her lips wider with his fingers. She moved her position……still on her side she slipped one leg under him then the other over him. She leant back, they illegal bahis siteleri had full access to each others bodies, he continued playing with her, her breath coming in gasps now she held him near her wet entrance and taking the wetness from herself rubbed it all over his bulging head. He groaned, she turned onto her back pulling him with her in one smooth movement. He was poised above her now, he looked deep into her eyes, she savoured the moment…..the special moment that can never be repeated when two become one for the first time.

He bent his head and kissed her softly as he began to sink slowly into her. She gasped and threw her head back, she loved to be filled like this, they both lay still for a moment enjoying the closeness until as one they began to slowly rock with each other. Her hands stroked him from his shoulders to the backs of his thighs, then slowly up again, she kissed his shoulder reaching up to touch his face. She locked one leg around his waist, the other around the back of his thigh, moving with him, pulling him in deeper with her hands on his buttocks. He had one arm around her neck, kissing her face, her eyes, before bending to take her nipple in his mouth. He sucked, she moaned.

Her pace quickening, hips rotating extracting every last drop of pleasure. She was about to come…….couldn’t hold back, she knew he would wait for her and knew he was struggling to hold back himself . With a cry she locked both legs around his back, she threw her head back grabbed the sheets, clenching her fists as the first wave hit her. She nearly screamed………..this was so strong, her arms reached up, her hands locked around his neck as she writhed beneath him, she was still coming as he finally thrust hard into her, again and again and again, she felt his seed hit her cervix, her contracting vagina in rhythm with the pumping of his semen. It took an age for them canlı bahis siteleri both to come down, he moved within her even though his orgasm had ended, beautiful to feel him slowly soften inside her.

He collapsed on top of her and kissed her fiercely, she kissed him back and held him tight, horrified to realise a tear was trickling down her face, it had been so emotional for her. He felt the wetness on her cheek and gently brushed it away with his thumb, she smiled at him, he turned and pulled her close to him and she lay there with her face buried in his neck. No need for words their bodies had said it all for them. She thought about what would happen next……would he ever want to see her again? Would they ever have the opportunity? Did he really like her? Questions she couldn’t ask, shouldn’t ask. She knew that they would find it easier to talk via the computer… . ..the medium which had brought them together and would keep them together as long as both or either of them wanted it.


The sound of late night revelers filtered through from the slightly open window, reminding her that she would have to go soon, this night must end like all others. She wished it could last forever, but knew reality would come with the dawn. She half sat and leant over him kissing him with regret. ‘I have to go’, she said quietly. He reluctantly let her go, ‘stay there’, she said, ‘I don’t want you to come down with me, I hate goodbyes’. He squeezed her hand as she went to get dressed, pausing to retrieve her hastily discarded clothes. She washed, repaired her make up and hair, and went back to the room where he was sitting up in the bed, seemingly in quiet reflection.

‘Helen’………he began. She sat next to him on the bed and silenced him with one last kiss.

‘Don’t say a word…..we will talk tomorrow’. She put on her jacket and checked that she had everything safely in her bag, before turning to him. Smiling bravely she gave him a small wave. She opened the door and looked back for the last time regretfully before shutting the door quietly and going out once more into the cold December night.

The End xxxxx

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