The Chair

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He arrived home totally exhausted, collapsing in his favorite chair his mind drifting, body relaxing from his busy day. Half dozing he glanced at his watch and jumped to his feet. He had forgotten his date tonight! She would be picking him up in an hour. Suddenly alert, he dashed for the shower to prepare for the evening.

The key slid easily into the lock and the door opened with a soft click. Slowly the door opened and she stepped inside. Pausing she glanced around the room making sure he was not in sight. She listened and could hear the water running in the shower. Smiling to herself she moved quickly to the bedroom and made sure that the door to the bath was closed. Quickly she moved his reading chair to a corner of the room, making sure it was facing the bed. She went back to the front door opened it and gestured to some one waiting outside. Moments later the two of them went back to the bedroom with a black bag.

The second, smaller, woman sat down behind the chair. Opening the bag she busied herself with the contents. The first, taller, woman sat primly upon the bed her coat wrapped tightly around her as she waited. A few minutes later the water stopped and they could hear him humming to himself behind the closed door. The door opened, he stepped out and tryed to pause in mid-stride when he saw her sitting on his bed.

“Ingrid!” he said in surprise, falling over his feet while simultaneously trying to cover his naked body with the towel in his hands.

“What are you doing? I’m pretty sure I have seen you naked before.” She said, a giggle in her voice. She stood, still wrapped in her coat, reaching for him, drawing him to her. Her lips found his and they kissed her hands exploring his naked body.

“I thought we were going out.”

“I’ve changed my mind. Is that okay?” He nodded and she pushed him to the chair. He sat down, cupping her ass in his hands as he stared up at her.

“You going to take that off?”

“I might, if you are a good boy.” She pressed herself down on to him stretching out against his hard body. Tongues entwining again she found his hands and pushed them up above his head. Her desire for him smoldered at the feel of his body beneath her. She rolled her pelvis against him and could feel his cock begin to swell. She pressed herself harder against him, holding his hands tight above his head crushing her breasts between them while sliding slowly up and down his body, feeling his body responding to her knowing his need was becoming as urgent as hers.

“Have I been a good boy yet?” he whispered.

“Not yet,” she whispered back. At that moment handcuffs clicked closed around his wrists. His eyes flew open in surprise.

“What?!” As he spoke he felt someone grab his legs binding them tight against the legs of the chair. A gag slipped across his mouth as he tried to speak again. Ingrid raised her finger to her smiling lips for him to be silent. He struggled against his bonds as Ingrid stood up.

“I got so horny thinking about our date tonight that I was afraid that you wouldn’t be enough for me. So I decided to bring along a friend,” she said, smiling coyly, “I hope you don’t mind. I thought that you might like to watch, then I thought it would be more fun to make you watch.” With a twinkle in her eye she gestured and who ever had been behind the chair stepped out. All he could see was the back of a small petite woman with long dark hair. Dressed in a blue lace cut-out babydoll, her thong accentuated the curvy cheeks of her ass as she crossed the short distance to Ingrid. They embraced and he could see the woman’s hands working their way inside Ingrid’s coat.

The coat came open and the woman stood to one side revealing what lay beneath the coat to him. Ingrid stood before him dressed in red thigh high stockings, a red thong and a canlı bahis red demi-bra that lifted her uptilted breasts to his eager gaze. Now he recognized the other woman, Cheri! He didn’t know she was in town. Ingrid’s nipples were hard and Cheri’s hands were running up and down Ingrid’s body exploring the curves of her body. She pulled the coat off of Ingrid’s shoulders and he could see Ingrid’s hands on Cheri now. Cheri undid the bra releasing Ingrid’s breasts, immediately taking one hard nipple in her mouth and sucking it between her lips. Ingrid groaned, cupping Cheri’s ass with one hand while fondling Cheri’s breasts with the other as Cheri’s mouth continued to kiss and suck her rock hard nipples.

Slowly Cheri slipped a hand down to Ingrid’s thong rubbing Ingrid’s pussy through the silky material. In response Ingrid pulled Cheri to her, cupping Cheri’s ass in her hands and thrusting her pussy against Cheri’s. Still kissing they sat on the bed, each casting glances at their captive in the chair. He continued to struggle against his bonds as the two women played with each other their soft cries filling the bedroom. His cock was hard and throbbing and he felt like it might explode if he did not get some relief. He continued to watch as they undressed each other, hands gently removing clothing from their well-oiled bodies. Ingrid sat up on the edge of the bed and Cheri knelt on the floor between her legs. He could see her pink tongue begin to explore Ingrid’s hot slit. Watching as Ingrid spread her legs wide to give Cheri room to explore every crevice.Seeing Cheri’s expert tongue licking, sucking and nibbling Ingrid’s smooth pussy drove him nearly insane. Her hands gripped Ingrid’s ass as Ingrid leaned back thrusting her pussy into Cheri’s face, her eyes closed. She began to moan, softly at first then louder and louder as Cheri’s tongue had its way with her pussy. Before his eyes her body stiffened, hard as steel, trapping Cheri’s head between her thighs. He saw her spasm, buck and thrash, heard her cry out as her orgasm crashed through her. Ingrid collapsed back on the bed. Cheri turned to him, smiling, her face glistening with Ingrid’s juices.

Cheri stood and walked over to him. Standing above him she straddled his legs. He could see her pussy was wet and dripping. She bent down rubbing her small breasts across his face, gripping his throbbing cock with one hand. Slowly she stroked his rampant member, rubbing the pre-cum across the aching head. She moved closer rubbing his shaft across her pussy with her hand, letting her lips caress and stroke the hard shaft. He groaned low in his chest, more of a rumble than a sound. He looked over and saw Ingrid lying on her side on the bed, watching them. His eyes begged her to release him, but the wicked gleam in her eye said no. Cheri kissed him gently on the lips, sucked lightly on his nipples and then a final kiss on his throbbing member. She smiled, turning her back on him walking back to the bed.

She climbed on the bed giving him a view of her pussy framed by the soft cheeks of her ass. She pushed Ingrid over on to her back rubbing her breasts across Ingrid’s lips. He could see Ingrid’s tongue dart out, tasting the succulent flesh then sucking Cheri’s hard nipples between her lips. Ingrid’s hands exploring the flesh of the woman on top her, brushing across the firm ass then pulling it down to her, thrusting her pelvis up to meet Cheri’s. They ground together for a moment, then Cheri rose above Ingrid, inching her way forward till her pussy was inches away from Ingrid’s mouth. Ingrid looked over at him again, staring at his throbbing cock, jerking and bobbing at the sight of the two women on his bed.

Cupping Cheri’s ass in her hands Ingrid pulled her forward the last few inches till her face disappeared between Cheri’s thighs. Cheri cried bahis siteleri out at the sudden contact and leaned forward, supporting herself against the wall as Ingrid’s tongue began to lick up and down her pussy. Ingrid’s hands kneaded the flesh of her ass causing shivers to run up and down her spine and she thrust her pussy down hard against Ingrid’s mouth. AS Ingrid’s tongue explored Cheri’s pusy, Ingrid’s fingers began fondling Cheri’s ass, till one long nimble finger began to probe Cheri’s rosebud. He watched in desperate fascination as her finger thrust deep inside Cheri’s ass, saw Cheri shudder for a moment, raising up as if trying to escape the probing finger then come back down to impale herself on it. Ingrid’s finger began fucking in and out of Cheri’s ass in time with her tongue fucking in and out of Cheri’s wet pussy. He could tell Cheri was close, her muscles beginning to tighten, then she through her head back crying out as the first spasm of her orgasm shot through her. Then another and another as Ingrid showed her no mercy, eagerly licking up Cheri’s juices. Cheri collapsed to one side.

Ingrid rolled over to face him. Cheri spooning up against Ingrid’s back her hands lightly fondling Ingrid’s breasts and brushing over her smooth pussy, watching over the curve of Ingrid’s shoulder. “Did you like that?” He could only nod his yes.

“What do you think Cheri, shall we untie him now?”

“No, I’m sure he is not ready for us yet.”

“Oh, but his cock looks so long and stiff.”

“Well perhaps we could go closer and check on him.”

They walked over to the bed, their bodies glistening with the sweat of their lovemaking. His eyes were nearly bulging from his head, his cock stiff and demanding. He strained against his bonds his only thoughts on the two beautiful women before him and what it would feel like when his cock was plunging in and out of their hot, wet pussies. They knelt in front of him their hands began exploring his cock, teasingly, softly. He groaned through the gag, the soft touch of their hands driving him to the edge of desperation. Then Ingrid moved closer, pushing her breasts around his cock, feeling it pulse against her skin. She started to move up and down, fucking his cock with her tits.

He groaned loud even through the gag. The friction of her breasts around his cock was exquisite. Cheri took his balls in her hand and held the base of his cock with the other as Ingrid continued to fuck her tits with his cock. Cheri could feel he was about to cum, continuing to massage his aching balls. Ingrid held her breasts tighter against his cock and suddenly he was over the edge his cock spurting stream after stream of hot cum covering Ingrid’s lips and falling across her breasts. She leaned away letting his deflating cock fall into his lap. With one finger she scooped up some of his cum from her breasts licking it clean with long slow strokes of her tongue. Then Cheri was there, licking up his cum from Ingrid’s breasts then kissing Ingrid long and hard sharing his cum between them.

“Well, that was not what a good boy would do,” said Cheri, her voice husky with desire. “A good boy would have waited till his cock was buried in my pussy to cum.” She licked her way up his bound body, pausing to suck hard on his nipples. He could feel his cock begin to stir. Then her lips were on his and he could taste his cum on them. Their tongues dueled and he could feel a pair of hands fondling his cock and balls, Ingrid’s hands. He knew Ingrid’s touch as she gently massaged his aching balls with one hand, stroking the shaft with the other gradually he began to swell again. Cheri continued to kiss him running her hands up and down his chest and stomach he could fell Ingrid wrapping her lips around his cock. Taking it deep in her mouth, loving it with her lips and tongue. bahis şirketleri Before long he was hard and throbbing again, the heat of her mouth creating electric thrills up and down his body.

Ingrid’s mouth left his cock “He’s a good boy now Cheri. Although he is awfully cute all tied up like that. Let’s try something else. Take the gag out of his mouth.” Cheri stood up removing the gag. He started to speak but she held her finger to her lips.

“Remember, we haven’t decided if you have been good yet,” she whispered, her voice husky with desire. Ingrid was slowly stroking his shaft, the friction unbelievably good. She motioned to Cheri, and Cheri crawled up on the chair with some difficulty, then she was kneeling above his face, supporting herself on the wall with her hands, her pussy inches from his face. Behind her he could feel Ingrid straddling his legs. As he looked up at Cheri’s face he could see Ingrid’s hands cupping Cheri’s breasts. Cheri groaned and lowered her pussy to his face.

“Suck it, suck it hard, make me cum,” she moaned, Ingrid began pinching and tweaking Cheri’s hard nipples. He complied eagerly, his tongue darting out and probing Cheri’s hot pussy, tasting her juices, searching out her clit, probing for the entrance to her hot tunnel. Ingrid took his cock in her hand, stroking it holding it straight up. She began to use his cock to play with her pussy, rubbing her lips, teasing her clit. Then ever so slowly she impaled herself on his rampant member, the heat and friction intense, he thrust up to meet her driving his cock as deeply as he could into her hot pussy. He groaned into Cheri’s pussy and he felt her respond in kind driving her pussy down to meet his tongue.

Licking and sucking he ate her like a man dying of thirst. Ingrid began a slow rolling fucking motion, squeezing his cock with each thrust, holding him down with her body to trap him inside her before beginning again. He was dying of delicious agony. Spurred on by the electric thrills coming from his cock his tongue was a like a live wire across Cheri’s sweet pussy. He sucked hard on her clit and felt her tense and spasm, thrusting down hard against his face while her body exploded in a massive orgasm. She remained still for a moment his face trapped between her thighs while she caught her breath.

Still Ingrid continued her slow fucking, driving him insane with desire. He tried to thrust up harder to meet her but she held him in place. Taking him this time, taking her own pleasure from his body. Cheri scrambled out of the chair, and he could finally see Ingrid as she fucked up and down on his hard cock. She placed her hands on his chest and increased her tempo. Now he was free to meet her thrust for thrust. She fucked back even harder, her muscles milking his shaft. He felt, saw her shudder for a moment, felt her body go rigid as steel, gripping him like a vice as her orgasm burst through her like a freight train. She bucked and thrashed on his hard cock squeezing it as her spasms continued. Her powerful orgasm was to much for him and he drove up with all his might, lifting her from the floor as wad after wad of hot searing cum flooded her body. He collapsed back into the chair, Ingrid lying on top of him.

She groaned, “Cheri, let him go. I think he will be a good boy now.” He felt his legs go free and heard a click, as the handcuffs were unlocked. Ingrid stood up and held out her hand, helping him stand. His body ached.

“Oh, I’m sore, and parts of my body are asleep,” he said. Ingrid took him by the hand and pulled him to the bed.

“I think we can do something about that,” she replied kissing him lightly on the lips. “We need you in tip top condition now, the night has only begun.”

He stretched out on his stomach on the bed and soon two pairs of nimble hands were gently massaging his body, oiling up his skin so their hands would slide across it. Rubbing and caressing the tight muscles convincing them to relax, as the aches subsided a swelling began, as Ingrid had said the evening was young.

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