The Ass Virgins of the Delta

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When I daydream about it my mind always takes me to the old bridge. I picture myself standing along the walkway peeking through the rusted steel girder trusses at the east bank of the river. There, along the river front, I watch the neon lights flicker on as the sun begins to set.

The bars there aren’t the kind of bars where you order a lady a Sloe Gin Fizz or Whiskey Sour, no, first of all you don’t take a lady there and secondly, you can only buy beer. Sure some real men may want straight whiskey or scotch on the rocks, but only if they bring the bottle and the ice.

Even the beer ain’t all that cold, just cold enough to sweat a bit on a humid night. Hold it against your head and you might think of shade on a sunny day, nothing more. Of course on a muggy night on the delta there ain’t nothing much better than a beer that’s not quite cold, well, that and a well rounded bottom of a river girl.

Yeah, you don’t bring ladies to the bars here, but if you are lucky or got a handful of cash you can come here and find a few. Of course it takes a special kind of man to get a-hold of one of the ass virgins of the delta, yeah a special kind of man.

I’ve watched those kind of men from up on the bridge as they saunter through town as if every last flashing neon light flickered just for them. I’ve seen those men as I sipped my beer from a back table. They’d talk and tell stories and the way they did it you knew what they was talking about.

I’d watch them pantomime, holding their hands out in front of them like they were grabbing some woman’s wide hips and then bucking their ass like they as driving a foot-long cock between her soft pillows. I refused to believe it though, not until I watched them dance with the women, standing behind them, rubbing the bulge in their pants right up against the bouncy ass.

Hell, I hated those men, but not nearly as much as I wanted to be one of them. I followed them to the bars and tried to get into the prime ass like them, but the best I could do was slide my cock between the tits of a well used ass whore. I just didn’t have the charisma or the cash to score a piece of well used ass, much less a bit of prime, virgin ass.

It’s not that adana escort it was so bad, that time with the ass whore, it was pretty good in fact. When she looked at me and saw the money I had she said right up front, “You can’t get no ass here if that’s all you got, especially no virgin ass.”

“What can I get,” I asked.

“Hand job and some change, or maybe a titty fuck.”

“If I get a titty fuck, can I look at your ass when I do it?” I pleaded.

“Just how you gonna do that?”

“You got a mirror or something?”

She made a face, squinting her eyes and pursing her lips and then said, “You know, that just might work.”

She grabbed my money and I followed her up to her room. She turned her back to the mirror and dropped her dress and panties. I ignored the pimples on the broad expanse of flesh and focused my eyes on that tight little hole. I imagined sliding my cock up her ass crack as she greased me up and squeezed her tits around me.

I began pumping my hips like I was just fucking that tight hole in the mirror. Imagining I was slipping between the pillows of her ass, shoving myself in and out of her, feeling it squeezing me, I suddenly felt the pleasure shoot through me as I arched my back and came. I was so focused on that view of her tight asshole I never did get to see my cum dripping off her titties.

It was only later, after I wandered back into the bar and watched my ass whore rubbing up against another guy that I got up the courage to move out into the center of the bar, out where several of the real men were discussing their conquests. I grabbed my warm beer and sat down just next to a group, listening.

“She wanted two-fifty for her cherry, but I tell you, I sweet talked her and then after we danced a bit I talked her down,” I heard some man in a red plaid shirt say.

“How low did she go?” his red-faced friend asked, scratching the heavy stubble on his chin.

“Two hundred.”

“You mean you opened that fine, wide ass for two hundred?”

The man in plaid nodded, holding the bottle of beer up to his mouth and taking a big gulp, letting some of the warm liquid run out the sides of his mouth. Rubbing adana escort bayan his arm across his pock marked face, he said, “It’s all in the dance man, all in the dance.”

“What do you mean Drew?”

“Well, you know how the girls dance, rubbing their ass up against us, pulling our hands up over their tits?”

“Yeah, yeah, go on.”

“Well,” Drew paused, taking another gulp of beer, “I got a technique. You see, I squat down low and then stand up straight. Now, when I squat, I get my cock to sticking hard out against my pants and I draw it up tight into her ass. It shoves her panties or thong deep into her crack, which in turn pulls the front of her panties tight against her clit.

“Then I just grind as we dance, letting the panties tighten and loosen on her clit. After a few songs like that the prices come down and those girls are ready and willing to feel their first cock where it really counts. I tell you, most of them start diddling on their clit while I’m still lubing up.”

Feeling my cock harden in my own pants again, I took a sip of beer and leaned a bit closer to the group of men. I couldn’t help but notice several of them adjusting their cocks and looking over at a few of the broad assed women spread across the room as the story continued.

“But what happened after you danced with Candy?”

“Well, two hundred it was, so I followed her up to her room and watched her get undressed. It was a fine sight seeing her work her panties from the huge rolls of her ass flesh and sure enough, she bent over, putting her hands on the bed and presenting her ass to me as she began diddling her clit.

“I pulled off my clothes and worked the lube on my cock while letting my eyes run down her back, down into the crack until I saw the pink pucker of that asshole. Taking firm hold of each globe of her butt, I pulled them apart and watched as that puckered opened twitched and squeezed as the played with her clit and pussy. I then stepped forward and pushed my cock up to the hole.

“And oh, it was tight. I grabbed her hips, squeezing my hands into the loose flesh and pulled her back as I pushed my cock forward. For a moment it was escort adana like fucking a wall, until, ever so slowly she began to open and take in my cock. I got the head worked in but had to pause, letting her twitching ass settle a bit. Just the feeling of her body a quivering on the head of my cock felt incredible, I bet I could have come just standing still.

“But no, to fuck as ass virgin right you got to let her know you were there, you got to teach her of the depths you can burrow into, so I slowly moved forward, sliding deeper into her tight tunnel. After moving a bit further, I ground to another halt. She continued diddling with her clit while I eased myself back a forth a bit, sliding up and down the rectum as she moaned, getting closer to coming.

“Finally, just as she seemed about to come, I pulled hard on her hips and really pushed toward her and then felt her sphincter open to me and I slapped against her ass cheeks. She cried out as she came and I went into action, slapping myself against her as she fell forward onto the bed. Oh yeah, she became just a jiggling mound of flesh, moaning, crying, and gasping for air. I felt my cock tingling with the pleasure as my cum exploded into her body.

“After I came, it took a few moments before her ass pinched me out. All I could do was flop on top of her, feeling her body as it trembled. When I climbed off of her, she whimpered a bit as she grabbed a towel and cleaned the blood and shit off my cock and though she had to limp into the bathroom, when she came out she thanked me. Walking back into the bar all she could do was tell me how wonderful it was feeling me in her that way.”

“Fuck,” I thought to myself, “and all I got to do was fuck some titties.” I grabbed my beer and gulped the last of it, slamming the bottle onto the table. I still hated those sons of bitches, knowing the best I was ever going to get was some used ass, a bit of titty, or maybe a hand job and some change. It was only as I looked back down on the muddy, wet streets from the bridge that I promised myself that the next time I crossed the bridge, I’d be carrying two hundred and fifty dollars.

So now, as I work to save up money, as I cut coupons from the newspaper and cut back on the beer I let my mind wander. It doesn’t take long before I see the bridge and I can almost feel the rough rusty surface of the girders as my cock begins to harden. I can almost see the neon lights and the puckered red ass of a fine delta virgin.

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