The Artist Pt. 02

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Today as Philippe surveyed his studio, he thought “there would be no pretense no painting”. He was ready to have her and take her completely.

When Natalia stepped in today he could sense something was different. The look on her face was quite playful and her eye contact was intense. His eye contact was struggling however, he couldn’t decide where he wanted to look first.

She was wearing white shorts and a light blue tank top. He could tell by the droop of her breast that she was not wearing a bra. The agile legs emerging from those shorts of hers were whispering to him, begging him to follow, promising much more awaited him at their juncture.

Without asking or warning he drew her into his arms and dropped his lips to hers. He was rewarded with them slightly parting and softly embracing his in return. He kept his lips there and they built in intensity, their tongues becoming involved and playing with each other. Her smell of lavender and vanilla filling his nostrils, intoxicating him. Her hair wound in his hand without thought. He could just hold her forever.

He hadn’t bothered to put on a shirt today so she pulled hers up over her head and said “Now we are even!” The way she stepped back intended to give him a full show.

She could have said anything really, he just stared in awe at her breasts. He thought he shouldn’t illegal bahis be staring like this, he had studied them for three weeks already, but this time it was different, they were being shared with him in a sexual way a way meant to elicit lust from him. He did not disappoint, he dove in and began kissing on her breasts bringing his attention closer and closer in an ever tightening circle to her nipple on her right breast. With a final kiss he dragged his tongue around her areola and up to her erect flesh. Her sighs as he licked it and bit softly on it telling him volumes of her waiting desire.

As he continued feasting on her delicious breasts he slid his hands down her sides and circled in on her shorts to find the button and zipper that would soon remove this obstacle. With two moves they fell down her lithe legs and she stepped out of them. This is when he noticed with pleasure that she was not wearing any panties today. She actually had nothing covering down below as it seemed she had shaved herself smooth for today’s adventures. Her slit inviting his lips his tongue to come feel their silkiness.

It was only now that he could hear a faint buzz coming from her body. He gave her a quizzical look and she returned with a wicked smile. Turning from him and bending at the waist she spread her butt cheeks revealing a small active illegal bahis siteleri vibrator shoved in her ass.

She was ready to play and so was he, stepping forward he pressed it gently and heard her moan in pleasure, so he repeated it again and heard her whisper, “Please fuck me, fuck me now.”

As much as he desired to do just that he wanted to taste her first. Dropping to his knees behind her he started at her knee, kissing softly. His tongue sliding up along her skin searching for her sweet nectar. As he pushed himself through her legs to the front he was rewarded with a close up view of her aroused sex. Flicking his tongue he tasted her, the mild saltiness in the background of the sweet. Her scent mixed with the vanilla arousing him even further.

He could wait no longer. He wanted to fulfill her command, her words, “fuck me now” , still bouncing in his head had his heart beating fast. Standing he removed his shorts and let his erection spring free. She opened her legs further and bending again at the waist slid her hands down her legs and grabbed her ankles.

Going back around behind her, Philippe used one hand to press slowly on the vibrator and using the other he reached through her legs and began stroking his finger across her smooth pussy. Again she begged him to enter her, so he brought his hands to her canlı bahis siteleri hips and positioned the head of his dick at her wet waiting opening, slowly he pushed in and withdrew going deeper with each thrust. She began pushing back against him and he slid home fully with a slap, she had taken him all the way in.

As she rocked her hips he rocked his in unison, the pace quickened and their breathing grew ever hoarser, she began thrusting back against him and he could feel the base of the vibrator bumping against his body driving that in as well, giving him a tingle each time it hit home. With a final thrust from him his dam broke and he began to flood her wet slit with wave after wave of his cum.

This seemed to be what she was holding out for and her sex clamped on his and with a scream she released her own heat to mix with his, they both continued thrusting until finally they were spent and slowly fell forward onto the pedestal.

He now lay beside her panting along with her as they struggled to gain their breath. As he pulled her back into him to cuddle both hands on her breasts, he was reminded of her toy as it bumped into his rapidly shrinking penis. Reaching down and grabbing the base while she held her cheeks apart he slowly and deftly pulled it from her to release her from its shivering passion. Turning it off he dropped it below them. Maybe they could play with it again later. But for now they needed some sleep. As he took her in his arms again they slowly drifted off into dreamland. He couldn’t imagine what might happen next but he knew he wanted more.

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