Teacher’s Pet Pt. 01: Bathroom antics

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School, he was back. However, this time was different, this time he was the teacher, and it was an all-girls school. Drama and English were Sam’s subjects, and he had a passion for both. Being young, fit and chiselled he knew that invariably the girls would have a passion for him. What he did not expect were the teachers.

Amelia Gregors seductively leaned over Sam’s desk. Amelia was in her late forties and she looked like milk poured into a curvy glass. Large breasts, hips and ass were the standouts. Dressed in a red pencil skirt, French stockings, red pumps and a white shirt that barely controlled her ample bosom, Amelia was distracting. Fingers twisting black hair, plump lips

“So how are the kids?” She said.

Sam looked up into green predatory eyes. “Oh, well,” he said nervously. Feeling like some small animal under the gaze of the predator.

“Any troubles?” Amelia said as she positioned her large, round, skirt straining ass on the desk causing Sam to move his hands and look up at the woman. “Any at all?” She purred.

Sam looked up at Amelia and felt his heart race. To him, she was a goddess. He found concentrating around her hard and inevitably slipped up, this time he didn’t realise how well it had worked. “Well, it’s the bathroom breaks.”

Amelia shifted her long legs, granting Sam a brief flash of the darkness between legs and skirt. It was enough, his eyes went wide, and Amelia grinned her eyes going wide, drinking him in. Her fingers entwined in long ebony hair. A predator about to pounce.

“Really! The bathroom! Oh, go on.” Her mock enthusiasm did not cover her hunting gaze.

“Yeah,” Sam said looking up. They are trying to embarrass me, they say that I take them to the bathroom. I am concerned one girl will get the wrong idea.” Sam said, gathering his thoughts.

“Embarrass you in the loo, surely, they wouldn’t go in there with you. The poor dears would not know what to do with you.” As quickly as Amelia said it she leaned forward to lay a hand on Sam’s shoulder and giggle, like good friends sharing a joke.

Sam didn’t think of jokes, his mind was focused on three things, the near-perfect orbs that were Amelia’s tits, deep pale cleavage and why that slight dusting of freckles made his cock harder than ever.

“Look that will never do,” Amelia said, standing, with jiggles that left Sam bereft of words. “I’ll get you to come around tonight, I’ll have some strategies for you.”

“Oh, Amelia I couldn’t…”

“No, I won’t hear a word,” she said, her perfectly manicured hand was held up stroking his face. The bell rang, startling Sam, Amelia didn’t even twitch. Her hand pale and with red nails cupped his chin. “Say seven? Good, come bathed.”

“Come bathed,” Sam said this to himself as he made his way to the first of his afternoon classes.

Being alone with Amelia made his heart beat faster. That woman was the target of many night fantasies. Now he was being asked to go over to her house. Sam knew the husband had left some time ago. When he had been told in the staff room in hushed tones, all he could think was what a madman.

The afternoon was hard. All Sam could think about is what would happen at seven, and how to avoid the inevitable toilet jokes. It was a hot afternoon. The English class was torturous with girls who should know how to read stumbling over classical literature, slowly. Drama was full of fake and flat acting. The girls were hot and he turned down the lights and put on a film for them to watch.

Then it happened.

“Sir,” the hand shot up. It was one troublemaker. “I need to take a piss.”

“Excuse me?” He said with a stern voice. Louder than he had before, inwardly it startled him. The girls all flinched.

“Sorry, sir.”

“No, not good enough.” His voice had an edge now. “This is ridiculous.” He stopped the film. “If anyone else wants to go to the toilet stand up, you can all hold hands like children and walk there singing nursery rhymes.” Silence and fear emanated out of the group.

He walked four girls to the toilets and stood outside. They had initially half-heartedly sang the song until he barked. Now he had embarrassed girls. Calmly they used the toilet quickly. They sang the whole time. Now back to the classroom the other students had dutifully watched the movie in silence.

From the doorway of her classroom, Amelia watched it all. She felt her pussy stick to her panties with the thick juices escort she oozed from her aching pussy. She noted now the bravado and authority that he finally displayed. It made her shiver from anticipation. Amelia knew she would make a man out of this boy, but she would have some fun first.

The afternoon went slowly. Even after considering his dramatic display of domination on the girls. It dragged, he swore he saw the clock go backwards at one point. He knew that tonight he would have sex with Amelia. Part of him was intimidated as this older woman made him feel like a fly on a spider’s web, another part of him loved it. His cock strained at the thought of what she had in store for him. Her words echoed in his head and added to the pre-cum wetness of his loins as his mind’s eye saw her red pouty lips say, “come bathed.”

Finally, the bell rang and Sam quickly dismissed the browbeaten young women. One however lingered and came up to his desk with a cock-sure smile.

“Sir?” she questioned, her eyes twinkling.

Sam recognised her as Madeline the senior student forced by the juvenile system to attend school under strict conditions. Over eighteen and lacking many of the educational steps required to be a senior. The hope was she could pick up the required education and introducing an organised life could set her on the straight and narrow. However her uniform was overlooked, a physically mature woman in a school-girls uniform made her appear like an exotic dancer or an adult film star. Something Sam had to learn to ignore or risk becoming involved with a barely legal young woman.

“Yes, Madeline,” he said, his hands on his hips and with a heavy what-now sigh.

“Ah, sir,” she said with an emphasis on her actions looking down at Sam’s crotch. “Looks like you are putting up a tent.”

Sam looked down, his face a mask of abject terror and embarrassment. “Fuck! I mean, oh no.” Sam sat embarrassingly. Madeline sat on the corner of the desk, the tartan skirt riding high on her leg and flashing her white knickers.

“Sir, it’s ok, no one saw it. Well if they did…:” she trailed off with a grin on her face.

“What? Madeline, something to make fun of me for later?”

“No, what?” Madeline looked at him with growing confusion. “Sir, none of those girls has it in for you.” Her grin betrayed a secret.

“What?” Sam said realising he had crossed a line but too embarrassed now to wind it all back.

Madeline leant forward, adding to the flash of white panty a front seat view of two large teen breasts. Sam’s eyes went wide.

“Sir, given half the chance, these girls would hold you down and take turns ravaging you.”

Sam’s eyes went wider again. He looked at her now meeting her gaze by tearing his away from her hanging bosom.


“Really,” Madeline said with a grin. “If any of them noticed that you had your marquee tent in your pants, well you added to their fantasy.” With that, she stood, flashed him a smile. Then surreptitiously dropped her pen and then as she bent to pick it up, flashed him a long look at her round ass.

“Busted,” Madeline said with a grin. Sam looked at the ceiling, his face going red. “It’s ok sir now we are even.” With that, she sashayed out of the classroom.

“Cannot wait for this afternoon to be over.” Sam said out loud.

Later that night he hurried up the stairs to the hillside residence of Amelia Gregors. A quaint hillside house in New England style greeted him. Cock straining in his pants and freshly washed he strode two stairs at a time. Alighting on the porch his hand extended to knock. Only the door yielded to his hand’s approach. With a creak, it opened. Amelia’s smiling face greeted him.

“Hello,” Amelia spoke, her voice husky. Her head was all Sam could see.

“Hi, I am a little early,” he said, turning to point with his body, his parked car sat down the hill parked on the street.

Amelia looked him up and down. Her predatory gaze and the grin filled Sam with fear and lust. Sam felt his cock go rigid. “That’s ok,” Amelia purred. “Come in.”

Sam stepped forward into the shadowy house. Faint jazz music played somewhere, and the house smelled of rose-scented incense. The low mood lighting made it hard to discern Amelia. Sam could only detect lace, fur and the unmistakable clacks of high heels.

“Did you find the place, ok darling?”

“Yes, you must have amazing views up here,” Sam said shakily as they escort bayan stopped in a living room.

A crinkling of plastic showed the floor was covered in plastic drop sheets. Some furniture was covered, leaving one lounge uncovered.

“Have a seat, my dear.”

Sam immediately followed her order and sat on the uncovered lounge, letting out a little cry of alarm as he sunk further down into the couch than he expected.

“Are you renovating?” Sam said to break the silence.

“No darling,” Amelia said as she lowered herself onto the couch. “What gave you that idea?” With that, she clicked on the ornate lamp beside her.

Sam drank in Amelia’s appearance with a nervous gulp. She wore a bodice with white panels that pushed her huge breasts up and together. Red lace cups held the pearly white love mountains at bay, secretly allowing the pink lustrous nipples to be displayed. A see-through red lace robe, edged in some rare mammal fur was swept open. Exposing white fishnet stockings that went from shiny red high heels to perfect sculpted thighs to barely covered vaginal lips and pubis. The tight red panties were a thin strip of sculpted red lace and silk that were connected to ribbon-like material that went over lusty white hips, large looping knots accessorized them.

Sam was mute, but drank in his predator’s appearance, his cock begging to be unleashed.

“Would you like to hear what is on the agenda tonight?” Amelia said twisting ebony strands of her hair in her fingers, luscious red lips moistening her plump voluptuous lips.

Sam nodded wide-eyed, drinking her in. A grin slowly spreading across his face.

“Well first, you will under my tutelage ravage me, then you will mark me with your scent. The aim..” her voice taking on a lusty throatiness. “The aim is to make you feel in charge of a woman.’

Sam nodded hypnotised, he was certain some drool was coming out.

“But!” Amelia exclaimed using her best teacher’s voice. “You shall do this only at my direction and discretion.” She leant forward gently placing her small immaculate hand on his knee. “You will have confidence, of that I am sure after a few nights of my labouring, but Samuel,” she shrugged her robe off exposing her alabaster decolletage. “Samuel, you will be mine.”

Her command before leaving the room had been simple, strip nude and drink the ice tea she had brought him. He drained the first two-thirds easily and then stripped quickly. The front of his boxers had been coated with pre-cum. After struggling with his shoes and socks, he stood up and drank the last third. Soon he would need to pee, and now he knew one of his mistresses knew he felt his cock get slowly harder.

Amelia entered the room with a pitcher of ice tea and another glass in her hand. Her heels went from the click-clack of tiles to the crinkle of plastic drip mats. Sitting the jug on the table she seductively teetered her way over to Sam. Leaning forward she began to kiss him. Red full lips contacted and parted on Sam’s lips. A deviant tongue swept through his mouth seeking its mate then leaving the confines it licked his lips as they lashed tongues together.

“So you drank your drink?” she said breaking the perverted embrace of tongues.

“Yes I did Amelia,” he said slightly breathless.

“Good,” she responded, undoing a few clips and releasing her chest from the whalebone corset. Her huge breasts swung free.

Sam was captivated, Amelia’s breasts were perky, with a slight wobble and he was utterly hypnotised. He missed her undoing the knots for her underwear on her hip bones and her panties sliding to the floor. He was jerked from his enrapture when she took a step forward and with a dainty hand gripped the knob of his cock like a driver grasps a gear change. Sam exclaimed in some ancient guttural language only heard when lust is driven to ecstatic levels. Amelia noted with excitement copious rivulets of pre-cum dribbled through her fingers.

“Now we need to get you cleaned out my love,” she said with a merciless squeeze to his throbbing member, the unusual handhold eliciting a cry of pleasure from Sam.

Amelia grinned, letting go of his cock, this too coupled with an impassioned sigh from Sam. Amelia spat into her hand, adding to the webby, off white, goo that netted between her fingertips like a cummy spider web. Suddenly and with black hair whipping she turned and dropped to her knees one hand on the floor she offered bayan escort her round perfect ass to him. Amelia smeared the goo from her hand all over her gapping pink anal opening.

Sam was concerned that he would pop moment after entering that large, white and perfect ass.

“Now you will put your poor excited meat in my dirty, dirty asshole, then you are to cum baby.” She paused smiling, “I want to feel your oozy snake twist and spit.”

Sam almost had to ignore her speaking, every word made his cock dribble more pre-cum and his loins want to burst. He stepped forward, his world reeling. Kneeling he could not help but notice the wafting smell of Amelia’s aroused sex. Absentmindedly his cock bumped into her round, white cheek, smearing it with pre-cum. In response, Amelia purred. Gently he moved his cock onto her slightly gaping and goo encrusted asshole.

“A little poke,” Sam said as his darkest fantasy came true.

A push, a grunt from Sam and an almost musical sigh from Amelia. Sam watched as his glistening and sensitive dick penetrated his bosses bowel. A wet nasty and very unladylike fart emanated from Amelia and Sam’s union. Sam, a dark grin on his face forced his cock down into the taboo love tunnel. No longer able to contain his lust Sam pushed his hips into Amelia’s thick and round ass his cock entrapped in her ass. Erupting, Sam grunted and groaned like a wild beast.

To Sam it felt like he was coming out of unconscious stupor. Except the memory of his cock draining its load, deep in his voluptuous boss’s ass was etched into his memory. It was then as he leaned on Amelia’s back, his cock deep still penetrating her anus, he felt it. Amelia had her hand reaching back and was gently stroking Sam’s sensitive balls. Amelia knew what she was doing. Sam immediately felt his cock deep in her bowel awaken.

“Oh my Sam that was a huge load,” Amelia purred.

Sam nodded in response bereft of words. He kissed her back and inhaled the sweet scent of her. “It was, I’m sorry,” Sam said mournfully.

“Oh we have just begun, and,” she shifted herself and his hardening tool, trapped deep within her. “Looks like you are getting ready for another round.”

Sam felt the unmistakable tightening in his loins, he could have leapt for joy, his cock was getting hard. “Yes,” he exclaimed quietly.

“Now Sam, this night of debauchery, I would like some things, things you may have not done before.”

“Sure,” Sam responded in a non-committal, neutral tone. This was the part he wondered where this was headed. The kinks he was fearful of trying.

“Now be assured there are no whips and chains in your future.” Amelia slid back and then impaled herself on Sam’s rapidly hardening cock, to emphasise “future.”

Sam moaned. He felt fingers kneading his balls. “Yes Amelia, I will try.”

“Good!” Amelia exclaimed bottoming out on his cock.

Sam felt his dick swim in the deep tight void of Amelia’s taboo bowels. “This is amazing.”

“I am glad, but it’s my turn. “She craned her head around and twisted her back.

To Sam the view of Amelia’s wobbling and huge tits, trembling with each thrust into their owners warm, tight asshole, finished the job he was hard and full of lust.

“Piss Sam, fill my ass with your golden treasure,” her eyes blazed with lust.

Sam groaned, he had to focus on what he was doing without thinking. Soon he felt the trickle, the warm release of his bladder and the trickle became a stream.

Now Amelia grunted. She opened her mouth and a hot surge of moans coupled with half uttered swear words emanated from that ruby lipped gorge of a mouth.

Sam looked down as he felt the warm trickle out of their union onto his thighs and it drip on the floor. He pissed deep in Amelia’s ass for a good minute. Then he stopped.

Amelia suddenly started to thrust. A wet slapping sound with the occasional wet fart signalled her abandonment to lust. Fingers deep in her ignored and dripping cunt, she began to reach her orgasm. Sam leaned forward and gripped her huge tits. Amelia panted a barely uttered yes, as Sam gently twisted nipples in his fingers.

When Amelia came, she pissed. Streams of her hot warm pissed sprayed from her. Sam found he was orgasming and flooded Amelia’s Bowels with a huge sticky load.

Later as they lay together naked in the pools of their body fluid, embracing.

“Now for some teaching pointers, sadly this will have to be a weekly occurrence, Sam,” Amelia told, her teaching voice switching on.

“Oh I agree, I think I’ll need it.” Said Sam as he wiggled his head further into Amelia’s piss coated mammaries.

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