Teacher and Student Pt. 07

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She moans, and cums while riding me. I watch her beautiful body shake, and then as she presses it against mine. She collapses in my arms and doesn’t move for a few minutes.

“You got cum all over your dad’s chair.” I whisper in her ear, and lick it.

“His secretary’s cum is already on it, it’s fine.” She says, and kisses my neck.

“I want to fuck you on his desk now.” I say hungrily. She moans, and gasps, my cock tenses inside her.

I pick her up and sit her on the desk, she leans back and opens her legs for me.

I push myself inside her again, and begin to ram her. She gasps, and hangs her head over the side of the desk.

“You like fucking people in your dad’s office?” I say while slapping her thigh.

“You’re the first.” She says while losing her breath. She raises her arm, and knocks over a cup full of pens and pencils to the floor. “Oops.” She says.

I look at her. She awakens an animal deep inside me. I wrap my hands around her neck, and choke her a little while I fuck her. She looks into my eyes, helpless to me, and loves every second of it.

“What if your dad walked in right now, and saw you being such a fucking slut.”

I loosen my grip around her throat, and she gasps.. and shakes her head..

“No, I don’t even want to think about that.”

“Oh think about it. Think about it. You’re completely naked laying on his desk letting a grown man fuck you on it.. after you let him fuck you on his bed. You’re illegal bahis going to cum any minute now… think about him walking in on you cumming all over my cock.”

“No.. that would be terrible.”

“But you’re getting even wetter.. It obviously excites you.”

She doesn’t even get to respond before I choke her again. I lean down and kiss her deeply, pounding her while the desk creaks, and more papers fall off.

She begins shaking hard, and her eyelids flutter. She’s cumming on me, and I choke her harder, and ram my cock into her harder and harder, and fill her up again.

She lays there a minute, and I lean over and kiss her, before pulling out and sitting back down in his chair. I watch her, eyes closed, her chest rising and falling, I catch my breath, walk around the front of the desk, and press my balls against her face, and she sucks them.

I stand there a moment, letting her eat my balls, and then fuck her face.


I pull out, and cum down her body.

She rubs it in, and I start picking things up from the floor that we knocked off the desk. I put the pens, and pencils back into their cup, and set them beside her. She smiles at me.

“Thank you.” She breathes. I look at her for a moment, and back at the pens, and smile. “What?” She asks.

“Wait a second.” I leave her in the room, and go back into her parent’s room. I open their closet, find what I’m looking for, and come back, holding the item behind illegal bahis siteleri my back.

“Get on your knees on the desk for me, Sophie.”

She looks at me confused for a moment, but does what I ask.

I pick up a pen from the cup, and push it into her pussy. She squeaks, and lets me push it in and out of her. I put another in, and she shakes her head.

“Noooo, those are my dad’s pens! He uses them, and his clients use them.”

“That makes it better. Come on, it’s hot. We’ll wash them afterward.” I bend down and kiss her pussy, and push another pen inside.

“Oh my god, that doesn’t mean it’s clean.. it’s still weird. It’s still been inside” She protests, but she’s not fighting it.

I push more, and more inside her, careful to leave the cap exposed so that I can ensure I get them all out when I’m done. She bites her lip.

“You’re such a whore. You’re loving this.” I say, putting in pen after pen.

She moans, and squirms on the desk. “You’re definitely taking these when you leave. There’s no way I’m letting my dad use them after.”

“I am not going to do it. I want you to come to school and tell me about how you turned bright red after seeing your dad using one.” She squeaks, and I push another inside. “Besides, it’s hot seeing how many your pussy can hold.” She squirms while I fill her, but she lets me do it. I kiss her ass, and push the last one inside. I touch each one, and count them.

“You’re holding canlı bahis siteleri 45 pens right now.” I say, and kiss her clit. She calls out, and shakes. “Of course, you could probably hold more, there just isn’t anymore.” She moans.

I go get my phone, and come back, and take a picture of her.

I even film her while I take a pen, and push it in and out, choose another, and do the same. She moans beautifully for me.

I laugh to myself, and squeeze her ass. “Better hope your dad isn’t a pen chewer.”

She turns red, and squeals.

I take the item I stole from her dad’s closet, and hold it in front of her face.


“His belt.”

“And you’re…”


“Mmm… please.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I begin spanking her ass with it. I film her.. the pens moving around as she shifts. I spank her over, and over.

I reach underneath her, and play her clit.

She shakes, and finally.. she cums all over her dad’s pens while I film her.


I pull the 42 pen out, and push it in her mouth, and she sucks it clean. I lay it down with the others. She’s sitting up now, and letting me film her “clean” the pens. I rub the 43 pen over her breasts, and push it into my mouth instead, and then into hers. She sucks it clean. I take the next one, and she cleans it too. I take the last one, rub it over her clit.. push it into her mouth, and she sucks it clean too.

I pull the cap off of it it, and write across her chest.

It reads: “WHORE”

I push her back, and write above her crotch: “FILL ME HERE.” Complete with an arrow pointing down to her pussy.

I walk behind her, and write: “MR. BELLS BITCH” on her lower back.

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