Systems Engineer Ch. 05

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Chapter 05

The end of a dream?

I lied back down and let her climb on, watching as she reached between her legs and took my cock. She spat on her other hand and reached down to smear it over my head. Her rubbing set my head throbbing, making me jerk as I entered her when she eased herself down on me.

She let it fill her as she lay on my chest and enjoyed the moment, her hands clasping my neck and her thighs pressed against me. She lay till I started to soften then drew her hands down to push herself up, waggling her hips on me to revive my interest.

She began to stroke, bringing me to full strength in seconds. I outlasted her as her enthusiasm powered her to new heights, the sheen on her body glistening in the night light, her hair falling over her shoulder and her pert little breasts bouncing away.

She came with the longest groan yet, her body arched and rigid as the sound escaped her lips. Then she melted into my arms, head turned to lie on my chest as her legs straightened out. She lay there even after I slipped out, her arms loosely around my neck as we both drifted back off.

I was awake early with my tummy illegal bahis rumbling and a full bladder. Jane was still sleeping next to me and I tried to take care not to wake her as I eased myself out of bed and off to the toilet, coming back to find her awake and waiting for me.

“Is there anywhere open for a bite to eat?” I asked.

“Starving, are you?”

“A little.”

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Ten past six.”

“The bar in the swimming pool should be open. How does coffee and pancakes grab you?”

“That sounds like it’ll fill the hole.”

“Okay, let’s get a quick shower and we’ll be off.”

We sat at the bar and talked of what to do that day. She suggested that we visit the ‘ghost town’; we could borrow an off roader but we’d have to wear minimal clothing and take a packed lunch.

The bar was filling with early risers and we took our second cup out onto the balcony. The hire car office wouldn’t open till half eight, giving us an hour or so to wait yet. We finished our coffee and wandered back to the cabins to find some clothes, me remembering to reclaim my music player this time before she went on to her cabin.

I illegal bahis siteleri dug out a pair of shorts and t-shirt and dressed quickly, glad to have pockets again. I stuffed my phone and wallet in and was soon on the path to her cabin, greeting others who were on their way to breakfast.

I knocked and walked in. Jane had sexy shorts on and was still looking for a top. Jo was sitting in front of a mirror still applying her make up.

“Off to Jacks Flats,” Jo greeted me.

“Yes, playing the tourist today.”

“Good luck with that. Load of old dusty shacks in the middle of nowhere.”

“It’s history,” Jane complained.

“I’ll wait for the documentary,” Jo came back.

Jane slipped a halter top on. “You’d know better if you went.”

“I’ve been. Josh took me up there.”

Jane sat on her bed and began to go through her bag, bringing her phone out. “I’d better check in, tell them we’ll be out of touch for at least the morning.”

As she was ringing Jo turned to me.

“Do you want to go boating this evening?” she asked me.

“I don’t know. I haven’t made plans that far.”

“I’m making my plans now.”

“I’ll canlı bahis siteleri have to say no, then.”

“Some other time, I guess.”

“Yes, is it taking a rain check?”

She laughed. “You might have a long wait for rain here.”

“John,” Jane butted in. “They want to see you at the office.”

“What about?”

“She didn’t say,” she said, looking at Jo.

“Nothing I know about,” Jo replied with a slight shrug.

“Well, I suppose I’d better undress again and find out.”

The meeting was good and bad. I rushed back to find Jane and tell her the news. They were shipping me home this afternoon. They were going to modernize the servers and would be hosting on external boxes while getting their system customized to run the data in the cloud.

The good news was that I was coming back. I kept my open ended return and they were buying this one. In a week or two I’d be back to put our security software onto their new machines.

Jane was both pleased and disappointed, glad for both the fact that I’d be coming back and the news that the IT was being refurbished. Her sadness was for the short length of time we had left with the flight booked for early evening.

We had till mid morning then a car would be ready to take me to the airport and the lengthy check in for my flight home. There was only one way to spend the time. That was behind my locked door.

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